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Information Technology - Featured Headline
Triple-Bottom-Line Software Automates Sustainable Cost-Benefit Analysis
A new service designed to analyze social, environmental and financial impacts of an infrastructure project design as part of BIM workflow is offered as a plug-in to AutoCAD Civil 3D.


Trimble ProjectSight Puts Field Management in the Cloud
Expanding their offerings for mobile devices, Trimble has introduced ProjectSight, a subscription-based project management software app for iPads.

Image Courtesy Trimble

More News
01/14/15 New Standards Released for As-Built Documentation

The U. S. Institute for Building Documentation has published the first standards for specifying contracts for as-built building measurement capture.
12/31/14 2014: Another Year of Construction Technology Adoption for the Cautious and Risk Averse

Builders keep waiting for the magic touch
12/29/14 Software Simplifies Slab Heave Calculations

New software simplifies slab heave calculations for geotechnical engineers.
12/29/14 ENR Tests Several Smartphone Gadgets

ENR’s tech editors review some gadgets they’ve been testing this year.
12/24/14 Industry Tech Advocates Make the Case for Hastened Adoption

Buoyed by recent project successes, industry advocates for increased application of virtual design and construction are becoming more convinced—and convincing—about VDC’s transformative potential.
12/15/14 Data Updates to U.S. Infrastructure Report-Card App

The ASCE updates its infrastructure report card app with new data, design and success stories.
12/10/14 Construction Players and Health Regulatory Agency Pilot Real-Time Paperless Plan Review

OSHPD pilots real-time digital plan review on two Sutter Health hospital projects totaling $2.7billion.
12/10/14 Autodesk Expands Offer of Free Design Software for Education Worldwide

Annual gathering of software users at Autodesk University brings promises of offerings to improve collaboration, fabrication and production, as well as workforce development in the coming year
12/10/14 Autodesk Leaders Expound About Future Thinking for Designing And Making

Leaders of design software vendor Autodesk talk about forming, holding and acting on future-thinking to guide product development.
11/26/14 Why Nuclear Plants Need Data-Centric Configuration Management

Even as other process industries realize significant benefits when they move from primarily document-centric asset management systems to data-centric systems, the nuclear power industry has yet to make the change. At least one study suggests it is time to do so.
11/25/14 Online Options Abound for Electronic File Sharing

The advent of high-bandwidth electronic data transfers and cloud storage has made the process a secure, point-and-click process.
11/25/14 Water-Mapping Tool May Lead to More Informed Design Decisions

Divining LA is a prototype software tool to model stormwater runoff to a fine level of detail.
11/25/14 Gigabit Internet Projects Have Fiber Contractors All Fired Up

Dozens of projects worth billions of dollars have created an unprecedented period of gigabit network construction across the United States and Canada.
11/12/14 JBKnowledge Tech Survey: More Field-Data Investments, But Stuck on Excel

Construction firms are squeezing out a little more cash on technology investments, but many still cling to the use of spreadsheets for project management, a new survey says.
11/12/14 Software Computes Pedestrian Wind Comfort in Urban Spaces

A computational fluid dynamics software accounts for climate and wind flow through cityscapes.
11/11/14 SketchUp 2015 Offers More Integration With Trimble's Portfolio

SketchUp 2015 premiers at Trimble Dimensions.
11/11/14 Project Failures Often Pre-Ordained by Shortchanging Scoping Phases

Megaproject analyst Ed Merrow urges constructors to proceed with care when undertaking projects founded on poor definition and planning.
11/06/14 Bentley Launches New Generation of Software Lines

Traditional CAD platforms are no longer, the company says, reflecting a shifting approach to building information management tools.
10/28/14 With ISO Standards, Asset Management As a Discipline Will Take Center Stage

Asset Management Gains Respect
10/28/14 Project Management System Aims to Share and Enrich Building Information Models With Facility Data

3D models published to the Aconex database are navigable by browser and open to annotation from users
10/28/14 Cloud-Based Mobile Plan Management System Adds RFI Workflow

Tablet app publishes to the entire team instantly
10/08/14 Weekend AEC Hackathons Spawn New Innovation

AEC Hackathon events gain frequency and produce more working applications.
10/06/14 Private Equity Goes All In For Collaboration Growth

What's driving the intenstifying interest in construction software?
09/23/14 SmartDig Goes Where Satellite Signals Lose Their Accuracy

The excavator controls, which are aimed at urban jobsites, require no GPS sensors, researchers say.
09/17/14 Drawing Transportation Planning Inferences From Big Data

A survey by a big data analytics company specializing in transportation planning underscores age bias and sluggish adoption of technology
09/09/14 Tesla Sets The Stage for Its 'Gigafactory' in Nevada

Site in Reno for a planned $5-billion megaplant could drive a plunge in lithium-ion battery costs in the next few years, as market forces come to bear.
09/08/14 Trimble Acquires Gehry Technologies, Will Form Strategic Alliance With Frank Gehry

In the latest of a string of high-profile acquisitions, Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif., announced Sept. 8 it has acquired Los Angeles-based Gehry Technologies, the design software and consulting firm founded by architect Frank Gehry.
09/02/14 Show Me the Money: 5D-Cost Estimating Tools Taking Off

Thanks to the advance of building information modeling tools that can integrate model-based data into an array of platforms, quantity takeoffs and cost estimates are getting more granular, which is changing how projects are run.
08/26/14 Trimble Buys Crane-Safety Instrumentation Company

Trimble predicts crane market growth, acquires crane safety technology company.
08/19/14 Trimble Steps Into Facilities Management With Manhattan Software Acquisition

Expanding its applications for spatial modeling past the construction phase of the building lifecycle, Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif., announced August 19 that it will acquire London-based Manhattan Software, a maker of facilities-management and real-estate-management software.
08/13/14 BIM Management Platform Unifi Does Desktop Search in the Cloud

A new cloud-based building information modeling management service runs Google-like algorithms to search digital assets.
07/22/14 No App for That? Build It.

