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top specialty contractors

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Companies are ranked according to construction revenue in 2007 in $ millions from specialty contracting in a prime or subcontracting capacity. Firms that were not ranked in 2007 are designated by a double asterisk (**). New contract awards are for contracts awarded in 2006. NA=Not Available.

Key to Specialty Type: A=asbestos abatement; C=concrete; D=demolition/wrecking; E=electrical; G=glazing/curtain wall; M=mechanical; MA=masonry; O=other; P=painting; R=roofing; SH=sheet metal; ST=steel erection; U=utility; W=wall/ceiling; X=excavation/foundation.

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  • More detailed information on the Top 600 Specialty Contractors can be found in the October 13, 2008 issue of ENR. Click here for more information on ordering back issues.

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    1 1 EMCOR Group Inc., Norwalk, Conn. M/E/O
    2 2 Quanta Services Inc., Houston, Texas U/O
    3 3 Siemens Building Technologies Inc., Buffalo Grove, Ill. O
    4 9 The Brock Group, Houston, Texas4 O/P
    5 4 Comfort Systems USA Inc., Houston, Texas5 M
    6 6 MasTec Inc., Coral Gables, Fla.6 O
    7 7 Henkels & McCoy Inc., Blue Bell, Pa. U/E
    8 ** IES Inc., Houston, Texas E
    9 8 Performance Contracting Group Inc., Lenexa, Kan. W/O
    10 12 Schuff International Inc., Phoenix, Ariz. ST/O
    11 20 Ceco Construction Group, Kansas City, Mo. C/M/E
    12 ** Greenstar Services Corp., New York, N.Y. E/M
    13 10 MYR Group Inc., Rolling Meadows, Ill. E
    14 17 Baker Concrete Construction Inc., Monroe, Ohio C
    15 24 Rosendin Electric Inc., San Jose, Calif. E
    16 18 Acco Engineered Systems Inc., Glendale, Calif. M
    17 ** Team Industrial Services, Houston, Texas O
    18 14 Tecta America Corp., Skokie, Ill. R
    19 15 Bergelectric Corp., Los Angeles, Calif. E
    20 11 Miller & Long Co. Inc., Bethesda, Md. C
    21 16 Structural Group, Hanover, Md. C
    22 30 SteelFab Inc., Charlotte, N.C. O
    23 22 Centimark Corp., Canonsburg, Pa. R
    24 27 RailWorks Corp., New York, N.Y. O/E
    25 28 Cupertino Electric Inc., San Jose, Calif. E
    26 23 Nooter Construction Co., St. Louis, Mo. M
    27 47 JH Kelly LLC, Longview, Wash. M
    28 21 KHS&S Contractors, Tampa, Fla. W
    29 52 Fisk, Houston, Texas E
    30 29 M.C. Dean Inc., Dulles, Va. E
    31 26 Hayward Baker Inc. (a Keller Co.), Odenton, Md. X
    32 33 Southland Industries, Irvine, Calif. M
    33 31 LVI Services Inc., New York, N.Y. A
    34 32 Bomel Construction Co. Inc., Anaheim Hills, Calif. C
    35 46 Sauer Holdings, Pittsburgh, Pa. M/O
    36 19 MMC Corp., Overland Park, Kan. M
    37 13 Kinetics, Durham, N.C. M
    38 63 McKinstry, Seattle, Wash. M
    39 38 Helix Electric Inc., San Diego, Calif. E
    40 48 TDIndustries, Dallas, Texas M/SH/E
    41 77 SME Steel, West Jordan, Utah ST
    42 45 Miller Electric Co., Jacksonville, Fla. E
    43 57 Sachs Electric Co., St. Louis, Mo. E
    44 37 Limbach Facility Services LLC, Pittsburgh, Pa. M
    45 43 The Newtron Group Inc., Baton Rouge, La. E
    46 50 Pacific Coast Steel, San Diego, Calif.46 O
    47 40 Harmon Inc., Eden Prairie, Minn. G
    48 54 John E. Green Co., Highland Park, Mich. M
    49 44 ISEC Inc., Englewood, Colo. O
    50 51 Gate Construction Materials Group, Jacksonville, Fla. C

    The complete 2008 Top 600 Specialty Contractors list with revenue and market data, is available in an electronic format. Click here for more information.



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