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Construction Technology - Featured Headline
Seeing Tech's Speedy Advance Through the Lens of ENR's Photo Contest
Since ENR’s first photo contest in 2002 the sheer number of excellent photos submitted, as well as ratio of good and excellent images to mediocre ones, has vastly improved. Some of that improvement is due to growth in the number of submission—with a high of over 1,500 last year—but much is due to technological innovations in the past 13 years as construction photography moved into the digital age.

By Tania Landauer

Commercial Drone Flight Condoned, for Some
FAA gives out five new commercial drone permits, some to construction sector companies, bringing total permits to 13.

Courtesy Trimble Navigation Limited

More News
01/06/15 Innovate How You Innovate, the Hacker Way

How Balfour Beatty learned to increase the speed of internal innovation through the template of the hackathon.
11/25/14 Devices Leverage Smartphones And Text Messaging to Create New Tools With Potential for Construction

ENR digs through this fall’s new gadget lineup looking for items that might serve the needs of the industry.
11/25/14 Collaboration Technology for Construction Sees Rapid Improvements

Tools supporting collaborative decision making are changing rapidly, but the businness processes they support still need work.
11/19/14 Satellite Soil-Moisture Data Release Precedes NASA Launch

NASA's new satellite will join the European Space Agency's Sentinel-1 satellite to map soil moisture levels.
11/12/14 Dream Projects: Feasibility Rankings and Meet the Judges

The projects we profile in this special section all stretch the limits of what is possible.
11/12/14 Geo-engineering Has Fans and Foes as a Last-Resort Solution for Climate Change

Science fiction or last-resort solution for climate change?
11/12/14 From the Minds of Science-Fiction Authors to the Desks of Design Firms: Sci-Fi Projects

These five projects spring from the minds of sci-fi authors, but some might become reality in the near future.
11/12/14 Dream Projects: Strait of Messina Bridge Comes Closest in 2,000 Years

Effort to build world record length bridge between Sicily and mainland Italy has stopped.
11/12/14 Dream Projects: Nicaragua Canal Faces Huge Costs

Hong Kong-based developer HKND Group is proposing to build an interoceanic canal across Nicaragua.
11/12/14 Dream Projects: Lunar-Base Construction is Next Step to Exploit Space

NASA plans to build a lunar base within a decade.
11/12/14 Dream Projects: Mega-Pyramid Solves Urban Congestion

Proposed mega pyramid would house 250,000 residents.
11/12/14 Dream Projects: Poseidon Resort Would Succeed By Sinking Under Sea

Construction of world's first underwater hotel planned.
11/11/14 Dream Projects Test New Realities

Owners and engineers push the envelope on technology and scale, but what are the impacts?
11/11/14 Dream Projects: Giant Clean-Air 'Bubbles' Would Create Urban Havens

Proposed bubble-like structures containing environmentally controlled air would offer urban havens in polluted cities.
11/11/14 Dream Projects: City-on-Treads Goes Wherever It Wants

Very Large Structure would be a self-contained city, equipped with treads to enable it to move to new locations.
11/11/14 Dream Projects: Bering Strait Tunnel Possible With 'Existing Technology'

Proposed Bering Strait Tunnel would link Asia to North America.
11/11/14 Dream Projects: Hyperloop's Creator Stands By the Physics

Hyperloop concept for low-pressure tube mass transit system proposed by Elon Musk.
11/11/14 Dream Projects: Space Elevator as Alluring as a Ball Swung on a String

space elevator will enable people and cargo to be transported to geostationary earth orbit far more efficiently and cheaply than rockets can
11/11/14 Dream Projects: Dynamic Tidal Power Dam Taps Causeway's Hydraulics

Massive dam with embedded turbines promises to convert tidal movements into energy.
11/11/14 Trimble Design-Build-Operate Suite Debuts at Las Vegas Conference

Following several major acquisitions, Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif., unveiled a new cloud-based interoperability platform for its design, build and operation tools at its annual Dimensions conference in Las Vegas on November 3.
11/05/14 Antares Explosion Puts NASA Outsourcing Under Scrutiny