As the utility of mobile apps on the jobsite expands, so does the app library of many firms.
07/22/14 Now Driving Demand: 'The Internet of Things'

As demand for storage increases and technology advances, the big tech firms are making investments while large non-tech firms are increasingly opting to outsource.
07/09/14 Building Systems Data at Your Digital Fingertips

A new service gives instant access to a building’s compliance documentation via QR codes.
07/09/14 Tech Meetups Inspire Ideas for Construction

Feeding the Mind
07/02/14 DOTs, Slow To Change, Begin To Embrace Growing Technology Toolbox For Asset Maintenance

Programs like Bluebeam are starting to gain traction at state transportation agencies.
06/25/14 Air Monitoring System Provides Real-Time Public Data

Emilcott Technology Inc. has developed real-time air monitoring which integrates cloud computing to make the data publicly available online instantly.
06/16/14 Study Shows How Construction Work Gets Done

A cloud services provider maps its users data sharing and collaboration to show how industries work.
06/10/14 Annual IT Report for Designers and Planners Projects Lower IT Spend

Annual survey of IT use in design and planning sheds light on industry practices
06/10/14 Bluebeam, Citrix Tie-Up Extends Desktop Power to Tablet Apps

The latest partnership could help more users collaborate in real-time across different platforms.
06/10/14 Symbiotic Sensors Harvest Power From Infrastructure

New infrastructure degradation monitoring sensors glean power from the vibrations of passing vehicles.
06/04/14 Free Web Tool, Called Platypus, Lets Grasshopper Users Design in Real Time

Tool from CORE studio/Thornton Tomasetti works like a chat room for parametric geometry
05/28/14 Autodesk Plans 3D Printers, More Open Source Software

Autodesk is making a big bet on the future of 3D printing with plans to launch an open-source 3D printer, while offering other software to the open-source community.
05/08/14 New Hardware Extends Jobsite WiFi in Piecemeal Fashion

New hardware extends jobsite connectivity in stages by placing durable WiFi repeaters as construction progresses.
04/30/14 Bentley Launches Buried Utilities 3D Modeler

Bentley Systems's latest addition to its suite of infrastructure design software helps utilities gather everything they know about existing systems and assigns reliability values as a foundation for future planning.
04/08/14 Visible Light Communication System Delivers Continuous 3D Positioning Data

With digital HD cameras and LED lights, researchers can achieve automated, highly accurate, 3D positioning data day and night.
04/01/14 Economic Drivers Of Past Offer Insights for Future

Technology forecaster Paul Saffo counseled attendees at ENR FutureTech conference to see future opportunities in historical patterns.
03/24/14 Robotics, Wearable Computing Coming in Five Years: Survey

Wearable computers as part of a construction worker’s gear may be closer than we think, if a recent survey of ENR’s technology readers is any indication.
03/19/14 ENR Futuretech: High Performance Teams Needed to Meet Construction Challenges

Coverage of ENR’s Futuretech conference March 18-19 in San Francisco
03/12/14 Solar Groundwater Treatment Plant Is Hot

After eight months’ operation, California Central Valley prototype yields impressive results.
03/05/14 Cloud-Integrated Storage: 'Hot Data' Bottleneck Breakers

Network-attached storage for cloud gains footholds with engineering and contracting firms.
02/26/14 Capital Facilities Innovation Champion Fiatech Refocuses Strategy

Sees that enhanced cyber security measures could cramp collabortation and standards development
02/12/14 Dodge Global Network Gathers and Mines Big Data for Construction Business Intelligence

Subscribers are transitioning to a new technology platform that facilitates role-specific searches about project and product opportunities
01/27/14 Signal Repeater Battery Monitoring Device Saves Utilities

A chink in SCADA armor is plugged by a repeater battery monitor.
01/27/14 Wireless Router and Charger Harnesses New WiFi Standard

In the wake of the new 802.11ac wireless standard, companies like D-Link are announcing new devices to harness it’s 1Gbps plus speeds.
01/15/14 Mobile Devices Are Finding More Ways to Cut the Charging Cord

Fighting Battery Drain
12/23/13 Infrastructure Centers Also Will Train Next-Gen Engineers

One-of-a-kind university technology institutes will improve U.S. infrastructure and boost next-gen professional skills.
12/23/13 I-Search App Puts Structural Engineering Insight In The Palm of Your Hand

Award-winning structural engineering app brings reference data and analysis to the field for making quick calls on existing conditions.
12/11/13 Autodesk's Futurist Breaks Down 2013's Hot Tech Buzzwords

Dominic Thasarathar, a directory of strategy at the software provider, recently shared some thoughts on what to make of all these tech buzzwords.
11/26/13 ENR's 2013 Noteworthy Gadgets List

ENR's editors are always on the lookout for new and useful electronics that have the potential to improve the construction workflow. Over the course of 2013, we’ve run across or experimented with a few devices that show promise.
11/12/13 Helping Teams Advance Work Packages

Bentley Systems Inc. announced that its ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server, a system for managing the life cycle of work packages, is now being validated by industry firms and is scheduled for commercial release in early 2014.
11/07/13 Bentley: BIM Also Means Information Mobility

U.S. software vendor will benefit from UK decree that all public projects use BIM by 2016.
10/21/13 Web Privacy Study Exposes Widespread Use of Tracing Method

New white paper on ‘fingerprinter’ browser-tracking method says the method is more widespread than previous research revealed, but offers counter.
10/16/13 TurboSite PlugIn For Revit Turbocharges Geolocation With Video

A new Plug-In brings the powers of a $500 geolocation software to the Revit.
10/09/13 'Facebook of Construction' Uses Timeline to Manage Projects

Field Lens brings social networking and collaboration to individual sites.
10/09/13 New Construction Management Software Designed Around iPhone Usability

iPhone-friendly CM service brings ergonomic interface to multiple platforms.
10/01/13 Dreaming Is Fine, But High-Speed Maglev Is Here Now

Elon Musk’s recent Hyperloop proposal resurrects discussion in the U.S. about the advantages of true high-speed ground transportation. The country desperately needs a national consensus as to what constitutes fast and cost-effective HSGT before a single track or guideway is laid, but as of yet the conversation has failed to develop the required consensus for true high-speed ground transportation.
10/01/13 Autodesk Futurist Redesigns the Hyperloop Using New Materials, Construction Methods

An Autodesk Futurist Pushes Hyperloop Development Forward With New Construction and Materials Ideas of His Own.
09/24/13 Makerbot's New 3D Digitizer Turns Physical Objects Digital

