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Materials - Featured Headline
Pankow Foundation Charts Ambitious Research Goals For High-Strength Rebar
Applied Technology Council report Calls for $27 million worth of studies to support overhaul of the concrete building code

Photo by James Silva / SAS Stressteel

Could Greener Concrete Also Be Stronger?
Researchers at MIT have found that portland cement can be manipulated to become stronger while at the same time posing less harm to the environment.

Photo by Tudor Van Hampton for ENR

More News
12/15/14 Saint-Gobain's Planned Acquisition of Sika Shakes Up Building Materials Market

Acquisition roils Sika management team which says it was not informed of deal ahead of time.
12/15/14 Rising Cement Demand in East Africa Draws European Manufacturers

Despite its associated energy costs and the availability of cheap imports from China and Pakistan, demand for cement in East Africa has continued to rise. The need to increase cement production to feed the region's booming construction industry dominated discussions at a workshop meeting of East African cement producers and German cement-equipment manufacturers in Nairobi, Kenya on November 20.
08/18/14 Construction Firms Struggle To Mitigate Counterfeits

Large-scale projects are victims of fake goods, but few firms have taken steps to mitigate the threat.
08/13/14 Niche Products Emerge to Reduce Bird Deaths

Many window products on the market claim to reduce bird collisions, but only a few try to preserve the clear-glass appearance.
06/17/14 Nigeria Cement Makers Grapple With New Regulations

Nigeria follows other global markets to restrict the use of lower-grade cement.
06/10/14 New Geopolymer Pipe Material Promises Trenchless Repairs

A new ulter-dense geopolymer mortar product that rehabilitates pipes without pricey excavation and replacement is gaining traaction as a cost-effective fix for cash-strapped municipalities.
06/10/14 Upcoming Diesel Engine Oil Standard Promises Fuel Economy Gains

Engine oil manufacturers have been working on the first new oil standard in a decade.
04/01/14 BASF Unveils New Alternative To Air-Entrained Concrete

Microsphere voids provide internal cushioning during freeze-thaw cycles for greater durability, says the company.
03/19/14 Ready-Mix Concrete Launches National Checkoff Campaign

Under the terms of the 20-page draft bill, U.S. ready-mix concrete producers would pay a fee for every cubic yard of material produced.
01/28/14 World of Concrete 2014 Sees Smaller Crowds But Cautious Optimism

A cheer went up from the crowd at the SPEC MIX Bricklayer 500 competition as Jerry Goodman won both first place and top craftsman honors, laying 644 bricks in 60 minutes. The competition was a bright spot at World of Concrete 2014, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Jan. 21-24.
01/22/14 Cement Forecast Upbeat at 2014 World of Concrete

Cement consumption is expected to increase 8.1% this year as pent-up demand eases, according to one economist.
11/19/13 Jury Finds Pipemaker JM Eagle Liable in False Claims Suit

A federal jury in California on Nov. 14 found pipe manufacturer JM Eagle liable for making false claims about PVC water pipe it sold to states and municipalities over the course of nearly a decade.
11/13/13 Carbon-Fixing Cement Startup Forms Partnership With Lafarge

There have been many attempts in recent years to "green" the concrete business, but while new companies have come and gone, Parsippany, N.J.-based Solidia Technologies thinks it's onto something new.
10/29/13 China's Moratorium on Solar Production Gives Hope Abroad

Things could be looking up for U.S. companies as China, the global production leader, recently announced a ban on new capacity.
10/15/13 Schuff Makes Major Moves To Expand Steel Work in Panama

Concrete is the primary building material in all of Latin America, but builders are starting to take advantage of steel on large commercial projects.
07/03/13 Fuel Cells Finding Their Niche

A massive fuel cell farm and manufacturing plant in Delaware represent a secretive Silicon Valley startup’s East Coast debut.
06/12/13 Pankow Foundation Aims for High-Strength-Rebar Code Update

Private research foundation restructures to concentrate on leading large-scale, high-impact research for all types of construction
02/20/13 Seismic High-Rise in Seattle Debuts Steel Fiber as Link-Beam Rebar Decongestant

Having proven the concept, the builders of The Martin Apartments are eager to use the approach, which simplifies construction, again.
02/12/13 Crowds Pour Into World of Concrete 2013

This year's concrete show saw just under 55,000 visitors, up more than 5% since 2012.
10/10/12 Boosting Fuel Economy Where The Rubber Meets the Road

Pavement design can play an important role in fuel economy, MIT researchers say.
05/21/12 Martin Marietta, Vulcan Fighting for Survival in Aggregate Market

On May 4, Delaware Chancery Court Judge Leo E. Strine Jr. imposed a four-month injunction on Martin Marietta’s hostile takeover bid, saying the firm “improperly disclosed confidential information.
04/16/12 Building Products Snapshot: Permeable Pavers and LED Lightbars

This week we look at new building products, including permeable pavers for stormwater systems and LED lightbars that work in normal 120-Volt systems.
01/30/12 'Tinge of Optimism' at World of Concrete

A slow recovery in construction activity didn't deter more than 52,000 people from attending this year's concrete show.
01/30/12 World of Concrete Attendees Ready To Get Back to Work

World of Concrete attendees say they’re ready to get back to work.
01/23/12 Concrete Goes To College

MIT’s Concrete Sustainability Hub sheds new light on the social cost of infrastructure’s ubiquitous gray matter.
01/23/12 Denver Company Gives Used Building Materials New Life