Payload of 26 mini-satellites is lost in the explosion of a rocket carrying supplies to International Space Station on Oct. 28.
11/04/14 University of Maine Wind-Wave Test Tank To Model Ocean Storm Impacts

Facility will allow researchers test engineered devices subjected to hurricane forces at sea.
10/29/14 ConsensusDocs Adds Public Owner Contracts

Coalition-created contract documents add to their portfolio, gain more traction in construction marketplace.
10/22/14 Researchers Predict Commercialized Wet-Mix Concrete Printing Within Two Years

Studies in out-of-this-world 3D printing applications fuel progress toward down-to-earth implementation
10/22/14 Metallic Laser Printing Tested To Fabricate Structural Nodes

Architects experiment printing canopy connections with steel in 3D.
10/15/14 BIMForum: BIM as Big Data, Info Supply Chains, Lots of Sensors

BIM Forum shows progress of industry that is looking at models as the databases they are. We compile highlights, quotes and thought leadership.
10/15/14 PDF Coalition Making Noise About Standards

The grassroots coalition, whose goal is to leverage digital information among project teams, is out with a new website and guidelines for adoption.
09/29/14 Long Courtship Ends as Bentley Buys Site Options Analyzer

Software firm Bentley Systems Inc. has acquired Blueridge Analytics Inc., the provider of SITEOPS.
09/24/14 Bentley Water System Tools Gain Enhanced Access To Real-Time Data

New release of WaterCAD, WaterGEMS and HAMMER V8i bring improved capabilities for using SCADA data across disciplines
09/02/14 Survey Technology Firms Deploy Their Own Drones

Consumer-level unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be purchased off the shelf and be up in the air as soon as the batteries are charged, but the data-driven world of construction surveying often demands something a bit more robust. In anticipation of up- coming regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration, surveying and mapping equipment firms are making big investments in UAVs. Many companies are already offering their own drones that are tailored to the needs of construction surveying.
09/02/14 Construction Industry Drones Fly in Rules Vacuum

Within a year or two, U.S. companies likely will replace many human workers now flying aerial survey and photo missions with unmanned aerial vehicles—drones. The equipment is here, but most firms hold back waiting for federal authorities to give the green light.
09/02/14 Some Firms Are Not Waiting For Regulations On Commercial Drone Operations

When Greg Sherwin started tinkering with radio-controlled (RC) quadcopters three years ago, he wondered about using them for construction surveys and inspections. In March, his hobby became an occupation.
09/02/14 A Solution to the Lack of Shelter Requirements For Existing Schools

The International Building Code 2015 requires new schools in high-risk states to have tornado shelters—but nearly 40,000 existing school buildings, it’s no step at all.
09/02/14 Awaiting U.S. Regulation, Some Drone User Stay Abroad

Construction companies are putting unmanned aerial vehicles to work overseas, or they are quietly conducting "hobby" trials domestically, at least until commercial use is legalized in the U.S.
08/19/14 The Skeptical Approach to Innovative Products

How can you spot ‘innovations’ which are best avoided when you don’t have depth in a particular field? The following are a series of questions you can ask quickly and easily with the help of Google.
08/06/14 Alternative Wind Turbine Technology Makes Big Claims

A non-traditional wind turbine company claims its ducted wind turbine system harnesses six times the energy of traditional wind turbines.
07/30/14 New Technology Installed To Improve Nuclear-Facility Safety

New Spent Fuel Pool instrumentation systems—that meet post-Fukushima standards—installed in US nuclear facilities.
07/22/14 'Street-View' Cars Map Gas Leaks In Service For Utilities

Methane leaks from gas lines are said to be a powerful contributor to greenhouse gases. New service aims to help utilities find and fix them.
07/14/14 Novel Technology Promises To Bring Water Heaters Into Current Era

A civil engineer-turned-inventor has created a new Ohmic water heater, which allows higher energy efficiency and heating precision.
07/09/14 Software Automates Infrastructure Alignment Optimization

