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Urban Transit Systems and Technology
A Comprehensive Modern Guide To Urban Transportation

By Vukan R. Vuchic, John Wiley & Son's, 2007, 624 pages

Covering the full field of transit systems and technology, this book starts with an overview of the history of transit and its role in urban development. It then proceeds to define relevant terms and concepts, as well as present detailed coverage of all urban transit modes and the most efficient system designs for each. With special attention on how transportation both responded to the needs of communities and helped shape them, the author also has assembled a guide to urban transportation by covering such integral subjects as travel time; location of cities and their size, their form and structure; vehicle propulsion; and system integration. The book is filled with essential instructional  information for not only understanding history and current technology, but all of the intricate details in­volved with any transit project. Fully supported with equations and analytical methods, this book is the primary resource for students of transit, as well as those professionals who de­sign and operate these key pieces of urban infrastructures.

Static Restoration of Monuments:
By The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers
2nd edition
Publisher: Elsevier, 2006
416 pages

Basic Criteria-Case Histories Strengthening of Buildings Damage by Earthquakes by Fernando Lizzi, ADSC and International Society for Micropiles, 2007, 146 pages

Republished by ADSC and ISM, this text describes the use of micropile technology on historic monuments and structures throughout the world. The author shares his technique of designing and installing three-dimensional reticulated networks of micropiles for stabilization of important structures.

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Risk Management For Design Professionals
By William G. Ramroth Jr., AIA, Kaplan Publishing, 2007, 290 pages

Unique risks come with running a design firm, designing a project or managing a design team, and any firm that fails to develop a plan for managing the risks that confront its design practice is headed for trouble.  With over 30 years experience in architectural design and project management, the author goes over the risk associated with architecture, engineering and planning by showing how possible threats or dangers can be identified, understood, measured and controlled. Techniques needed to control these risks include having the right project manager; determining the project fee as a team; and examining the project for unusual scope, budget and scheduling.



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Project Leads/Pulse

Gives readers a glimpse of who is planning and constructing some of the largest projects throughout the U.S. Much information for pulse is derived from McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge.

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Information is provided on construction projects in following stages in each issue of ENR: Planning, Contracts/Bids/Proposals and Bid/Proposal Dates.

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