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Washington Observer - Featured Headline
White House Rolls Out New Private Infrastructure Finance Plans
Plans include proposed new private infrastructure bonds for public-private ventures.

AP Wide World photo

Obama Plan to Restore Ties to Cuba Could Spur Equipment Exports
Plan includes more exports of building materials for private housing.

AP/WideWorld photo

More News
01/29/15 Senate Passes Keystone Pipeline Bill

But President Obama maintains his veto threat.
01/27/15 For Inhofe, Senate Panel's New Chairman, Transportation Bill Tops the Agenda

Oklahoma Republican expected to move quickly on new authorization measure.
01/26/15 Critics Blast Obama Plan to Limit Leasing in Arctic Refuge

Plan would designate 12.3 million acres of refuge as wilderness area.
01/22/15 VA Opens Door to Shifting Hospital Construction to Corps

Criticized for poor hospital-construction management, VA now willing to consider transferring program to the Corps.
01/21/15 Judge Cuts Total BP Oil-Spill Estimate

Judge Cuts Total BP OIl Spill Estimate
01/21/15 House Approves Bill to Modernize Regulatory Process

But critics warn bill would harm agencies’ ability to regulate.
01/16/15 House-Passed Bill Escalates Immigration Battle

Bill would block Obama's 2014 executive orders, end 2012 deportation shield for "Dreamers."
01/14/15 Supreme Court Hears Contractor Fraud Statute-of-Limitations Case

In case dealing with KBR, justices seemed skeptical that 1942 law focused on criminal activity also applies to civil cases.
01/13/15 Obama Signs 6-Year Terrorism-Insurance Extension

Federal program, which backstops private coverage for terrorism-related damages, is reauthorized through 2020.
01/09/15 Nebraska Court Dismisses Challenge to Keystone Route

But a presidential veto of legislation authorizing the project still looms.
01/07/15 Keystone Pipeline Backers Seek Quick Hill Votes on Bills to OK Project

Measures to move project have strong House and Senate support but White House threatens veto.
01/06/15 Firms Picked to Build, Design U.S. Consulate Projects in Mexico

Awards for Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros projects continue multi-year U.S. plan to upgrade facilities for busy consular program.
12/29/14 Construction Officials Urge Swift Passage of Terrorism Insurance Bill

Projects could be delayed if new Congress does not act quickly to extend TRIA program, officials warn.
12/21/14 New EPA Rule Preserves Coal Ash Recycling for Construction Materials

Environmental groups had advocated for a hazardous designation for the coal by-product.
12/19/14 White House Issues Final Part of Water-Resources Policy Rewrite

But Congress bars Corps from using the new project-evaluation guidelines through fiscal 2015.
12/17/14 Senate Passes Tax 'Extenders' But Not Terrorism-Insurance Bill

Tax bill includes breaks for renewable energy projects and capital-goods purchases.
12/15/14 Senate Passes DOD Bill Capping Design-Build Short Lists

The president is expected to sign the bill into law.
12/14/14 Senate Approves Overhaul of Multiemployer-Pension Policies

Construction unions divided over measure, which allows pension plans in "critical" condition to cut members' vested benefits.
12/14/14 Senate Approves $1.1-Trillion FY15 Spending Bill

Bill, which holds highway, Corps civil, EPA water, GSA new buildings funding at or near 2014 levels through Sept. 30, now goes to Obama for his signature.
12/12/14 NLRB Issues Rule to Accelerate Union Elections

Employer and construction industry groups plan to challenge the rule in court.
12/10/14 House-Passed Tax 'Extenders' Bill Aids Multiemployer Pension Plans, Renewable Energy

Measure has one-year extension for provisions affecting ailing multiemployer plans.
12/05/14 House OKs Bill to Limit DOD Design-Build Short Lists

The measure, which also bars DOD design-build reverse auctions, moves to the Senate, where it is expected to pass soon.
11/26/14 EPA Proposes To Tighten Smog Standard

Proposal to cut ground-level ozone limit to 65 or 70 ppb, from 75, draws environmentalists' praise and industry criticism.
11/25/14 Officials Urge EPA to Revise Renewable Fuel Regulations

Request comes after EPA pulls current proposal.
11/20/14 Construction Groups Say Obama Immigration Directive Will Slow Search for Legislative Fix

Executive order would provide millions with protection for being deported, but with conditions, and only for three years at a time.
11/20/14 States' Total Capital Spending Rose 2% in Fiscal 2014

State budget officers' report shows upturns for transportation, environmental categories, but cutback in higher education.
11/18/14 Senate Blocks Keystone Pipeline Plan

Pro-Keystone lawmakers vow to bring the bill up again during the next Congress.
11/18/14 PBGC Says Multi-Employer Pension Aid Program Faces Record Deficit

Pension agency report comes weeks before legislative provisions to help ailing plans are set to expire.
11/12/14 ?Construction Eyes Key Measures in Congress' Lame-Duck Session

Construction is pushing for action on spending, pension, insurance and defense bills before the end of December.
11/12/14 US, China Set New Goals for CO2 Emissions Cuts

U.S. part of the plan faces fierce opposition from congressional Republicans, who gained more clout in Nov. 4 elections.
11/06/14 After GOP's Election Wins, Construction Officials See Hope for Infrastructure Bills

Republicans take Senate control but majority isn't large enough to block filibusters or override vetoes.
11/05/14 EPA Seeks More Input on CO2 Rule for Existing Powerplants

Document could signal changes agency is weighing.
10/29/14 Even If GOP Wins Senate Control, Gridlock May Persist

Industry officials say infrastructure bills still will have bipartisan support.
10/29/14 Infrastructure Funding a Key Litmus Test for Political Donors

Most industry and labor groups report that spending is up compared with 2010 mid-term elections.
10/22/14 NRC Report Concludes Yucca Mountain Design is Safe

But more congressional funding would be needed before project could be revived.
10/22/14 Federal Green Infrastructure Program Adds Private-Sector Members

ASCE other industry groups will lend expertise to the program.
10/22/14 Critics Want FERC to Withdraw Its Approval of Maryland LNG Export Project

Environmental groups contend environmental review doesn’t meet NEPA requirements.
10/14/14 DOD Says Climate Change Could Threaten National Security

Pentagon hopes to integrate climate change considerations into planning.
10/14/14 Court Throws Out Challenge to EPA Clean-Air Proposal

Ruling says that the state cannot file suit to block a regulation before it becomes final.
10/13/14 World Bank, Investors Join in New Infrastructure Finance Plan

Public-private Global Infrastructure Facility will start pilot phase this year, focusing on "climate friendly" or trade-boosting projects.
10/09/14 EPA IG Says Gulf Restoration Funds Mismanaged

But EPA disputes the IG's claims concerning most of the $781,000 in questioned spending.
10/08/14 SBA Office Asks EPA To Pull Proposed Water Rule and Do Small-Business Impact Study

Comment period on controversial rule extended until Nov. 14.
10/08/14 Port Group Leads Push for Hike in Harbor Fund Spending

Campaign seeks to have 2015 appropriations roughly equal the hike WRRDA authorized.
10/02/14 Report Seeks More Life-Cycle Cost Studies on Transportation Projects

ASCE-Eno Study calls for linking federal discretionary funding to transportation projects’ performance.
10/02/14 Supreme Court's New Term Includes Two Key Cases

Industry groups are watching cases dealing with contractors’ liability protections, agencies’ regulatory procedures.
09/24/14 Reid Says Senate Will Consider Tax Extensions During Lame Duck

Senate Majority Leader Reid says he plans to take up a tax-incentive extensions bill after the elections. House Ways and Means panel has backed a more incremental approach.
09/24/14 Manufacturers' Group Charts Benefits of Infrastructure Funding Hike

New NAM study says annual infusion of $83 billion over 15 years will boost GDP, jobs, workers' pay.
09/17/14 House Panel Calls for Steps to Improve Infrastructure P3s

Recommendations include a new U.S. DOT office to develop performance standards for P3s and other project-delivery methods.
09/12/14 US DOT Awards $584 Million in Latest TIGER Grant Round

Highway projects received 47% of the sixth TIGER round's dollars; transit got 27%, maritime 13% and rail 11.5%.
09/11/14 BP Faces Hefty Fines For ‘Gross Negligence’ in 2010 Gulf Oil Spill

Money will boost cleanup work for firms, but it could be years before anyone sees substantial funds.
09/10/14 House Passes Bill To Block EPA From Issuing Final Water-Permit Rule

But the bill faces dim prospects in the Senate and a White House veto threat.
09/09/14 Feds Step Up Quest for Private Infrastructure Financing

DOT announces aid for projects as infrastructure "summit" sparks ideas to boost private investment.
09/03/14 Spending Bill Is Top Congressional Agenda Item in September

A stopgap measure funding federal agencies through at least part of fiscal 2015 seems likely.
09/03/14 NRC Vote Clears Way for Action on Stalled Licensing Decisions

NRC approves final rule on spent fuel storage, clearing the way for new reactor licenses to be issued.
08/27/14 GSA Seeks to Modernize Its Approach to Buildings Design and Construction

The bulk of the agency’s federal buildings construction budget is aimed at repairs and renovations.
08/18/14 BL Harbert Picked for $153.5M U.S. Embassy Job in Jordan

State Dept. also selects SOM to design embassy complex in Colombo, Sri Lanka; Ennead Architects to design embassy in Ankara.
08/15/14 Commerce, AIA Plan November Trade Mission to Mideast

Trip includes stops in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which have huge plans for new buildings of many types.
08/14/14 VA Overhaul Includes Some Funds to Upgrade Facilities

The measure provides $16 billion to add staff and upgrade infrastructure.
08/14/14 Protesters Target EPA Proposal on Powerplant Carbon Emissions

Twelve states file lawsuit challenging the draft rule.
08/01/14 Senate Approves House's $10.8B Trust-Fund Patch

Action sends bill to President Obama for his expected signature, averting a slowdown in federal highway aid.
07/31/14 Obama Directs Federal Contractors To List Labor Violations

Worker advocates praise action, but contractor groups threaten legal and legislative challenges.
07/29/14 White House Report Urges Climate-Change Action, Projects Rising Cost

A new report from the White House's Council of Economic Advisers projects an increase in the cost to mitigate climate change if no action is taken.
07/24/14 White House Unveils $10B Rural Infrastructure Fund

New fund aims to help finance projects in water, wastewater-treatment, electricity generation and transmission sectors.
07/24/14 Report Says Unified Approach Needed To Prepare for Coastal Disasters

National Research Council study calls for proactive approach to coastal disaster protection.
07/23/14 Obama Pushes for More Private Financing for Infrastructure

Plan consists of modest, incremental steps but no new federal funds.
07/23/14 EPA Moves One Step Closer to Restricting Mining at Bristol Bay

House committee approves legislation limiting EPA’s authority.
07/22/14 Senate Approves 7-Year Terrorism-Insurance Program Extension

Key House lawmaker criticizes Senate bill and expects resolving the issue will take months.
07/17/14 Obama Seeks to Spark More Private Infrastructure Financing

Plan includes a new DOT center to identify and surmount barriers to broader use of public-private partnerships.
07/15/14 House OKs $10.8B Highway Trust Fund 'Fix'

After House passage of a trust-fund infusion, attention now shifts to the Senate, where the Finance Committee has cleared a similar measure.
07/09/14 Officials Hope Multiemployer Pension Changes Will Be Enacted This Year

Labor and industry groups say problems with the current program point to a need for comprehensive action.
07/02/14 Oil Spill Trustees Approve 44 Gulf Restoration Projects

Texas agencies refrain from signing on to approval.
07/02/14 EPA Asks D.C. Circuit to Lift Hold on Air Pollution Regulation

Agency makes request in light of 2014 U.S. Supreme Court ruling.
07/02/14 Senate Finance Committee Is Aiming for Short-Term Trust Fund Patch

Wyden revises earlier proposal, dropping a heavy-truck tax hike and seeks agreement with Republicans.
07/01/14 Facing Highway Cash Crunch, DOT Plans to Slow Reimbursements

DOT to end daily highway funding reimbursements to states in August, shifting to twice-a-month distributions.
06/27/14 Corps Chief Calls for Private Investment in Water Infrastructure

In a press briefing on June 26, Lt. Gen. Thomas Bostick, head of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, discussed the effects of the recently passed WRRDA bill and the need for public-private partnerships to address the nation's aging infrastructure.
06/24/14 Wyden Proposes Short-Term Fix for Ailing Highway Trust Fund

But Finance Committee’s top Republican finds fault with the proposal.
06/18/14 Sens. Murphy, Corker Seek 12-Cent-Per-Gal. Gas-Tax Boost

To counter Capitol Hill opposition to tax increases, the plan would include other tax cuts, such as extending R&D and depreciation incentives.
06/17/14 National Competition Will Award $1 Billion for Resiliency Projects

Projects will be in states and localities affected by major natural disasters between 2011 and 2013.
06/13/14 Senate Passes Bill Calling for Study of VA Construction Program

Senate measure next must be reconciled with the House-passed version, which doesn't have a construction-panel provision.
06/11/14 Anxiety Grows as Trust-Fund Deficit Looms

House Republicans propose bolstering trust fund with revenue saved by cutting Saturday mail deliveries.
06/11/14 Boxer Presses NRC Chief About Post-Fukushima Recommendations

Senate panel chairman says none of NRC task-force recommendations for U.S. nuclear powerplants have been implmented yet.
06/11/14 Senate VA Bill Includes Construction Commission

Panel would examine VA construction projects and program and recommend improvements.
06/04/14 Water Industry Awaits WRRDA’s New WIFIA Loan Program

WIFIA’s funding is much smaller than transportation’s TIFIA.
06/02/14 EPA Sets Ambitious Goal to Cut Existing Powerplants' CO2 Emissions

States will play a key role in carrying out the regulation, through implementation plans due by June 2016 that are tailored to their circumstances.
05/28/14 VA/Milcon Bill Clears Senate Appropriations Committee

