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Construction Technology - Featured Headline
Solar-Powered Electric Utility Lights Up Communities in Afghanistan
Renewable community energy solution leverages technology to leap-frog traditional electrification models.

Photo Courtesy of ISDS

Commercial Drone Operators Take Flight for Construction
Unmanned aerial vehicle operators are itching to fly, and businesses are forming.

Photo Courtesy of Icarus Aerial

More News
05/11/15 Jobsite Photography Is Now Becoming a Skilled Trade

Sophisticated documentation technology ensures that contractors and owners get the most out of their project photos.
04/29/15 New FieldLens Feature Saves Supers an Hour a Day

FieldLens new field reports feature saves superintendents time through automation.
04/28/15 Moving Robots Out of the Factory and Onto the Site

How would robots fare and function in the complex environment of a construction site?
04/14/15 Testing of New Technology for Construction is Critical Step to Implementation

Suffolk Construction’s R&D group controls the throttle on new technology testing by managing experimentation as a series of approved projects
04/01/15 Ignoring BIM at Our Peril

he masonry trades risk contributing to their own obsolescence by failing to get into step with building information modeling (BIM) — the 3D modeling and information laden process for building design and construction planning that is sweeping the industry.
03/18/15 Marrying Construction Program Control Software and Processes

Countless news reports litter the media with tales of counties and cities facing significant cost overruns for a wide variety of initiatives. Program and project leaders are often finding themselves caught between a gargantuan rock and extremely hard place. But there is a solution.
03/03/15 Project Collaboration Software Is Too Costly—If No One Shares

How to build human connections in your project team to encourage the use of collaboration software.
02/18/15 TxDOT Proves Accuracy of Stockpile Volume Measurement App

TxDOT benchmarked and adopted an iPhone app called Stockpile Report to measure its stockpiles. The app works by uploading a video of the stockpile to a cloud server that turns it into a 3D model to determine its volume.
02/17/15 Obvious and Hidden Benefits of Taking Project Information Mobile

The blatant and hidden benefits of harnessing mobile and cloud systems for construction management.
02/17/15 FAA Proposes Rules for Small Commercial Drones

Plan would cap aerial drones' altitude at 500 ft, require operators keep devices in their line-of-sight.
02/02/15 Researchers Turn Structures Into Self-Aware Monitoring Devices

A new structural vibration sensor system inspired by scorpions’ predatory habits detects building occupants by their walking patterns.
01/21/15 Seeing Tech's Speedy Advance Through the Lens of ENR's Photo Contest

Since ENR’s first photo contest in 2002 the sheer number of excellent photos submitted, as well as ratio of good and excellent images to mediocre ones, has vastly improved. Some of that improvement is due to growth in the number of submission—with a high of over 1,500 last year—but much is due to technological innovations in the past 13 years as construction photography moved into the digital age.
01/06/15 Innovate How You Innovate, the Hacker Way

How Balfour Beatty learned to increase the speed of internal innovation through the template of the hackathon.
12/15/14 Commercial Drone Flight Condoned, for Some

FAA gives out five new commercial drone permits, some to construction sector companies, bringing total permits to 13.
11/25/14 Devices Leverage Smartphones And Text Messaging to Create New Tools With Potential for Construction

ENR digs through this fall’s new gadget lineup looking for items that might serve the needs of the industry.
11/25/14 Collaboration Technology for Construction Sees Rapid Improvements

Tools supporting collaborative decision making are changing rapidly, but the businness processes they support still need work.
11/19/14 Satellite Soil-Moisture Data Release Precedes NASA Launch

NASA's new satellite will join the European Space Agency's Sentinel-1 satellite to map soil moisture levels.
11/12/14 Dream Projects: Feasibility Rankings and Meet the Judges

The projects we profile in this special section all stretch the limits of what is possible.
11/12/14 Geo-engineering Has Fans and Foes as a Last-Resort Solution for Climate Change

Science fiction or last-resort solution for climate change?
11/12/14 From the Minds of Science-Fiction Authors to the Desks of Design Firms: Sci-Fi Projects

These five projects spring from the minds of sci-fi authors, but some might become reality in the near future.
11/12/14 Dream Projects: Strait of Messina Bridge Comes Closest in 2,000 Years

Effort to build world record length bridge between Sicily and mainland Italy has stopped.
11/12/14 Dream Projects: Nicaragua Canal Faces Huge Costs

Hong Kong-based developer HKND Group is proposing to build an interoceanic canal across Nicaragua.
11/12/14 Dream Projects: Lunar-Base Construction is Next Step to Exploit Space

NASA plans to build a lunar base within a decade.
11/12/14 Dream Projects: Mega-Pyramid Solves Urban Congestion

Proposed mega pyramid would house 250,000 residents.
11/12/14 Dream Projects: Poseidon Resort Would Succeed By Sinking Under Sea

Construction of world's first underwater hotel planned.
11/11/14 Dream Projects Test New Realities