Denver’s Repurposed Materials Inc. buys byproducts from industries across the country and sells them to people for a different use.
01/09/12 ?Investors Sue Vulcan Materials Over Hostile Bid By Martin Marietta

The takeover deal would create the world’s largest rock and gravel supplier.
11/28/11 Bubble-Filled Concrete Deck Debuts At Wisconsin Hockey Arena

A simple request from the University of Wisconsin, Madison for the construction of the school’s La Bahn Arena presented an engineering challege for the contractor.
11/11/11 Africa's Rise Prompts Heavy Cement Spending

At least nine new cement plants are underway in Africa, where leading producers are expanding capacities to meet growing construction demands on the continent.
08/29/11 New Tools See Use in Fighting Midwest Floods

As cities and municipalities in the Midwest deal with seasonal floods, a new crop of flood barrier products have emerged.
08/15/11 Concrete Ready-Mix Firm Ozinga Bros. Plans To Build Cement Plant Near Chicago

Cement plant would be an unusual move by a ready-mix supplier to vertically integrate its operations up the supply chain.
08/15/11 High-Strength Steel Cheaper Overall Than Conventional Rebar

New research suggests that 100-ksi steel rebar saves overall costs despite its upfront premium.
07/27/11 A Hard Job for Geopolymers: Replacing Portland Cement

A Florida company’s new geopolymer binder promises to cut the carbon emissions of traditional portland cement.
07/26/11 When Does It Pay To Use Innovative Concrete Products?

Using an more expensive, innovative material may seem to offer productivity advantages, but how do you know you aren’t sending your overall project into the red?
03/23/11 Cautious Economic Optimism Pervades Big Equipment Show

As an expected 120,000 visitors began packing into the Las Vegas Convention Center, this year’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG exhibition kicked off with a universal question in mind: Will the current economic recovery stick?
02/02/11 Highway Bill’s Uncertainty Clouds Concrete’s Future

Uncertainty over reauthorization of a federal transportation bill could curtail future concrete consumption, said attendees at the World of Concrete show held last month in Las Vegas.
01/26/11 U.S.-Canada Timber Pricing Dispute Heats Up

A long-running trade dispute between the U.S. and Canada over lumber pricing has flared up again.
01/26/11 World of Concrete Weathers Tough Economy

A somber but resilient mood permeated this year’s World of Concrete expo, held on Jan. 18-21 in Las Vegas, where thin crowds circulated amid a kiosk-filled convention floor. Contractors looked for innovative ways to prepare for an economic recovery, while budget-conscious construction solutions dominated exhibitor offerings.
12/08/10 Group Sounds Alarm About Sheer Failures In Tests of Precast Concrete Double-Tees
The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, concerned about an ominous pattern of spandrel-ledge-punching sheer failures in lab tests of double-tee spandrel-beam assemblies commonly found in parking garages, plans to spend approximately $200,000 to further investigate the situation.
12/08/10 Draft of Expanded Concrete Standard Is Out for Public Review and Comment
12/08/10 U.K. Spray-On Solution Aims To Strengthen Masonry Bridges
10/13/10 Hot Commodities
09/29/10 Rock-Fiber Rebar Gets First Big Test
07/07/10 Professor Uses Bacteria To Make Eco-Friendly Bricks
07/07/10 China Cement Maker Signs S. Africa Deal
05/26/10 Highway Paint Is in Short Supply
05/05/10 Steel-Based Floor System ‘Panelizes’ To Achieve Long Spans, Faster Construction
04/14/10 Paying To Replace Chinese Drywall
04/14/10 Steel Fibers Show Promise As 'Rebar Decongestants'
04/06/10 Cost of Chinese Drywall Remediation Could Run Into Billions of Dollars
03/31/10 Chinese Reach Extends to African Materials Market
02/18/10 Dispute Flares, Accusations Fly Over Claims in Pipe Lawsuit
02/17/10 PVC Pipe Firm's False-Claims Suit Unsealed by District Court
02/17/10 Advocates Call For Composites Codes
02/10/10 Moods and Masons Rise At Annual Concrete Show
02/10/10 Stimulus To Lift Cement in 2010
02/04/10 Trowel-Blazer Wins Best Bricklayer Contest
02/02/10 Counting Calories in Your Concrete
12/02/09 High-Strength Rebar Market Is Heating Up
11/25/09 Report Links Chinese-Made Drywall to Corroded Metal
09/23/09 Recession Steadies Prices For Liquid Paving Product
09/23/09 Duties Hit China Pipe Imports
09/02/09 Sample Ordinance Called ‘Biased’
08/19/09 Reports of Tainted Drywall Expanding
07/15/09 Problems Continue To Grow With Drywall Made in China
05/27/09 Lawmakers Press for Funds, More Tests on Chinese Drywall
05/13/09 Steel Producers Clamp Down On Production as Demand Tumbles
04/22/09 Problems Continue To Grow With Drywall Made in China
02/25/09 Cement Firms’ Merger Frenzy Now Has Them Stuck in Debt
02/11/09 Stimulus Reviews Are Mixed At Annual Concrete Show
02/11/09 Cemex Unveils Its Corporate Strategy To Weather the Recession Storm
02/04/09 Long-Life Composite Bar Receives Second Chance
02/04/09 America May Gain from Materials Designed To Stretch Your Stimulus Dollars
02/04/09 Asphalt 'Armor' Is Wearing Well
02/04/09 Packing in Particles Yields 100-Year Concrete Mixes
02/04/09 Cylindrical Solar Cells Set Broad New Energy Curve
01/28/09 A Material Odor Mystery Over Foul-Smelling Drywall
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