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Stimulus and Recovery

Public works stand close to the center of the U.S. economic recovery, and construction industry firms, hit hard by the recession, are eager to find out more about the planned spending program.

Latest Headlines
Survey of CEOs Shows Mild Bulls Won't Go Wild

Survey of CEOs Shows
Mild Bulls Won't Go Wild

A CEO survey by KPMG shows global engineering and construction firms are optimistic but realistic 2011, but they are being realistic about 2011.

Photo: SVLuma—

Editorial: The Recovery That Never Arrived in 2010

Editorial: The Recovery
That Never Arrived in 2010

For many small and medium-sized firms, 2010 might be remembered as a long reality show similar to TV's "Survivor."


Comprehensive Stimulus Resources
In McGraw-Hill Construction's Economic Stimulus Plan special section: Browse comprehensive resources related to the U.S. economic stimulus plan and read additional coverage from BusinessWeek, ENR, and other publications. View exclusive research, find project leads and read more news and opinion.
01/31/11 Stimulus Weatherization Program Gains, Slowly
01/13/11 'TIGER' Agreement for Intermodal Freight Facilities
12/29/10 Survey of CEOs Shows Mild Bulls Won't Go Wild
12/01/10 State Budgets Improve, but Face a Tough 2011
11/22/10 White House: Stimulus Hits 'Public Investment' High
10/20/10 Atlanta Streetcars Big Winner As DOT Awards 'TIGER II' Grants
09/22/10 Digging Into Obama’s Infrastructure Bank Plan
09/21/10 Texas Reaped $4.6Bil from Federal Stimulus
09/20/10 57% of Charleston’s Stimulus Funds Spent
09/17/10 White House Defends Stimulus, Highlights Projects
09/17/10 Biden Releases List of Top 100 Recovery Projects
09/08/10 Obama Infrastructure Plan Faces Tough Path In Congress
08/18/10 Applicants Line Up For New DOT Rail Grants
07/09/10 Five States Have All Their ARRA Funds Under Contract
07/01/10 Groundbreaking for First TIGER Project
06/25/10 Tax 'Extenders' Bill Blocked Again in Senate
06/02/10 DOT Releases First ARRA Funds For High-Speed Lines
06/02/10 Indian Tribes Put $3 Billion In Stimulus Funds To Work
05/28/10 Stimulus Watch: DOT Releases First $80 Million in High-Speed-Rail Funds
05/19/10 Infrastructure Bank Idea Is On Back Burner
05/12/10 Stimulus Funding Is Winding Down
05/12/10 House Passes ‘Cash for Caulkers’ Legislation
05/05/10 DOT: New Round of ‘TIGER’ Grants Set to Start
04/28/10 Buy American’s Canada Ready For Longer-Range Talks With U.S.
04/21/10 Procurement: White House Mulling Changes to Policy
04/14/10 DOT Gears Up for Next Round of Rail Grants
04/14/10 Views Split On New Rule For Project-Labor Pacts
02/10/10 As Federal Dollars Pour Out, Second Stimulus Grows
02/10/10 Building Project List Remains a Long One
02/10/10 Transport Sector Sets Rapid Pace
02/10/10 Electricity Programs See Work Start to Surge
01/13/10 White House Pegs Stimulus Construction Jobs at 262,000
01/11/10 California Firm Tapped to Irrigate Elk Refuge
12/11/09 HHS Awards $509 Million in ARRA Grants for Health Clinics
11/25/09 Dept. of Energy Awards $620 Million For ARRA 'Smart Grid' Pilot Projects
11/25/09 GAO Finds Inaccuracies In ARRA Data
11/18/09 Stimulus Was Just a 'Tickle' For Transportation Firms
11/11/09 Stimulus Funds Kick Off A Slow Comeback After Market Bottoms
11/04/09 Stimulus Is Boosting Projects Throughout the Country
11/04/09 Construction Jobs Impact Pegged at 80,000
11/04/09 Senate Moves To Broaden ARRA Tax Breaks
10/27/09 DOE Awards $3.4 Billion for 'Smart Grid' Upgrades
10/21/09 Jacobs Gets Long-Term Amtrak Infrastructure Improvement Job
10/14/09 A Federally Funded Laboratory Gives the Contractor a Green Light
10/14/09 Federal Spending: New Stimulus Report
10/07/09 Stimulus Work Is Up, But So Is Jobless Rate
10/07/09 Round Two of ARRA Rail Grants Draws Huge Crowd
09/30/09 Stimulus: Proposals Pour In to DOT For TIGER Grants
09/30/09 GAO Reports ARRA Highway Obligations Keep Rising
09/23/09 House Passes Bill With $6.5 Billion For K-12, College Projects
09/21/09 Federal Dollars for School Construction, Round Two
09/16/09 ARRA Construction Jobs Pegged at 133,000
09/02/09 Stimulus Funding Report: Job Production Is Uneven
09/02/09 States Vying for First Stimulus-Funded Rail Grants
09/01/09 Indiana Seeks $71.4 Million in Stimulus Funds for Rail Improvements