Panel Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski says she hopes to move all 12 fiscal 2015 bills through committee by early July.
05/28/14 House DOD Bill Includes Design-Build, Individual-Sureties Amendments

Measure Aims to Limit One-Step DB Contracting and Curb Individual-Sureties Fraud.
05/22/14 Senate Approves $12-Billion Water-Resources Package

Senate vote is final congressional step for WRRDA bill, which authorizes 34 Corps projects, launches WIFIA loan program, speeds project reviews.
05/20/14 EPA's Final Cooling Intake Rule Receives Mixed Reaction

EPA issues long-delayed rule to protect aquatic life harmed by cooling water intake structures at powerplants and factories, but environmental groups say the rule does not meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act.
05/19/14 Private Dollars Seen as One Source to Shrink Infrastructure Gap

Standard & Poor's estimates infrastructure funding shortfall in the U.S. at $200 billion a year.
05/15/14 Obama Calls for Hill To Act on Transportation Funding

White House adds 11 projects, including seven in transportation, to "dashboard" list for expedited federal reviews and permitting.
05/13/14 Industry Officials Hail House-Senate Deal on New Water-Resources Bill

Sources say compromise measure includes new WIFIA loan program for water projects and provision to support Clean Water State Revolving Funds.
05/09/14 New Study Says Infrastructure Already Feels Climate Change's Impact

National Climate Assessment urges action to address the effects of climate change, including impacts on roads, rail lines, airport runways.
05/08/14 Finance Committee Airs Transportation Funding Woes But Finds No Solutions Yet

Wyden wants to bolster the trust fund, but has longer-range $1-trillion infrastructure-finance goal.
05/08/14 Supreme Court Upholds Air Transport Rule; Impact Uncertain

But some say that ruling could embolden EPA in upcoming emissions regs for existing powerplants in June.
04/30/14 Capitol Hill Fight Looms For Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization

U.S. businesses support a bill to keep the bank running, but a key House Republican opposes it.
04/30/14 Shuster Says a Deal is Near on Final WRDA Bill

House committee chairman hoped measure would be on House and Senate floors in early May.
04/21/14 DOD: A New Budget Sequester Would Hike, Then Cut Construction

Pentagon says unless Congress cancels a slated 2016 sequester, construction spending would fall $6 billion in 2016-2019 span, compared with current projections.
04/16/14 House Appropriators Cut FY15 DOD Construction, Hike VA Major-Projects Account

House panel slices military construction 33% but increases VA large-projects funds by 64%, to same levels Obama requested.
04/16/14 Key Senators' Highway-Bill Outline Needs Revenue

Boxer, Vitter deal seen as a plus, but no answer yet on trust-fund fix.
04/16/14 Senate Appropriators Question Pause in MOX Project

DOE secretary says administration is evaluating alternatives to costly project.
04/10/14 Boxer, Vitter Agree on Highway Bill Framework, Seek Modest Funding Hike

Senate EPW panel's "Big Four" hope for six-year bill, with funding boosts for inflation, but finding new revenue will be up to tax-writing committees.
04/09/14 DOD's Proposed New BRAC Round Gets Chillly Reception in Senate

A key Republican notes that the 2005 BRAC round’s costs were much higher than DOD estimated.
04/09/14 Tax 'Extenders' Bill's Prospects are Unclear

Senate approves a tax extenders bill, but prospects in the House look dim.
04/03/14 After Senate Caterpillar Tax Probe, Next Step Unclear

Lawmakers call for corporate-tax reform but Congress is unlikely to act on that issue this year.
04/02/14 Diverse Groups Weigh in on Crystalline Silica Proposal

OSHA seeks input during series of public hearings.
04/02/14 Boxer Plans Committee Action Soon on New Highway Bill

Committee Chairman says Environment and Public Works Committee will take up the legislation in late April.
04/02/14 GSA Revises Its Design Standard for Federal Buildings

Following an industry trend, the standard is performance-based.
04/02/14 Fight Is Brewing Over Proposal Mapping Out Reach of Federal Water Regulation

Environmental groups praise new EPA-Corps proposal but industry officials say plan goes too far.
03/26/14 EPA, Corps Propose New Definition for Federally Regulated Waters

Standard would determine where contractors must obtain federal construction permits for work near bodies of water and wetlands.
03/19/14 GSA's Construction Budget Is On the Rise

But spending pressures may prompt Congress to approve less funding than the agency is seeking.
03/19/14 Appropriators Give DOT’s FY15 Budget Plan Mixed Reviews

House Chairman Rogers decries "budget gimmicks," but TIGER grants get bipartisan praise.
03/11/14 Proposed FTA 2015 Funding Hike Faces Capitol Hill Tests

Appropriations will be tight and Obama’s proposed trust-fund infusion faces long odds in an election year.
03/11/14 EPA Revises Construction Stormwater Regulation

In a victory for industry, EPA withdraws numeric limit for turbidity.
03/10/14 Obama FY15 Budget a Mixed Bag

Winners include highways, transit, GSA buildings; losers include EPA water accounts, Corps civil works.
03/10/14 Obama Rolls Out $302-Billion Transportation Bill Proposal

New plans emerge for transportation bill. But President’s plan includes trust-fund fix from a corporate tax change, whose chances on Capitol Hill are iffy at best.
02/27/14 Obama Outlines $302B, Four-Year Transport Bill Proposal

Construction officials welcome Obama's plan, and Ways and Means Chairman's proposed trust-fund infusion, but want to see action before September.
02/25/14 New Finance Panel Chair Wyden Will Be Key Player on New Transportation Bill

Oregon Democrat has strong background in infrastructure issues and has been an advocate of tax-credit bonds.
02/21/14 DOT's Foxx Calls For Long-Term Transportation Bill

Transportation Secretary says MAP-21 successor must span more than one or two years and "reshape the transportation landscape for the 21st Century."
02/18/14 Contractor Groups Want OSHA to Withdraw Silica Dust Reg

Contractor groups contend compliance costs would be too high but union organizations say the proposal is feasible, and will save lives.
02/18/14 Boxer Seeks To Unveil New Transportation Bill in April

But it will be up to Finance Committee, under new chairman Wyden, to draft revenue provisions to strengthen faltering Highway Trust Fund.
02/12/14 Obama Hikes Minimum Wage for Federal Construction, Services Contractors

Impact on construction firms may be limited, because wages generally exceed new directive's $10.10 level.
02/12/14 OSHA Proposes Three-Year Extension for Crane Operator Certification Requirements

OSHA will receive public comments on the cranes and derricks proposal until March 12, 2014.
02/12/14 NLRB Reissues Controversial Election Proposal

Employer groups say they are likely to file a legal challenge.
02/07/14 Construction Adds 48,000 Jobs in January

Construction industry seeks a significant uptick in jobs in January, despite severe weather in much of the nation.
02/05/14 NLRB Announces Plans to Reissue Union Election Rule

Nation's top labor panel says proposed rule will be identical to rule struck down by a U.S. District Court in 2012.
02/05/14 Keystone XL Pipeline Clears Another Hurdle

Project’s backers say State Dept.’s final environmental review clears the way for the project’s approval by Obama.
01/31/14 Contractors Praise, Unions Blast House GOP Immigration Outline

Republicans' legislative principles include possibility of citizenship for children of immigrants who entered U.S. illegally.
01/29/14 In State of the Union, Obama Urges Quick Hill Action on Infrastructure Bills

Industry officials welcome President's call for passing transportation, water resources bills this summer but also want specifics on funding and job creation programs.
01/27/14 Mayors Weigh In on Energy, Water Infrastructure

City officials discuss plans for building retrofits, water infrastructure goals, with administration officials at U.S. Conference of Mayors' annual winter meeting.
01/22/14 DOD Renewable Initiatives on Track, Study Shows

Energy-saving projects at military bases more than doubled between 2010 and 2012.
01/22/14 California High-Speed Rail Plan Faces Funding Deadline

State agency must provide matching-fund payment in April.
01/16/14 Fiscal 2014 Spending Bill Has a Mix of Construction Hikes and Cuts

Winners include Corps civil works, GSA construction, DOT TIGER Grants. Losers include military construction.
01/15/14 Transportation, WRDA Bills Top Construction's Capitol Hill Agenda

Highway-transit bill faces Sept. 30 deadline, funding hurdle.
01/08/14 SBA Hikes Size Standards for Dredging and Land-Subdivision Construction Firms

But agency leaves benchmarks unchanged for its 30 other construction categories.
01/08/14 Energy Dept. Requests Further Review of Nuclear Waste Fee Ruling

DOE simultaneously says it will work with Congress to develop a long-term solution
01/08/14 High Court to Hear Arguments in NLRB Appointments Case

Case could affect NLRB decisions issued from January 2012 to August 2013.
01/07/14 Corps' Options for Blocking Spread of Asian Carp Range Up to $18B

Report does not recommend a particular plan for blocking harmful species from moving into Great Lakes.
12/24/13 Interior Dept. Blocks Planned Road Through Alaska Wildlife Refuge

Ruling drew praise from environmentalists but criticism from Murkowski and some local officials.
12/23/13 Baucus' Expected Ambassadorship Puts Tax Reform in Limbo

Wyden expected to be next chair of powerful Senate Finance Committee.
12/23/13 No Deal Yet on New WRDA Bill

Top Senate negotiator says talks are “moving too slowly,” but House side has different view.
12/23/13 Construction Faces a Fight for Fiscal Year 2014 Dollars

Appropriators will divide $44.5 billion in additional funds among construction and nonconstruction accounts.
12/18/13 Senate Clears Budget Bill With $45B Spending Hike for 2014

After Obama's expected signature, construction will battle with other sectors for shares of the additional funds when appropriators decide line-item amounts.
12/10/13 Tax Extensions Before End of Year No Sure Thing

Sources say yearly exercise underscores need for comprehensive reform.
12/10/13 Industry Groups Back Design-Build Measure

Bill would limit one-step design-build procurements, generally cap short lists at five teams.
12/10/13 House Bill Would Hike Gas Tax Over Three Years, Boosting Highway Trust Fund

Would double federal tax on gas over current level
12/03/13 Coal Company Asks High Court To Hear Wetlands Permitting Case

The case, which construction industry officials say is critically important, centers on EPA's authority to revoke a construction permit.
11/27/13 House-Senate Talks on WRDA Bill Get Under Way

Top congressional negotiators are optimistic that they can strike a deal in December.
11/27/13 Senate Votes to Smooth Approvals of Presidential Nominations

Effort aimed at reducing partisan gridlock.
11/27/13 ABC Sues to Block Labor Dept. Affirmative-Action Rules

Construction group contends agency imposed record-keeping and data-collection burdens on contractors.
11/27/13 House Passes Bill To Speed Approval of Natural Gas Pipelines

But measure is probably dead on arrival in Senate.
11/19/13 State Dept. Ends FY13 With Wave of Embassy Contract Awards

September awards for major new construction and renovation projects total more than $600 million.
11/13/13 Shaheen-Portman Energy-Efficiency Bill Delayed in Senate

But the bipartisan measure has enough votes to pass, industry officials say.
11/06/13 Federal Judge Sets Timeline for EPA Action on Coal Ash

Construction groups contend ‘hazardous’ designation would stigmatize coal ash’s reuse.
11/06/13 Obama Sets Up Climate Change Task Force

Executive order calls for local and state officials to share needs with federal agencies.
11/06/13 House, Senate Budget Conferees Face a Tight Deadline

Talks are expected to focus on avoiding another shutdown, replacing mandatory sequester cuts.
10/30/13 Water-Resources Bill Heads for House-Senate Conference

Negotiators must reconcile differences between two versions, including wide gap in their price tags.
10/30/13 OSHA Extends Comment-Period Deadline for Silica Rule

OSHA extends comment period for silica rule.
10/30/13 Guidance on Diesel Use in Fracking Still A Contentious Issue

Both industry and environmentalists criticize EPA’s guidance.
10/23/13 House Approves Water Resources Bill

Industry groups are hopeful that conferees are able to swiftly reconcile differences between House and Senate versions.
10/17/13 Government Agencies Get Back To Work

End of government shutdown means agencies are open for business, but fiscal uncertainty could slow construction industry's recovery.
10/16/13 Industry Awaits High Court's Ruling in Forum-Selection Case

Decision expected before the end of the court’s term, but it’s unclear when.
10/15/13 Supreme Court To Hear Greenhouse-Gas Cases

The court will focus only on whether EPA's vehicle-emissions rule also lets the agency regulate powerplant, refinery emissions.
10/09/13 Government Shutdown's Construction Impacts Widen

Furloughs at EPA, Corps seen affecting permitting, project reviews.
10/09/13 Court Orders EPA to Move Forward with Coal-Ash Regulation

But judge provides few specifics regarding how the agency should proceed.
10/09/13 SEC Rule Gives Design Firms Broad Exemption

Engineers prefer final “municipal advisors” rule to SEC’s 2010 proposal.
10/07/13 Federal Funding Cutoff Hits Many, But Not All, Contracts

Highway program, financed from trust fund, is spared as are most FHWA personnel.
10/02/13 NLRB, Construction-Related Cases on Supreme Court Docket

Court will hear several cases that have construction implications.
10/01/13 Federal Funding Cutoff Hits Many, But Not All, Contracts

Highway program, financed from trust fund, is spared as are most FHWA personnel.
09/25/13 EPA Unveils Carbon Pollution Rule for New Powerplants

Plan could further discourage new coal plants, industry officials say
09/25/13 New Army Corps of Engineers Financing Tools Are on the Horizon

Senate, House WRDA bills would allow use of P3’s for civil works.
09/25/13 Draft Regulation Aims to Clarify Scope of the Clean Water Act

Joint EPA-Corps draft must clear interagency review before publication as proposed rule.
09/20/13 EPA Proposes to Cut Carbon Emissions at New Powerplants

