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Building Information Modeling - Featured Headline
From Model to Layout Plan, Autodesk App Seeks To Close Gaps
The latest BIM 360 Layout app is designed to close the gap between the project's core data model and construction layout activities in the field.

Photo courtesy of PCL Construction

Case Closed? Use of 4D BIM tools Has Limits With Delay Analysis
Virtual design and animation tools can make and break a case, experts say. But forensic models can also become a pricey trip down a rabbit hole if not done right.

Image courtesy of Berkeley Research Group

More News
11/12/14 A 'Significant Change Order' for Design Software

Bentley Systems' CTO explains why software for design and construction has to keep pace with the evolution of the internet, cloud and powerful hardware.
10/01/14 Viewpoint Returns to Estimating With Platform Upgrades

Viewpoint Construction Software has rolled out some major upgrades to its platform and product suites that offer integration with other platforms.
08/05/14 Creating Our Legacy

If we don’t keep pushing the envelope and advancing the conversation, in 30 years BIM will be our ONLY innovation.
05/28/14 Construction Managers Embrace 4D BIM for Safety

The models can help head off spatial conflicts and safety risks that otherwise might go undetected. But useful models must be updated frequently. That's the rub.
04/30/14 BIMForum: Getting the 'A' Back in AEC Collaboration

Visual programming is a key trend in AEC sectors and one that attendees to the BIMForum gathering in Boston are urged to adopt—if they haven't already. This was just one of the takeaways and trends at the spring gathering of the industry group.
04/16/14 How About Eliminating the Endless 3D Construction Coordination Meetings?

Adoption of 3D technology often makes coordination more complex and requires extra resources to deal with increasingly detailed models that are too complex to update efficiently.
04/09/14 AISC Pushes More Automated Production of Steel Structures

AISC 'BIMsteel' initiative also includes automated steel purchasing and 3D model review.
04/07/14 Software Vendor Claims New Offering Will Bridge a Gap in BIM

GRAITEC’s steel and concrete design modules will beef up Autodesk suite.
02/21/14 BIM Adoption Spreads Globally

It is an exciting time in the global construction industry, and building information modeling is accelerating the pace of positive change for contractors of all types, sizes and locations.
02/19/14 Researchers Counter Engineering Brain Drain With Learning Software

Fighting the engineering brain drain with knowledge-capture software
02/11/14 Geodesign Combines Strengths of BIM and GIS in New Convergence Platforms

Users have often found it difficult to exchange information between the BIM and GIS environments.
02/02/14 Super Bowl Broadcast Shows the Wind Courtesy of Summer Intern Experiment With CFD

Swirling arrows showing currents inside MetLife Stadium were the product of a summer intern's experiment with computational fluid dynamics.
01/07/14 Is Construction Ready for a Dose of (Augmented) Reality?

What is augmented reality's place in construction? At its simplest, augmented reality is the convergence of data, cameras, mobile devices, and live end users, creating a multi-dimensional, real-time, interactive virtual environment that is overlaid on real world live imagery.
12/11/13 2013: A Year of Better BIM Collaboration on Jobsites

BIM-Mobility is coming on fast on jobsites. Are contractors ready?
11/26/13 Hong Kong is a Hotbed of Construction Innovation

Hong Kong, technology hub of the eastern world.
11/12/13 Spatial Coordination Guide Is a Playbook for BIM

Leading contractors have captured years of lessons-learned in a concise, readable guide.
11/07/13 Contractors See Gains, Gaps With Growth of Mobility Tools

Contractors and specialty contractors say mobile is good, but see gaps in tech adoption across the field that is hampering productivity gains, according to a survey by McGraw Hill Construction.
10/30/13 Spatial Coordination With BIM: It Is Time For the Whole MEP Team to Step Up to the Plate

On Nov. 7, the release of Achieving Spatial Coordination Through BIM—A Guide for Specialty Contractors, will deliver the first guide for contractors who want to implement BIM practices and technologies in their firms.
05/15/13 Standard Specification Coming to Help Drive Efficiencies into the BIM Process

The Level of Development Specification is intended as an attachment to a contract and designed to enable practitioners to specify the content and reliability of BIMs at various stages in the design and construction process.
05/07/13 AGC's BIM Forum Draft Specification Open for Comment

The draft of the AGC BIM Forum's levels of development specification is available for public comment until June 7.
02/12/13 EcoDesigner STAR Will Produce Code-Compliance Reports

In a few months after testing is finished, GRAPHISOFT expects to release a BIM-to-BEM digital tool that allows architects to perform energy-use analysis and to produce energy-code-compliance reports.
02/05/13 Predictions for the Building Industry, 2030

How will the construciton and building industry trend towards digital over the next couple of decades?
01/22/13 What's the Problem?