SoftreeOptimal ingests laser scanning, soil composition and the cost to cut and fill dirt and selects the least costly path.
06/25/14 The Structural Sensors on a Fracture-Critical Bridge

What structural sensors are monitoring fracture critical structures like the Bay Bridge?
06/13/14 FAA Shows Signs of Loosening Drone Restrictions

The FAA takes a step towards widespread commercial UAS usage with BP's June 8 authorization.
05/28/14 Autodesk's Growing Fascination With 3D Printing

A Potential Break-out Year for 3D Printing
05/28/14 ENR Invites Readers to Submit Presentations for FutureTech Event

ENR is putting out a Call for Presentations for its November FutureTech event in Atlanta.
05/13/14 Fulfill the Promise of Building Energy Performance

Energy-efficient buildings are not living up to their promise. The problem is serious, yet somewhat puzzling. Why Not?
04/23/14 Wearable Device Maps Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Researchers at Berkeley release wearable device that maps a building's geometry and delivers a heat map.
04/15/14 FAA Appeals Drone Ruling as Use Soars

The Federal Aviation Administration’s effort to restrict drones may be a losing battle as industry adoption soars.
04/02/14 Designing Architecture Like We Design Software

03/12/14 Using a High-Tech Toolkit, the Motor City Maps a Path to Urban Recovery

Detroit develops a map to guide planning and redevelopment.
03/05/14 Can a Robot Do Your Job? It Depends

If robots are coming to the jobsite, can we quantify which jobs are likely to be done in the future by machines?
03/05/14 Robots on the Jobsite Advancing in Construction

Robotics are advancing into more complex and varied tasks on jobsites.
02/12/14 Drones Inspect Sinkhole at National Corvette Museum

Engineers at Western Kentucky University brought in the multirotor drones, fitted with an onboard camera, the day of the accident.
02/12/14 MAP-21 Rewards Some Tech Innovations, Requires Others

MAP-21 encourages state-of-the-art technology use with additional project funding and requires asset management standard.
01/27/14 Plug-and-Play Fleet Monitoring Device Saves Operating Costs

A fleet tracking company’s new, plug and play vehicle monitoring device serves up detailed engine-use and driver behavior reports through a cloud server at significantly lower costs than competition.
01/22/14 Breaking Down Developer, Contractor Silos

How to 'hack the process' of developer, contractor real estate information hand offs.
01/06/14 Construction Job Cams Become Common, Useful Tool

Jobsite cameras are a hit with developers and marketers of high-end residential buildings and flagship projects. Now they are becoming a general construction staple, written into specs from the start, say users and vendors.
12/26/13 Mobility Tools Dominated Construction's Toolbox in 2013

ENR's tech editors look back at some developments from 2013—a year of big changes, little triumphs and a whole lot of technology breakthroughs in the engineering and construction trades.
12/18/13 New Steel-Cable Corrosion Test Method Could Replace Manual Checks

Researchers measure corrosion levels of a steel cable using a noninvasive monitoring technique, aimed to replace structurally-invasive manual checking processes for concrete-embedded steel cables on bridges.
12/11/13 U.K.’s BIM Mandate Driving Major Shift in Digital Tools Adoption

The U.K. government’s mandate that all projects be delivered in 3D BIM by 2016 has changed the BIM landscape seemingly overnight.
12/10/13 Advancing 3D Printing Capabilities Excite Construction Leaders

While the intent of construction has been represented digitally, accurate physical representations have been achieved, until only recently, through miniature or full-scale model builders.
12/10/13 ProtoHouse Project Follows Bone-Growth Logic to Design Structure

Experimenting with form and function and the new possibilities of 3D printing
12/10/13 Building Code Editing Opened to All

A new web app from the International Code Council makes voting on changes to the building code available to anyone, for the first time.
12/03/13 Research Automates Tunnel Inspection Robot

Newly funded research promises an automated robot for scanning the concrete walls of tunnels for cracks.
11/20/13 AEC Hackathon an Industry First

Construction professionals met with Silicon Valley technologists at Facebook's Campus from Nov. 8-10, 2013 to discover new ways to improve the AEC industry.
11/13/13 Big Data, Point Clouds and GIS: FutureTech Is Here

More firms than before are looking at real-time sensing data in the field and leveraging collaboration.
11/12/13 What’s Wrong with the NSA Data Center?

