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Information Technology - Featured Headline
Mapping Out a Deep Digital Future
At ENR FutureTech Conference, innovators display a way to zoom in on an entire campus project on a tablet.

Photo by Steve Hill for ENR

Viewpoint Conference Introduces New CEO, Acquisitions and Accessibility
Announcements at Viewpoint conference include new products.

Photo by Luke Abaffy

More News
09/15/15 Free App Predicts Plastic Shrinkage by Zip Code

A building superintendent turned professor used a bad experience placing concrete as the inspiration to develop a free, web-based application that tracks weather patterns and humidity levels to avoid cracking from plastic concrete shrinkage.
09/02/15 Can Construction Adopt the Pixar Model?

Recreating Pixar's production model for construction would be a step beyond design-build delivery, where the entity that bids a contract would perform every aspect of work, from design through construction and building lifecycle management.
08/24/15 Researchers Use Seismic Sensors To Measure Water Flowing Through Glaciers

Timothy Bartholomaus, postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin
08/19/15 Benchmarking IT Survey Lays Out State of Practice and Prospects

gauging technology's implementation by firm type, size and profitability
08/10/15 Draft Facility Smart-Grid Standard Issued for Public Comment

Facility Smart Grid Information Model draft standard issued for public review
08/10/15 Hackathon Project Turned Public Transit App Simplifies Route Planning

Remix is an app that can deliver forward-looking plans of public transportation bus routes, including total cost, number of buses and bus lines.
07/22/15 Change Readiness: Adopting Innovation for the Long Haul

When an innovative solution is implemented, there is 70% likelihood that by the time a fifth project is executed, it will be forgotten and practices revert to what was as been done in the past. Fiatech means to change this through education.
07/08/15 Survey Suggests Research and Development Investment May Buy Peace of Mind

Survey shows among construction disciplines, subcontractors lead in R&D spend
07/07/15 Amazon Offers $250K to Municipal Cloud-Competition Winners

The competition is open to entries until August 21 to entries from any municipality in the world.
06/30/15 Data Integrating System Turns 12,000 Dams Into a System of Intelligent Infrastructure

A national network uses design and condition data about thousands of dams, together with data about seismic and meteorologic incidents, to issue alerts when the capacity or integrity of any of the dams is likely to be threatened by heavy rains or earthquakes.
06/23/15 Antivirus Maker's Hardware Gateway Protects Local Networks

Bitdefender gets into the hardware game with a device designed to protect small networks from suspicious internet traffic.
06/15/15 Engineering Firm Goes All Out With Design Visualization Display

Odeh Engineers’ immersion room uses 10 laser projectors for seamless, wall-filling technical presentations.
06/15/15 Smart Glasses Could Improve Field Efficiency and Safety

Augmneted reality smart glasses could allow field workers to interact with 3D drawings and live stream video
06/10/15 Drones: A Gateway Technology to Full Site Automation

Drones on today’s construction sites are used to capture information about ongoing work (surveying & site monitoring). Though they’re a cool, new tool in the construction belt, the data collected is what harbors true value, not the drones themselves. This data can lead to work automation.
06/01/15 Flying Robot Builds a 3D Model and Guides Itself

ARIA is a flying robot that autonomously builds 3D models of large outdoor structures as it flies.
06/01/15 New ASCE App Helps Users Share Data With Local Elected Officials

A new mobile app allows users to see what letter grades local infrastructure received from the ASCE Report Card and share it with elected officials.
05/27/15 Bentley Adds Cloud Support to Its Design Software With Connect

Looking to capitalize on recent advances in cloud computing, software maker Bentley Systems launched the Connect edition of its design suite at its 2015 Connections event, held in Philadelphia on May 18-19.
05/17/15 App Makes Data on Any Platform Interactive and Searchable

A Windows-based app that synchronizes files across cloud platforms, network file-shares and most data storage systems will soon allow admins to manage operations at a desktop level and make that data searchable.
05/13/15 Three Steps to Utilize Technology in Construction

Three hurdles keep construction companies from fully utilizing technology, they are: adopting, investing and embracing tech.
05/12/15 Procore Releases Open Source API, Packs User Conference