Makerbot’s new 3D scanner creates digital representations of physical objects.
09/17/13 U.S. Dept. of Defense to Standardize On Publicly Available Facilities Assessment Software System

Over 550,000 real property assets to be enrolled in the same condition assessment and maintenance planning system within five years
09/10/13 Survey of IT Security Experts Shows Many Feel Vulnerable to State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

Nearly 58% of IT Security Experts surveyed think the U.S. is losing ground in the battle to block foreign state-sponsored cyber attacks
09/10/13 Autodesk's Acquisition of Get The Point Technology Weds Field Layout to Design Files

?Autodesk Inc. has acquired the technology assets of Larkspur, Colo.-based Get The Point LLC, which developed software to transfer information from Autodesk's design applications to robotic total stations and move CAD and BIM control points directly from design files to layout in the field.
09/04/13 Plucking Cell Phone Data From The Air to Ensure Construction Project Success

Big Data is trying to tell you something about your next construction project
09/03/13 Federal Agencies Remap Hurricane Damaged Coastline

Hurricane Sandy destroyed the shorelines and seabeds of the Eastern coast to such an extent that Federal agencies plan to remap the coastline.
08/26/13 CURT Pushes for Safer Construction Industry By Releasing Member Company Safety Rates

Nearly a decade of safety data from members of the Construction Users Roundtable is now available through a safety benchmarking portal online.
08/26/13 General Contractors Bring Order to PDF Chaos

A coalition of general contractors recently met to establish PDF standardization in the AEC industry, calling the movement All PDF’s Created Equal.
08/12/13 Tiny Bubbles Show Promise to Advance Nanoscale Electronics

Professors from several colleges have joined forces to create the world’s first plasmofluidic lens—a tiny water bubble used to manipulate and focus a beam of light at the nanoscale.
08/12/13 Heavy Civil Collaboration Taking Flight In The Cloud With Autodesk InfraWorks 360 Pro

Users of Autodesk’s Civil 3-D modeling tools can use a new cloud service to publish, store, improve and collaborate around the data, enhanced by the addition of other information.
08/12/13 Probabilistic Risk Analysis Generates Big Returns

More contractors and owners are using computer-based predictions to weed through big data and filter out the noise.
08/12/13 Textura Wows Wall Street With Cloud Collaboration

Armed with a payment system that contractors love to use, Textura takes the company public with big plans for global expansion.
08/07/13 First Public Multi-Turbine Wind Lab Goes Live

A Texas-based wind research lab becomes the first publicly-operated wind research test facility with multiple wind turbines.
07/23/13 New Software Smooths Input of Asset Information Into BIM Files

New software collects building asset information during construction and delivers it to the owner at take over.
07/23/13 AISC Offers Win, Place or Show Cash for App Design Contest

A steel app design contest gives out cash awards for the top three apps developed and submitted by late September, 2013.
07/12/13 Latest Bentley App Brings Geospatial Data to the Field

Bentley's Map Mobile brings geospatial data, overlayed on a map, to the field.
07/09/13 New Software Finds, Indexes Geospatial Data

A new browser-based, standalone software searches computer memory to discover and index geospatial data.
07/09/13 New iOS App, Android Update Grants Remote Troubleshooting to IT Staff

LogMeIn Rescue is a new app for the iOS platform that supports any IT help desk by allowing remote access to mobile devices.
07/09/13 IT Hiring Data Spells Trouble For Construction

The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows an increase in the rate of IT job creation, with 88,900 IT jobs added in the last 12 months, but analysis of a mid-year IT salary survey by an consulting firm that tracks issues for CIOs and CFOs, shows that hiring is not really robust, and IT salaries remain flat.
07/02/13 iPhone App Actually Locates Wall Studs

Stud Find, and app for the iPhone uses the device’s built-in magnetometer like a metal detector to find metal wall studs.
07/02/13 Traffic Technology Gets Driving Data Through Construction Zones Using Bluetooth

Traffic monitoring system reads Bluetooth signals in cars to predict travel time.
06/24/13 Mobile 3D-Model Viewer, Mark-Up Software Now Available

Share 3D released a beta version of its mobile 3D mark up and collaboration viewer to the public.
06/24/13 Mobile Technology on the Job Site Brings Safety Innovation

Crossrail is testing mobile device zones—sectioned-off areas on job sites that are clearly labeled and removed from safety hazards so engineers can use new apps in safety.
06/11/13 Razing the Construction Industry’s ‘Tower of Babel’ With the Cloud

With little to suggest that more states will adopt mandatory mini-max construction codes, Fiatech, an industry consortium based at the University of Texas, recently approved a project, that, over the next 20 months, aims to expand an existing online library of 50,000 model codes and standards, as well as state codes, to include the amendments developed and adopted by local boards in the nation’s 5,000 largest local jurisdictions. The project is called “The U.S. Local Codes in the Cloud Project.”
06/11/13 Textura IPO Turns Up the Heat on Construction Tech Startups

The successful IPO demonstrates a pent-up demand for collaboration tools in an industry that can be slow to change.
06/11/13 Dam Monitoring and Warning System Sees Real-World Flood Test

A dam data aggregate is being implemented nationally after performing well in real-world Oklahoma flood event.
06/05/13 App Update Automatically Hyperlinks Plan Details

PlanGrid’s new update automatically links all detail references on a site plan to the full-size version of the detail by recognizing and learning the shapes of the detail call-out boxes on the plan.
05/28/13 Using Technology to Share Information With Actual Value

The Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) created a site called that is a public collection of research gathered during the Transportation Research Board’s SHRP2 initiative—a series of infrastructure systems tests using Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques to analyze the condition and quality of infrastructure systems.
05/28/13 Classroom Document Sharing Tech Can Benefit Construction

A classroom technology built for teachers brings blueprint sharing capabilities to the AEC industry.
05/28/13 New Self-Powered Satellite Equipment Tracking Device Now Available

Heavy equipment at remote locations can be monitored from afar using solar-powered device and private satellite network.
05/14/13 What The AEC Industry Can Learn from Steve Jobs, Master of the Interface

Integrated services could break the construction productivity logjam
05/14/13 Measurement Professional Group Plans First Portable 3D Certifications

Unregulated scanning industry is moving toward standards
05/14/13 Updated 3D Laser Scanning Software Takes All Kinds

A Laser scanning software aleviates visual strain with visual format and accomodates data from multiple laser scanners.
05/08/13 App Creates Real-Time 360-Degree Jobsite Panoramas

The 360 Panorama app for iPhone and Android allows not only panorama shots but actual 360 degree views of the user's surroundings.
05/02/13 Deadline Extended For ENR Construction Science Fiction Contest: Imagining Construction's Future

Amazing Stories About the Future of Construction
04/30/13 Mobile App Speeds Data Collection, Hurricane Recovery

In the cleanup of superstorm Sandy, one contractor used a recently updated app to collect damage data.
04/30/13 ENR Science Fiction Project Submission and Release Form
ENR Science Fiction Project Submission and Release Form
04/17/13 How Can We Push Our Industry To Truly Evolve?

