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Construction Technology - Featured Headline
Drones Used To Conduct Bridge Inspections in Minnesota
Drones Used To Conduct Bridge Inspections in Minnesota

Photo Courtesy MnDOT

Smart Roads Ahead: The Rise of Intelligent Infrastructure
When disaster strikes down transportation infrastructure, the public demands to know how engineers could have missed the vulnerability. With today’s technology, it’s getting harder to excuse any oversights.

Image Courtey Figg Engineering

More News
09/29/15 Facebook Timeline Tracks Century of Construction Technology

A group of my graduate students at Texas A&M University’s construction science dept. mapped the 100-year history of technological development relevant to the construction industry in the form of a Facebook timeline.
09/16/15 Novel New England Bridge Is A Test Bed for Sensor Arrays

Smart vehicles, stupid infrastructure—that’s a phrase often invoked by Ted Zoli, national bridge chief engineer for HNTB, when he talks about the advent of connected vehicles that communicate with each other.
09/16/15 Automated Transit Will reShape Infrastructure

A 32-acre, $6.5-million mini-city at the University of Michigan looks like a film set, with building facades that mask empty interiors or surround vacant lots. But the infrastructure in the ghost town is technologically advanced, with sensors and cameras attached to traffic signals that communicate with the cars on the street.
09/16/15 Missouri Lays Foundation for 'Road to Tomorrow'

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission (MHTC) will open a 200-mile stretch of Interstate 70, from Kansas City to St. Louis, to private industry for use as a “laboratory” for construction of future generations of highways.
09/16/15 Q&A With Paul Doherty CEO The Digit Group Inc

Urban Design, Paul Doherty, The Digit Group, Green Dragon Lake District, China, Smart Cities
09/15/15 Site Photo App Integrates With Apple Maps

A new mobile application for iOS devices allows users to pin site plans to their location on Earth by integrating with Apple Maps. Then, they can take site photos and make annotations and markups on the plans.
09/09/15 'Additive Manufactured' Car and Building Power Each Other

Researchers used a 3D printed, self-charging electric car with a natural gas generator and a 3D printed building to create a symbiotic energy relationship where the car's generator powers the car or the building when necessary.
09/08/15 New Autonomous Vehicle Test Track Joins Others To Automate Transit

A 32-acre, $6.5-million mini city at the University of Michigan may look like a film set, with building facades that mask empty interiors and vacant lots, but it's really the set of an autonomous vehicle test track
09/02/15 Ultra Sensitive Gas Sniffing Technology Will Not Prevent Safety Investigation of PG&E

The Picarro Survey gas detection system sniffs out methane leaks at 1,000 times the sensitivity as handheld systems.
08/19/15 Pipe Inspection Robot Saves Alaskan Pipeline Millions

A re-purposed smart pigging robot detects anomalies in Alaskan oil pipelines—saving company millions.
08/05/15 User-Developed Applications and API Releases at Tech Conference

During the Bluebeam eXtreme user conference in Los Angeles, July 29- 31, amid announcements and presentations, two construction workers stole the show with an application they developed that aims to eradicate paper-based thinking from construction.
07/29/15 Holograms Add New Dimension to Construction

The print produces a precisely detailed holograph that is viewable from all angles without the need for special glasses or other equipment often associated with 3D technologies.
07/28/15 Construction Begins on Drone Aviation Park in North Dakota

Construction of site improvements, including security fencing, access roads and culverts for a $25-million, 217-acre unmanned aerial-systems park, began in Grand Forks, N.D., in July.
07/22/15 Algae-Harvesting Technology Turns Frack California Water Into Irrigation Water

A company that makes systems for algae growth and harvesting, repurposed its machines to tackle flowback water from the Oil & Gas industry.
07/15/15 New Geopolymer Mortar Helps To Protect Aging Buildings

Engineers are using a newly developed carbon-fiber-reinforced geopolymer mortar as a conductor for cathodic protection.
06/24/15 Crowd-Sourcing Road Assessment is Possible, But Barriers Remain

