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(2005 and older)

ACE Mentor Yearbook 2005 ACE Mentor Yearbook 2005: Building for the Future -- More than 3,500 students a year are getting a first-hand look at the engineering, construction and architectural world in what is becoming one of the most talked about mentoring programs in the industry.


A|E|C Systems Conference Preview 2004: Technology Forges Forward -- AEC Systems is an encompassing phrase that refers to technology and tools that work together to seamlessly integrate computerized functions.


Aiports 2004: Gaining Altitude -- The future of post-9/11 U.S. airline terminal design looks promising—if critical technological and economic issues can be decisively resolved.

Aiports 2003

ARTBA-- Advocates at Work -- On August 10, 2005, President George W. Bush signed a new, six-year federal highway and transit program authorization bill into law. Over the preceding six years, no private organization devoted more time, energy or resources than the American Road & Transportation Builders Association toward making that law the best it was possible to be in terms of serving the interests of the U.S. transportation construction industry.

Association Annual Report -- Professional and trade associations are the lifeblood of the construction industry. Among their many functions, they set standards of best practice and promote their use. They actively work to make jobsites a safer place to work. They provide forums that enable members to share vital information. They communicate their members’ views on vital issues to Congress and other legislative and regulatory bodies.


Bridges: The Road to Repair, Renovation or Replacement -- There’s good news and bad news when it comes to our nation’s bridge infrastructure.

Bridges 2004 - Part 2
Bridge Construction 2004

cfma 2004

CFMA: CFMA’s 2005 Construction Industry Annual Financial -- The Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) is pleased to announce that the results of CFMA’s 2005 Construction Industry Annual Financial Survey are complete and will be available in November.

CFMA’s 2004 Construction Industry - Part 2
CFMA 2004

cmaa 2003

CMAA 2005: Program Management Brings Added Skills, Benefits to Owners -- Whether it’s a nationwide retail store expansion or a portfolio of new elementary schools, owners with multiple projects spread over time and space have special needs.

CMAA 2004


Concrete Today - The Quest for Sustainable Construction Methods
The 470-story Hearst Tower in Charlotte, NC, features nearly 300,000 sq ft of architectural precast concrete panels cladding its exterior, which feature a light-colored, sandblasted finish designed to simulate natural stone. A special window-unit panel was designed to allow the panels to span floor-to-floor, reducing the number of pieces that needed to be cast and erected by several hundred. The project was designed by Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates Inc.

Concrete Today 2005 - Part II
Concrete Today 2005
Concrete Today 2004 - Part II
Concrete Today 2004


Change, Innovation, Growth and Controversy
A preview of CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas March 15 - 19, 2005 -- Even with U.S. funding and fuel cost as prime factors, the construction industry sources in North America are optimistic about growth in the coming year. But with volatile energy costs, globalization and new electronics affecting construction techniques almost daily, everyone needs to stay aware of new ways to adapt.


airports Construction Law: Negotiating The Minefield -- In recent years, the legal framework within which construction industry firms operate has been in an increasing state of flux.

airports The Continuing Saga of Highway Funding Limbo: Road & Highway Construction -- The U.S. Dept. of Transportation’s report to Congress shows that the federal government needs to invest $375 billion in its highway and transit programs over the next six years just to maintain the current levels of congestion and road conditions.

Demolition: The Art of Renewal

Demolition 2005: --Having the Diversity to Respond:
The Demolition Industry in the 21st Century

Demolition 2004
Demolition 2003


Construction Equipment
On Feb. 6 the president released the federal budget recommendations for fiscal year 2007. That same day the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) commented on how the budget would affect construction.

Construction Equipment 2005
Equipment 2004 - Part 2
Equipment 2004


Construction Finance: Go Green - Economics and Environment Finally Mesh for Win-Win Solutions -- They’re everywhere—on the covers of magazines, on the evening news, dotting the skylines of our cities. Green buildings, sustainable structures, high-performance facilities: call them what you will, but know that they are here to stay.


Green Construction : Banking & Project Finance - With a healthy, very active construction market growing at better than a 7% pace in 2005 and predicted by FMI Corp. to come close to that number next year, there is certainly heavy demand for construction financing.


Roads & Highways Construction: The Continuing Saga of Highway Funding Limbo --The U.S. Dept. of Transportation’s report to Congress shows that the federal government needs to invest $375 billion in its highway and transit programs over the next six years just to maintain the current levels of congestion and road conditions. With TEA-21 reauthorization still unsettled, innovations are essential to keep our roads and highways in shape.

Highways in Crisis 2003 >>

hot markets Hot Markets 2001: Inside and Out -- We are in the longest economic growth span in our nation's history -- and that's great news for companies that serve the built environment.

Information Technology

Information Technology in Contruction: Bridging the Data Gap for Effeciency, Effectiveness and Perfroamce - “There is a need for both owners and construction industry suppliers to work more toward building collaborative relationships and reducing confusion and confrontation in order to achieve mutual project goals,” ...

Information Technology 2003: Changing Expectations - IT and the Globalization of Engineering.


Sparked by an improving national economy and an increasingly robust building industry, the construction insurance market made positive strides in 2005, despite a record year in hurricane-related devastation.

IRMI: 25th Annual International Risk Management Institute
Construction Risk Conference
Insurance 2005: Record Gains Spur Price Competition
Insurance 2004 - part 2
Insurance 2004

Landscape Design 2003 Landscape Design 2003: That's Landscape?-- Creative new strategies by America’s landscape architects are spreading benefits across the nation in environments as sweeping as an urban region and as small as a rooftop.

Legends & Leaders: You know it when you see it … but how do you put it into words? Leadership is so essential to corporate success, yet it is an ideal that is as nebulous as the concept of quality or the goal of excellence.