All we seem to know about the new NSA data center in Utah is that it is supposedly 100,000 sq ft of raised floor space in a million sq ft complex, that it is a 65 MW facility, and that for about fourteen months something has been going drastically wrong with the power system.
10/16/13 Why the Best CPM Schedulers Don't Rely (Too Much) on Software

Despite ever more powerful tools for CPM project analysis, schedules keep getting worse, experts claim. Is it the software or dumb users?
09/17/13 Research and Development Tax Credits Are Not Just For Big Players

Significant research and development-related tax benefits can be available to firms engaged in creating energy efficient buildings for the government.
09/16/13 Wall-Climbing Concrete-Evaluation Robot Successfully Tested

A new concrete inspection robot successfully scaled the walls of a dam this summer, testing of the dam's structural integrity.
09/12/13 One World Trade Center Construction Time Lapse Video, 2004 to 2013

Video showing 9 years of construction at New York City's World Trade Center in 2 minutes
09/04/13 Water Delivery System Analysis and Management Software Brings New Efficiencies to Utility Systems

Today's water-delivery-systems engineers rely on comparisons between hydraulic models of theoretical system metrics and actual performance data to spot inefficiencies, plan for the future, improve water quality, anticipate trouble and respond to emergencies.
09/03/13 Gas Leak Detection Tool Allows for High Speed Leak Discovery

A recently-developed gas leak detection technology allows utilities to do high-speed gaspipe leak detection.
08/27/13 Can Engineers Make Hyperloop a Reality?

Elon Musk calls all engineers to comment on and improve upon his idea. He's laid the ground work, and asked how the Hyperloop can be improved upon.
08/21/13 Reaching Zero: The Realities of Ecologically-Friendly Engineering on a Continental Scale

How do you build a network to study environmental change, without introducing change?
08/12/13 Lightweight, Portable USB 3.0 Monitor Upgrades Remote Offices

A new mobile monitor expands digital real estate for remote workers.
08/07/13 AEC Hackathon: An Industry First

The first AEC Hackathon will held in San Francisco, California November 8-10, 2013. A hackathon is an intensive event where computer programmers and industry process experts and professionals identify issues and create software solutions, usually within a weekend.
07/26/13 New Sewer Inspection Technology Makes Itself Heard

A new device that sends acoustical waves through sewer pipes is giving the utility a more accurate view of the internal workings of sewer pipes.
07/24/13 General Contractor Coalition Forms To Draft PDF Creation Guidelines

Skanska is forming a coalition of general contractors throughout the country around the banner of “All PDFs Created Equal.”
06/26/13 Digital Master Builder—Q&A With Newforma Inc's CEO

Newforma's CEO talks about what his customers want to see in Project Information Management. Hint: it's all more cloud and mobile.
05/28/13 Virtual Reality at the Intersection of As-Built and Design

Translating design intent is a worthy goal with today's 3D modeling tools, but that vision does not have full control over the reality of put-in-place construction.
05/20/13 Universal Software To Control Robotic Equipment Set for Commercial Release

Ballista, an unmanned vehicle operating system will be commercially available this summer, allowing any programmer to start building unmanned vehicle 'applications' for the public market.
05/14/13 New Software to Weigh the Costs and Benefits of Flood Risk Mitigation Strategies

Free software to model the changing flood risk from storm and sea level rise over time and run the numbers on losses and cost of protection
04/30/13 Dearth of Scheduling Software Expertise Still Bedevils Many Legal Cases

Attorneys say CPM scheduling software can be too easily manipulated. Software makers scoff at such claims. Industry voices weigh in on the issue.
04/24/13 Microsoft Targets Engineers With Surface Pro

Microsoft hopes to attract builders with Surface Pro. The hybrid tablet/desktop can run CAD programs.
04/16/13 Jobsite Robot Shows Promise in Speed and Accuracy