What we can learn from a "maieutic parataxis" on clothes
03/21/13 Collaboration Apps Top ENR Survey Results

Something big is happening in construction technology. It goes beyond the recent rampant growth of smart devices on jobsites and the explosive development of apps around the globe. It even goes beyond the growth of cloud computing, helping to manage large project files with faster networks that connect far-flung work crews.
03/19/13 ENR FutureTech Conference Turns Heads With Process Innovation

Construction industry practitioners are eager to apply technology to improve the industry, but they are hungry for information to help them see how
03/19/13 After Sandy, Hospitals Rethink Where to Put IT and Other Systems

Superstorm Sandy severely flooded basements at many hospitals, which are now reevaluating which systems and equipment to house there.
03/06/13 Cloud-Based Tools Seen as Driver of Digital O&M Handoff

The company says the latest Smart Manuals suite is designed to help contractors improve how they define and assign subcontractor tasks and deliverables.
03/05/13 NYC App Lets Users Search Data on City’s Buildings

Latest app from NYC Dept. of Buildings puts details on close to a million buildings on smart devices.
03/05/13 The Construction Industry Wakes Up to Innovation

Construction companies are beginning to realize benefits in standardizing software and training users. It is leading some firms to invest in a next wave of software capabilities and process integration.
02/25/13 Tunnel Surveying Robot Claims 10 Percent Cost, Time Savings

TBM guidance system proves out, as its first real-world kilometer-long tunnel comes to a close.
02/06/13 U.S. ERP Vendor Viewpoint Reels In U.K. Collaboration Service 4Projects

Acquisition Aims to Integrate Business Management and BIM Project Collaboration
02/06/13 Earthquake Warning System Makes Every Second Count

An earthquake prediction system could give California residents precious moments to readjust before the shock.
01/30/13 Business Value of BIM Report Tracks Adoption Patterns

A sag in the flow of young practitioners acquiring building information modeling skills may affect the industry for years to come.
01/30/13 Proximity Warning System Uses RFID to Avoid Worker, Equipment Collisions

Transponders atop equipment send audio and visual warnings to personnel inside and outside the cab when a worker is dangerously close
01/29/13 Cloud-Integrated Storage Adds In-House Encryption

A new breed of storage and sharing combines on-premises hardware with encrypted cloud-based primary storage.
01/23/13 The AIA and NIBS Debut Public Building Research Site

AIA and NIBS get together to host a free online collection of building research and reports.
01/23/13 Free WeatherAPP Predicts Plastic Shrinkage Cracking

The weatherAPP is a free, mobile, four-day weather forecast, predicting the chance of plastic shrinkage cracks occurring.
01/14/13 LATISTA’s New IPad 2.0 Software Brags About its Speed

LATISTA’s new BIM in the field software for the iPad boasts about its speed and suite of new features like barcode reader. It will be free to test as well.
01/14/13 Livescribe Smartpen converts written or verbal notes to digital recordings.

Livescribe’s pens allow users to record written and verbal notes and synch them directly to a computer or device via WiFi
12/31/12 ENR's 2012 Noteworthy Gadgets List

Throughout the year we search for useful gadgets that have construction industry crossover, or just impress us. This is our list for 2012.
12/05/12 Construction Tech Companies Forecast a Cloudy Future

At Autodesk University 2012, most technologies have a focus on cloud computing or storage.
11/28/12 Construction IT Managers Eying Microsoft Surface Pro Release

Microsoft’s slow-roll release of the professional, enterprise-grade version of the Surface tablet has construction’s mobile IT managers holding their breath
11/28/12 Mobile Devices Are Key to BI in Construction

Developers of enterprise data management systems say the long-awaited dawn of business intelligence for construction has arrived
11/28/12 Tablet Tracing App Digitizes Old-World Tool

A tracing-paper app allows the Morpholio Trace app to sketch on layers and layers of digital tracing paper.
11/28/12 Touch-Screen Stylus Runs on High Frequency Sound

Pressure-Sensative stylus that operates on high frequency sound, also extends functionality of tablets.
11/21/12 Steady Progress On Collaboration Tools Knocks Down Data Siloes For Bentley Power Users

Global confab showcases emerging capabilities.
11/12/12 New Software Models the Wrenching Forces of Ship Wakes in Port Environments

Bigger ships and bigger wakes play havoc with port operations
11/07/12 Virtualization, Private Cloud Investments Pay Off After Sandy

Some design and construction firms have been planning for disaster recovery for years. Here are some that paid off the best.
10/31/12 Self-Rescue Tips from a Storm-Surge Challenged Enterprise

ENR's Business Continuity Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy...So Far
10/30/12 New Crowd-Sourcing Platforms Offer Cash For Solutions to Construction Problems

Two crowd sourcing platforms came out last week designed to solve major problems by bringing together the minds' of many.
10/24/12 Mobile Application Management Platform Offers Remote Control for iOS Devices

A Mobile Device Management company offers remote control of iOS devices, and argues its form of mobile management—app by app.
10/17/12 Get a Handle on Social Media Content

The legal challanges of increased social media use.
10/17/12 Methodology Helps Weigh The Cost of Cloud vs. Local File Storage

Forrester Research has come up with an analysis tool to tally the true cost of storing data.
10/17/12 Desktop and iPad Software Lets Users Carry Thousands of Site Plans

