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Paul G. Carr: Why He Doesn't Believe The Conclusions of the Recently Published Study on College Design Fees

Posted: 4/8/2008

Paul G. Carr, assistant adjunct engineering professor at Cornell University, reviewed the recently published paper on higher-education design fees. That paper specifically criticized his paper on the cause of lagging design fees, published in the same American Society of Civil Engineers journal, three years ago. His response to the new paper can best be described as measured dismay.

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Paul G. Carr
Assistant Adjunct Engineering Professor
Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y

Carr's views about engineering fees are based on both self-interest and heartfelt worry about the profession. He is a retired founding partner of civil engineer Bernier-Carr Group of Cos., Watertown, N.Y., and currently is an assistant adjunct engineering professor at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. In 2005 ASCE's Journal of Management in Engineering published a study co-authored by Carr that argued that the cause of lagging design fees was partly a result of design fee curves that had not been updated since the Justice Dept.'s antitrust lawsuits against designer associations.

From McGraw-Hill Construction
Editor & Host: Richard Korman
Senior Business Editor
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