New EPA proposed regs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from new powerplants are part of Obama's plan to address climate change.
09/18/13 New Draft Rule Seeks to Clarify Clean Water Act's Scope

EPA-Corps proposal, sent to OMB, would determine which wetlands, streams are subject to federal regulation.
09/13/13 Shuster Unveils Water-Resources Proposal

House committee chairman's bill authorizes $10 billion for new or modified Corps projects, deauthorizes $12 billion in old projects still not under way.
09/13/13 NRC Undecided About Next Steps on Yucca Mountain

NRC must decide by Sept. 27 whether to appeal a court directive to restart its review of an application to build the nuclear-waste repository.
09/10/13 Officials Outline Collaborative Efforts To Enhance Infrastructure Resiliency

Public and private sector leaders stress importance of breaking through silos.
09/05/13 DOT Picks Winners in $474M TIGER Grant Round

Funds will help finance 52 projects, in a variety of transportation modes, in 37 states.
09/04/13 Construction Coalition Objects to OSHA's Proposed Silica Rule

Group of 11 construction organizations want OSHA to consider industry’s unique factors.
09/04/13 Contractor Groups Blast New Labor Dept. Affirmative-Action Rules

AGC and ABC are studying legal options, including a court challenge.
09/04/13 Proposal Would Replace Harbor Tax With New Fee

Senators propose repealing harbor maintenance tax, bu legislative path for expected Murray-Cantwell bill is unclear.
08/27/13 DOE To Partner With New Jersey To Develop More Resilient Grid for Transit System

DOE and New Jersey will work together to develop a more reliable and resilient electrical grid for critical stretches of the NJ Transit System.
08/27/13 Court Directs EPA To Revise Parts of Sewage-Sludge Incinerator Rule

Appeals court says EPA methodology for setting emissions limits was flawed but leaves rule in place until EPA revises its analysis.
08/21/13 Next Step Unclear After Court Tells NRC to Revive Waste-Site Review

NRC has limited funds to restart study of Yucca Mountain repository, put on hold in 2010.
08/14/13 Court Tells NRC to Resume Review of Yucca Mountain Proposal

With NRC review of application halted in 2010 and funds limited, next step is unclear.
08/14/13 Obama Administration Calls for More Investment in Electric Grid

Weather-related outages increasing due to climate change.
08/14/13 Bureau of Reclamation Chief Nominated to DOI's No. 2 Slot

Nomination has bipartisan support in Senate.
08/14/13 DOE Approves Plan to Export LNG from a Third Terminal

But industry groups, some lawmakers, say backlog of applications needs to be addressed.
08/07/13 Fully Staffed, NLRB Faces New Chapter

Although NLRB has a quorum, it still faces an uncertain future.
08/06/13 Foxx Says Infrastructure Bank, TIFIA Won’t Close Trust Fund Gap

DOT Secretary says new highway financing tools are needed, but but dodges tax question
07/31/13 Senate Confirms Full Roster of NLRB Nominees

Approval of five nominees gives board a full complement of members for first time in a decade.
07/30/13 World Bank FY13 Infrastructure Aid Dips

Bank's energy and water sector funding commitments fell sharply, but transportation assistance increased.
07/29/13 House Approves Coal-Ash Bill

The GOP-led House passes a bill that would bolster beneficial re-use of coal ash, but no comparable bill has been introduced in Senate.
07/26/13 DOT Moves To Streamline TIFIA Loan Decisions

Criticized for slow pace of reviews, DOT is adding staffers. Foxx wants them to "try to get to 'yes' " on applications.
07/24/13 Gina McCarthy Confirmed to Top Post at EPA

Climate change likely to be at top of her agenda.
07/24/13 Construction Issues Await New Labor Secretary

As Thomas E. Perez begins work as the Dept. of Labor's new secretary, construction industry and union groups are waiting to see when the DOL will act on key regulatory issues and what it will say.
07/16/13 House GOP Taking Immigration Bill 'Step by Step'

No word yet from Boehner on how House will deal with issue of visas for temporary workers in construction.
07/15/13 Construction Firms Assess Delay of Health-Care Act Mandate

House GOP seeks to expand one-year ACA employer-mandate delay to apply to mandate for individuals.
07/12/13 House Panel Clears Bill Aimed at Cutting GSA Costs

Measure would change one-judge/one-courtroom practice in future federal courthouses.
07/10/13 Early Fiscal 2014 Appropriations Numbers Hint at Final Figures

Highways in line for a hike, thanks to MAP-21, and Corps civil works fares reasonably well.
07/08/13 DOE Nuclear Waste Cleanup Contracts Under Scrutiny

Lawmakers question DOE’s role in managing Cold War site contracts
07/02/13 Dealing With Trust Fund Seen as a Priority for DOT's Foxx

Without new revenue, a late-2014 deficit is projected for trust fund’s highway account.
07/02/13 Immigration Bill Focus Shifts to House After Senate Vote

Senate bill includes union-backed cap on guest-worker visas in construction
06/27/13 Foxx Confirmed Unanimously as DOT Secretary

Foxx's top construction-related task will be finding new revenue to shore up ailing Highway Trust Fund.
06/27/13 Senate Approves Pritzker as Commerce Secretary

Pritzker's challenges include helping to meet Obama's goal of doubling U.S. exports by the end of 2014.
06/25/13 New USTR Froman Has Busy Agenda Ahead

For equipment makers, key issues in EU talks include reducing tariffs, setting common certification standards.
06/24/13 Key House Democrat Proposes $5.5-Billion Bridge Bill

Measure has construction, transportation and organized-labor groups' support but no GOP co-sponsors so far.
06/19/13 In Wake of Washington Span's Collapse, Federal Bridge Funding Is in Focus

A key House Democrat will propose $5.5 billion for bridges over two years, but that may be a tough sell.
06/11/13 Senate Committee Clears Foxx for Top DOT Post

After unanimous approval by commerce committee, next step for nominee is floor vote.
06/11/13 Obama, House GOP Skirmish Over Fiscal 2014 Spending Bills

White House threatens veto of any appropriations bill that adheres to House-passed budget framework.
06/11/13 House Panel Seeks Faster Corps Project Reviews

Finishing project study now takes 10-15 years, House Chairman Shuster says.
06/07/13 North Carolina Emerged From a 1999 Flood Disaster With An Overhauled Risk Assessment System

Hurricane Floyd left more than a vast landscape of flooded fields and towns in North Carolina in 1999. It left a determination to get to the bottom of flood risk assessment and not be caught by surprise again.
06/05/13 After Sandy, FEMA Flood Maps Are a Moving Target

Post-Sandy flood map controversy spotlights advancements, limitations of the ever-evolving approach to refining hazard data.
06/05/13 House Passes Bill Cutting DOD, VA Construction Funds

House also defeated amendment to bar funds to implement Davis-Bacon requirements on DOD and VA projects.
06/05/13 Special Report: How Sandy-Struck Regions Are Coming Back

Lessons learned continue to evolve eight months after a devastating storm surge in New York and New Jersey.
06/05/13 New Post-Construction Stormwater Rule Could be Delayed

A controversial post-construction stormwater rule would impose new requirements on builders.
06/05/13 Federal Aid for Post-Sandy Rebuilding Rolls Out

After initial repair phase, reconstruction to fortify infrastructure against future storms will follow.
05/29/13 Focus on Water-Resources Bill Shifts to the House

A key question is how House commmittee chairman Shuster will deal with project authorizations.
05/22/13 OSHA Extends Deadline for Crane Operator Certification Requirements

OSHA also says it will reconsider addressing industry concerns about certification and qualification in a separate rulemaking.
05/21/13 Senate Confirms Moniz as DOE Secretary

Moniz, sworn in on May 21, faces decisions on LNG export applications and the challenge of huge nuclear-weapons plant cleanup.
05/21/13 Perez and McCarthy Nominations Move Toward Full Senate Vote

But road to confirmation could still be rocky; Considerable GOP opposition to both nominees persists.
05/21/13 BLM Fracking Proposal Receives Tepid Response

BLM says update is needed to 30-year-old regulations
05/15/13 Senate Clears Water Resources Bill

Focus now shifts to passing comparable legislation in the House.
05/15/13 Senators Optimistic About Prospects for Energy Effiency Bill

Bill passes committee by bipartisan majority.
05/15/13 Republicans Block Votes on EPA, Labor Nominees

Votes on rescheduled to take place on May 16.
05/15/13 Senate WRDA Bill Nears Passage

Measure would authorize 27 Corps projects, boost trust-fund spending for dredging and create a water infrastructure loan program.
05/02/13 EPA to Award More than Half Billion to Water, Wastewater Plants Hit by Sandy

Funding will focus on projects that provide resiliency in future storms.
05/02/13 Pritzker Picked for Commerce Dept., Froman for USTR

Choices are of keen interest to design, construction and equipment companies seeking to boost exports.
05/01/13 EPA Says Keystone Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement 'Insufficient'

Opponents and supporters of Keystone XL pipeline disagree on significance of an April 22 EPA letter on project's draft supplemental environmental impact statement.
04/29/13 Obama Picks Charlotte, N.C., Mayor to Head DOT

If confirmed, Foxx's challenges would include finding ways to finance highways and transit beyond 2014.
04/29/13 Congress Passes Bill to End FAA Furloughs by Cutting Construction Grants

Measure would let FAA shift $253 million from airport construction grants to pay for personnel costs.
04/24/13 EPA Proposal Will Affect Coal Plants

Proposed standard would limit release of pollutants into waterways
04/24/13 GOP Lawmakers Raise Concerns about Labor Secretary Nominee Tom Perez

But Democrats defend his record.
04/24/13 Immigration Bill Receives Tepid Reception

Lawmakers say they hope to improve bill during legislative process
04/17/13 Senate Holds Confirmation Hearings on EPA, DOE Nominees

Nominees appear to face easy confirmation.
04/17/13 House-Approved Bill Curbing Labor Panel's Authority Faces Dim Future

Obama nominates a full package of NLRB nominees for Senate consideration.
04/16/13 President Obama's 2014 Budget a 'Mixed Bag'

Budget boosts some infrastucture programs, cuts aid to others.
04/10/13 Obama Budget Hikes Some Infrastructure Programs, Cuts Others

Proposal includes big increase for GSA, modest gains for highways and transit and a sharp cut for EPA water programs.
04/09/13 Crane Experts Challenge OSHA Rules

Should crane operators be tested on the type and capacity of crane they are using? Some people think so.
04/08/13 NRC Study: Stay Green, DOD

But report also recommends that DOD use benchmarking and other methods to measure buildings’ performance.
04/03/13 Groups Broker Deal for Immigration Reform

Resolution of key sticking point sets stage for legislation
03/27/13 Senate Committee Approves Interior Dept. Nominee

Nomination of Jewell, former REI CEO, next goes to full Senate.
03/27/13 NRC Moves on a Post-Fukushima Recommendation

Panel calls for hardened venting-systems rule but postpones action on filtering.
03/27/13 CR Averts Federal Shutdown

Bill also includes mandatory sequestration cuts, affecting many construction programs.
03/27/13 WRDA Bill Clears Senate Committee

Measure has drawn industry support but criticism from environmental groups.
03/21/13 Continuing Resolution Restores MAP-21 Highway Funds

After Senate, House passage, bill goes to White House for Obama's signature.
03/20/13 Budget Battle Heats Up on Capitol Hill

House Republicans, Senate Democrats propose sharply different blueprints.
03/18/13 Obama Picks Justice Dept. Civil Rights Chief to Lead Labor Dept.

Perez praised by organized labor but business is taking wait-and-see stance.
03/12/13 Senate Spending Bill Would Restore Highway Funds

If Senate clears bill, it would have to be reconciled with House-passed version, which includes the transportation cuts.
03/11/13 Key House Democrat Seeks Wider 'Buy America' Mandate

Rahall proposal has support from U.S. business groups and unions, but has drawn criticism from Canadian industry organization.
03/06/13 Former Lawmakers Call for Energy Bill

Dorgan and Lott outline recommendations for energy policy
03/06/13 Keystone XL Pipeline Clears a Hurdle

State Dept. environmental review enrages environmental groups.
03/06/13 State DOTs Focus on MAP-21 Policy Changes, and Next Transport Bill

U.S. DOT working on proposed rules to speed projects’ reviews, and set benchmarks to measure project performance.
03/06/13 Sequester's Construction Spending Cuts Total More than $4 Billion

Transportation accounts financed by trust funds are partly or totally exempt from cutbacks.
03/05/13 Obama Names Picks to Lead EPA, DOE

Gina McCarthy, Ernest Moniz likely to be confirmed
03/02/13 Sequester's Construction Cuts Exceed $4 Billion

Some trust-fund programs are partly or completely exempt from cuts, including highways and airport grants.
02/27/13 Report Recommends Changes for Multiemployer Pension Plans

Proposals from industry-union panel could help shape future legislation.
02/27/13 Controversy Over EPA Email Accounts Heats Up

Region 8 administrator resigns.
02/20/13 After Adverse Court Ruling, President Obama Re-Nominates Two to NLRB

D.C. Circuit invalidates recess appointments
02/20/13 A Way to Avoid March 1 Mandatory Spending Cuts Is Elusive

Senate Democrats offer $110-billion, 10-month reprieve from cuts, but key Republican dismisses plan.
02/20/13 New Senate Climate Bill Likely to Face Tough Path

Measure would set fees on emissions from big fossil-fuel plants, help fund renewable-energy projects.
02/20/13 Obama's Public-Works Funding Proposal Faces Long Odds in Congress

Congress didn’t embrace earlier versions of president’s revived $50-billion infrastructure plan.
02/16/13 NY Gets $287M from US DOT for Post-Sandy Road, Bridge Repairs

Funds will go to state, city and county agencies to reimburse them for post-hurricane repair costs.
02/08/13 EPA Seeks Reactions to Draft Climate Adaptation Plan