The system uses robotic-total-station technology to speed up drywall layouts before installation
04/02/13 New Enterprise Resource Planning Software Update Adds Photo Management Feature

Viewpoint’s new Construction Imaging software adds in-depth photo management capabilites so images can be harnessed like other asset data.
04/02/13 Autodesk's ReCap Aims for 'Smarter' 3D Point Cloud Data

New product features are at the heart of a major rebranding to leverage cloud computing and mobile devices.
04/02/13 A Call to Action on Digital Signatures and Seals

How the end-to-end adoption of a digital signatures and seals–based process can significantly improve industry productivity.
03/27/13 New iPad App Makes Bridge Inspection Management Mobile, Streamlined

A new iPad application allows infrastructure inspectors to take the work mobile.

03/19/13 Everyone Benefits When Designers, Management and IT Work Together as a Team

In many AEC firms, CAD and IT Departments have segmented their services, when in fact it is their cooperation that is essential to effectively implement technology solutions.
03/07/13 Research Ramping Up for More Drones on Jobsites

Unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, are rising in use on construction spots around the globe and ramping up in the U.S.
03/06/13 The New Guard: RFID and Other Tracking Technology on Jobsites

Construction sites around the world are breaking ground with technological systems that automate security, provide real-time productivity information and increase worker safety.
03/05/13 Biometric Security Overview

This infographic provides three overviews of the type of biometric scanning technology used on the London Olympic Park site.
03/05/13 Big Brother? Workers React to Monitoring

Do workers think jobsite monitoring is like Big Brother? How workers are reacting to RFID sensors tracking them on the job.
03/05/13 Tracking Gear on the Jobsite, Big and Small

The use of RFID tags and other tracking technology on construction tools is nothing new.
02/19/13 The Growing Role of Robotics in Construction

Professor Ming Lu uses his recent work to outline the growing role of robotics in construction
01/30/13 How To Make CPM Tools Human-Friendly, Truthful

Construction professionals trade best practices and emerging technology at the annual CPM Conference. Here are highlights.
01/11/13 RFID System Helps Firms Track Workers

RFID system offers real-time visibility into worker location during evacuation, instant alerts on safety and security breaches and BIM integration.
01/09/13 Bridging Geographic Divides

The role that technology and connectivity play in advancing the goals of organizations, companies and individuals who work in some of the world’s most remote places is immense.
01/02/13 Two Ways to Quickly Connect a Remote Job Site

Construction companies and service providers are getting together to offer multiple solutions to getting a remote job sites instantly connected with all the technological trimmings it needs to operate at the speed of 2013.
12/12/12 Construction, Architectural Printer Adjusts Focus To Adapt to Changing Technologies

As the mobile revolution moves forward, some industries suffer collatoral damage, one is printing. This company chose to reinvent its business model to cope.
12/12/12 Would a Microgrid Have Helped?

How could a microgrid system have helped Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy?
11/29/12 What You Don't Know About Your (Big) Data Can Hurt You

How to know if you’ve got a big data problem -- and how to fix it.
11/28/12 Trimble Introduces Light, Rugged Jobsite Tablet

The 2-in.-thick computer has impressive toughness, meeting military standards for drops, vibration and humidity.
11/28/12 Construction Industry Dead Last in IT Spend

McGraw-Hill's CIO thinks construction firms need to examine their investments in IT innovations.
09/26/12 Software Translates Pavement Density Data Into Easily Readable Format

A new Ground Penetrating Radar software displays collected data in a readable form and marries it to GPS coordinates.
08/21/12 Managing the Process of Innovation

What happens when workers realize they have the technology in their hands to change their systems, and slove problems.
08/06/12 The GPS Device that Utility Workers Love

Ahandheld device by New Zealand-made-ikeGPS is finding new fans in the U.S. as it performs the work of a digital compass, camera, laptop, and laser range-finder.
07/27/12 Video, Still Camera Mounted on Sunglasses Allows for Hands-Free Site Documentation

