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book review
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Materials for Engineers and Technicians
By R.A. Higgins
4th Edition
Butterworth-Heinemann, division of Elsevier, 2006
416 pages

This new edition offers a comprehensive guide to materials by focusing on applications and selection, and reflecting on the increased emphasis on this aspect of materials engineering now seen within current vocational and university courses. Materials properties and relevance to particular uses are addressed in detail from the outset, with all subsequent chapters linking back to these essential concepts. Detailed discussion of examples of materials and additional applications of processes have been incorporated throughout the text, along with expanded sections addressing the causes of failure and material selection. For over 30 years, thousands of students have benefited from this text which has provided an easily accessible introduction to the wide-ranging subject area of materials engineering and manufacturing processes. Now, this fourth edition with up-dated sections provides a wider ranging discussion of titanium, printed-circuit-board materials and production. It is fully in line with current course requirement.

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Financial Fundamentals for Engineers
By George Solt and Richard Hill
Butter-Heinemann, 2006
200 pages

Students and practicing engineers learn how basic financial concepts affect “pure” engineering. This book gives key steps in the engineering cycle, such as winning tenders, managing projects, getting paid and becoming profitable. With 30 years of project engineering experience, as director of two failed companies, and after becoming an academic, the author devised a course that was so popular he turned his notes into a book.

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Basic Engineering Plasticity
By David Rees
Butterworth-Heinemann, 2006
528 pages

Plasticity, which is the mechanics of the plastic deformation of materials, is a key topic studied by senior undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in mechanical and manufacturing engineering, as well as aeronautical, materials and metallurgical sciences. The author delivers both a comprehensive and accessible introduction to theories of plasticity, along with extensive engineering application examples and real world manufacturing processes. It also brings together the elements of mechanics of plasticity that is most pertinent to engineers at both the micro and macro levels, with topics such as Limit Analysis, Slip Line Field Theory, Clear Plasticity, and Sheet and Bulk Metal Forming.



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