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Waste Containment Facilities: Guidance for Construction Quality Assurance and Construction Quality Control of Liner and Cover Systems
By David E. Daniel, Ph.D., P.E. and Robert M. Koerner, Ph.D., P.E.
2nd Edition
Publisher: ASCE Press, 2007
368 pages

Although this book is geared toward engineers and managers involved in the design, construction, permitting, and operation of waste containment facilities and in the fabrication of geosynthetic mate-rial, waste contanimation and how it affects human health and the environment continues to be a growing concern in the U.S. and worldwide. The authors go over the complex task of ensuring construction quality control and assurance of geosynthetics used to contain waste, as well as manufacturing quality assurance and control of these materials. It covers all types of waste containment facilities, including hazardous waste landfills and impoundments, municipal solid-waste landfills, nonhazardous- waste liquid impoundments and final covers for new facilities and site remediation projects. This new expanded edition reflects on recent developments in test methods, specifications, and field practice.

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Handbook of Construction Tolerances
By David Kent Ballast
2nd Edition
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons Inc., 2007
416 pages

This updated and expanded edition includes tolerances of new materials and techniques that have been developed since the first edition. It is a comprehensive guide, as well as a single-source reference to the thousands of industry standard tolerances for the manufacture, fabrication and installation of construction materials and components. Architects, engineers, contractors, lawyers and others involved in the construction industry should find the information in this revised edition to be very useful in each of their professional lines of work.

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Design-Build Project Delivery
By Sidney Levy
Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2006
415 pages

The design-build method of project delivery has now become a necessity for any professional involved in non-residential construction. In addition to explaining how this method reduces overall project costs, as well as bring capital facilities on line more rapidly, Design-Build Project Delivery offers real-world examples and advice from a wide variety of industry experts on every aspect of design-build project delivery. Complete with checklists and forms, this is the most practical and comprehensive resource on this widely recognized process of project delivery.



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