Structural health monitoring research is available in more applicable ways than many believe—like a community-based pavement assessment monitoring system.
06/23/15 Brick-Laying Robot Helps Alleviate The Dearth of Masons

A brick-laying robot works alongside masons, increasing production and changing look of the job site.
06/15/15 DroneBase Standardizes and Creates A New Trade: Drone Pilot

A web-based comany connects drone operators to construction sites for site documentation and surveying at a fraction of the cost of plane and helicopter services.
06/04/15 Tomorrow's Energy Grid

Contractors see opportunities for a smarter technology-driven infrastructure to integrate renewable resources and backup storage into a more efficient future system.
06/01/15 NASA Stakes Million Dollar Purse for 3D Printed Competitions

NASA, with America Makes, puts up $2.25 million in prize money to inventors who can innovate 3D printing technology.
05/26/15 Configuration Management Can Stave off Scope Creep

Configuration Management—the detailed recording and updating of project information—can help organize a mega project and fend off cost overruns, and should be used more in construction.
05/11/15 Jobsite Photography Is Now Becoming a Skilled Trade

Sophisticated documentation technology ensures that contractors and owners get the most out of their project photos.
04/29/15 New FieldLens Feature Saves Supers an Hour a Day

FieldLens new field reports feature saves superintendents time through automation.
04/28/15 Moving Robots Out of the Factory and Onto the Site

How would robots fare and function in the complex environment of a construction site?
04/14/15 Testing of New Technology for Construction Is Critical Step to Implementation

Suffolk Construction’s R&D group controls the throttle on new technology testing by managing experimentation as a series of approved projects
04/01/15 Ignoring BIM at Our Peril

he masonry trades risk contributing to their own obsolescence by failing to get into step with building information modeling (BIM) — the 3D modeling and information laden process for building design and construction planning that is sweeping the industry.
03/18/15 Marrying Construction Program Control Software and Processes

Countless news reports litter the media with tales of counties and cities facing significant cost overruns for a wide variety of initiatives. Program and project leaders are often finding themselves caught between a gargantuan rock and extremely hard place. But there is a solution.
03/16/15 Solar-Powered Electric Utility Lights Up Communities in Afghanistan

Renewable community energy solution leverages technology to leap-frog traditional electrification models.
03/10/15 Commercial Drone Operators Take Flight for Construction

Unmanned aerial vehicle operators are itching to fly, and businesses are forming.
03/03/15 Project Collaboration Software Is Too Costly—If No One Shares

How to build human connections in your project team to encourage the use of collaboration software.
02/18/15 TxDOT Proves Accuracy of Stockpile Volume Measurement App

TxDOT benchmarked and adopted an iPhone app called Stockpile Report to measure its stockpiles. The app works by uploading a video of the stockpile to a cloud server that turns it into a 3D model to determine its volume.
02/17/15 Obvious and Hidden Benefits of Taking Project Information Mobile

The blatant and hidden benefits of harnessing mobile and cloud systems for construction management.
02/17/15 FAA Proposes Rules for Small Commercial Drones

Plan would cap aerial drones' altitude at 500 ft, require operators keep devices in their line-of-sight.
02/02/15 Researchers Turn Structures Into Self-Aware Monitoring Devices

A new structural vibration sensor system inspired by scorpions’ predatory habits detects building occupants by their walking patterns.
01/21/15 Seeing Tech's Speedy Advance Through the Lens of ENR's Photo Contest

Since ENR’s first photo contest in 2002 the sheer number of excellent photos submitted, as well as ratio of good and excellent images to mediocre ones, has vastly improved. Some of that improvement is due to growth in the number of submission—with a high of over 1,500 last year—but much is due to technological innovations in the past 13 years as construction photography moved into the digital age.
01/06/15 Innovate How You Innovate, the Hacker Way

How Balfour Beatty learned to increase the speed of internal innovation through the template of the hackathon.
12/15/14 Commercial Drone Flight Condoned, for Some

FAA gives out five new commercial drone permits, some to construction sector companies, bringing total permits to 13.
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