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Problem Solving & Contextual Relevance

Is your organization able to deliver context relevance to projects, programs and enterprises? In todayís data-rich environment, your ability to collect and connect data from any source and in the right context to facilitate the selection, management and acceleration of a program or project could be the difference between profitability and loss. Contextual relevance sets the foundation for your organizationís ability to innovate and transform as needed in ever changing economic, social and environmental conditions. Read more >

Execute Projects Effectively — Do Projects Right!

The greatest risk to every project is change. An owner or E&C contractor that is able to manage change with transparency and clarity is equipped to achieve the best possible solution for all parties. Read how industry leaders such as AES, Western University, Williams Companies and JetBlue are harnessing contextually relevant data across the enterprise to effectively manage time, costs, resources, contracts and changes while increasing collaboration and coordinate the change management process with all stakeholders. Read more >

The Cloud as a Catalyst for Accelerating the Enterprise

Oracle introduces three purpose-built cloud accelerators that enable organizations to effectively address the challenges associated with managing project, program, portfolio and contract lifecycles in their respective industries. Learn more about the Oracle Contract Management Cloud Accelerator for managing contracts and change across the project lifecycle, the Oracle Public Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud Accelerator for top-down project planning and bottom-up monitoring and the Oracle Business Process Portfolio Management (PPM) Cloud Accelerator for managing, tracking and executing service innovation and operational objectives across the enterprise. Read more >