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Legal - Featured Headline
Drone Use Regulations Remain in Flux; Use Permits Are Still Required
Construction could benefit from the use of drones as much as any other industry.

Photo courtesy Ocelleye LLC

Crash Lawsuit Seeks to Blame Runway Contractor
Insurer Old Republic sues contractor over Macon airport runway despite probe that ruled that pilot was coming in for landing too fast.

Courtesy NTSB

More News
04/14/15 ?After Fending Off Nucor, Rival Speeds Work on Arkansas Mill

?Big River Steel in Osceola, Ark., is speeding up construction after successfully defending against a legal challenge from one of its chief competitors and local neighbor, Nucor. Osceola’s mayor is pleased.
03/24/15 Former Bechtel VP Sentenced in Federal Kickback Case

Elgawhary pleaded guilty in December to mail fraud and money laundering related to Egyptian power contracts.
12/16/14 Maryland Firm to Pay $2M to Settle Contract Fraud Allegations

Forrester Construction payment resolves federal criminal probe of alleged fraud on Washington, D.C., projects.
12/05/14 Ex-Bechtel VP Pleads Guilty to Federal Kickback Charges

Former manager of Bechtel joint venture with Egyptian electric-power company admits taking $5.2 million in kickbacks, DOJ says.
12/02/14 High Court Hears Arguments in Agency Authority Case

Case examines extent of government's authority to issue rules without public input.
11/18/14 A Contractor's Death and a Surety's Error Tangle Two Claims

A surety sues a contractor who had died and an appeals court tells another surety that it can't wiggle out of a claim because of its own online-system error.
10/28/14 SAIC­­ Pays $1.5 Million To Resolve Conflict-of-Interest Lawsuit

Settlement by the company—now Leidos—includes no admission of liability.
10/22/14 ABA’s Forum on the Construction Industry: Spotting Deception and New Risks

Construction attorneys at American Bar Association Chicago meeting shared strategies for ID'ing untruthful trial participants and covering added risk in teaming arrangements and project delivery,
10/08/14 Taking No Chances: Why an Engineer Registered as a Municipal Advisor

To prevent engineers from being swept into the advisor category for all of the technical and construction advice they provide, the SEC agreed to exempt much traditional engineering advice. For some firms, 'defensive' registering still made sense.
09/29/14 Prosecutor Charges Michigan County Staff Over Stalled Jail

The Wayne County, Mich., prosecutor has charged three current and former county employees with felonies and misdemeanors for misconduct and neglect of duty in allegedly failing to inform county commissioners of increases in the cost of a partly completed jail project.
08/13/14 Lawsuit Cites Tilt-Wall Connection That Failed in Joplin, Mo., Twister

Eight people died when Joplin, Mo., roof collapsed in 2011 tornado.
07/15/14 Lawsuit Moves Forward Over Brooklyn Arena Excavation

Although excavation and foundation subcontractor Laquila Group signed releases when it accepted progress payments from Hunt Construction Group for work on a New York City arena, that doesn't stop it from suing for extra pay, a state judge rules.
07/08/14 Project at Risk as California Begins Mapping Fault Lines

Preliminary map of Santa Monica Fault showed Millennium Hollywood tower site atop active splay zone.
07/02/14 Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges Negligence on W. VA. Airport

A geotechnical feat has also reaped litigation.
07/02/14 After High Court Ruling, NLRB Reviews Many 2012-2013 Decisions

List could include several non-construction decisions viewed as potentially having a significant impact on construction firms.
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