With ‘Lightning-Speed’ Plan Grid tags notation, punch-lists and photos to site plans.
10/10/12 Asta Powerproject, RevelPoint, Making Waves in Scheduling Software

Construction scheduling software vendors vie for market share as users ask for more focused attention.
10/04/12 Aconex Touts Integration With New Field App

Software maker for big engineering and construction firms is joining an increasingly crowded field of tablet apps for project management.providers.
10/03/12 MIT Materials Research May Yield New Principles of Plasticity

A key to sudden impact response is believed to be found.
09/24/12 New Survey Shows That Mobile Tools Boost Jobsite Productivity

Respondents report that 97% of GCs use some kind of mobile device on site compared to 87% of subcontractors.
09/19/12 Vizit v5.0 Increases Sharepoint Search Accuracy, Sharing

Vizit has released an update that allows users to pinpoint details inside SharePoint documents and share them with other users.
09/18/12 Push-To-Talk Application Delivers Instant Communication

AT&T’s new Sub-Second Push-To-Talk Application Reaches Up To 250 Contacts Instantly
09/12/12 Autodesk Ramps up Cloud Strategy with 'Simulation 360' Launch

Autodesk is ramping up its shift to cloud-based software offerings with a tiered pricing model designed to ease the cost of simulation testing.
09/12/12 MIT and Army Researchers Successfully Make Transistor Using One-Molecule-Thick Material

Researchers at the Army Research Lab and MIT have successfully tested a 2D material called molybdenum disulfide as a as a semiconductor.
09/05/12 Will a Smarter Grid Help in Extreme Weather Events?

Would a smarter grid be the answer to help modernize the United States' aging electricity grid? in this guest column for ENR's FutureTech newsletter, Steven Root of SAIC says some key factors need to be considered.
08/28/12 Autonomous Plane Flies, Navigates Without GPS

A team of researchers developed control algorithms and technology that fully automate a plane's flight through tight quarters.
08/16/12 QR Codes Unlocking Secrets of NYC Building Permits

New York City's Dept. of Buildings is putting QR codes on building permits.
08/13/12 New Laser Device Makes Grade Rods Obsolete

A new laser receiver compiles instrumentation to eliminate the need for grade rods when checking grades with a rotating laser.
08/06/12 How ACS Connect Smooths Jobsite Data to Accounting

Shipping Project Data to Accounting With A Pause for Review
07/18/12 New Cloud-Based 3D Project Collaboration Tool Offered for Free Until Sept. 30

GTeam viewer from Gehry Technolgies is designed for concurrent work across all 3D and 2D design tools, so different building team members can work on different files at different times and synchronize up through the cloud.
07/16/12 There's a Whole Lot More Than Just Talk Out There As Technology Turns Voices Into Actions

Just Walk and Talk: Automating Job Site Reports
07/02/12 Warranty Management App a Good Fit for Construction

Collecting asset data in the cloud
06/27/12 Some Companies Hungry for Custom Business Apps Decide to Build Their Own

An venerable database standard of the early PC years enters a new era as a user-friendly app development tool
06/27/12 Graphical Interface Makes Quake Tool Simpler to Use

A complex program for analyzing bridge behavior during simulated quakes gets a simplified, graphical user interface
06/27/12 CIFE Presentation Summaries

Breakthroughs claimed across the board with real project technology implementations to improve construction productivity.
06/26/12 Wake Up! The Revolution Has Arrived: A Report From CIFE

CIFE's Summer Program report claims a breakthrough is in the making for reducing project costs and improving quality and speed of delivery
06/25/12 Vela Reassures Customers After Autodesk Buy

As the companies merge sales teams and develop marketing strategy, will support for Vela’s products change?
06/25/12 Why Augmented Reality, Advanced BIM and Digital Fabrication are More Now Than Later

Jim Balding, CEO of Ant Group, who is one of the presenters at ENR’s FutureTech conference on July 10, says execs need to be aware of these key trends.
06/11/12 A New Construction App With All The Trimmings

The toolmaker is offering a free basic construction calculator app, with trade-specific add-ons for a fee.
06/11/12 Shipboard Tsunami Warning System Proposed

Researchers whose shipboard instruments unexpectedly detected a passing tsunimi at sea suggest an ad-hoc network of commercial vessels could make for a relatively inexpensive warning system.
06/04/12 How to Avoid e-Discovery Disasters

Is your retention policy harboring a smoking gun? New search technology could help you protect your bottom line.
05/21/12 ArchiCAD 16 Displays Powerful Updates

ArchiCAD 16’s Morph Tool and Green Additions Separate it From Other BIM Software.
05/21/12 Cloud Collaboration Service Tags Construction Photos to Plans by Trade

A free-for-now construction photo organizing service delights its early adopters
05/16/12 Capturing Innovation in the Construction Industry

Members of the construction community are a famously inventive lot. In 2011, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued 1,360 patents in the field of static structures (e.g., buildings) alone, and many more in other fields related to construction and infrastructure.
05/14/12 W. Va. Airport Weighs Unmanned, Virtual Control Tower

New technology might make human-less towers a reality.
05/07/12 ConsensusDocs Contract Library Takes to the Cloud

ConsensusDocs platform eases process of construction contract document preparation.
05/07/12 New Risk-Based Tool Models Rotating Equipment and Instrumentation Service Life

Lloyd’s Register releases software that looks at usage and historic data for rotating and instrumentation equipment to optimize maintenance, extend service life and reduce failures.
05/02/12 Speeding Construction Recovery With Streamlined Code Review

During the next four years our construction community and state and local governments will face immense challenges to revitalize, build andmaintain sustainable economies.
04/23/12 Robo-Glove Offers Tool Users a Stronger Grip

Construction workers of the future may be able to manipulate their heavy hand tools with a high-tech assist from a new robotic glove being developed jointly by General Motors and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
04/16/12 Autodesk Steers Customers Toward the Cloud With New Subscription-Based Services

Shifting away from boxed software products toward an online-based model, San Rafael, Calif.-based Autodesk is pushing a subscription-based service for it’s BIM tools.
04/09/12 Augmented Reality for Facilities Management Leaping Into Use

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology research are fusing BIM with augmented reality concepts to get real-time data into facilities management.
04/09/12 Structural Engineers Learn Lessons From Failures Through Digital Databases