Legends & Leaders 2005: In the business of life, you're known by the company you keep.

Legends & Leaders: 2004

Mass Transit

Mass Transit: There was a time in America when we didn’t need helicopters hovering overhead during rush hour to send up-to-the-minute traffic reports to commuters in vehicles below. But it’s a way of life today, and as the population increases, so grows traffic.

Mass Transit 2005



modular building Modular Buildings 2003: Modular buildings began with construction trailers, but the newest designs reflect an increasing demand for the rapid deployment of flexible, reusable and sophisticated space.


Mold 2004: Breaking the Mold - Mold is everywhere—indoors and out. There are over 100,000 species of mold and at least 1,000 are common in the U.S.

Mold 2003


National Heavy & Highway Alliance 1st in a series: Alliance poised

pipes today Pipes Today 2003: More regulations means more sales -- The Romans, those ancient masters of plumbing, delivered the basic essentials of civilization—fresh running water and a system for removing the waste.

Post Tensioning

Post-Tensioning : Efficiency and Versatility Leads to Growth -- Post-tensioning (PT) is a highly efficient structural system that offers many benefits in a wide range of construction, repair and rehabilitation applications.

Post-Tensioning 2004

Post Tensioning Project Profiles: -- Showcasing Outstanding Projects. Processes and Performance.


CURT 2005 Awards: The Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) presented its Construction Industry Safety Excellence (CISE) awards at the group’s 2005 National Construction Conference at The Registry Resort in Naples, FL, on Nov. 8.

CURT CISE Safety Awards 2004

program management software

Project Management Software 2003: Trends in Project Management: The muscle to manage your business metrics

Program Management in Today’s Economy 2003

Specialty Contracting II 2003

Specialty Contractors 2005: Getting paid, getting insurance, onerous contracts, globalization and materials shortages and increased prices are among many issues specialty contractors face every day. We asked associations from different sectors to comment and to report their new strategies for supporting members.

2004 Specialty Contractors Are Keeping Busy
Specialty Contracting II 2003

Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities: A Team Approach Ensures Success --Contemporary sports facilities have to do more than provide a home for teams, and firms that build them usually bring a grab bag of skills to the table.


Steel Construction 2006: Biggest gains for 2006 in the very
biggest infrastructure and energy projects

SteeI 2 - 2005
SteeI 2005
Steel, Part II - 2004
Steel 2004

Surety 2004

2005 Surety Market Report: Grant Thornton LLP's
2005 Surety Credit Survey For Construction Contractors
-- The Surety Information Office (SIO) has augmented the results of Grant Thornton LLP’s 2005 Surety Credit Survey, which examined the bond producer’s perspective of the surety marketplace for the construction industry, with insights from top surety company personnel. Since Grant Thornton’s last survey was produced in 1996, the marketplace has changed dramatically.

Surety Bonds 2004


Technology for Construction 2006: High-profile projects signal technology transformation “It’s an exciting time,” said Russ Sanders, virtual building coordinator for The Orcutt/Winslow Partnership (OWP). “Today’s building tools allow us to design in real-time, quickly test value engineering concepts, perform energy simulations and much more in minutes. We make better decisions up front, thus delivering even better products down the road.”

Technology for Construction 2005
Technology for Construction 2004


Training 2003: Training becoming "hot benefit" with employees and empoyers -- Throughout the construction industry, employees and employers are finding that dividends flow both ways as educational and training benefits are being expanded to include a widening range of options.


Transportation Today 2006 - TDOTS Turn to New Funding Soucrces to Soleve Transpotation Woes

Transportation Today 2005 - Part 2
Transportation Today 2005
Transportation Today 2004

Tunneling 2002 Tunneling 2002: Making The Case For Tunnels -- All over the world there are invisible construction projects in progress that have important consequences. Tunnel engineers are planning and building enormous structures to meet underground transportation and water/wastewater needs.


Underground Construction: Below-surface construction may become the salvation of intensively built cities—giving them unlimited space to build infrastructure that doesn’t interfere with traffic and daily life.

Underground 2004


Union Annual Report
“The most important thing in industry is the person who does the industry, which is the worker. That can never change. Labor is the only source of wealth. There is no other source, except land, the raw material.” —Eli Siegel

2003 water/wastewater

Virtual Construction: The Virtual Construction Summit -- Who’s Delivering Productivity Improvements on Your Project?

2003 water/wastewater

Water/ Wastewater: Advancements and Innovations at Work -- From sewer water to drinking water, water resource providers are finding innovative ways to protect and preserve our most essential resource despite tight budgets, rapid population growth and occasional civil uproar.

Water/ Wastewater 2- 2005
Water Wastewater 2005
Water/Wastewater2 2004

Wireless and Mobile Technology Wireless and Mobile Technology 2001: Construction Unplugged -- Wireless and mobile AEC solutions may seem far off on the horizon, when in fact, they are here and will explode in the U.S. marketplace thanks to the widespread success of Asian and European solutions.

World of Concrete

World of Concrete 2006: A Concrete Resource
At this year’s World of Concrete 1,600 exhibiting companies will fill 1.3 million sq ft of exhibition space. And there will be more than 100 conferences and educational seminars....

World of Concrete/World of Masonry 2005 Preview
World of Concrete/World of Masonry 2004 Preview

Year in Projects

Year in Projects: Outstanding Accomplishments
This Year in Projects section is remarkable for the range, variety and magnitude of work accomplished by companies who serve the built environment. It presents an opportunity to savor their extraordinary capabilities. 2005 gave us the best of times and the worst of times, provoking unprecedented challenges in all sectors of our industry. The following pages serve as a reminder and an inspiration of what achievements are possible in good times and bad.

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