High-definition video equipped glasses bring a new world of capabilities into focus.
07/24/12 From Smart Buildings to Smart Cities: Digital DNA

A Smart Cities market is emerging on a global scale that dwarfs any previous notion of the value given to data about the built environment.
07/24/12 California Photovoltaic Test Lab Dives Into Technologies With Real World Experiments

Photovoltaic solar test lab compares solar technology in side-by-side tests, and monitors results in real time.
07/23/12 Laser Scanning Enhances Quality and Cuts Costs for Contractors

Contractors see new, lower-cost systems as the future of as-built documentation, especially for firms performing renovations and additions.
07/23/12 Seattle Mechanical Contractor Adds Facilities Management to Its In-House Services

McKinstry not only designs and builds complex mechanical and electrical systems, it can also operate and monitor the finished facility for clients who need that service.
07/18/12 Intel's Johnson Sees Future Computational Intelligence Everywhere

As computing chips become ubiquitous and smaller, imagination may be the only limiting factor in how they can be used, said Brian David Johnson, Intel’s futurist, and that could have significant implications for the future of construction.
07/11/12 Bluebeam Launches Revu iPad App

Bluebeam Software has launched an iOS version of of its popular software.
06/13/12 The Battle For Innovation: A Reverse Strategy

IPD was hailed as a formidable innovation to change they way buildings are designed, bid and executed. But IPD wins the innovation title only when it is compared to conventional design and construction delivery methods.
06/13/12 Larger Data Streams Have Health-Care Providers Thinking Small

The health care industry is on the brink of being overrun with oceans of digital data. Small, modular data centers may provide the best means for mid-size operators to manage it, say experts who addressed the issue at the Greater Chicago Data Center Summit in early June.
06/13/12 Mexico Tests Four Solar Technologies at Cerro Prieto

Mexico's Baja to test four different solar collection plant technologies at Cerro Prieto.
05/07/12 Steel Revit Structure Model Transfers Show Great Promise

Structural-engineer/steel detailer validated the transfer of a simple steel frame modeled in Revit Structure to two widely used steel detailing packages using three types of translators.
04/23/12 New Social Media Platforms Help AEC Firms Evolve

Social media platforms are influencing AEC firms in ways that are transofrming their practices. That was one theme among many participatnts explored at the “KA-Connect: Building Knowledge” two-day conference.
04/17/12 What We Talk About When We Talk About Mobile

To contextualize any discussion of mobile marketing or media these days, the entire arena must be addressed with a much greater level of specificity.
04/04/12 Construction Innovation: Ideas For Leading Change

How can the construction industry find new ways of innovating tools for the trade or to improve productivity? Motivational speaker Mattew May offers some ideas at the Fiatech annual conference.
04/04/12 Procurement Key Tech Goal for Fiatech in 2012

What's the big focus for Fiatech in 2012? Plenty, starting with procurement and materials management as a strategic priority. Details from the organization's annual conference.
03/21/12 USGBC Drafting Standards for Robust Data Center Sector

USGBC’s updated LEED 2012 standards, will require two systems to be modeled for each project in order to show its power utilization effectiveness—one for the building’s actual energy costs and another solely for its IT energy costs.
03/19/12 U.C. Berkeley’s PEER Center Hosts Shake Test for Alternative Solar Racking System

Solar array roof racking manufacturer SunLink tests stability of non-penetrating systems
03/12/12 Corrosion Detection System Passes Test, Shows Promise as Bridge Health Monitor

Sensor system could be a breakthrough for bridge health worldwide.
02/27/12 Electrical Engineer Uses Old Sonar Device To Find Groundwater in California Deserts

Electrical engineer uses old sonar device to find groundwater in California deserts.
02/22/12 Creating Online Content That Informs

In an ENR FutureTECH first read, Rebecca Lieb takes a look at how some tech and construction businesses based their foundations upon providing valuable, credible information to customers.
02/13/12 Creative Use of Laser Scanning Lets Contractor Speed Flood Gate Complex Construction in New Orleans