Public-access digital databases under development are providing engineers with powerful tools to develop better codes and to improve practice.
03/26/12 Apple Apparently Moving Away From the Grid To Power Its Data Center in North Carolina

Move to renewable energy comes after critical Greenpeace report.
03/21/12 Mobile SEO Matters to Mobile Businesses

Users have much less patience when it comes to mobile searching. Don't expect them to go past page two of search results. Mobile searches are more fiercely competitive than Web SEO for top-ranked search results.
03/12/12 Hot Tech Topics: ENR Readers Speak Up About Info Tech in Construction

T?he information technology satisfaction index among ENR readers is high, but if past is prologue, users' bullish expectations for the future may be too optimistic, particularly with respect to their greatest desire: true interoperability of all their software and systems.
03/07/12 Readers Recommend

A list of information technology, products and services readers say work for them. Courtesy of ENR Tech Survey.
03/07/12 Tech Q&A: Shawn L. Pressley, VP of Information Tech, Hill International

Shawn Pressley, VP of IT for construction manager Hill International, talks tech with ENR and how to approach the biggest tech trend in construction today.
03/05/12 The Dangerous Possibilities of Satellite 'Spoofing'

Spoofing—or intentionally generating fake GPS signals—is a threat our nation has yet to address.
02/27/12 NextGen Ramps Up Amid Flat Airport Improvement Funding

Funding for airport construction is going to be a fight for FAA dollars.
02/20/12 Apps Surge as Developers Create New Ones, Re-engineer Favorites for Mobile Devices

The “app economy” is responsible for 466,000 jobs in the U.S., up from zero in 2007.
02/15/12 FCC Advised to Pull the Plug On LightSquared's 4G Network Plan

Key agency advises Federal Communications Commission to pull the plug on LightSquared's proposed national broadband network, saying interference issues with GPS cannot be resolved.
02/13/12 New Contour Tracing Feature Leverages Background Data in Vector-Based PDFs

New version of software for calculating cut and fill includes a “Get Vectors” button that unlocks the data.
02/08/12 Technical Surveys Help Industry Find Way, Join the Call

Several years of Cyon Research construction surveys build rapport for the company's newest survey. Take a look and be heard at
01/30/12 Security System Locks Down Flash Drives, Destroys Data If They Stray

Access rules can be set at a variety of levels.
01/25/12 Why Image Search Matters for Architects and Engineers

Images of projects are a critical component of any architect or engineer’s portfolio. Web marketing expert Rebecca Lieb offers some best practices to ensure search engines—and perhaps your next customer—find them online.
01/18/12 Tech Company Claims to Nullify Water Damage, the Bane of Mobile Devices

Many new products strive to protect mobile devices, but HzO Inc. uses a chemical process to protect electronics from within and it seems to work.
01/17/12 Key Federal Technical Committee Says No Practical Solution to LightSquared's GPS Interference

LightSquared's national broadband network plan hits dead-end with key technical evaluation
01/09/12 MIT Project Aims for a 'Google Database' of Material Properties

A powerful research database aims to collect every known material for component discretion.
01/02/12 Automated Nag Complains and Reports When Drivers Use Cell Phones

Cell phone nanny picks up on cell phone wave frequencies emitted from the driver's seat and warns the user to hang up, or it will tell the boss.
12/28/11 ENR's Tech Forecast: Increased Use of Mobile Tools, Upstart Apps and Sensor Implementation

ENR technology editors prepare for the year ahead by trying to anticipate where current trends will lead.
12/27/11 Construction CIOs on BIM, BYOD and Emerging Technologies

What are the main tech pains of construction CIOs? This panel at FutureTech provides some insights.
12/26/11 Contractors Support Bans on Distracted Driving

Construction firms are getting behind this month's sweeping recommendation from the National Transportation Safety Board, which calls for a nationwide ban on phoning and texting while driving.
12/19/11 Does Anyone Have an Idea for a Manageable Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Policy?

Construction companies discuss options of allowing employees to bring their own devices to be used for work.
12/19/11 State Dept. Officials Highlight Building IT Needs Over Next 5 Years

The U.S. State Dept.'s Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations is rolling out a five-year IT strategic plan
12/14/11 Is Email Really the Most Important Technology at your Firm?

A CURT Young Professionals Survey tries to figure out what form for telecommunication is the most important to modern companies.
12/12/11 AutoDesk, Bentley Launch More App Tools

BIM-in-the-cloud apps are taking off.
12/12/11 Real-time Data Speeds Power Transmission Line Project Delivery

Layers of project and customer data flow via Google Earth interface to give field crews managing power transmission line construction projects real-time ground truth.
12/05/11 MWH Global Spin-Off Innovyze Leads With 'Wet' Infrastructure Apps

Engineer MWH’s technology spin-off has carved a leadership role in the global 'wet infrastructure' market.
12/05/11 USGBC Introduces a Suite of Green Applications

USGBC's third-party LEED automation partners developed and contributed each application in this new searchable database.
11/15/11 Choosing Your Battles

Researchers seek out interesting problems to work on, and the nature of research is such that it is easy for them to be lured into problems that call for complex, mathematical solutions that, while interesting, may have little actual benefit to the world.
11/15/11 Bentley Reveals Strategy at Annual European Conference

With a boatload of announcements about acquisitions, new products, agreements and promises the provider of a suit of software and services widely used for infrastructure design, construction and management unveiled moves that help define its technology strategy, especially for 3D information models and point clouds.
11/07/11 Focusing Research on Goals

Project aims to focus sensing and data analysis research on civil engineering’s needs
11/07/11 Homing Devices Hitting the Market May Make Tracking Workers Routine

Homing Devices May Make Tracking Workers Routine
11/07/11 Homing Devices Hitting the Market May Make Tracking Workers Routine

Homing Devices May Make Tracking Workers Routine
11/07/11 Sensing, Data Analysis Research Aims To Focus on Goals That Matter

Project aims to focus sensing and data analysis research on civil engineering’s needs
11/02/11 Enterprise 2.0 Technologies in Construction

Social networking, deployed behind the firewall as enterprise 2.0 technologies can help organizations improve collaboration, communication, and innovation.
10/31/11 Free Common BIM Files Released to Provide Universal Reference Environment