EPA's framework looks at potential vulnerabilities within the agency's mission areas as a result of climate change.
02/08/13 FTA on Fast Track To Provide $2B in Post-Sandy Aid

Newly enacted disaster-relief bill requires FTA to make all $2 billion available by March 30.
02/06/13 REI Chief Jewell Picked To Lead Dept. of the Interior

Jewell has strong environmental credentials, a mechanical engineering degree, and experience in the oil and banking industries.
02/06/13 Bill Suspending Debt Limit Is Enacted

But mandatory defense and non-defense spending cuts due to take effect March 1.
02/06/13 DOE Nuclear-Fuel Plant Allies Seek to Avoid Budget Cuts

Project expected to be $1 billion to $2 billion over budget.
02/06/13 Lawmakers Eye Harbor Maintenance Fund's Surplus

Boxer wants to revise funding allocations among ports, widen fund’s use beyond dredging.
02/06/13 DOE’s Steven Chu Announces Resignation

At DOE, Chu oversaw doubling of investment in renewable energy projects
02/05/13 Q&A: 10 Minutes With DOT's Ray LaHood

In an interview with ENR, DOT Secretary hints that Obama will have "bold things to say" about infrastructure in second term.
02/01/13 DOE Secretary Chu Announces Resignation

Chu's tenure saw doubling of renewable-energy production, a natural gas boom and controversy over loan guarantees to now-bankrupt Solyndra.
01/30/13 House-Passed Debt-Limit Bill Awaits Senate Vote

Senate to vote on House-passed bill temporarily suspending debt limit. Measure would avert financial crisis, at least until mid-May.
01/30/13 Senators, Obama Begin Push for Comprehensive Immigration Measure

Legislation, not yet drafted, would include several provisions affecting employers.
01/30/13 Obama Signs $50.5B Measure For Post-Sandy Relief, Rebuilding

Newly enacted measure includes $10.9 billion for the Federal Transit Administration and $5.4 billion for Corps of Engineers civil-works projects.
01/30/13 Trade Talks May Aid A/E, Construction Services Exports

U.S. to open talks with other countries, aiming to boost exports of services, including design and construction. One U.S. aim in the negotiations, to begin by mid-April, is to reduce barriers hampering exports of services.
01/29/13 LaHood to Leave Top DOT Post

LaHood's announcement that he will depart after a replacement is confirmed will heat up the rumor mill about possible candidates for the top DOT job.
01/28/13 Bipartisan Group of Senators Outlines Plans for Immigration Reform

Blueprint for legislative package includes a number of provisions that affect employers.
01/23/13 EPA Offers Cities More Flexibility in Funding Water Projects

New EPA memo could allow use of more factors in assessing projects’ financial impact on localities.
01/23/13 Obama Sets Climate Change as Second-Term Priority

Environmental groups say president is likely to seek regulatory, not legislative, solutions.
01/23/13 Senate Vote Next Step for $50.5B Post-Sandy Funding Bill

Industry, states are seeking quick Senate action on Sandy relief bill, with billions for infrastructure. The package includes $10.9 billion for public transit, $5.35 billion for Corps waterways work.
01/15/13 House Clears $50.5B Post-Sandy Aid Measure

The package, which has substantial funding for transit, waterways, highways and other infrastructure projects, both short-term and long-range, next goes to the Senate.
01/15/13 Defense Authorization Bill Includes Surety Provision to Help Small Businesses

Language in defense authorization measure, signed into law on Jan. 2, expands size of contracts eligible for SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program.
01/10/13 Labor Secretary Hilda Solis To Step Down

Hilda Solis is known for her tough enforcement approach.
01/09/13 New Fiscal Fights Ahead After 'Cliff' Deal

In coming weeks, U.S. to hit debt ceiling, and also face new deadlines for budget sequester cuts, fiscal 2013 appropriations.
01/09/13 Congress Clears $9.7 for Sandy Flood-Aid, N.Y. and N.J. Seek More

House approval of $9.7 billion Sandy flood-aid package is only a first step, and is set to vote on remainder of package Jan. 15.
01/03/13 What 'Fiscal Cliff' Measure Means for Construction

Measure raises top estate-tax rate to 40%, delays mandatory spending cuts for two months, extends depreciation and renewable energy tax breaks.
01/02/13 House Ends Session Without Considering Post-Sandy Aid

After outcry from New Jersey and New York, Boehner pledges Jan. 4 vote on flood-insurance aid, plus Jan. 15 votes on two bills totaling $51 billion for immediate and longer-range recovery work.
12/31/12 Wyden Set to Chair Senate Energy Committee

Priorities for incoming chair of Senate energy committee include transitioning to low-carbon economy.
12/27/12 EPA's Lisa Jackson Announces Resignation

Administrator will step down after president's state of the union speech
12/20/12 Benghazi Review Panel Calls For Boost in Embassy Funding

Independent board calls for $2.2 billion for embassy-security projects, including new construction, in high-risk locations.
12/17/12 Elections, MAP-21 and 'Fiscal Cliff' Top Federal Construction News in 2012

Year also saw changes atop several federal agencies, and Supreme Court's deteminations in contract liability, health care and environmental cases.
12/14/12 EPA Tightens Soot and Fine-Particle Standard

Industry had sought to keep the current benchmark, but EPA officials say the new standard's health benefits far outweigh the costs to implement it.
12/14/12 States' Revenue Up, But Growth Modest and Uneven, Report Says

Governors, state budget officers say revenue is increasing but not at strong enough pace to make up for all the cutbacks of the past four years.
12/10/12 U.S.-Russia Trade Bill Gains Final Hill Approval

Measure is seen as a boost for U.S. construction-equipment exports to Russia.
12/07/12 White House Seeks $60.4B for Post-Sandy Recovery, Rebuilding

Proposal includes $47 billion for near-term relief, repairs and reconstruction and $13 billion for longer-range steps to protect against damage from major storms in the future.
12/05/12 What Key House Committee Will Tackle With New Chairman

Under Rep. Bill Shuster, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee's agenda should include a new water resources act.
11/29/12 Construction Industry Worries About Fiscal Cliff

If negotiators fail to strike a deal, construction spending would be cut and many firms’ taxes on income and estates would climb.
11/28/12 Bill Shuster to Chair House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

Term limit rule requires Mica to step down
11/28/12 Senate Vote Is Next Step for U.S.-Russia Trade Bill

Measure would lead to tariff cuts on U.S. construction-equipment exports to Russia.
11/28/12 PBGC Multi-Employer Pension-Program Deficit Grows

MAP-21 allows multi-employer premiums to rise to $12 in 2013, from $9 this year.
11/28/12 Dept. of Energy Moves Forward on Small Modular Reactors

DOE announces winner of first portion of funding for commercial deployment of small modular reactors.
11/21/12 Construction Shifts Focus to Legislation, Regulatory Issues

Industry and unions watching fiscal negotiations, eyeing water resources, immigration bills, Keystone pipeline decision in 2013
11/21/12 Voters OK Billions in Bond Measures for Projects and Send Two Industry Executives to Congress

Infrastructure projects could get a cash boost from Nov. 6 voting, with about $3.2 billion in state measures and some $36 billion in local initiatives passed, according to analyses and media reports.
11/12/12 Keystone Pipeline a Litmus Test for Obama

Energy and environmental groups spell out their priorities for a second Obama term.
11/09/12 After Elections, Construction Looks for Action on Key Issues

Obama invites Hill leaders to White House on Nov. 16 to start talks to avoid looming fiscal cliff. Other construction issues, such as WRDA bill, Keystone XL and MAP-21 implementation, lie further ahead.
10/31/12 Construction’s Campaign Dollars Are Streaming In

Industry organizations have poured out a record $101 million in contributions to federal candidates. Construction unions also hit a new high of $21 million.
10/23/12 Oil-and-Gas Group Raises Concerns With EPA's Pavillion, Wyo., Groundwater Study

American Petroleum Institute says USGS data shows different results than EPA sampling
10/19/12 Environmentalists, GOP Lawmakers Spar Over Clean Water Act Trends

On landmark law's 40th anniversary, green groups fear GOP moves to change law; Republicans blast EPA's tougher stance.
10/17/12 P3 Advocates Seek to Build on MAP-21

TIFIA applicants’ $28 billion in preliminary requests exceed the $7 billion available for FY 13.
10/10/12 High Court Hears Property 'Takings' Case Involving Corps’ Water Releases

Case involves water releases from Corps dam that damaged timberland.
10/10/12 Report Says Corps Faces Major Civil-Works Maintenance Burden

National Research Council study says options to address problem include more federal aid, funding from system users, and partnershps with private sector, states and localities.
10/05/12 Voters to Decide Fate of $4 Billion in State Bond Issues

Arkansas has largest proposal, a sales tax to raise $1.3B for highways.
10/04/12 Study Says Corps Has Big Infrastructure Maintenance Problem

National Research Council panel says options to address problem include more federal funds, user payments and new partnerships with private sector, states, localities to handle maintenance and operations.
10/03/12 High Court to Hear Water, 'Takings' Cases

Two cases on the docket deal with the Clean Water Act; the "takings" case focuses on water releases from a Corps dam.
09/22/12 Senate Clears 6-Month Stopgap Spending Bill

Continuing resolution next goes to the White House for Obama's expected signature.
09/19/12 Budget Sequester Would Cut Many Construction Programs

Trust fund-financed programs would be spared, EPA water, DOD construction, other accounts face hits.
09/19/12 Stopgap Spending Bill's Transport Funding Draws Fire

House passes six-month spending stopgap, but the six-month continuing resolution falls short of MAP-21 levels, critics say.
09/14/12 House Clears 6-Month Stopgap Spending Bill

Measure provides 0.6% increase over 2012 level, but falls $620 million below MAP-21 amounts for highways and transit.
09/12/12 A Second Obama Term Could Look Much Like the First

If re-elected, Obama is expected to pursue similar policies and legislation, but GOP’s strong Hill position would block his bills.
09/12/12 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Gives Staff Go-Ahead to Revise Waste Confidence Rule

Work must be completed within 24 months
09/12/12 GSA Names DOD Official to Head Public Buildings Service

GSA picks DOD official who oversaw BRAC to lead public buildings program.
09/10/12 Pre-Election Capitol Hill Agenda Is Thin

Six-month spending measure one of few must-pass bills on tap before October.
09/05/12 Construction Firms, Groups, Mixed on Romney Policies

Some in the construction industry are waiting for more information on Romney's plans.
08/28/12 New Fuel-Economy Rule Hurts Highway Fund, Industry Says

Higher miles-per-gallon standard will mean major fuel savings, but also cut gas-tax revenue for the Highway Trust Fund, industry officials say.
08/28/12 Key House Vote Looms in September for U.S.-Russia Trade Bill

Measure would result in lower tariffs on exports to Russia of U.S. construction equipment and other products.
08/24/12 Romney Energy Plan Would Ramp Up Domestic Production

Romney's plan includes approving Keystone XL pipeline and expanding offshore oil and natural-gas drilling.
08/22/12 DOT Lets States Shift Unused Funds for Old Earmarked Projects

Alabama, California, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania have the most funds to redeploy.
08/22/12 New NRC Chief Outlines Priorities

A top agenda item is developing response to court ruling that vacated 2010 nuclear waste rules.
08/22/12 States Gear Up To Seek Expanded TIFIA Loan Aid

MAP-21 hikes DOT program’s potential loan total to $6.9 billion in 2013, $9.2 billion in 2014, from $1.1 billion this year.
08/17/12 DOT Lets States Shift $473M Unspent on Earmarks to Other Projects

Alabama has the largest amount of funds to redeploy, with $51.5 million, followed by California, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania.
08/10/12 Nuclear Foes Hail NRC Move To Freeze Construction, Licenses

Freeze affects pending licensing decisions but reviews, other NRC proceedings will continue.
08/08/12 DOD, Dept. of Interior To Encourage Renewable Energy Projects

DOD and Dept. of Interior sign agreement to work together to increase renewable power at former public lands set aside for military use.
08/08/12 Senate Finance Passes Tax Extensions

Key legislation faces an uphill battle.
08/08/12 Florida VA Project on Target, Says VA

Report contradicts contractor’s claims
08/01/12 White House, Congressional Leaders Strike Deal on Budget

Continuing resolution will adhere to higher $1.047 trillion ceiling under the Budget Control Act.
07/31/12 MAP-21 Toughens 'Buy America' Requirements, U.S. Industry Says

U.S. industry groups welcome provision to apply Buy America on multi-contract highway, bridge projects, even if only one contract uses federal funds.
07/31/12 IG Report Criticizes U.S. Reconstruction Effort in Afghanistan

Special IG for Afghanistan Reconstruction says most of the 2011 projects are behind schedule.
07/25/12 U.S.-Russia Trade Bill On Fast Track to Passage

Trade legislation that is expected to boost U.S. exports to Russia, including shipments of construction equipment, is moving swiftly toward passage in Congress.
07/25/12 Arbitration Court Sides With Canada in Timber Pricing Ruling
Court's ruling on lumber prices is a defeat for the U.S.
07/23/12 Construction Groups See Bright Spots in MAP-21's Details

Construction groups like provisions affecting pavements, innovative project delivery, P3 model contracts, stormwater control, among others.
07/18/12 Coalition Seeks to Make U.S. Infrastructure More Resilient

New National Resilience Coalition’s founders include The Infrastructure Security Partnership and ASCE
07/18/12 Continuing Resolution Likely for FY13 Spending Bills

Few, if any, of the 12 appropriations bills are likely to be enacted by the Oct. 1 start of FY13.
07/18/12 House Again Votes to Repeal Health-Care Law

Measure unlikely to go anywhere in the Senate
07/16/12 GAO: BRAC Costs Jumped From 2005 Estimates

Increased construction costs main factor in overall hike
07/16/12 MAP-21 Transportation Measure Goes on the Books

Newly enacted measure provides $104.4 billion for roads, transit, safety through fiscal 2014, revamps project reviews, boosts TIFIA loans.
07/02/12 GSA Details Plans for Downtown Los Angeles

Agency plans to transfer a 74-year-old federal courthouse to a developer, which would construct a new federal building nearby for GSA.
06/28/12 UPDATE: Obama Signs $104B Highway-Transit Bill

New MAP-21 statute carries highway, transit programs through fiscal 2014, giving agencies greater funding certainty to help launch major projects.
06/27/12 EPA Proposes Revising Clean-Air Rule for Cement Plants

Changes, which include a two-year extension of compliance deadline, draw praise from industry but criticism from environmental groups.
06/25/12 GSA Plans Unusual Buildings Deal in L.A.

