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Ed Link: Research Engineer

Posted: 3/28/2007

Ed Link directed the massive, fast-track effort to translate the destruction in New Orleans into lessons learned for the engineers and contractors struggling to rebuild the flood defenses before another hurricane season began. Understanding what worked, and what didn't, and why was critical if old mistakes were to be avoided. Building on the scientific gains from that effort, Link now is championing the adoption of risk mitigation analysis tools and strategies to help ensure that natural hazard protections do not fail again.

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Ed Link
Research Engineer

Ed Link is a senior research engineer with the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Maryland in College Park, Md. He is just completing a special project for the U.S. Corps of Engineers serving as director of the Interagency Performance Review Taskforce that was convened to decode the engineering lessons that needed to be learned from the wreckage of New Orleans following the floods of Hurricane Katrina. Link was director of research and development and chief science advisor at the Corps prior to his retirement in 2002.

From McGraw-Hill Construction
Editor & Host:  
Tom Sawyer
Associate Editor, Information Technology, ENR
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