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Robert A. Bisson: Megawatershed Discoverer

Posted: 8/5/2008

Robert A. Bisson is the President of EarthWaterGlobal, LLC, New York City. Join his discussion on megawatersheds and their potential to deliver potable drinking water to all regions of the globe.

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Robert A. Bisson

Robert A. Bisson
President, EarthWaterGlobal, LLC

Robert A. Bisson is the President of EarthWaterGlobal, LLC, New York City. He developed the concept of megawatersheds in 1987 while exploring for oil and gas in the African Rift Valley when he noticed that water was present and being recharged in exploration sites. He determined that it was due to shattered rock systems deep in the Earth's crust that acted as pathways and storage for large sources of groundwater. Since then his bedrock wells have produced over 50 mgd in disparate global sites.

From McGraw-Hill Construction
Editor & Host: William J. Angelo
Senior Regional Northeast Correspondent
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