Agency would transfer 74-year-old courthouse to development firm, which in return would build new federal office building. GSA also plans to award design-build contract by yearend for major new courthouse next to new office building.
06/25/12 Eyes Turn to Arizona After Immigration Ruling

Construction firms and other states are watching to see how Arizona will implement the part of its immigration statute left standing.
06/25/12 Obama’s Pick to Chair Nuclear Regulatory Commission Seems Likely to Be Confirmed

Nominees to serve on Nuclear Regulatory Commission likely to win confirmation, despite misgivings of some Dems about Svinicki
06/25/12 Senate Bill Seeks Expanded Exports to Russia

Measure would give Russia permanent normal trade relations status before it joins WTO later this summer.
06/25/12 Transportation Bill Negotiations Head to the Wire

Senate and House seemed far apart as June 30 deadline drew near.
06/22/12 DOT Awards $485 Million in New 'TIGER' Grants

In fourth round of the highly popular program, road and bridge projects received 35% of the total sum awarded; 16% went to transit; 13% to passenger rail; and 12% each to freight rail, ports, and multimodal/bicycle/pedestrian sectors.
06/18/12 Nuke Waste Disposal Solution Still Elusive

A bipartisan group in the Senate is drafting a bill to address a blue ribbon panel's recommendations for dealing with nuclear waste, but no major legislation is likely to clear Congress this year.
06/11/12 Boxer, Inhofe Float New Transportation Bill Proposal

Key Senate negotiators deliver compromise offer to House counterparts, but it only covers highway, transit and safety issues, not financing or controversial non-transportation matters.
06/11/12 House Spending Bills Include Controversial Provisions on PLAs, the Clean Water Act

Appropriations bills are about money, but sometimes those measures have policy provisions that spark fierce fights. The fiscal 2013 appropriations round, now under way, offers several examples.
06/11/12 OMB Freezes New Federal Real Estate Acquisitions

Obama administration freezes acquisition of new federal civilian real estate, unless offsets can be made.
06/04/12 Fiscal Year 2013 Looks Rough for Construction Spending

Early results show Senate appropriators backing small hikes, but House counterparts are cutting back.
06/04/12 NLRB Member Resigns, Leaving Panel Short-Handed

A GOP member’s departure will leave the National Labor Relations Board with three Democrats, one Republican.
06/04/12 NRC: Obama Picks An Academic as Panel's New Chair

If the Senate confirms Macfarlane, she would succeed controversial Jaczko as head of nuclear regulatory panel.
05/29/12 National Labor Relations Board Member Resigns

Departure of GOP member leaves the board with three Democrats and one Republican.
05/28/12 Senate Passes Three-Year Ex-Im Bank Measure

Senate vote marks final congressional approval of the bill, which now goes to the White House. Obama praised the measure and said he would sign it.
05/28/12 Solar Tariffs Could Stifle U.S. Market

Some question whether decision to impose tariffs on Chinese solar imports will truly benefit U.S. market
05/24/12 Obama Picks an Academic to be New NRC Chair

Macfarlane, a George Mason professor, also served on blue-ribbon panel charged with recommending steps to deal with nuclear-waste disposal problem. If confirmed, she would succeed controversial chairman Jaczko, who recently said he would step down.
05/21/12 A Quick Deal on Transport Bill? Don't Bet On It

Industry officials say negotiations over revenue issues will be a key to a House-Senate deal.
05/21/12 Underwater Transmission Line Moves Closer to Construction

Interior Dept. determination clears path for transmission project’s next step, an environmental review.
05/14/12 New Keystone XL Pipeline Review Begins

Project remains controversial as pressure to move forward mounts
05/07/12 Bostick Confirmed as Corps Chief

Senate “holds” delayed his confirmation for more than a year.
05/07/12 EPA Official Resigns Over 'Crucify' comments

Environmental groups say they have lost an advocate
05/07/12 Five Projects Picked To Apply for TIFIA Loans

Enter Your Teaser Here
04/30/12 EPA Regional Official Resigns Amid Controversy

Top Republican on Senate Environment and Public Works panel still seeks hearings and says Armendariz's resignation does not solve the problem at EPA
04/30/12 EPA Rule To Curb Hydrofracking Emissions Draws Mixed Reactions

Oil and gas groups like rule's 2015 compliance date but some environmentalists contend EPA conceded too much to industry.
04/30/12 House, Senate Nearly Set for Talks on Highway-Transit Bill

Industry officials hope for final votes by June 30 and say the final version may only extend through September 2013.
04/26/12 Senate Panel Seeks Hikes for Corps, DOE cleanup, House Committee Votes for Cuts

Senate appropriations panel approves fiscal 2013 bill with 1% boost for Corps civil works, tiny increase for DOE environmental cleanup. House committee recommends 4% cut for Corps, 2% reduction for DOE cleanup.
04/25/12 DOT Picks 5 Projects to Apply for TIFIA Loans

Projects making the cut include California's State Route 91 and Long Beach bridge, Colorado's U.S. Route 36, I-35W in Texas and northern Virginia HOT lanes.
04/23/12 GSA Blasted at House Hearings

Agency’s new acting chief launches sweeping review, but no construction projects halted or delayed.
04/23/12 National Labor Relations Board Member Flynn in Hot Seat

Board member charged with ethics violations
04/18/12 House Passes 3-Month Transport Bill, Conference With Senate Is Next

Measure sets stage for negotiations to work out differences between the House's three-month version and the Senate-passed $109-billion, two-year bill.
04/16/12 DOT: Proposals Outstrip Funding for Fourth Round of TIGER Program Grants

DOT gets 703 applications, totaling $10.2 billion, but has just $500 million to award.
04/16/12 U.S. House Budget Worries Construction Industry

Measure’s recommended cuts in broad government sectors expected to affect House appropriations for specific construction programs.
04/09/12 Firms Seek Silver Lining in Milcon Reductions

Despite a gloomy outlook, an annual Defense Dept. construction chiefs budget briefing on March 27 saw record attendance.
04/02/12 Costly Meeting Forces Out GSA Chief

Public Buildings Service Commissioner Peck, plus one other top GSA official, are removed from their jobs, Obama administration official says.
04/02/12 Highway-Transit Stopgap Stuck in House

House GOP leaders postpone March 27 vote on two-month transportation extension, one day after dropping a proposed three-month bill.
04/02/12 Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Health Care Case

Construction industry sources say that health care law is problematic for employers.
04/02/12 EPA Carbon Proposal Could Shutter More Coal Plants

EPA announces proposal to limit carbon emissions from new powerplants
03/30/12 Obama Signs 3-Month Highway-Transit Stopgap

House, Senate cleared latest extension on March 29. Boehner says House GOP is putting "final touches" on multi-year measure and will have it ready in mid-April.
03/26/12 Lawsuits Target Algae Regulations

NRDC and other environmental groups file two lawsuits to get EPA to develop standards curb nutrient pollution. Wastewater groups say costs of upgrades would be "astronomical."
03/19/12 Lawsuits Seek Stricter Wastewater-Treatment Requirements

Lawsuits aim to reduce algae-bloom "dead zones," but water agencies say possible new requirements, if put in place, could cost $280 billion nationwide.
03/14/12 Senate Passes $109B Highway-Transit Bill

House is working on longer-term bill, but if it can't pass that, it may have to take up something like Senate-passed measure, aide to Boehner says.
03/12/12 BP Settlement Could Bring More Dollars for Gulf Coast Restoration

Justice Dept. says it’s prepared to proceed with case seeking Clean Water Act penalties.
03/12/12 Washington Observer: Senate Highway-Transit Bill; U.S. Loans?

House GOP deciding how, or whether, to revises their five-year measure.
03/09/12 NRC Sets New Safety Requirements for U.S. Nuclear Plants

NRC directives reflect lessons learned from last year's Fukushima disaster in Japan.
03/05/12 As Transport Bill Muddle Continues, State DOTs Cope With Funding Uncertainty

As House and Senate struggle to move highway-transit bills, stopgap funding has had an impact on state DOT construction programs
03/05/12 Construction Groups Criticize Obama Corporate Tax Plan

Treasury Secretary Geithner calls president's proposal a 'starting point.'
02/27/12 Highway-Transit Bills' Progress Slows in House, Senate

But congressional leaders still see measures as priorities and want to push ahead.
02/27/12 New Construction Turbidity Limit Seen as Win For Industry

Permit replaces 2008 requirements.
02/27/12 SBA Retreats on Big Hike for Design Firms' Revenue Cap

The SBA backs away from large hikes in size standards for architects.
02/22/12 Obama Proposes to Cut Top Corporate Tax Rate

Plan does not affect small businesses in construction and other industries that are set up as partnerships or S corporations, and taxed at individual, not corporate, rates.
02/20/12 Civilian BRAC Bill to Dispose of Excess Federal Assets Faces Challenges in Senate

But some industry officials say that the House-approved concept has bipartisan support.
02/20/12 Lawmakers Seek To Revive Keystone Pipeline Project

GOP amendment would allow project to proceed
02/20/12 Obama Budget Proposes Many Construction Cuts

Congressional Republicans slam the plan and say they will draw up a different budget.
02/13/12 Obama FY13 Budget Seeks Cuts in Many Construction Programs

Plan also includes $476-billion, six-year transportation authorization, but House and Senate already are moving on their own bills.
02/13/12 Congress Clears Long-Delayed FAA Bill

Congress authorized FAA construction grants at $3.35 billion a year, the same as the 2012 appropriation but a 5% cut from 2011.
02/13/12 Fight Brewing Over House GOP’s Transit Funding Plan

As House and Senate transportation bills advance, House Ways and Means Votes to end transit’s Highway Trust Fund aid.As House and Senate transportation bills advance, House Ways and Means Votes to end transit’s Highway Trust Fund aid.
02/07/12 House Passes Bill to Shed Excess Federal Buildings

Measure would set up BRAC-type panel to sell or dispose of excess non-military federal real estate. But White House objects to some provisions.
02/01/12 Finally, House, Senate Conferees Agree on 4-Year FAA Bill

Measure would authorize $3.35 billion a year through 2015 for Airport Improvement Program construction grants, the same amount already appropriated for 2012.
01/31/12 U.S., Canada Extend Lumber Trade Pact

Two-year extension will keep 2006 agreement in effect into October 2015.
01/31/12 Obama's State of the Union Proposals Face Rough Going

The president's proposal to fund boost in transportation spending through savings from winding down wars overseas draws mixed response.
01/30/12 Industry Pushing for Highway-Transit Bill

AGC, Chamber of Commerce launch drive to move long-delayed legislation.
01/30/12 Labor Provision Deal Unblocks FAA Bill

One more extension in works to give lawmakers time to wrap up mult-year measure.
01/24/12 Update: Deal on Labor Provision Removes Barrier for FAA Bill

After Reid-Boehner agreement on labor issue, House sets Jan. 24 vote on new stopgap, to provide time to finish long-delayed authorization for airport grants, other FAA programs.
01/23/12 Clean Air: Court Vacates EPA Delay of MACT Rule

Sierra Club says going back to rule’s original effective date will reduce illnesses, but manufacturers say it will cost jobs.
01/23/12 No FAA Bill Deal Yet, Another Extension Likely

Multiple extensions since 2007 have caused problems for airports’ construction programs.
01/23/12 Trade: White House Proposes Agency Consolidation

But some lawmakers are uneasy about proposal to merge trade agencies.
01/09/12 Some Leeway in New Pipeline Safety Law

Sharply higher fines kick in right away, but deadlines for regulations are many months off and will take costs, other factors into account.
01/09/12 NLRB Appointments Draw GOP Fire, Unions' Praise

Republican leaders and business groups criticize Obama's NLRB appointments, but union officials praise them.
01/09/12 New Defense Strategy Foreshadows Cuts in Construction Programs

But some firms note that pockets of opportunity still remain.
01/09/12 Prospects for Extended Tax Breaks for 2012 Not Very Good

But some are optimistic that a deal can be struck
01/05/12 Obama Makes Three Recess Appointments to NLRB

While union supporters praised the move, Republicans decried the way in which the appointments were made and vowed legal action.
01/02/12 Industry Assails Timetable for New Mercury Standard for Powerplants

But environmental advocates say standards are achievable
01/02/12 Business Groups Challenge New NLRB Rule

But labor groups say rule is a necessary reform
12/23/11 After Hill Standoff Ends, Obama Signs Two-Month Payroll Tax-Cut Extension

Bill also requires Obama administration to decide in 60 days whether Keystone XL oil pipeline should move forward. State Dept. said it would be unable to issue decision by that deadline.
12/20/11 House and Senate at Impasse over Payroll Tax Cut Bill

House rejects Senate-approved two-month extension
12/20/11 Omnibus Spending Bill Trims Many Construction Programs

Bill cuts spending for EPA water, GSA new construction, and DOD base closure programs, but boosts Corps civil works.
12/19/11 Court Issues Mixed Ruling in Cement-Kiln Case

A federal appellate court didn't fully satisfy industry or environmentalists with its ruling in a case concerning federal rules that govern cement kilns' air emissions.
12/19/11 Supreme Court Hears Montana Water Case

Supreme Court hears arguments in Montana water case.
12/15/11 US DOT Picks Winners of $511M in TIGER Grants