Owners and engineers push the envelope on technology and scale, but what are the impacts?
11/11/14 Dream Projects: Giant Clean-Air 'Bubbles' Would Create Urban Havens

Proposed bubble-like structures containing environmentally controlled air would offer urban havens in polluted cities.
11/11/14 Dream Projects: City-on-Treads Goes Wherever It Wants

Very Large Structure would be a self-contained city, equipped with treads to enable it to move to new locations.
11/11/14 Dream Projects: Bering Strait Tunnel Possible With 'Existing Technology'

Proposed Bering Strait Tunnel would link Asia to North America.
11/11/14 Dream Projects: Hyperloop's Creator Stands By the Physics

Hyperloop concept for low-pressure tube mass transit system proposed by Elon Musk.
11/11/14 Dream Projects: Space Elevator as Alluring as a Ball Swung on a String

space elevator will enable people and cargo to be transported to geostationary earth orbit far more efficiently and cheaply than rockets can
11/11/14 Dream Projects: Dynamic Tidal Power Dam Taps Causeway's Hydraulics

Massive dam with embedded turbines promises to convert tidal movements into energy.
11/11/14 Trimble Design-Build-Operate Suite Debuts at Las Vegas Conference

Following several major acquisitions, Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif., unveiled a new cloud-based interoperability platform for its design, build and operation tools at its annual Dimensions conference in Las Vegas on November 3.
11/05/14 Antares Explosion Puts NASA Outsourcing Under Scrutiny

Payload of 26 mini-satellites is lost in the explosion of a rocket carrying supplies to International Space Station on Oct. 28.
11/04/14 University of Maine Wind-Wave Test Tank To Model Ocean Storm Impacts

Facility will allow researchers test engineered devices subjected to hurricane forces at sea.
10/29/14 ConsensusDocs Adds Public Owner Contracts

Coalition-created contract documents add to their portfolio, gain more traction in construction marketplace.
10/22/14 Researchers Predict Commercialized Wet-Mix Concrete Printing Within Two Years

Studies in out-of-this-world 3D printing applications fuel progress toward down-to-earth implementation
10/22/14 Metallic Laser Printing Tested To Fabricate Structural Nodes

Architects experiment printing canopy connections with steel in 3D.
10/15/14 BIMForum: BIM as Big Data, Info Supply Chains, Lots of Sensors

BIM Forum shows progress of industry that is looking at models as the databases they are. We compile highlights, quotes and thought leadership.
10/15/14 PDF Coalition Making Noise About Standards

The grassroots coalition, whose goal is to leverage digital information among project teams, is out with a new website and guidelines for adoption.
09/29/14 Long Courtship Ends as Bentley Buys Site Options Analyzer

Software firm Bentley Systems Inc. has acquired Blueridge Analytics Inc., the provider of SITEOPS.
09/24/14 Bentley Water System Tools Gain Enhanced Access To Real-Time Data

New release of WaterCAD, WaterGEMS and HAMMER V8i bring improved capabilities for using SCADA data across disciplines
09/02/14 Survey Technology Firms Deploy Their Own Drones

Consumer-level unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be purchased off the shelf and be up in the air as soon as the batteries are charged, but the data-driven world of construction surveying often demands something a bit more robust. In anticipation of up- coming regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration, surveying and mapping equipment firms are making big investments in UAVs. Many companies are already offering their own drones that are tailored to the needs of construction surveying.
09/02/14 Construction Industry Drones Fly in Rules Vacuum

Within a year or two, U.S. companies likely will replace many human workers now flying aerial survey and photo missions with unmanned aerial vehicles—drones. The equipment is here, but most firms hold back waiting for federal authorities to give the green light.
09/02/14 Some Firms Are Not Waiting For Regulations On Commercial Drone Operations

When Greg Sherwin started tinkering with radio-controlled (RC) quadcopters three years ago, he wondered about using them for construction surveys and inspections. In March, his hobby became an occupation.
09/02/14 A Solution to the Lack of Shelter Requirements For Existing Schools

The International Building Code 2015 requires new schools in high-risk states to have tornado shelters—but nearly 40,000 existing school buildings, it’s no step at all.
09/02/14 Awaiting U.S. Regulation, Some Drone User Stay Abroad

Construction companies are putting unmanned aerial vehicles to work overseas, or they are quietly conducting "hobby" trials domestically, at least until commercial use is legalized in the U.S.
08/19/14 The Skeptical Approach to Innovative Products

How can you spot ‘innovations’ which are best avoided when you don’t have depth in a particular field? The following are a series of questions you can ask quickly and easily with the help of Google.
08/06/14 Alternative Wind Turbine Technology Makes Big Claims

A non-traditional wind turbine company claims its ducted wind turbine system harnesses six times the energy of traditional wind turbines.
07/30/14 New Technology Installed To Improve Nuclear-Facility Safety

New Spent Fuel Pool instrumentation systems—that meet post-Fukushima standards—installed in US nuclear facilities.
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