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new books

Sustainable Healthcare Architecture
By Robin Guenther and Gail Vittori, John Wiley & Son’s Inc., 2007, 448 pages

Sustainable Healthcare Architecture
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Written by an architect focused on sustainable health-care design and an expert in green innovation, this book is a key reference for the design of sustainable health-care facilities. Demand for green building continues to grow and it is now becoming more apparent in the health-care industry. Because increasing numbers of hospitals and other health-care facility building projects now are required to be sustainable in some way, especially for government-funded projects, the sterile, imposing facilities of the past are being replaced by buildings that are filled with daylight, connected to nature, and designed to promote health and well-being. In addition to the authors’ text, the book includes essays by acknowledged experts on topics related to sustainable design for health care, such as design and stewardship, the built environment and human health, ecology and medicine, nature and healing and the carbon-neutral hospital. Architects and interior designers will be able to apply the knowledge from the essays to the design of multiple building types. Information and guidelines from the new rating system, LEED-HC, as well as from case studies of the best projects, are also found in this book.


Principles for Contractors, Project Managers and Contract Administrators
By H. Randolph Thomas, Ph.D., P.E. and Ralph D. Ellis Jr., Ph.D., P.E., American Society of Civil Engineers, 2007, 464 pages

Principles for Contractors, Project Managers and Contract Administrators
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Contractors, project managers and contract administrators who struggle with interpreting contracts often call upon engineers and managers to understand the terms of construction contracts. Unfortunately, in many cases these professionals have little or no legal training. Using rules set by judiciary and  legal research and practical experience, this book details some of the most troublesome contract clauses and rules needed to avoid disputes that must be resolved in court. It  contains diagrams and case studies, and  discussion exercises and solutions.




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Project Leads/Pulse

Gives readers a glimpse of who is planning and constructing some of the largest projects throughout the U.S. Much information for pulse is derived from McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge.

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Information is provided on construction projects in following stages in each issue of ENR: Planning, Contracts/Bids/Proposals and Bid/Proposal Dates.

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