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Tom Kasmer:
Hybrid Hero

Posted: 2/20/2007

Tom Kasmer is the Binghamton, N.Y.-based inventor of the "hydristor," a new type of hybrid powertrain for just about anything that moves—cars, trucks, heavy equipment elevators—and much more. Kasmer's patented invention harnesses the power of hydraulic fluid to store energy, lower fuel consumption and slash greenhouse gas emissions.

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Tom Kasmer

Millions of vehicles on the road and in the dirt consume the lion's share of the Earth's petroleum resources and emit harmful emissions. Enter Tom Kasmer, inventor of the "hydristor," whose patented hydraulic-hybrid powertrain could be used to clean up vehicles while dramatically saving energy and cutting pollution. The technology could "save the auto industry" and improve the efficiency of construction machinery, says Kasmer. Kasmer talks about his invention, explains how it works and offers ideas on future applications.

From McGraw-Hill Construction
Editor & Host: Tudor Van Hampton
Equipment & Materials Editor, ENR
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