Highway and bridge projects won 48% of the dollars awarded; transit projects received 29%.
12/12/11 EPA Issues Revised Boiler MACT Rule

Proposal would offer more flexibility
12/12/11 House GOP Delays Highway-Transit Bill Until Early 2012

Measure would expand oil and gas drilling and use some energy revenue for roads and bridges.
12/12/11 National Labor Relations Board Votes on Controversial Measure

Business groups contend resolution would prove troublesome for employers.
12/12/11 Obama, Bill Clinton Launch $4B Green Buildings Plan

Program has no new federal funds or tax incentives. It relies instead on private funding and contracts paid through energy cost savings.
12/12/11 State Budgets Slowly Rebounding, But Not Yet Back to Pre-Recession Levels

Two states cut transportation spending so far in fiscal 2012, compared with seven in 2011.
12/05/11 'Fracking' Rule Sparks Debate

Some argue task should be left to state agencies
12/05/11 Pension Agency Sees Rise in Aid to Ailing Multiemployer Plans

Multi-employer plans common in construction’s unionized sector
12/02/11 Obama Launches $4-Billion Public-Private Green Building Retrofit Plan

In a bow to political realities, the program includes no new federal spending or tax incentives, but relies on private financing and energy contracts, whose up-front costs will be covered by the value of energy costs saved.
11/30/11 NLRB Members Vote in Favor of Streamlining Union Election Process

Two Labor board members vote to move forward with a rulemaking that will make changes to the union election process in spite of a no vote the third, Republican member.
11/29/11 State Budgets Strengthen, But Not Yet to Pre-Recession Level

Survey from governors and state budget officers says only two states trimmed transportation spending so far this fiscal year, compared with seven states making cuts in 2011.
11/28/11 Construction Spending Cuts Coming as ‘Supercommittee’ Fails to Strike Deal

Across-the-board cuts start to take effect January 2013, unless Congress reverses them.
11/28/11 Most U.S. DOT Programs Hit With Spending Cuts for FY12

Highway obligation limit, TIGER grants are trimmed, high-speed rail zeroed out, but transit gets a boost.
11/21/11 'Supercommittee' Can't Reach Deficit Deal, Triggering Mandatory Cuts

Unless Congress draws up a new plan, construction programs will be included in across-the-board defense and non-defense cuts, starting in 2013.
11/18/11 Obama Signs FY12 Spending Bill for DOT, 4 Other Departments

Bill funds DOT, HUD, Justice, Commerce, Agriculture Depts. for rest of 2012 and also includes a continuing resolution to keep all other federal agencies operating through Dec. 16.
11/16/11 House Sends 3% Withholding Repeal to the President

Measure clears House on 422-0 vote and next goes to President Obama, who has said he will sign it.
11/14/11 DOT Spending Bills Stirring in Congress

Industry hopes appropriators will adopt Senate’s fiscal 2012 spending levels
11/10/11 Senate Approves 3% Withholding Repeal

Measure now goes back to the House, which is expected to pass it.
11/09/11 Senate Committee Clears $85B, Two-Year Highway Bill

But lawmakers must find an additional $12 billion to fully fund the measure because projected Highway Trust Fund revenue isn't enough.
11/07/11 3% Withholding Repeal in Senate's Hands

Industry hopes Senate will approve House-passed repeal measure.
11/07/11 3% Withholding Repeal in Senate’s Hands

Industry hopes Senate will approve House-passed repeal measure.
11/02/11 Senate Passes Transportation Spending Bill

Senate passes package of spending bills, including a measure that would fund the Dept. of Transportation through fiscal 2012.
10/31/11 DOTs Grapple With Funding

House and Senate transportation leaders have been drafting bills and are pitching those not-yet-introduced measures as job-creating engines.
10/27/11 House Votes to Repeal 3% Withholding Mandate

The measure next moves to the Senate and industry groups hope lawmakers there will approve it. A different version of the repeal bill recently was blocked in the Senate, however.
10/17/11 Senate Passes Pipeline Safety Bill

Similar measures have cleared two House committees.
10/17/11 Buildings: GSA Aims To Keep Coast Guard HQ On Schedule

The $350-million, 1.2-million-sq-ft project is part of a $3.4-billion Dept. of Homeland Security complex planned for southeast Washington, D.C.
10/17/11 Clean Air: House Bill Blocks Rule for Cement-Making Plants

The bill, which is opposed by environmental and public-health groups, faces an uphill battle in the Senate.
10/17/11 Gulf Coast Restoration Task Force Releases Ecosystem Restoration Strategy

Agenda includes restoring wetlands and reducing nutrients into Gulf
10/17/11 Supreme Court May Take Up Health Care, Immigration

Two environmental cases on the docket, but of greater interest is whether the court will hear appeals of high-profile health-care and immigration cases. Both would have major impacts on construction and other industries.
10/14/11 Equipment Makers Expect To Benefit From New Trade Pacts

Pacts would eliminate tariffs on heavy equipment exports to Colombia and Panama.
10/10/11 DOT Drives To Commit Rail Aid

As of Sept. 30, $7.8 billion of ARRA’s $8 billion for high-speed rail is obligated, but 2012 funding outlook is gloomy.
10/06/11 House Clears Bill to Delay EPA Cement Rule

House passes legislation to delay implementation of an EPA rule that some say would cost jobs.
09/27/11 Delayed FEMA Projects

Delayed FEMA Projects, listed by state
09/26/11 Senate Deal Clears Way for Stopgap Spending Bill

But new measure only extends through Nov. 18, raising prospect of another partisan fight over federal spending
09/26/11 Construction Pushing to Repeal 3% Withholding Requirement on Government Projects

House repeal bill has majority of members backing it; Senate bills are shy of a majority.
09/26/11 Senate Bill Will Have Flexibility for ‘Enhancements’ Program

Deal with Coburn will result in new provision in two-year highway bill now being drafted.
09/22/11 Obama, Republicans Clash Over Deficit-Cutting Proposal

Package also would cover cost of Obama’s jobs bill, including infrastructure spending boost.
09/19/11 House Subcommittee Approves Delay to EPA Cement Rules

The House Energy and Power Subcommittee is poised to approve bills to delay implementation of two EPA cement MACT rules.
09/19/11 New Stopgap Spending Bill Coming Before FY12 Starts

None of the 2012 appropriations bills had been enacted as of mid-September, but a new stopgap funding measure is on its way in the Senate.
09/14/11 Obama Pushes Jobs Bill With $105 Billion for Construction

Key question is whether Republicans will back new infrastructure spending, or just tax cuts?
09/14/11 Highway, FAA Extensions Advance in Congress

Highway, transit programs extended through March, FAA through January.
09/14/11 With Ozone Rule Withdrawn, Utilities Still Face Other Clean Air Mandates

A Texas company says it will close two units at a powerplant, citing EPA’s cross-state rule.
09/12/11 NLRB’s Future Lineup Uncertain

Liebman’s departure leaves board with just three members.
09/12/11 Obama Tells EPA To Pull Ozone Reg

The rule required utilities in 27 states to trim emissions or buy pollution allowances starting in 2012.
09/12/11 Wartime Contracting Commission Identifies up to $60 Billion in Waste

Congressionally mandated commission releases final report
08/31/11 Obama to Congress: Pass Highway-Transit, FAA Extensions Quickly

Surface-transportation and aviation bills are due to expire in September.
08/29/11 Deadlines Loom for Gas Tax, Highway and Transit Programs

Hopeful signals from Senate, House that Congress will act by the deadline.
08/24/11 EPA Revising Construction Stormwater Rule

EPA goes back to drawing board on construction stormwater rule.
08/19/11 OMB Directs Federal Agencies to Prepare Sharp Cuts in FY13 Budgets

Cuts would apply to each agency's total budget, leaving room to 'double down' on individual, priority programs.
08/17/11 Army Task Force To Focus Renewable-Energy Push

Officials want to tap private sector to finance, build estimated $7 billion in energy projects.
08/03/11 FAA Construction Shutdown Nears Two-Week Mark

FAA has issued stop-work orders on some $800 million in airport construction contracts and is unable to approve grants for future airport work.
08/02/11 Construction Braces for Cuts Under New Debt-Limit Deal

The fight over which programs to cut, and by how much, will begin as Congress debates fiscal 2012 appropriations.
07/29/11 Nuke Waste Panel Says New Sites Needed

Panel recommends investigating new sites--and Nevada's Yucca Mountain--to store nuclear waste.
07/27/11 Construction Executives Weigh in as Debt Limit Deadline Looms

Default would batter construction but a deal with spending cuts also would hurt.
07/27/11 Two-Year Highway Bill Gains Ground in Senate

A proposal in the Senate would boost the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act federal loan and loan guarantee program to $1 billion a year, from $122 million.
07/27/11 GOP Moves to Rein in EPA Rules it Calls Anti-Business

But industry insiders say efforts unlikely to prevail in Senate
07/25/11 A Debt-Limit Deal Between Democrats and Republicans Could Mean Construction Spending Cuts

Analysts say interest rates would likely jump across the board and credit would be pinched much tighter than in 2008, slamming the brakes on new projects.
07/18/11 EPA Clean Air Rules Impose a Heavy Burden for Electric Utilities

New EPA rules will force electric utilities in the eastern U.S. to spend tens of millions of dollars on pollution-control equipment to trim sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from coal-fired powerplants.
07/18/11 House Committee Seeks to Cut EPA Water Funding

Panel slices aid to clean-water and drinking-water state revolving funds.
07/18/11 Interior Dept. Draft Environmental Document Could Speed Wind Farm Projects

Environmental assessment covers areas off Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia coasts.
07/18/11 Obama Asks Independent Agencies to Streamline Regulations

Executive order builds on success of January order.
07/06/11 AFL-CIO Seeks to Assemble $10B for Infrastructure

Unions also plan to spend #20 million over next year on energy-efficiency upgrades of private and public buildings
07/06/11 CBO Raises Questions About Plan to Shed Excess Federal Real Estate

White House, Hill advocates of plan say changes are needed in how federal government sells unused facilities.
07/04/11 Senator Puts 'Hold' on Nominee To Lead Corps

Vitter seeks answers from Corps to questions about Louisiana projects.
06/29/11 NLRB Proposes Rule That Aims to Speed Up Unionization Elections

Pro-union congressional Democrats support proposal, but business groups, Republicans criticize it.
06/29/11 Airports: Another FAA Stopgap Bill Is on Its Way

There is still no deal on the horizon on a multiyear Federal Aviation Administration bill, so Congress has approved another short extension.
06/29/11 GSA Faces House Threat to FY12 Construction Funds

Congress also slashed agency’s construction account in 2011.
06/27/11 NRC Finds Deficiencies at U.S. Nuclear Powerplants

Officials say some protections lacking.
06/27/11 Supreme Court Says Environmental Protection Agency Responsible for Addressing Greenhouse Gases

The high court says that Congress intended that the Environmental Protection Agency, not the courts, establish policy relating to greenhouse gas emissions from powerplants.
06/22/11 House Trims Construction Programs' FY2012 Spending

Few construction accounts are spared, though some cuts are modest.
06/17/11 NRC Panel Finds Deficiencies at U.S. Nuclear Powerplants

U.S. plants couldn't handle double-barreled event such as the earthquake-tsunami that struck Fukushima.
06/15/11 U.S. Gains in Dispute with China Over Wind Energy Subsidies

China now the largest wind power producer, surpassing the U.S.
06/15/11 U.S. Gains in Dispute with China Over Wind Energy Subsidies

China now the largest wind power producer, surpassing the U.S.
06/13/11 Wide Gap Between House, Senate Bills on Airport Grant Funding

House is considering a four-year bill allocating about $3 million per year. The Senate version, is for 2 years, at about $4 million annually.
06/08/11 OSHA: Rule AimsTo Cut Employers’ Paperwork Load

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says it will release a final rule that will streamline its safety standards and reduce employers’ paperwork.
06/08/11 Senate, House Far Apart on Airport Funding

The outlook isn’t bright for a quick deal on a new, multiyear aviation bill, because the Senate and House haven’t bridged a wide gap on funding levels for airport construction grants. They also have been unable to resolve a disagreement on a labor issue.
06/08/11 States: Fiscal Picture Shows Improvement But Cuts Continue

State budgets are getting healthier but spending remains tight, and some states are calling for cuts in programs such as transportation. A National Governors Association-National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO) survey, released on June 2, reports 14 states are recommending a total of $212.8 million in 2012 general-fund transportation cuts. Six states made midyear 2011 transportation reductions totaling $357.2 million, including $262.4 million in California and $84.4 million in Texas.
06/08/11 Water Supply Plan Focuses on Impact Of Climate Change

The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) has released a draft plan that seeks to ensure adequate U.S. freshwater supplies in light of the expected effects of climate change. The plan, released on June 2, recommends a new vulnerability index to help managers of drinking-water facilities set priorities for adapting their infrastructure to the effects of climate change. CEQ’s draft is open for comment until mid-July.
06/01/11 Airports: Congress Passes One-Month FAA Extension

With talks stalled on a multiyear Federal Aviation Administration bill, the Senate and House have approved another stopgap authorization. After the bill cleared Congress, President Obama signed it on May 31. The new bill extends Airport Improvement Program construction grants and other FAA programs through June 30. It is the 19th FAA stopgap since September 2007, when the last long-term aviation bill expired.  
06/01/11 Labor: NLRB Says Protests Using Rat Balloons Are Legal

The National Labor Relations Board has upheld unions’ right to display large, inflatable rats at workplaces of secondary employers, including companies that hire nonunion firms to build or retrofit buildings.
06/01/11 Mica Wants Private Firms to Run HSR Corridor

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman John Mica (R-Fla.) has outlined a proposal that essentially would transfer the responsibility to develop high-speed rail (HSR) on the Northeast Corridor from Amtrak to the private sector. Amtrak wants to keep control over the route and last September proposed its own $117-billion, 30-year HSR plan.
06/01/11 Nominee for Post Of Corps Chief Fares Well at Hearing

