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ENR's Top 25 Newsmakers of 2011
A Field of Winners

Teamwork is an essential ingredient in most success stories. But every team is made up of individuals, and some individuals provide the essential ingredient, the idea, the leadership, the spark or the energy that drives a team to success.

Engineering News-Record has reviewed the stories from 2011 in the magazine and on our website and selected 25 individuals for special recognition. While many of them worked within teams, some of them worked as individuals. They have been chosen for their outstanding accomplishments-for exceeding what might be expected in their day-to-day duties, for injecting an original idea or new approach that would take the place of traditional practices, or for performing some special service that benefits the industry and the public. This feature gives just a flavor of their work.

All the winners will be honored at a gala in New York City on April 12. ENR's editors already have selected one of the newsmakers to receive its highest honor, the Award of Excellence. The winner will be the subject of our cover story in the April 16 issue of the magazine. Read the stories behind all our Top 25 Newsmakers in the pages that follow.

ENR's Top 25 Newsmakers of 2011 Gary Almeraris Bruce Bennett Gary Chock Digby R. Christian Julian Clayton G. Brent Darnell William G. Dorey Stanley C. Gale Matt Gillen Ryan Gavel Mark Hanson Greg Hauser Daniel Lax Susan Martinovich H. Kit Miyamoto Jack P. Moehle Ed Mumm Steven Plate Alan F. Rauch David R. Sherman D. Kent Smith Matthew W. Wallace Michael J. Walsh Theodore Zoli Marshall G. Zotara
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