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Specialization in the Capital Asset Lifecycle

The five major process areas that drive a project from concept to completion and through operations and maintenance include lead-to-contract, project execution, digital handover, 5D & visualization and lifecycle data hub. Director of E&C Industry at Oracle, Craig Larson, sets the stage for how a specialization in each of these major process areas can minimize chance of delays, disputes and cost overruns. Read more >

Commissioning in the Digital World

The operation and maintenance (O&M) of a facility is an owner’s most costly endeavor—so it makes sense that the most well-developed, user-friendly O&M manual becomes one of the most critical components of the commissioning process. Too often, the lack of a document management structure during the construction of a structure limits easy access to potentially valuable data. The development of a scalable content repository and flexible workflow management system facilitates easy, secure access and the best possible digital handover. Read more >

Anticipating Change with Systematic Project Controls

Unexpected changes during the construction of a major, multi-year project are inevitable. Those who best manage the unanticipated have the best opportunity for success. Systematic project controls and scope, budget and schedule transparency provide the framework for a coordinated, balanced project delivery. Read more >