ENR is trying to pinpoint its readers Tech problems. Let us know what they are.
12/27/12 Augmented Reality Platform MARS Gaining Fans, Funds

Mobile augmented reality system holds promise of model-building in minutes.
12/26/12 Laser Scanning for Building Documentation: Illuminating, But Not Necessarily Enlightening

3D Laser Scanning for Building Documentation Needs Best Practices and Standards
12/19/12 Construction's Year of More BIM, Tablets and Apps

What were the hottest trends of 2012 in technology and construction? ENR rounds them up and runs them down in this year in review.
12/04/12 iPad Design App Touts Real World Site Data, Satellite Imagery

Autodesk says this app does more than other 3D sketching tools, such as adding more site information to the building information model.
11/28/12 New Research Shows Contractors Are Big BIM Users

Between 2009 and 2012, the percentage of contractors using BIM increased from 50% to 74%.
11/14/12 Q&A: Over the Horizon with Dennis Shelden, Gehry Technologies

The firm's CTO talks about why key AEC technologies matter.
10/17/12 Gehry Tech Launches Latest BIM Collaboration Tool

Collaboration is gaining use and sophistication on the design and construction disciplines, with the latest offering from Gehry Technologies.
10/16/12 More Civil Works Are Adopting BIM

Light users of parametric modeling for infrastructure will be in the minority by the end of 2013, says one study.
09/18/12 Bentley Picks Up Ivara’s Asset Performance Management Tools

Bentley Systems Inc., Exton, Pa., announced on Sept. 18 that it has acquired Ontario, Canada-based Ivara Corp., whose asset performance management software is based on a reliability-centered maintenance philosophy.
09/18/12 NYC Issues New BIM Standards
NYC BIM Standards, BIM, DDC, Craig Chin,
09/18/12 Money for Building Information Modeling Will Come Through Addressing Lifecycle Costs

Go after the big money, the 75% of facilities cost tied up in operations and maintenance
08/22/12 BIM-in-The-Cloud Has New Competition With Newforma

Newforma's moves to partner with VEO on BIM tools in the cloud is part of a flurry of bold steps in upgrading project delivery tools.
08/07/12 Building Tall With BIM Brings Gains, Building Long with VDC is the Bigger Game

Advantages of VDC: construction processes in vertical buildings are often repeatable—and repeated. That helps make that kind of construction a good fit for building information modeling.
07/11/12 FutureTech CIOs: Are You Paving Over a Cow Path?

Some of the sharpest minds in technology and construction gathered in San Francisco at the ENRFutureTech event to explain the latest innovations changing the industry. Here are some highlights.
06/08/12 Acquisition of Vela Systems Puts Mobile BIM On Autodesk's Fast Track

Executives from Autodesk and Vela explain the thinking behind the "fast track" deal that brought Vela into the Autodesk orbit.
06/04/12 BIM Interoperability Standard Is a Step Forward, Not a Major Leap

Version two of the nation’s first consensus standard for the set-up and exchange of building information models advances the use of BIM by providing a road map and common language for model-building -- but there is more work to do.
05/29/12 New Interactive BIM Tools for the iPad

Matchmaking with BIMs and iPads
05/28/12 Making the Case for Automated BIM Review

Proof-of-Concept AutoCodes Project convincingly demonstrates need.
05/28/12 BIM Standard May Boost Sharing

Beta testers laud the nation's first consensus-based standard for sharing building information models of different software vendors.
05/07/12 How Ready Is 'BIM-Ready'? Online Assessment Tells All

Enthusiastic users expand low-profile U.K.-based service’s subscription base through word-of-mouth
04/30/12 Laser Scanning Hits Tipping Point

Annual SPAR Laser Scanning Conference Brimmed with Optimism
04/04/12 3D RFIs, Collaboration With BlueBeam's Latest Revu 10

Bluebeam Software has released its latest version of its signature product, Revu 10, which pushes the envelope with more cloud storage integration, collaboration support and project communication.
03/30/12 The BIM Strategy Behind Balfour Beatty's Software Deal With Autodesk

Balfour Beatty PLC is stepping up its support of new software and digital tools that underpin full lifecycle use of building information modeling around the globe. Here's why a recent deal with Autodesk is a key part of the strategy.
02/13/12 Online Map Logs NYC Energy

New online tool presents energy consumption estimates at the individual building level.New online tool presents energy consumption estimates at the individual building level.
01/11/12 From Videogrammetry to Real-Time Roof Dimensions

A new technology that uses videogrammetry to deliver 3D views as big as a building and derive real-time digital measurements of nearly any object with 15-mm precision is being refined and readied for commercial use by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.
01/11/12 Why BIM Will Become Even More Important in 2012

Guest Commentary: Microdesk president Mike DeLacey asks, “how can we not only position ourselves to bid on new infrastructure projects, but also execute the projects more effectively and sustainably in the long run?”
10/05/11 Where are We Going in Construction? Do the Math

How is innovation affecting the construction profession? Sometimes you have to review the basics to understand the trends. In this guest commentary, architect Michael Avramides does some of the math to plot some tech trends.
09/09/11 Case Study: Facilities Management as Engineering Deliverable

Using tablets and simple software inputs, engineers working on the on the Weill Cornell hospital upgrade are improving their deliverables.
07/25/11 First U.S. Consensus Standard on Building Information Modeling Due at Year-End

After years of chugging along, the development of the nation’s first consensus-based standard for building information modeling is finally picking up steam.
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