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Information Technology - Featured Headline
Contractors Enlist Laser Scanners to Verify As-Builts
Reality capture aids contractors at all stages of project life cycle, from capturing existing conditions to validating work.

Photo Courtesy of John Russo/ARC

The Uber of Equipment Rental Expands Footprint
Getable, an on-demand equipment rental app, goes national.

Photo courtesy of Getable

More News
04/22/15 As U.S. Drone Approvals Grow, So Does Need for Expertise

The demand for smarter drone systems increasings with the number of commercial FAA-approved operators increases.
04/15/15 Contractors Want to Buy Software to Improve, But Don't Budget to Pay

Big needs, small budgets
03/17/15 'Intrapreneurship' Can Boost Implementation of New Ideas

The idea of intrepreneurship—entrepreneurship within big corporations—resonated with attendees at ENR FutureTech, held in San Francisco March 16-17.
03/03/15 Virtual Hackathon Aims To Move Solar Forward

The SunShot Catalyst Prize program is a 60-day virtual hackathon launched in mid-February and sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s SunShot Initiative that awards cash prizes for innovations.
03/02/15 Know Your Enemy: Construction Industry Needs Better Information About Cyber Crime Risk

Cyber attack incidents often go unreported to protect business reputations, resulting in a dearth of data on the threat and rising risk. Officials are taking steps to require notification
03/02/15 Nine Vectors of Cyberattack: Terms You Need to Know

The lingo of cyber risk changes as fast as the hackers dream up new ways to break in
03/02/15 Ransomware: Hacking Gets Personal

Attackers sneak in piggybacking on the back of apparently legitimate links and then take your files hostage
03/02/15 Vendors Serving Construction Comment on Cyber Security Concerns Today

Cloud-based web hosting and computing services gain a lot of protection from cyber-risk just by being hosted there, vendors claim
03/02/15 What To Do First If Your Company Is a Victim of a Cyberattack

Have a plan in place, then follow it because your instincts may not be right
02/26/15 Collaboration System, Intellinote, Extends Capabilities of Third-Party Software

A cloud-based enterprise collaboration system’s new field management tool lets users edit, annotate and share service requests between the field and the office on iOS devices.
02/12/15 Cloud-based Construction Document Management System Launched

An old name in the reprographics world launches a cloud-based document management solution
02/12/15 Air Force Research Lab Invests in 3D Printing Technology Development

U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory funded more than $1-million in contracts awarded through America Makes to develop innovative manufacturing 3D printing methods for aerospace parts.
01/27/15 Construction Technology Survey Delivers Nuanced Responses

Many companies seem to be drifting toward, rather than planning for technology adoption
01/27/15 HVAC Software Helps Calculate Mechanical System Sizing at Start of Project

A web-based HVAC system sizing tool quickly analyzes with Revit and SketchUp files.
01/21/15 Triple-Bottom-Line Software Automates Sustainable Cost-Benefit Analysis

A new service designed to analyze social, environmental and financial impacts of an infrastructure project design as part of BIM workflow is offered as a plug-in to AutoCAD Civil 3D.
01/14/15 New Standards Released for As-Built Documentation

The U. S. Institute for Building Documentation has published the first standards for specifying contracts for as-built building measurement capture.
01/14/15 Trimble ProjectSight Puts Field Management in the Cloud

Expanding their offerings for mobile devices, Trimble has introduced ProjectSight, a subscription-based project management software app for iPads.
12/31/14 2014: Another Year of Construction Technology Adoption for the Cautious and Risk Averse

Builders keep waiting for the magic touch
12/29/14 Software Simplifies Slab Heave Calculations

New software simplifies slab heave calculations for geotechnical engineers.
12/29/14 ENR Tests Several Smartphone Gadgets

ENR’s tech editors review some gadgets they’ve been testing this year.
12/24/14 Industry Tech Advocates Make the Case for Hastened Adoption

Buoyed by recent project successes, industry advocates for increased application of virtual design and construction are becoming more convinced—and convincing—about VDC’s transformative potential.
12/15/14 Data Updates to U.S. Infrastructure Report-Card App

The ASCE updates its infrastructure report card app with new data, design and success stories.
12/10/14 Construction Players and Health Regulatory Agency Pilot Real-Time Paperless Plan Review

OSHPD pilots real-time digital plan review on two Sutter Health hospital projects totaling $2.7billion.
12/10/14 Autodesk Expands Offer of Free Design Software for Education Worldwide

Annual gathering of software users at Autodesk University brings promises of offerings to improve collaboration, fabrication and production, as well as workforce development in the coming year
12/10/14 Autodesk Leaders Expound About Future Thinking for Designing And Making