With creative use of laser scanning, Alberici Constructors has shaved four weeks off its schedule to install two 120-ton steel vertical-lift gates that are part of a $165-million complex designed to block storm surge from entering the eastern flank of New Orleans.
02/01/12 New Alignment System for Tunneling Machines To Be Tested

A New alignment control system for tunnel construction to be tested in Edmonton, Canada in April.
01/30/12 Magic Box Liberates Apple iOS Access to Legacy Networked Printers

?As elegant as they are, the Apple iPhones and iPads surging into the workplace still have a few rough edges, including the limited number of printers that work with them.
01/30/12 Magic Box Liberates Apple iOS Access to Legacy Networked Printers

?As elegant as they are, the Apple iPhones and iPads surging into the workplace still have a few rough edges, including the limited number of printers that work with them.
01/30/12 Making Dumb Iron Smart by Linking to Data

Equipment maker delivers operation and service manuals to smart phones and tablets by QR codes and offers to mail stickers to retrofit older equipment.
01/09/12 Cornell Team Snags $2-Billion, High-Tech Project in NYC

The proposal for an 11-acre, $2-billion-plus campus on Roosevelt Island beat out several other proposals under the mayor’s Applied Sciences NYC initiative.
12/21/11 LightSquared Pushes for FCC Decision on GPS Network

LightSquared is pushing the FCC to approve its ground-based satellite network plans, over the objections of the rest of the GPS industry.
12/14/11 FutureTech for Jobsites? CIOs Need to See ROI First.

Even though tablets and smart phones are spreading onto jobsites at a swift pace in construction, chief financial officers from major A/E/C firms say technology purchases must come with solid returns on investment, panelists said during the panelists appearing at the ENR FutureTech conference in San Francisco.
12/05/11 Embrace of Technology in Construction Swings With Ages and Attitudes, Survey Finds

A report will be available on the CURT website soon, but a peek at the data is provocative.
12/05/11 Make Way for App Builders in Construction

Smaller firms are looking for ways to create apps for niche sectors in construction.
12/05/11 Top 10 Construction Apps by ENR Readers

As part of its ongoing review of productivity apps for construction professionals, ENR reached outto its readers, Twitter followers, Facebook friends and other social network users for their favorite construction and productivity apps. Listed here are some of the apps that came through ENR's social graph, including some apps from engineering students at George Mason University. Although byno means complete, the list here will be published and updated online on at with the rest of ENR's ongoing list of curated and reviewed apps for both the Appleand Android platforms. Let us know about apps you like at
12/05/11 Top Paid and Free Construction Apps

ENR asked Apple to query its developer community in a quest to help idenfity the most popular construction apps in the App Store. It was a tricky call. Although plenty of apps are considered useful in the A/E/C realm, Apple doesn't have a specific A/E/C category as it does for business and productivity. But it's fair to say that these are among the more noted amid a rise in construction industry apps, and our list is culled from a few categories. Furthermore, the app list comes as Apple is ramping up its volume purchasing program, which the company says can make it easier for construction firms to purchase a suite of essential apps in bulk and then distribute them to staff members in the field, rather than going through the App Store. In the future, ENR will survey the best construction apps for Android platforms.
11/29/11 Employing the Digital Native: Five Keys to Success

Digital natives are now becoming the dominant members in the employee and consumer pool and they are expecting older generations to accept their values when interacting with them in business.
11/28/11 Broadband Electromagnetic Scanning Reveals The Inner Secrets of a Pressurized Sewer Line

Non-invasive technology allows utilities to remain in service during testing.
11/09/11 LED Jobsite Lighting Systems Come Into Play On Projects in Boston and New York City

Two influential customers give LED jobsite lighting systems a chance to strut their stuff
10/31/11 Concrete Standard Reworked to be More Designer-Friendly

The American Concrete Institute building standard is getting its first major overhaul in nearly 45 years.
10/31/11 Concrete Standard Reworked to be More Designer-Friendly

American Concrete Institute building standard getting first major overhaul in nearly 45 years
09/14/11 LightSquared Faces Critics, Floats GPS Plan Changes

