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Jim Croson: Giving Retirement the Rub

Posted: 7/11/2007

Retiring to the sandy beaches of Hawaii might sound like heaven to some, but, like a character on the TV show Lost, Jim Croson thought it was more like hell.

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Photo: Scott Judy

Jim Croson
Chairman of the Board of Directors
J.A. Croson Co.

Nearly 50 years since he first started his company, Jim Croson still serves as chairman of the board of J.A. Croson Co., a Sorrento, Fla.-based plumbing firm that's one of the largest in Florida. He's also the namesake of a landmark Supreme Court case, Richmond v. Croson, that had a major impact on the nation's construction industry. Here, he looks back on his life in the industry and his accomplishments along the way.

From McGraw-Hill Construction
Editor & Host:  
Southeast Construction Scott Judy
Editor, Southeast Construction
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