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ENRNext - Featured Headline
Exploring the Future of Construction Through Science-Fiction Stories
ENR got the idea from for our construction science fiction collection from Intel's futurist Brian David Johnson. Here's the back story to our special issue.

Image Courtest Intel Corp.

Firms Think Outside the Donation Box
From bake sales to in–house dunking booths to personal volunteer expeditions, the employees of top engineering and consulting firms are donating more than just money to Water for People, the American Water Works Association–sponsored nonprofit.
More ENRNext Headlines
04/09/12 Virginia Tech Professor's Research Probes Gaps in Teaching and Learning Engineering

Virginia Tech assistant professor Holly Matusovich says misconceptions about engineering can persist through graduation and into the workforce.
01/09/12 ENR Southeast's Top 20 Under 40

ENR Southeast profiles the 20 individuals recognized by our annual competition for their outstanding industry and community leadership.
10/10/11 Calendar
Calendar of upcoming events.
07/09/07 Contest Winner Tests the Nanotechnology Waters

Jingyuan Luo knows the hype about nanotechnology. She's just skeptical. The senior at Hamilton High School in Chandler, Ariz., won the 2007 U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize for her research on the aquatic toxicity of nanoparticles.
06/25/07 Society Revamps Its Image To Attract Future Engineers

The Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS), a 57-year-old program determined to pique middle and high school students' interest and awareness in the engineering profession, is revamping itself to keep up with the modern workforce.
05/07/07 Emerging Green Builders Struggle to Gain Traction

When Joe Snider entered his architecture career following college graduation in 2001, he faced a harsh reality. At the University of Oregon where he received his master’s degree in architecture and historic preservation, sustainability was a campus-wide initiative evident in its integration into the architecture program and the wide array of student activism.
01/20/07 Humanitarian Engineering: Not Just Another Charity Case

Engineers in construction already know they can leave a mark on the world through their work, but what about making it a better place at the same time? This is the question that the Humanitarian Engineering Program at the Colorado School of Mines asks of its students, and already they have begun helping those in need through engineering.
01/06/07Young Construction Exec Breaks into the Big Leagues
10/21/06UCLA Courts Working Engineers with New Online Master’s Program
09/14/06Three Chinese Students Win Stockholm Junior Water Prize
08/08/06Israeli Engineer Keeps Her Mind on Job, Eyes on the News from the Middle East
07/12/06A Young Engineer Tries to Put Bronx River Within Reach of the People
06/21/06Design Students Sitting Pretty
06/14/06Leaders of Tomorrow Design City of Future
05/18/06In Freshman Class, A First Taste of Civil Engineering
05/16/06Moles Sponsor Students At Ground Zero Site
05/15/06Notre Dame Team Wins M&E Prize
02/17/06Young Engineers Sound Off on Rebuilding New Orleans
04/10/06e-Construction Class Unlocks Young Engineers Talent
07/18/05Students Learn Life Lessons in College Building Contests
08/09/04Engineering Students Expand Horizons Through Good Works
07/29/04Civil Engineer Earns Her 15 Minutes of Fame
07/01/04Rock-Solid Determination Wins the Race
11/06/03 A High Schooler Looks Out for Fire Sprinklers, Even At the Mall
07/01/03Some Sinkers Float to the Top: The 03 National Concrete Canoe Competition
11/06/03Corps Engineer Redesigns Rivers to Protect Wildlife
10/10/03Mechanical Engineer Has Rx for Medical Facility HVAC Design
09/16/03A Construction Camp for Girls Breaks Down Stereotypes
09/16/03Engineers Rebuild Afghanistan Infrastructure, One Bridge At a Time
09/16/03Young Engineer Uses New Technology to Solve Old Problem of Traffic Congestion
07/01/03Some Sinkers Float to the Top: The 03 National Concrete Canoe Competition
06/30/03Alaskan Firms Vie for New Hires
06/30/03MIT Grad Digs Through Artillery Fields for Dangerous Ammunition
06/17/03First Timers Take First Place in Concrete Canoe Competition Qualifier
06/17/03Civil Engineer Is Not Afraid To Get Her Hands Dirty
06/17/03Detroit Native Gives Back to The Community
05/19/03Be Prepared-Engineering Class Designs for the 2012 Olympics
05/19/03Cockroaches Inspire Stanford Doctoral Student's Engineering Design
04/11/03 Woman Project Coordinator, 24 , Makes a Mark in Detroit Construction Circles
04/08/03Mechanical Engineer Breaks Into the Business by Breaking Thing
04/08/03Civil Engineering Grad Determines if Beaches Remain Open to the Publice
03/12/03Young Design Engineer Solves Asbestos Removal Problems with Robot
03/12/03Class of 03 Forecast: Partly Sunny with a 73% Chance of Graduating with a Job
03/12/03Young Project Manager Reconstructs 200-Year-Old Chinese House in Massachusetts
01/14/03ASU Students Up at Dawn - Even on Saturdays
01/14/03This 25-Year-Old Has Mature Responsibilities on Powerplant Project
01/14/03Emerging Engineers Donate Time, Blood as Part of Community Challenge
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