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Materials - Featured Headline
Asphalt Prices Begin To Decline In Short Term
Long-term needs may inevitably drive costs up again, say experts.


Contractors Find Their Edge At World of Concrete 2015
Buoyed by more work and low oil prices, tens of thousands of contractors like came to this year’s World of Concrete in search of a competitive advantage.

Photo by Tudor Van Hampton/ENR

More News
03/11/15 Don Brock, Asphalt Champion, Dies at 76

Brock had a special knack of boiling down complex ideas into easy-to-understand concepts.
02/03/15 Cement Use To Grow 8% in 2015, But Low Oil Prices Won't Help Much

Growing job markets, consumer confidence and construction spending, not low oil prices, will contribute to higher cement consumption in the U.S. this year.
01/30/15 NIST Study Uses Supercomputer Modeling To Design Better Concrete Mixes

NIST study shows promise for developing new unusual admixtures.
12/15/14 Saint-Gobain's Planned Acquisition of Sika Shakes Up Building Materials Market

Acquisition roils Sika management team which says it was not informed of deal ahead of time.
12/15/14 Rising Cement Demand in East Africa Draws European Manufacturers

Despite its associated energy costs and the availability of cheap imports from China and Pakistan, demand for cement in East Africa has continued to rise. The need to increase cement production to feed the region's booming construction industry dominated discussions at a workshop meeting of East African cement producers and German cement-equipment manufacturers in Nairobi, Kenya on November 20.
10/29/14 Pankow Foundation Charts Ambitious Research Goals For High-Strength Rebar

Applied Technology Council report Calls for $27 million worth of studies to support overhaul of the concrete building code
10/14/14 Could Greener Concrete Also Be Stronger?

Researchers at MIT have found that portland cement can be manipulated to become stronger while at the same time posing less harm to the environment.
08/18/14 Construction Firms Struggle To Mitigate Counterfeits

Large-scale projects are victims of fake goods, but few firms have taken steps to mitigate the threat.
08/13/14 Niche Products Emerge to Reduce Bird Deaths

Many window products on the market claim to reduce bird collisions, but only a few try to preserve the clear-glass appearance.
06/17/14 Nigeria Cement Makers Grapple With New Regulations

Nigeria follows other global markets to restrict the use of lower-grade cement.
06/10/14 New Geopolymer Pipe Material Promises Trenchless Repairs

A new ulter-dense geopolymer mortar product that rehabilitates pipes without pricey excavation and replacement is gaining traaction as a cost-effective fix for cash-strapped municipalities.
06/10/14 Upcoming Diesel Engine Oil Standard Promises Fuel Economy Gains

Engine oil manufacturers have been working on the first new oil standard in a decade.
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