Lt. Gen. Thomas Bostick, President Obama’s choice to be the next chief of the Army Corps of Engineers, got a generally positive reception from the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW) at a May 25 hearing. Bostick next must appear before the Armed Services Committee, which has jurisdiction over his nomination. A floor vote would follow.
05/27/11 House Transportation Committee Chair Outlines Plan for High-Speed Rail

Critical of an Amtrak proposal to develop High Speed Rail along portions of the Northeast Corridor, House Transportation Committee chairman outlines a plan of his own.
05/26/11 Key Senators Agree on $339 Billion Transportation Bill Framework

The agreement is a step, but by no means the final one, towards achieving what would be a critical measure for the construction industry
05/25/11 DOE: Senate Panel Voices Concerns Over Hanford Funding

Some Senate appropriators are asking whether the Dept. of Energy has placed enough emphasis on nuclear-waste cleanup in its fiscal 2012 budget proposal, particularly the work at the Hanford site in Washington state. DOE has requested $5.4 billion in 2012 for overall defense-related environmental cleanup. That amount is an increase from the 2011 enacted level of $5 billion but a cut from 2010's $5.6 billion.
05/25/11 Search Heats Up for Transport Bill Revenue

As the deadline draws nearer for passing a new surface transportation bill—or at least approving another extension—lawmakers are seeking ways to augment the shaky Highway Trust Fund.
05/18/11 Contracts: Industry Slams Contribution-Disclosure Proposal

Construction industry groups and some in Congress are objecting to a draft White House executive order that would require companies and executives to disclose their political contributions when they bid on federal contracts.
05/18/11 EPA: New Guidance On Surface Mining Pending at OMB

The Environmental Protection Agency soon will issue new guidance to regulators responsible for issuing permits for surface mining, says Nancy Stoner, EPA acting assistant administrator for water.
05/18/11 Funding: House FY12 Numbers May Signal Construction Cuts

Budgets for 2012 construction programs will be pinched in the House. Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers (R-Ky.) on May 11 said 2012 nondefense spending would be cut $47.4 billion from 2011. He specified how funds will be split among subcommittees. The Transportation-Housing panel was cut $7.7 billion, or 14%. Most line-item levels haven’t been determined yet. House-Senate talks will set final figures.  
05/18/11 State Transport Project Ratings Seen Lacking

With federal highway and transit dollars facing a tight squeeze, those drafting a new surface transportation bill are seeking to produce the biggest bang for a limited number of bucks. But how to measure which projects have the best payoff?
05/13/11 EPA Asks Marcellus Shale Drillers for Information on Wastewater

The Environmental Protection Agency is becoming increasingly involved in wastewater issues relating to natural gas extraction in the Marcellus shale region.
05/11/11 DOE: Outside Panel To Study Natural-Gas ‘Fracking’ Safety

The Dept. of Energy has named a panel of outside specialists to study natural-gas hydraulic fracturing. The panel, which DOE Secretary Steven Chu announced on May 5, will make recommendations within 90 days about immediate steps that could improve the safety and environmental impact of “fracking.” Panel members include representatives from industry, academia, environmental groups and state government.  
05/11/11 Legislation: DOT Aims To Knock Down Draft Transport Bill

As the Dept. of Transportation works with congressional committees to draw up a new multiyear transportation bill, DOT officials are dismissing a legislative text obtained by a Washington newsletter as “an early working draft that was never formally circulated within the administration.”
05/11/11 NLRB: Panel Challenges Arizona Secret-Ballot Law

The National Labor Relations Board's acting general counsel has filed a complaint in federal court against Arizona for passing a measure that says workers can only use secret-ballot elections to determine whether they want to unionize. Organized labor prefers employees have the option of signing authorization cards to show support for unionizing.
05/11/11 OMB Proposes BRAC-like Board for Buildings