Open standard BIM released by National Institute of Building Sciences to help users benchmark performance of assets in common environment.
10/31/11 iPad App: Learning Curve for All Ages

Missouri contractor taps staff, students to vet home-grown jobsite software
10/20/11 Hashtag This: Social Media Risks and Rewards in Construction

Is there a secret to 'no bs' social media platforms for construction firms that are reluctant to embrace it? Experts share the risks and rewards.
10/19/11 Using Web-Based BIM or CAD? You Might Need New Password Policies

If you're using Web-collaboration CAD or BIM tools, you may want to re-think your password policies.
10/19/11 Textura Buys GradeBeam, Plans New Bidding Platform

Two large construction IT startups came together on Oct. 19 as Textura Corp. closed on the acquisition of
10/18/11 New Pile Quality-Assurance Method Improves Underground Picture

Pile Dynamics Inc. has partnered with Foundation & Geotechnical Engineering to bring a new pile quality assurance method developed by the University of South Florida, to the public.
10/17/11 In Social Media, Some Conversations Are Best Kept Private

Construction companies are becoming active users of social media, but much of the chatter is hidden from view.
10/17/11 Army Corps of Engineers Finds Facebook Excels for Flood Emergency Communications

When faced with the likelihood that it would have to blow a levee during flood season last spring, the Corps set up a Facebook page. Within hours the hits and comments were piling up exponentially.
10/17/11 Scan Data Aids Tsunami Engineers’ Inquest

Engineering researchers are dissecting troves of data about the performance of structures hit by the Japanese tsunami of March 11.
10/14/11 Water Social Networking Site Matches Water Providers With End Users

Creators hope site spurs a slew of beneficial reuse projects around the world.
10/14/11 VHB/Eng-Wong, Taub and PB: Building Client Relationships with Social Media

One of the positive outcomes that firms report in using social media is building rapport with clients. Often, it evolves from teaming with them to help make information about projects available to the public.
10/10/11 New Software Program Helps Users Meet Non-Structural Seismic Bracing Requirements

New software is designed to help users meet code requirements for non-structural seismic bracing for piping and other building utilities.
09/28/11 Software Automatically Translates Some Point Cloud Data to CAD Drawings

A software update picks new shapes out of 3D LiDAR scan data automatically.
09/21/11 Tablets, Laptops and Virtual Desktops: Trends for CIOs to Watch

What will be your primary computing devices over the next three to five years? Here are some tips on how to think through the trends.
09/21/11 iPads and Tech Support: Time Saved Vs. Time Spent

Who is helping to train users on the new tech arriving on job sites? Who is supporting it? Industry execs offer some insight.
09/14/11 Web Portal Maps Underground Assets in UK

Westminster, U.K. is investing in a web-based system that allows utilities to work together to build a digital map that pinpoints specific belowground assets.
09/13/11 Construction Execs on Tech Adoption: Win the 'Tweeters'

At the Vela Systems User conference, construction executives share tips on how to manage pain points along technology’s adoption curve—and how to win over the Baby Boomer and 'Tweeter' generations.
08/30/11 Hurricane Irene Will Test New Water-Level Predictor

Predicting total water level for the first time, the Coastal and Inland Flooding Observation and Warning Project tries to combine data from many disciplines to predict the total water level for coastal areas—not just during flooding, but every day, routinely.
08/30/11 Digital Pen Quickly Translates Chicken Scratch Into Usable Data

The Anoto Digital Pen has proved itself worthy to the Superfund TEchnical Assessment and Response Team, by speeding their data transferal by 85%.
08/29/11 Beta Test for LogMeIn's Apple Field Tools

LogMeIn has details of its beta version of a corporate security Application.
08/26/11 How to Make Your Online Marketing Go Further (Using Fewer Resources)

Small construction firms and other small businesses, even individuals polishing their personal brands online are learning that if content marketing counts, extending the life and the reach of that content makes it count oh, so much more.
08/24/11 Pipe Failure Prediction Technique Has Promise

A professor of applied mechanics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has borrowed a materials analysis technique developed for the car industry and applied it to pipe failure prediction software for offshore drill rig designs.
08/16/11 Hydraulic Calculator Packs Power Into iPhone App

Smartphone apps are fast becoming the new disrupters of traditional software technology, if a a new $10 hydraulic flow calculator for the iPhone is any indicator.
08/15/11 HNTB, Purdue Lab Push the Speed Limit of Highway Surveys

Surveying roads and bridges used to take weeks or months, but now it is as easy as going for a drive.
08/15/11 ApprovalZoom Compiles Building Product Approvals

The site is now expanding to become the largest online collection of building products linked to the approval codes they fulfill.
08/12/11 Three Technologies Where Construction CIOs Need Strategies

Is it too early to start thinking about the 2012 IT Budget? Three areas where Construction CIOs should consider developing a formal viewpoint with both short and long term strategies.
07/29/11 Content Marketing: How to Think Like a Publisher to Win Business

Want to improve your digital marketing? Consider how these architectural and engineering companies are leveraging digital content marketing channels for inspiration.
07/20/11 App Review: Handy Tools for Roofing Estimates

Three recently released apps for the roofing trades deliver speedy estimates
07/18/11 Alarm Senses and Points Path to Safety

Sensor-based intelligent evacuation system senses and shows route to safety
07/13/11 Employee Time Management With Fingerprint Security

Inspired by the need to prevent employees who are working on far-flung project teams from entering inaccurate time and deficient information, the developer of a punch-clock application has linked its newest version to an evolving security feature.
07/12/11 Everyone's Local: Optimizing Websites for Local Search

Given how easy and inexpensive it is to optimize a website for local search to help prospective clients find you, it's hard to understand why engineers and builders wouldn't take advantage of local search engine optimization.??
07/06/11 Before You Upgrade CAD: Key Questions to Ask (Part 2 of 2)

CAD software expert Steve Ross continues a discussion of key pricing and compatibility issues to consider when buying new design software.
06/29/11 Autodesk's 3D CAD River-Analysis Extension Floated as Free Trial