Teaser to come
09/12/11 Nine Noteworthy Apps for Construction

ENR reviews nine noteworthy construction-related apps.
09/12/11 Q&A: State of the Slate

Will tablets stick around on the jobsite? ENR Midwest Bureau Chief Tudor Van Hampton recently caught up over e-mail with Houston Neal, a construction IT expert, about the state of the slate.
09/12/11 Tablets Take Off in Construction

The iPad changed the game, and construction sites are now buzzing with tablets. How will they play into your mobile strategy?
08/15/11 Japanese Concrete Test Hammer Challenges the U.S. Market

The device analyzes the strength of concrete by the waveform of impact force at the point of hammer and concrete contact.
08/01/11 Multivista Keeps Focus on Construction Images and Data

A company franchises a service to integrate digital construction progress photos with plans to create indexed, Web accessible archives.
07/13/11 U.S. Energy Dept. Uses Stimulus Funds to Push Technology Transfer

Stimulus funds of over $1 billion are helping to engineer more R&D and construction.
07/06/11 Construction Industry Has Stake in GPS Fight

Did GPS industry players leave themselves vulnerable to a new broadband network?
06/30/11 GPS Industry Groups Reject LightSquared's Network Fix

Tech coalition says 4G solution would cause major harm to most GPS equipment already in use around the globe.
06/28/11 Efforts 'To Save Our GPS' Heat up in Congress

More construction industry groups are joining a coalition fighting a planned wireless broadband network that could disrupt their GPS systems.
06/08/11 Digital Building Lab is More Than a Technology Think Tank

Fledgling research and development lab at Georgia Tech is dedicated to university and industry partnerships to develop digital tools that can help move the buildings sector forward regarding productivity, safety, quality and project delivery.
03/23/11 Software Manager Helps Firms Get A Grip on Far-Flung Project Emails
03/09/11 Infrastructure Software Revenue Recovers To Pre-Downturn Levels, Vendor Reports
02/23/11 Laser-Guided Boring System Pinpoints Sewer Piping
12/15/10 Nanomaterial Research May Lead to Safer Site Monitoring
10/27/10 DOE Weighs Use of Robotic Technology To Speed Reactor Demolition at Hanford Site
07/21/10 Cloud Computing Makes the Grade
06/24/10 A Laser With a Twist Captures Lateral Distortion
06/23/10 Planning To Punish Structures With Rain, Hail, Wind and Fire
06/16/10 Water Filtration Unit Is Off-Grid Performer
06/02/10 Opening Up Mechanical Spaces at Showroom, McQuay Demonstrates HVAC Technology
04/28/10 Yahoo Data Center Employs ‘Cool’ Idea
04/14/10 Call the Doctor: New System Captures Structural EKGs
04/07/10 FIATECH at 10: Measurable Management Innovation
10/28/09 New Aerial Lift Featherweight
10/21/09 3-D Tool Rises to the Next Level
08/12/09 Recession Slows Transition To Electronic Permitting
08/05/09 Digital-Modeling Veterans Want Data for Life Cycles
06/17/09 NASA Fuels for Liftoff
04/29/09 Relaxing Embargo Raises Hopes for Cable to Cuba
02/10/09 Multi-Discipline Design Tools Updated With BIM In Mind
09/05/07 Truckers Get More Mileage From Treads That Age Gracefully
07/19/07 Oil Study Pushes Investment In Infrastructure, Technology
03/19/07 Lateral Soil Displacement Gains Ground on U.S. Projects
02/06/07 Stanford's Teicholz Takes Home Turner Prize
01/27/07 Cost Savings, Sustainability Seen in Fiber Reinforcement
09/14/06 Missing Fasteners, Lost in Space
08/08/06 New Firm Looks for Green From Its Green Database
08/08/06 Corps of Engineers Floats Plan for Template Designs
08/02/06 Restored Parachute Jump Lights Up Coney Island
07/31/06 New Re-gasifying Process Expected To Save Producer Millions
02/09/06 Autodesk Boosts Collaboration Market Share With Buyout of Constructware
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