An Office of Management and Budget proposal to sell thousands of surplus federal buildings is garnering support on Capitol Hill and among industry groups. OMB says selling the properties could save the government $15 billion. Some of that amount would come from selling the excess properties. The plan could give a lift to the construction industry's buildings sector. As much 40% of the proceeds from the property sales would be plowed back into retrofitting other federal buildings to make them more energy efficient, OMB officials say.
05/04/11 Critics Say New Guidance Could Slow Projects
05/04/11 Proposal Could Put Harbor Dredging Funds at Risk
04/27/11 OSHA Rule-Making Too Slow for Comfort
04/27/11 Water: Reclamation Report Looks at Climate Change and Stream Flows
04/20/11 Deficit Cutting May Clip Construction Funds
04/20/11 Highways: Baucus Suggests Two-Year Authorization
04/20/11 Safety: Court Upholds OSHA Guidance on Fall Protection
04/20/11 DOE: Senate Confirms Lyons to Head Nuclear Office
04/13/11 Many States Still Thirst for DOT Rail Funds
04/13/11 Labor: GAO Critiques Davis-Bacon Wage Surveys
04/13/11 Buildings: Proposed Panel To Help Shed Excess Facilities
04/13/11 EPA: House, Senate Split on Clean-Air Regulation Measures
04/06/11 Senate Passes Repeal Of Health-Care Reporting
04/06/11 New Corps Project Standards Nearly Ready
04/06/11 Airports: Senate, House To Start Negotiating Long-Term FAA Bill
03/30/11 U.S. Ex-Im Bank To Provide $1B in Export Aid For Brazil Infrastructure
03/30/11 DOT Releases $461 Million for North Carolina Rail Projects
03/23/11 Stopgap Cuts GSA FY11 Construction Funds
03/23/11 Clean Air: New Cap Proposed by EPA for Mercury Emissions
03/23/11 Finance: Kerry Proposes Federal Infrastructure Bank
03/16/11 Expanded TIFIA May Be in Transport Bill Mix
03/16/11 Spending: New Stopgap Measure Is on the Way
03/16/11 GSA: No New Leases For Now, Panel Says
03/16/11 EPA: Bill To Block Clean-Air Regs Advances in House
03/09/11 Construction Asks, How Deep Will Spending Cuts Be?
03/09/11 GAO Sees Duplication in Transportation, Water Programs
03/02/11 Airports Report $80 Billion in Capital Needs
03/02/11 Budget: Two-Week Stopgap Has Construction Cuts
03/02/11 Clean Air: New Rule Softens Requirements for Boilers
03/02/11 Buildings: Reports Identify Barriers to Zero Emissions
03/01/11 Senate Approves Stopgap Spending Bill
02/23/11 House Bill Would Slash Construction Programs
02/23/11 FAA: Senate, House Tackle Multiyear Reauthorization Bill
02/23/11 Health Care: House Panel Votes To Quash Reporting Mandate
02/14/11 Obama Budget Hikes Roads, Rails But Cuts Other Construction Programs
02/09/11 Obama Seeks Greener Commercial Buildings
02/09/11 Wind Power: DOE, Interior Give Push To Offshore Projects
02/09/11 Water: EPA Plans Perchlorate Standard
02/09/11 Health Care: Senate Rejects Repeal But Backs One Revision
02/03/11 White House Proposes New Green Buildings Program
02/02/11 Capitol Hill Views Divided on Oil-Spill Report
02/02/11 Two-Year Aviation Bill Could End Stopgap Measures
01/19/11 Consent Decrees Call For Sewer Upgrades
01/19/11 Labor: NLRB Targets Organizing Measures In Four States
01/19/11 DOT: TIGER Grant Projects Advance In Southeast States
01/12/11 Oil-Spill Panel Seeks Industry, Federal Actions
01/05/11 House GOP Aims for Health-Care Repeal Vote
01/05/11 Trade: USTR Investigation Targets China Wind-Power Fund
12/29/10 EPA Moves Forward With Greenhouse Regs
12/22/10 OSHA To Tackle Ambitious, Six-Month Agenda
12/22/10 Spending: Nine-Week Stopgap Measure On Verge of Approval
12/22/10 EPA: Congress Reauthorizes Diesel Retrofit Program
12/17/10 Senate Dems Propose 9-Week Spending Stopgap
12/15/10 Congress Seeks To Wrap Up Tax, Spending Bills
12/15/10 High Court Seems To Be Split on Arizona Immigration Case
12/10/10 Senate Bill Would Kill Build America Bonds
12/08/10 Congress To Weigh Tax ‘Framework’
12/08/10 Deficit Panel’s Majority Backs Gas-Tax Hike
12/07/10 Tax-Deal 'Framework' Would Aid Construction Workers, Companies
12/02/10 House Passes Two-Week Spending Stopgap
12/01/10 Industry Groups Lobby for Key Tax Extensions
12/01/10 Search for Next Chief of the Army Corps Is Under Way
11/24/10 Outlook Touch-and-Go for Long-Term FAA Bill
11/24/10 Another Highway-Transit Extension Seems To Be on Tap
11/24/10 Afghanistan: Senate Panel Questions IG’s Leadership
11/17/10 Lame-Duck Session May Produce More Stopgaps
11/17/10 Fiscal Panel Chiefs Propose Gas-Tax Hike
11/17/10 EPA: Guidance for Greenhouse-Gas Permitting Released
11/10/10 GOP’s Gains May Mean Thinner Spending Bills
11/09/10 Backlash Didn’t Spoil All Appeal of Project-Related Ballot Issues
11/03/10 Nuclear Industry Ponders Next Step for Waste
11/03/10 IG: Two Iraqi Water Facilities Show Different Results
10/27/10 U.S., China in Trade Flap Over Green Tech
10/27/10 EPA, DOT Seek New Truck Emissions, Fuel-Economy Standards
10/20/10 Candidates' Infrastructure Views Drive Industry Donations
10/13/10 Obama Keeps Up Push for Infrastructure
10/13/10 Court Action on Stormwater Reg Creates Confusion
10/06/10 DOT Wants To Expand Discretionary Grants
10/06/10 Spending: Two-Month Stopgap Measure Signed Into Law
10/06/10 EPA: New Limits Proposed for Mercury Emissions
10/06/10 Earthquakes: Major U.S. Preparedness Drills Set for 2011
09/29/10 High Court To Hear Immigration, Labor Cases
09/29/10 Airports: Congress Approves 16th FAA Extension
09/29/10 Legislation: Small-Business Aid Bill Signed
09/29/10 Sens. Boxer, Inhofe Back DOT’s TIFIA Loan Program
09/22/10 Small-Business Bill Aims To Spur Loans
09/22/10 Clean Air: Most States Ready for New Rule, Study Finds
09/22/10 Lawmakers Seek Details About Infrastructure Bank
09/15/10 Appropriations, FAA Bill on Hill’s Short List
09/15/10 Agencies Submit Sustainability Plans to White House
09/08/10 Labor Board Ruling Upholds Union ‘Bannering’
09/01/10 Some ARRA Categories Near 100% Obligation
09/01/10 Newly Approved Funds Will Go for Border Security
08/25/10 FRA Pushes To Spend High-Speed-Rail Funds
08/25/10 PBGC Says Multi-employer Plans’ Deficit Likely To Rise
08/25/10 Baucus Seeks U.S.-Canada Talks On Lumber Pricing
08/25/10 Penn State Selected To Lead Green-Buildings 'Hub'
08/18/10 Clean Coal Viable, Administration Says
08/18/10 EPA Seeks More Time To Fix ‘Flaw’ In 2009 Regulation
08/11/10 Senate To Revisit Oil-Spill/Energy Bill in Fall
08/11/10 EPA: New Rule Limits Mercury Emmissions From Cement Kilns
08/11/10 Highways: Report Spotlights Formulas
08/11/10 Fourth Woman in Court’s History Confirmed
08/04/10 Construction Industry Gets Ready to Implement Crane Safety Rule
08/04/10 Obama Signs Two-Month FAA Extension
08/04/10 Small-Business Measure Stalls
08/04/10 House Votes for Tougher Offshore Drilling Standards
07/28/10 Critics See Ways To Improve Bridge Program
07/28/10 FTA Pegs Capital Needs: $77.7 Billion
07/28/10 Senate Democrats Propose Scaled-Back Bill
07/28/10 Legislation: Senators Roll Out Freight Transport Bill
07/21/10 Industry Awaits Dodd-Frank Impact on Credit
07/21/10 The White House Reports Gains: ARRA Jobs, Outlays
07/21/10 SAFETEA-LU: DOT Holds Final ‘Town Hall’ for New Bill
07/21/10 Interim Regulation: Contractors Required To Report Execs’ Pay
07/14/10 FY11 Appropriations Move at Snail’s Pace
07/14/10 Streetcar, Bus Projects Share $293 Million
07/14/10 Industry Groups Criticize Possible Lead-Paint Proposal
07/07/10 Senate Committees Move on Oil-Spill Bills
07/07/10 Spending Bill With Post-Earthquake Aid Heads Back to Senate for New Vote
07/07/10 Justice Dept. Challenges Arizona Statute
07/07/10 Senate Vote Is Next for Financial Regulation Bill
06/30/10 Financial Bill May Tighten Construction Credit
06/30/10 High Court Expands Eligibility for Patent Protections
06/30/10 Pension Plans Get Help, ‘Extenders’ Bill Blocked
06/30/10 Haiti: Senate Report Finds Evidence Rebuilding Is ‘Stalled’'
06/23/10 Senate Panel's Report Sees Signs Haiti Rebuilding Is 'Stalled'
06/23/10 Embassy Program Charts New Directions
06/23/10 High Court Deals a Blow To the NLRB
06/23/10 Senate Aims for New Vote on ‘Extenders’ Package
06/23/10 EPA Wants To Revive Polluter Tax
06/16/10 Outlook Still Murky for Energy Bills
06/16/10 Taxes: Industry Groups Seek To Strike ‘S-Corp.’ Proposal From Senate Bill
06/09/10 Oil Spill May Give Senate Energy Bill a Boost
06/09/10 EPA Toughens Standards For SO2 Emissions
06/09/10 EPA Infrastructure Cost Estimate Climbs
06/02/10 House-Passed Tax Bill Has Pluses, Minuses
06/02/10 DOE Proposes Green Regulation For Federal Buildings
06/02/10 DOT Releases First ARRA Funds For High-Speed Lines
06/02/10 Haiti: Senate Clears $2.8 Billion in Aid For Post-Quake Work
05/26/10 White House, Congress React to Oil Spill
05/26/10 Jobs Bill Includes S-Corp. Tax Hike
05/26/10 Obama Orders Fuel-Economy Standards for Big Trucks
05/19/10 Infrastructure Bank Idea Is On Back Burner
05/19/10 EPA Issues Greenhouse-Gas ‘Tailoring’ Rule
05/19/10 Strategy For Chesapeake Bay Has Teeth
05/19/10 Senate Confirms Ayers As Capitol Architect
05/12/10 Stimulus Funding Is Winding Down
05/12/10 House Passes ‘Cash for Caulkers’ Legislation
05/12/10 DOT Seeks To Alter DBE Regulations
05/12/10 Senate Panel Taking Requests For New WRDA Projects
05/05/10 GSA Criticized for Lack of FY11 Court Projects
05/05/10 DOT: New Round Of ‘TIGER’ Grants Set To Start
05/05/10 Airports: Thirteenth FAA Extension Signed Into Law
04/28/10 Senate Climate Bill Stalled But Still Alive
04/28/10 Buy American’s Canada Ready For Longer-Range Talks With U.S.
04/21/10 New Water-Resources Bill Slowly Takes Shape
04/21/10 Democrats Seek Funding Source For High-Speed Lines
04/21/10 Judge to EPA: Step Up Everglades Enforcement
04/21/10 Procurement: White House Mulling Changes to Policy
04/14/10 DOT Gears Up for Next Round of Rail Grants
04/14/10 Agencies’ ‘Green’ Plans Due At White House in June
04/14/10 FHWA Rejects Toll Plan For I-80 in Pennsylvania
04/14/10 Views Split On New Rule For Project-Labor Pacts
04/07/10 Build America Bonds Are Taking Off
04/07/10 New Policy Could Reduce Mountaintop Mining
04/07/10 Haiti: Donors Commit $5.3 Billion to First Reconstruction Phase
04/07/10 Agencies Call for Removing Problem Drywall
03/31/10 Health-Care Overhaul Becomes Law
03/31/10 Obama Appoints Controversial Nominee to NLRB
03/31/10 FAA Gets 12th Short-Term Extension
03/31/10 House Votes to Extend ‘Build America’ Bonds
03/24/10 Transport Programs Extended Through Dec. 31
03/24/10 Senate Passes Two-Year Bill, New Stopgap Likely
03/24/10 Health-Care Debate Isn't Dying Down
03/17/10 State Senate Debates Airport Funding Measure
03/17/10 Fate of Merkley Health-Care Measure Unclear
03/10/10 Water Resources Policy Changes Inch Along
03/10/10 State DOTs Continue To Move Highway Funds Out
03/10/10 Senate Bill Would Cut Emissions Of SO2, NOx, Mercury
03/10/10 OSHA Extends Comment Period For Record-Keeping Rule
03/03/10 Limited Benefits Seen From U.S.-Canada Pact
03/03/10 Acting Capitol Architect Nominated for Full 10-Year Term
02/24/10 EPA: Greenhouse-Gas ‘Endangerment Finding’ Under Fire
02/24/10 Obama Unveils Plan To Kick-Start Health Talks
02/24/10 Jobs: Senate Bill Ends Debate, Moves Closer to Passage
02/17/10 NLRB Nominee On Hold as Senate Fails To Acte
02/17/10 Panel Warns Of More Commercial-Loan Defaults
02/17/10 U.S.-Canada Pact Aims To Ease ‘Buy American’ Flap
01/27/10 Move To Block EPA Greenhouse Rule Nears Senate Vote
01/27/10 High Court Eases Corporate Election-Ad Limits
01/20/10 ARRA Construction Jobs Pegged at 262,000
01/20/10 EPA Steps In To Fight Water Pollution in Florida
01/13/10 Health-Care, Jobs Bills Lead Hill Agenda
01/13/10 Legal: High Court To Hear Labor Case
01/13/10 Health Care: Union Leaders Meet With President Obama
01/07/10 Two Prominent Democrats to Retire
01/06/10 OSHA Gears Up for Ambitious 2010 Agenda
12/30/09 Landmark Health Care Bill Splits Industry
12/24/09 Industry Now Has Bigger Stake In Final Health-Care Compromise
12/16/09 Construction Has Winners, Losers in 2010 Bill
12/16/09 Airports: Congress Approves Three-Month FAA Stopgap
12/16/09 Stimulus: HHS Awards $509 Million For Health Clinics
12/12/09 Clean Air: Bipartisan Plans Arise in Senate
12/09/09 EPA Is Closer To Regulating Carbon Dioxide
12/02/09 Stimulus: DOE Awards $620 Million In Smart-Grid Grants
12/02/09 Clean Air: Obama To Offer 17% Cut In U.S. Emissions
12/02/09 CBO Report May Help Health Bill Gain Support
12/02/09 Estate Tax: House Expected To Pass Legislative Fix
11/25/09 Key Senators Seek Six-Month Transport Bill
11/25/09 Stimulus: GAO Finds Inaccuracies In ARRA Data
11/25/09 Health Care: Senate To Take Up $848- Billion Measure
11/18/09 States' Fiscal Crunch Could Stretch to 2012
11/18/09 EPA: Greenhouse-Gas Reporting Rule Takes Effect on Dec. 30
11/11/09 Prospects Uncertain for Climate Bill in Senate
11/05/09 Senate Panel Approves Climate Change Bill
11/04/09 Stopgap Extends SAFETEA-LU Through Dec.18
11/04/09 Stimulus: Construction Jobs Impact Pegged at 80,000
11/04/09 Legislation: Senate Moves To Broaden ARRA Tax Breaks
11/04/09 Procurement: OMB Outlines Changes To Save $40 Billion
10/28/09 House Democrats Search for New Jobs Bills
10/28/09 NLRB: Nominee Faces Republican Opposition
10/28/09 Border: Lawmakers Nix Additional 600 Miles of Fencing
10/21/09 EPA To Step Up Clean-Water Enforcement
10/21/09 Congress Clears Fiscal 2010 Energy- and Water-Spending Measure
10/14/09 New Jobs-Producing Plans Stir on Capitol Hill
10/14/09 OSHA: Business, Unions Split On Obama's Nomineel
10/14/09 Health Care: Panel In Senate Clears Bill With One GOP Vote
10/07/09 Round Two of ARRA Rail Grants Draws Huge Crowd
10/07/09 Stimulus Work Is Up, But So Is Jobless Rate
09/30/09 Extensions On Tap for Key Construction Bills
09/30/09 Parks: Top Position Goes to 33-Year NPS Veteran
09/30/09 Labor: Views Differ On PLA Proposal
09/30/09 Stimulus: Proposals Pour In to DOT For TIGER Grants
09/23/09 No U.S.-Canadian Deal Yet on 'Buy American'
09/23/09 Competition Fierce for DOT ‘TIGER’ Grants
09/16/09 ARRA Construction Jobs Pegged at 133,000
09/16/09 NIST Insider Is Obama's Choice For Agency's Top Post
09/11/09 Obama to Nominate NIST Insider for Its Top Post
09/09/09 Deadlines Loom for Transport, Spending Bills
09/02/09 Federal Gulf Coast Task Force Is Launched
09/02/09 E-Verify: DHS Rule Deemed Legal
09/02/09 Highways: States Oppose Looming $8.7-Billion Cut
08/26/09 So Far, Mixed Results in FY10 Spending Bills
08/26/09 Immigration: DHS Could Revoke 'No Match' Rule
08/26/09 Buildings: Retrofit Incentives Backed By White House
08/26/09 Rules: Comment Period Extended For PLA Proposal
08/19/09 'Buy America' Worries Persist Despite Waivers
08/19/09 Renewables: Tax Credit for Manufacturing Facilities
08/19/09 Dept. of Labor: New Employer Notices Proposed
08/12/09 Peck Returning as GSA Public-Buildings Chief
08/12/09 Senate Aide Approved for Army's Top Civil-Works Post
08/12/09 Perchlorate Under EPA Scrutiny
08/12/09 Obama Signs $7-Billion Trust-Fund 'Fix'
08/05/09 After 'Fix,' Trust Fund Still Not Out of the Woods
08/05/09 Senate Bill Has $700 Million For Construction
08/05/09 New Commander Picked For Corps' Gulf Division
08/05/09 Uranium Plant Has a Setback
07/29/09 Employee Free Choice Act at a Stalemate
07/29/09 Stimulus: Gains Continue in Road, Transit Projects
07/29/09 More Funding for Green Jobs
07/29/09 OSHA: Ex-DOE Safety Official Picked for Top Job
07/22/09 House Give Small Hike To Corps Construction
07/22/09 Clean Water Trust Fund Generating Buzz
07/22/09 Senate Panel Clears AIP Hike
07/22/09 Senate 'Hold' Stalls EPA Nomination
07/08/09 House Defense Bill Tightens Guam Labor Rules
07/08/09 Big Boost Appears Likely for EPA Water Accounts
07/08/09 Maglev Loses Key Support
07/01/09 Jockeying Continues on Highway Bills
07/01/09 DOE Issues New Lighting-Efficiency Standards
07/01/09 McConnell Concerned About 'Card Check' Bill
07/01/09 EPA Proposes Limits for NO2
06/24/09 Green Light Given for High-Speed-Rail Grants
06/17/09 Spending Bill Has $4.5 Billion For Construction
06/17/09 FERC Chief Mulls Ruling In Siting Case
06/17/09 VA: Senator Seeks GAO Review of Construction Plan
06/17/09 ARRA 'Buy American' Mandate Draws Flak
06/10/09 Senate Panel at Work on Massive Energy Bill
06/10/09 Obama Seeks To Speed Plan's Job Growth
06/10/09 Fiscal Crunch Continues
06/10/09 Test Data on Chinese Drywall Expected in July
06/03/09 DOT Maps Out $1.5-Billion Stimulus Grant Plan
06/03/09 Highways: New Shortfall Projected For Trust Fund
06/03/09 Stimulus: Funds for "Green" Job Training Released
06/03/09 EPA: Senate Confirms McCarthy To Lead Air Office
05/27/09 War Funding Bills Carry DOD Construction Aid
05/27/09 Legal: Obama Picks Sotomayor for Seat on Supreme Court
05/27/09 People: Nominees Confirmed for DOT, BuRec, DOE Slots
05/20/09 Industry Sees Brighter Prospects for Water Bill
05/20/09 Labor: Solis Out-lines Proposed Budget, Staff Hikes
05/13/09 FTA Study Sees $50-Billion Rail Transit Need
05/13/09 Labor: Obama Picks Two Democrats For NLRB Slots
05/06/09 Stimulus Reviews for DOT: So Far, So Good
05/06/09 DOD: House Bill Hikes Funding For Hospital Projects
05/06/09 Congress: June House Vote Seen On Transport Bill
05/06/09 EPA: Nominee Faces a 'Hold' In the Senate
04/29/09 Corps Unveils $4.6-Billion Stimulus Lineup
04/29/09 BRAC: Total Cost 48% Higher Than Initial Estimate
04/29/09 Senate: Specter’s Party Switch Boosts Democrats
04/22/09 EPA Takes Step Toward Regulating Carbon
04/22/09 Stimulus: More Than $3.3 Billion for Smart Grid
04/22/09 NERC: Transmission Grid Must be Updated
04/22/09 E-Verify: Deadline Pushed Back A Third Time
04/15/09 White House Filling Agency Vacancies
04/10/09 Maryland Transportation Chief Picked for Deputy U.S. DOT Post
04/01/09 Employee Free-Choice Bill Stalled but Alive
04/01/09 FAA: Former Pilot's Union Head Tapped For Agency Post
04/01/09 Highways: LaHood Voices Support for Infrastructure Bank
04/01/09 EPA: Choice for Number-Two Post Pulls Out
03/25/09 $410-Billion Bill Signed, Earmarks and All
03/25/09 House Approves $19.4-Billion SRF Authorization
03/25/09 Carbon: Congress Looks at Emissions
03/25/09 BuRec: Agency Chief Nominated
03/18/09 $410-Billion Bill Signed, Earmarks and All
03/18/09 House Approves $19.4-Billion SRF Authorization
03/11/09 Another Extension Is Likely for FAA Programs
03/11/09 Garvey Declines Deputy Secretary Post
03/11/09 Sole-Source Contracts Tightened
03/11/09 Obama Requests Endagered Species Rule Review
03/04/09 Replace Fuel Tax With User Fee, Says Report
03/04/09 Embattled Labor Secretary Nominee Confirmed
02/25/09 Stimulus Law Opens the Door to More Bonding
02/25/09 Series of Clean Air Act Actions Begin To Set New Tone at EPA
02/11/09 New Executive Order Could Expand PLAs
02/04/09 Three Executive Orders Good News for Labor
02/04/09 Iraq Reconstruction: New Report Highlights Missteps
01/28/09 LaHood, Jackson Confirmed to Key Positions
01/14/09 Confirmation Likely for Labor Dept. Nominee
01/14/09 Nominee Chu Seems En Route To Quick Confirmation
01/14/09 High Court Hears Arguments In Mining-Waste Case
01/14/09 Iraq Oil-Sector Audit Warns Gains at Risk
01/07/09 Industry Pines for Details of Stimulus Plan
01/07/09 Business Groups Object To ‘E-Verify’ Change
01/07/09 Rapanos Strikes Deal With EPA, Justice Dept.
01/07/09 Acting Chief Named for Public Buildings Service
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