Engineers who need to integrate river-flow analysis data with 3D civil design models recently got a boost with the release of a new extension that ties them together.
06/29/11 New Rigging App Works as Load-Capacity Reference

iPad Review
06/22/11 Precision Placement 'In the Blind' With GPS

GPS- and sensor-aided systems are breaking new ground for workers building a 3-kilometer-long breakwater at a $3.25-billion greenfield port in the Sultanate of Oman.
06/22/11 FutureTech, the Newsletter, Coming To Your Inbox

ENR has launched a twice-monthly electronic newsletter called ENR FutureTech.
06/13/11 Software To Optimize Composite Designs

Composite testing software has garnered good feedback from NASA.
06/08/11 New App Shares Screens

Free Viewer app makes mobile meetings easy.
06/08/11 Tool Models Strategies of Pedestrians
On June 8, the software house of engineering and design firm Arup, London, is releasing MassMotion, an industrial-strength pedestrian-behavior analysis tool developed over five years for internal use.
06/06/11 How To Not Drop Your iPad

A new accessory targets the Achilles' heel of the iPad.
06/06/11 Interactive Screens For Less, To Go

A wallet-sized sensor that works with a projector and computer to turn any hard, dumb surface into an interactive display is being introduced to the U.S. market. Early adopters say they are thrilled.
05/23/11 T&D Companies Add Tech Smarts, More Utility to Power Lines

For transmission and distribution companies, smart grid means big business.
05/16/11 Visual Clues

All search engines are not created equal, claims the developer of, a “visual search engine” that simultaneously searches any term on Yahoo, Bing and Google and then displays the results all at once as pins on a Venn diagram.
05/11/11 A Search Engine With Peripheral Vision

All search engines are not created equal, claims the developer of, a “visual search engine” that simultaneously searches any term on Yahoo, Bing and Google and then displays the results all at once as pins on a Venn diagram.
05/11/11 American Companies Adopt Swiss Hardware for Railroad Surveying

High-speed, high-resolution laser scanners that monitor the clearance envelope of railroad tracks have been available to European and Asian companies for some time. Now, a rail track scanner has been introduced to North America that is designed to capture track geometry and track envelope data in one pass, creating a 3D point cloud. The product claims 3mm accuracy.
05/04/11 Construction Surrealism
05/04/11 At FIATECH, Mapping Tool for Buried Utilities Generates View From Three Sensors
04/13/11 FutureTech Decoded for the Jobsite: ‘Internet of Things' Is Changing Our World
04/06/11 System Heads Off Interagency Construction Coordination Conflicts
04/06/11 PDF Product Now Searches Graphics and Details
03/23/11 Mobile Engineering Calculator Is Smart and Powerful
03/16/11 Software Scans Buildings’ Energy Use and Recommends Updates
03/16/11 Send Out Bid Requests From an iPhone or iPad
03/02/11 Data for the Life Cycle
03/02/11 Asset Data: A Hot Market Heats Up
02/23/11 Release of Free 3D Model Viewer Rocks the BIM World
02/09/11 Cloud Computing Makes the Grade
11/10/10 Hot-Linked Sites Bring Data Home
11/10/10 Punching Through the Fog
11/10/10 Punching Through the Fog
11/10/10 If All Else Fails, Satellite Modems Punch Through
11/03/10 Full-Scale 3D Simulator Gives Tours of Facilities in Design
10/27/10 E-Verify Issue, Quiet for Now, Likely To Return After Elections
10/20/10 Virtual Tools Perfect A Jobsite Reality
10/06/10 Capture Information Anywhere
10/06/10 New Malware May Cause Outages
09/08/10 Back to the Future: AutoCAD Now Available for Macs
08/11/10 Point Clouds and 3D Modeling for the Masses
08/11/10 Capture Information Anywhere
08/11/10 Anticipating Risk To Avoid Disaster
07/28/10 Clouds and iPads Have Inventors Rolling Out Tools
07/28/10 Researchers Want To Take the Legwork Out of Highway Asset Maintenance
07/21/10 Answers in Your Pocket: Next Generation Power Analyzere
07/21/10 Hardened Elegance: The iPhone Gets Dolled Up
07/21/10 Traveling Light: Palm-Sized Pocket Projector
07/14/10 Digital Master of Ceremonies Directs 140-Ring Circus of Action
06/16/10 Samsung Chips in $3.6-Bil Boost to Texas
03/17/10 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Break Down Data Silos
03/03/10 Broadband Bonding Offers High- Speed Alternative
02/17/10 Online Broadband Mapping Tool May Help Local Governments Land Stimulus Funds
02/10/10 3Social Networking Yields Rapid Damage Tally in Haiti
02/03/10 Free Tools Offered To Aid Data Exchange
09/09/09 Insatiable Demand Drives Growth In One of Few Bright Markets
08/19/09 3D Schedule Viewer Swims Through Data
07/29/09 Study Finds Branding Top Use Of Social Networking Tools
07/29/09 E-Commerce Site Expands Into Broader Social Network
06/17/09 Firms Experiment With Social Media Before Jumping In
06/03/09 Applying Neat Tricks To Improve Distributed Workflows
05/20/09 Collaboration Tool Feels a Chill And Hearts Skip a Beat
04/15/09 Tech Conference Looks Past Recession to Bright Horizons
03/25/09 New Energy-Use Analyzers
03/25/09 Software Vendors Team Up To Expand BIM’s Capabilities
02/25/09 Modeling Pathfinders Impatient To Have A Much Fuller Digital Toolbox
02/25/09 Software Firms See User Needs Driving New Development
02/10/09 Multi-Discipline Design Tools Updated With BIM In Mind
11/06/08 Bentley Releases Infrastructure Design Suite
08/13/08 GSA Standardizes on Enterprise Project Management System
07/30/08 Building Data Exchange Trial Shows Progress Is Under Way
07/09/08 Choreographing Street Work
07/08/08 Bentley and Autodesk Agree To Exchange Keys To Sharing of Data
05/21/08 YouTube Comes of Age And Pitches B-to-B Solutions
05/14/08 Software Records Job's Relationships
04/28/08 $1-Billion Jigsaw Puzzle Has Builder Modeling Supply Chains
03/12/08 e-Procurement Process Delivers Best Value For Kodak
01/30/08 Technology Is Key to Bright Energy Sector Prospects
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