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Viewpoints - Featured Headline
Viewpoint: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education
Two engineering educators outline a vision for a transformation in engineering education to meet the needs of a changing society and a more demanding student body.

Courtesy of David Goldberg

Designers Can Make the Case for Renewables and Solar Architecture
Architects must lead in the battle for renewables, and a DLR designer shows how the firm teamed with NRG to produce memorable solar power systems that go beyond rooftop panels.

Image Courtesy of DLR Group

More News
03/17/15 How to Improve Post-Disaster Engineering Inspection Reports

There is a shortage of engineers with the experience needed to perform investigations about the causes of damage.
02/18/15 Surety Has An Edge in P3 Guarantees

A Surety & Fidelity Association of America vice president argues that if we choose to use P3 as a procurement method, we should use surety bonding to guarantee payment and completion.
02/16/15 Please, More Fresh Air for Building Occupants

Sleepiness at meetings may be traceable to the broken processes and building paradigms that relegate environmental intelligence to a late phase of design.
01/21/15 Accelerate the Changes

Accelerate the Pace of Innovation and Learning
01/20/15 If I Were Boss: One Student's Solution to Get Freshman to Stick with Engineering

A Rice University mechanical engineering sophomore thinks companies need to link more strategically with college freshmen.
01/13/15 How to Improve the AIA Standard Form Contracts

Parties to a contract must believe that the independent decision-maker is impartial, but this is impossible if it is the project architect.
12/15/14 How A Construction Leader Came to Be: Col. G.W. Goethals and the Panama Canal

As the Panama Canal expansion heads to the finish line, a Corps of Engineers veteran commander reflects on the project leadership example set a century ago.
11/19/14 Young Talent and Unconventional Wisdom

Industry practitioner-academic says construction generations must share knowledge and skills.
11/11/14 Notions of Sustainability Should Include the Word's Full Meaning

People told a former Army Corps of Engineers commander that sustainability was a slogan destined for oblivion, but he says ‘Nuts!’ to that argument.
10/29/14 Which Comes First: Best Practice Or Hazard Analysis?

Blindly following so-called industry best practices without regard to your own hazard analysis may not prevent unsafe acts.
10/27/14 Backstories from a Visit to the Panama Canal

ENR goes off the beaten path a bit during a visit to Panama Canal for coverage of ASCE's conference.
10/22/14 Contractors, Let Go of Unneeded Overhead

Flexible overhead may be the answer to a contractor’s constant navigation amid the rising and falling business cycles.
10/13/14 When the Choice Is Between Innovation or Risk

Although every innovation opens the door to new risks, some of which can’t be managed, risk-averse strategies without innovation are a dead-end for the industry.
10/01/14 Construction Technology and Tipping Points

If trends in construction point to one thing, it's that mid-sized to smaller contractors are updating the software they need to run businesses more profitably. Industry experts weigh in.
09/16/14 Viewpoint: Finding the Right Role For Your Unique Skills

Industry veteran shares tips on finding career success in the AEC sector by capitalizing on "atypical" strengths.
09/09/14 On Further Review, the South Napa Earthquake was a Success Story for Buildings

Contrary to the impression conveyed by the television news and other media, there’s good reason to be pleased with the way buildings performed.
07/16/14 AECOM-URS Deal: The Challenge of Profitable Growth

Two consultants explain how the $6-million deal between AECOM and URS fits into the broader context of how design and engineering firms must align their existing strengths with expansion strategies.
07/02/14 A World Cup for Integrity? Thoughts on Corruption and Ethics in Brazil

Brazil has a chance to limit the abuse and corruption that may have occurred on the World Cup stadiums as it prepares for the Olympics.
06/17/14 So You Want to Be a Leader: Listen to Those Around You

A longtime contractor safety manager offers perspective on building leadership in construction.
06/04/14 A Success Formula for Contractors for Good Times and Bad

Coming out of the recession is the perfect time for contractors to adopt new business models because it is clear the old paradigm of growth doesn’t work in a cyclical market.
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