Procore Technologies Inc. announces release of open-source API and sells out recent user conference.
04/22/15 As U.S. Drone Approvals Grow, So Does Need for Expertise

The demand for smarter drone systems increasings with the number of commercial FAA-approved operators increases.
04/15/15 Contractors Want to Buy Software to Improve, But Don't Budget to Pay

Big needs, small budgets
03/24/15 Contractors Enlist Laser Scanners to Verify As-Builts

Reality capture aids contractors at all stages of project life cycle, from capturing existing conditions to validating work.
03/17/15 'Intrapreneurship' Can Boost Implementation of New Ideas

The idea of intrepreneurship—entrepreneurship within big corporations—resonated with attendees at ENR FutureTech, held in San Francisco March 16-17.
03/03/15 Virtual Hackathon Aims To Move Solar Forward

The SunShot Catalyst Prize program is a 60-day virtual hackathon launched in mid-February and sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s SunShot Initiative that awards cash prizes for innovations.
03/02/15 Know Your Enemy: Construction Industry Needs Better Information About Cyber Crime Risk

Cyber attack incidents often go unreported to protect business reputations, resulting in a dearth of data on the threat and rising risk. Officials are taking steps to require notification
03/02/15 Nine Vectors of Cyberattack: Terms You Need to Know

The lingo of cyber risk changes as fast as the hackers dream up new ways to break in
03/02/15 Ransomware: Hacking Gets Personal

Attackers sneak in piggybacking on the back of apparently legitimate links and then take your files hostage
03/02/15 Vendors Serving Construction Comment on Cyber Security Concerns Today

Cloud-based web hosting and computing services gain a lot of protection from cyber-risk just by being hosted there, vendors claim
03/02/15 What To Do First If Your Company Is a Victim of a Cyberattack

Have a plan in place, then follow it because your instincts may not be right
02/26/15 Collaboration System, Intellinote, Extends Capabilities of Third-Party Software

A cloud-based enterprise collaboration system’s new field management tool lets users edit, annotate and share service requests between the field and the office on iOS devices.
02/24/15 The Uber of Equipment Rental Expands Footprint

Getable, an on-demand equipment rental app, goes national.
02/12/15 Cloud-based Construction Document Management System Launched

An old name in the reprographics world launches a cloud-based document management solution
02/12/15 Air Force Research Lab Invests in 3D Printing Technology Development

U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory funded more than $1-million in contracts awarded through America Makes to develop innovative manufacturing 3D printing methods for aerospace parts.
01/27/15 Construction Technology Survey Delivers Nuanced Responses

Many companies seem to be drifting toward, rather than planning for technology adoption
01/27/15 HVAC Software Helps Calculate Mechanical System Sizing at Start of Project

A web-based HVAC system sizing tool quickly analyzes with Revit and SketchUp files.
01/21/15 Triple-Bottom-Line Software Automates Sustainable Cost-Benefit Analysis

A new service designed to analyze social, environmental and financial impacts of an infrastructure project design as part of BIM workflow is offered as a plug-in to AutoCAD Civil 3D.
01/14/15 New Standards Released for As-Built Documentation

The U. S. Institute for Building Documentation has published the first standards for specifying contracts for as-built building measurement capture.
01/14/15 Trimble ProjectSight Puts Field Management in the Cloud

Expanding their offerings for mobile devices, Trimble has introduced ProjectSight, a subscription-based project management software app for iPads.
12/31/14 2014: Another Year of Construction Technology Adoption for the Cautious and Risk Averse

Builders keep waiting for the magic touch
12/29/14 Software Simplifies Slab Heave Calculations

New software simplifies slab heave calculations for geotechnical engineers.
12/29/14 ENR Tests Several Smartphone Gadgets

ENR’s tech editors review some gadgets they’ve been testing this year.
12/24/14 Industry Tech Advocates Make the Case for Hastened Adoption

Buoyed by recent project successes, industry advocates for increased application of virtual design and construction are becoming more convinced—and convincing—about VDC’s transformative potential.
12/15/14 Data Updates to U.S. Infrastructure Report-Card App

The ASCE updates its infrastructure report card app with new data, design and success stories.
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