08/12/09 Repaving Projects Dominate ARRA Highway Funding
08/05/09 New GSA Contracts Starting To Surge
07/22/09States Clamor For High-Speed Funding
06/10/09 Construction Jobs Trickle Back But Losses Are Not Over Yet
05/22/09 Stimulus Contracting Picks Up In Highway, Transit Markets
05/21/09 $3.4B in Recovery Funds To Speed Carbon Capture
05/21/09 Stimulus Flushes Out California Water Projects
05/18/09 Ft. Bliss Building Complex for Wounded Personnel
05/14/09 HUD, NSF Seek Proposals For $1.2 Bil in Stimulus Grants
05/13/09 Report Shows Stimulus Outlays Remain Very Small So Far
05/13/09 ARRA Funding Stimulates Austin Federal Courthouse Project
05/12/09 11 Transit Projects Share $743 Million in Stimulus Aid
05/08/09 EPA to Distribute $111.9 Million for Brownfields Cleanup
05/05/09 Caltrans Breaks Stimulus Ground With Fairfield Repaving Project
05/07/09 HUD Releases Plan for $980 Million In Stimulus Block Grants
04/30/09 House Panel Charts Early Stimulus Progress
04/28/09 U.S. High-Speed Train Projects Get a Push
04/23/09 Park Service Releases $750-Million List of Stimulus Projects
04/22/09 BuRec and EPA Map Out $1.6 Billion of New Funding
04/15/09 Feds Wrestle With Contracting
04/09/09 EPA to Distribute $197 Million For Leaking UST Cleanup
04/08/09 Delivering Stimulus: Dollars Roll Out At Uneven Pace
04/08/09 Flexible Approach Is Key To Moving Work Out Fast
04/08/09 Rollout of Funds Starts To Trickle Out
04/08/09 Grateful State Agencies Scrambling To Get Workers Going on Projects
04/08/09 Special Inspector General Recommended for Stimulus
04/08/09 Market Is Hopeful, But Awaiting Definition
04/01/09 GSA Reveals Stimulus Projects
03/25/09 DOD Plan Favors Small Jobs, Firms
03/13/09 Amtrak Poised to Receive $1.3 Billion in Stimulus Aid
03/03/09 DOT Releases Highway Stimulus Funds to States
02/25/09 States Begin The Big Push
02/25/09 $17-Billion Package Changes Texas Governor’s Mind
02/25/09 California Passes Budget, But Relief Is Only Temporary
02/25/09 Deferred Jobs Preferred In Florida Share
02/25/09 Package Won’t Outweigh Impact Of Credit Crunch
02/25/09 Stimulus Law Opens the Door to More Bonding
02/25/09 Billions In Transmission Work From State, Federal Initiatives
02/24/09 Florida Readies Stimulus Spending Plan
02/18/09 Unwrapping the Big Package
02/18/09 Stimulus Bill Hastens Switch Away From Private Projects
02/18/09 Road And Rail Builders Are Ready To Roll
02/18/09 Sector To Receive Big Boost For Water Projects
02/18/09 Contractors Don't Expect Quick Impact On Work
02/18/09 New Construction Takes Backseat To Renovation
02/18/09 Trades Gearing Up For Billions In Economic Stimulus Work
02/14/09 Winners and Losers as Congress Approves Final Stimulus Measure
02/13/09 The Stimulus Bill Compromise, Sector by Sector
02/11/09 Reid: Stimulus Agreement Reached On A $787-billion Program
02/11/09 Talks to Shape Final Bill Begin
02/10/09 Senate Passes Economic Stimulus, Setting Up Negotiation With House
02/09/09 Revised Senate Stimulus Zeroes Out School Construction
02/04/09 Senate May Hike Infrastructure Aid
02/04/09 Canada Stimulus Yields $10 Billion For Infrastructure And Other Work
02/02/09 Senate Begins Floor Debate on $888-billion Stimulus
01/28/09 Senate Airs Stimulus Proposal And Republicans Worry About Speed
01/26/09 Lawmakers Go to Work As Senate Committees Take Up Stimulus
01/21/09 Proposal in House Fires Up Debate
01/21/09 Will Massive Spending Help or Hurt in Long Run?
01/21/09 Modest School Stimulus Funding Favors Jump-Start Fix-Ups
01/21/09 Highway Aid Has Some Strings Attached
01/21/09 Advocates Hope To Fly, Sail or Roll To Reform
01/21/09 Funds Will Energize Long-Delayed Projects
01/21/09 Green Systems on the List for GSA and DOD
01/21/09 A Big Drop, But It's A Really Huge Bucket
01/21/09 Funding Proposal Is Good Starting Point
01/21/09 Proposed Tax Breaks Offer Some Respite, Firms Say
01/21/09 Industry Suppliers Are Ready To Write Off 2009
01/21/09 $650-Million Infusion Small Help in California
01/21/09 The Stimulus Bill Sector-by-Sector Totals
01/15/09 Infrastructure Advocates Pan House Democrats' Stimulus Plan
01/08/09 Obama Rallies Support for Rapid Approval of Planned Stimulus
12/17/08 Stimulus Plan State-By-State Reports
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