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Water Quality Control Handbook
2nd edition by E. Roberts Alley, McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing and WEF Press, 2006, 848 pages

Protecting the environment is critical and at the same time difficult to implement. E. Roberts Alley, a noted pollution control expert, examines breakthroughs that are improving current wastewater treatment practice. There are several topics related to protecting the environment that the author covers, such as the optimization of activated sludge wastewater treatment through cation control.

This updated edition gives wastewater treatment professionals cutting-edge information on designing and operating systems used to treat wastewater from industrial and domestic sources. Filled with 650 illustrations, charts and tables, this state-of-the-art guide explores design innovations, equipment selection, treatment processes, new regulations, and operating methods for achieving peak performance in all kinds of wastewater treatment facilities. This is an excellent practical textbook for any environmental course in wastewater treatment in the environmental, civil engineering or environmental science departments



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Security Risk Assessment and Management
By Betty E. Biringer, Rudolph V. Matalucci and Sharon L. O’Connor, John Wiley & Sons, 2007, 384 pages

Risk assessment methodologies developed by the authors at Sandia National Laboratories have provided a practical, real-world guidebook to reduce estimated risk to a level that meets user needs. Used by government and private corporations, it sets forth a systematic, proven set of best practices for security risk assessment and management of both buildings and their supporting infrastructure.




Competency Development Framework
2nd edition, By Project Management Institute, 2007, 81 pages

This new edition of Project Management Competency Development Framework outlines the key dimensions of project-management competence and identifies those that are most likely to impact project manager performance. This revised document has been restructured to realign the structure of performance competencies, now viewed from a process perspective rather than the knowledge area view. The personal competency section includes professional responsibility and ethics. The chapter on developing competence includes a model for assessment, personal growth and learning. The publication includes examples of evidence required to demonstrate competence.



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Environmental Deterioration of Materials
Edited by A. Moncmanova, Slovak Technical University, Slovakia, WIT Press, 2007, 336 pages

Increasing levels of pollution in the environment not only harms the natural world, but also accelerates the deterioration and corrosion of materials used in technical work as well as objects with historical value. Because it’s impossible to eliminate the numerous sources of this negative effect, there are currently increased efforts toward improving preservation. This requires a thorough knowledge of the causes of the degradation of the materials. The fundamental principles that underlie the environmental degradation of widely used and economically important construction materials, such as metals, stone, brick, concrete, timber, cast iron, steel, copper alloys and aluminum, are deeply explored in this text.

It features information on methods of deterioration, as well as general information on the economic impact of the damaging processes, and offers some suggested fundamental protection techniques for buildings, industrial and agricultural facilities, monuments and culturally important structures.

Designed for use by materials, corrosion, civil and environmental engineers, designers, architects and restoration staff, this book will also be a useful tool for managers from different industrial sectors and auditors of environmental management systems. It can be used as a complementary course book for university students with classes in any of the above disciplines.



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