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We've changed the address for your project-related announcements for our Pulse/Project News sections of ENR and Please send all information on projects in any stage of planning, design, bidding, proposal solicitation or contract award to We can't guarantee that they will appear in our magazine or on our website, but we want to hear from you and we will try our best to use them.

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Project Leads/Pulse

Gives readers a glimpse of who is planning and constructing some of the largest projects throughout the U.S. Much information for pulse is derived from McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge.

For more information on a project in Pulse that has a DR#, or for general information on Dodge products and services, please visit our Website at

Information is provided on construction projects in following stages in each issue of ENR: Planning, Contracts/Bids/Proposals and Bid/Proposal Dates.

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