Leaders of design software vendor Autodesk talk about forming, holding and acting on future-thinking to guide product development.
11/26/14 Why Nuclear Plants Need Data-Centric Configuration Management

Even as other process industries realize significant benefits when they move from primarily document-centric asset management systems to data-centric systems, the nuclear power industry has yet to make the change. At least one study suggests it is time to do so.
11/25/14 Online Options Abound for Electronic File Sharing

The advent of high-bandwidth electronic data transfers and cloud storage has made the process a secure, point-and-click process.
11/25/14 Water-Mapping Tool May Lead to More Informed Design Decisions

Divining LA is a prototype software tool to model stormwater runoff to a fine level of detail.
11/25/14 Gigabit Internet Projects Have Fiber Contractors All Fired Up

Dozens of projects worth billions of dollars have created an unprecedented period of gigabit network construction across the United States and Canada.
11/12/14 JBKnowledge Tech Survey: More Field-Data Investments, But Stuck on Excel

Construction firms are squeezing out a little more cash on technology investments, but many still cling to the use of spreadsheets for project management, a new survey says.
11/12/14 Software Computes Pedestrian Wind Comfort in Urban Spaces

A computational fluid dynamics software accounts for climate and wind flow through cityscapes.
11/11/14 SketchUp 2015 Offers More Integration With Trimble's Portfolio

SketchUp 2015 premiers at Trimble Dimensions.
11/11/14 Project Failures Often Pre-Ordained by Shortchanging Scoping Phases

Megaproject analyst Ed Merrow urges constructors to proceed with care when undertaking projects founded on poor definition and planning.
11/06/14 Bentley Launches New Generation of Software Lines

Traditional CAD platforms are no longer, the company says, reflecting a shifting approach to building information management tools.
10/28/14 With ISO Standards, Asset Management As a Discipline Will Take Center Stage

Asset Management Gains Respect
10/28/14 Project Management System Aims to Share and Enrich Building Information Models With Facility Data

3D models published to the Aconex database are navigable by browser and open to annotation from users
10/28/14 Cloud-Based Mobile Plan Management System Adds RFI Workflow

Tablet app publishes to the entire team instantly
10/08/14 Weekend AEC Hackathons Spawn New Innovation

AEC Hackathon events gain frequency and produce more working applications.
10/06/14 Private Equity Goes All In For Collaboration Growth

What's driving the intenstifying interest in construction software?
09/23/14 SmartDig Goes Where Satellite Signals Lose Their Accuracy

The excavator controls, which are aimed at urban jobsites, require no GPS sensors, researchers say.
09/17/14 Drawing Transportation Planning Inferences From Big Data

A survey by a big data analytics company specializing in transportation planning underscores age bias and sluggish adoption of technology
09/09/14 Tesla Sets The Stage for Its 'Gigafactory' in Nevada

Site in Reno for a planned $5-billion megaplant could drive a plunge in lithium-ion battery costs in the next few years, as market forces come to bear.
09/08/14 Trimble Acquires Gehry Technologies, Will Form Strategic Alliance With Frank Gehry

In the latest of a string of high-profile acquisitions, Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif., announced Sept. 8 it has acquired Los Angeles-based Gehry Technologies, the design software and consulting firm founded by architect Frank Gehry.
09/02/14 Show Me the Money: 5D-Cost Estimating Tools Taking Off

Thanks to the advance of building information modeling tools that can integrate model-based data into an array of platforms, quantity takeoffs and cost estimates are getting more granular, which is changing how projects are run.
08/26/14 Trimble Buys Crane-Safety Instrumentation Company

Trimble predicts crane market growth, acquires crane safety technology company.
08/19/14 Trimble Steps Into Facilities Management With Manhattan Software Acquisition

Expanding its applications for spatial modeling past the construction phase of the building lifecycle, Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif., announced August 19 that it will acquire London-based Manhattan Software, a maker of facilities-management and real-estate-management software.
08/13/14 BIM Management Platform Unifi Does Desktop Search in the Cloud

A new cloud-based building information modeling management service runs Google-like algorithms to search digital assets.
07/22/14 No App for That? Build It.

As the utility of mobile apps on the jobsite expands, so does the app library of many firms.
07/22/14 Now Driving Demand: 'The Internet of Things'

As demand for storage increases and technology advances, the big tech firms are making investments while large non-tech firms are increasingly opting to outsource.
07/09/14 Building Systems Data at Your Digital Fingertips

A new service gives instant access to a building’s compliance documentation via QR codes.
07/09/14 Tech Meetups Inspire Ideas for Construction

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