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Viewpoints - Featured Headline
Viewpoint: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education
Two engineering educators outline a vision for a transformation in engineering education to meet the needs of a changing society and a more demanding student body.

Courtesy of David Goldberg

Designers Can Make the Case for Renewables and Solar Architecture
Architects must lead in the battle for renewables, and a DLR designer shows how the firm teamed with NRG to produce memorable solar power systems that go beyond rooftop panels.

Image Courtesy of DLR Group

More News
09/28/15 Shattering the Myth of Bilateral Time Extensions

In theory, a Time Impact Analysis sounds like a simple and elegant approach but in practice it is something of a myth.
09/23/15 Smart Contractors Will Adapt To Serve Evolving Energy Market

Contractors need to keep an eye out for new opportunities within a shifting energy market.
09/22/15 Will Seattle's Bertha Finish? A Perspective on Tunneling and Risk

A consultant who predicted tunnel trouble on Seattle's SR-99 project explores the reasons and predicts how it will end.
09/16/15 Overhead: A Silent Killer

Business Cycles and Fixed Costs By Thomas C. Schleifer, PhD
09/09/15 How To Stop Overhead From Being a Silent Contractor Killer

A survey of the overhead costs construction companies cut during the downturn could help anticipate needed cuts in the future.
09/04/15 Bridging the Gap

A general contractor shares his views on how to increase the number of minorities and women in construction.
08/26/15 Offshore Wind Has Come to the U.S.; EPCs Can Help It Gain Momentum

Offshore wind energy could add 4.2 million megawatts to the generating capacity of the U.S., according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, but the U.S. market has stalled almost completely, hindered by regulatory uncertainties, political opposition, litigation and a lack of available financing.
08/24/15 Into the Deep End of the Pool: The Making of an Engineer

Starting his career at Lev Zetlin Associates, Charles Thornton and his young colleagues went to work on unusual buildings for the 1964 World's Fair. It was sink or swim.
08/05/15 Improving DBE Programs: How To End The Abuses

The U.S. Dept. of Transportation’s disadvantaged business enterprise program was designed to support the development and growth of legitimate DBEs. But the way the program is currently written, interpreted and administered actually defeats those purposes and undermines the goal.
07/29/15 Make Cybersecurity One of Your Engineering and Design Goals

The energy sector was targeted in a third of the 245 cyberattacks on industrial control systems that a U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security team responded to in 2014.
07/21/15 Give Us More Details About Olympics Risks

The Boston Olympics committee wants to surpass Chicago’s detailed risk analysis, so more explanations are needed, argues ENR"s Richard Korman.
07/15/15 Why Contracts Undermine Subcontractor Protection

Why despite payment protections aren't subcontractors protected? The construction industry's pervasive culture of risk-shifting, says the author.
06/24/15 Engineering Consultant Speaks Languages of Two Worlds

Consulting engineering firms can help owners and contractors see eye-to-eye on pipeline projects.
06/23/15 Filling the Deep Deficit in Construction Industry Research

Failure to fund enough industry-wide research undermines the industry’s future, relevance and compensation, the authors write.
06/17/15 Why I Left My Comfort Zone

How one MEP operations manager helped himself and his firm by taking a risk
06/15/15 Sustainable Solutions are Good Business

Wider client embrace of triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit will become bigger priority for design and construction firms.
06/10/15 Progressive Construction: No Quick Fixes in Project Delivery

Have newer project delivery systems delivered, or do they distract from fundamentals of cost, coordination and communication?
05/26/15 Preparing for the Next Big Storm: T&D's New Reality

Transmission and distribution infrastructure in North America is in the midst of a major shift. An industry that historically has designed to meet the lifespan of its equipment now must refocus that design on the growing challenges of resilience and reliability.
05/19/15 The Losers in Overzealous DBE Enforcement

Overly restrictive interpretations carry potentially onerous consequences for the contractor.
05/19/15 Viewpoint: Create a Team Offense to Manage Project Risk

Open communication, not emailing and legal case building, can prevent project distrust and deceleration.
05/07/15 Contractors Should Be Aware of Alternative Funding Sources for Projects

Good personal and business credit scores will help firms qualify for reasonably priced financing options.
05/06/15 Does Construction History Matter?

Is the study of the industry’s long development an exercise in antiquarianism or is there a useful purpose?
04/28/15 Shared Understanding of Project Scope Is Key

Process industry estimating expert says misalignment between owner-operators and contractors is a key factor contributing to project cost uncertainties.
04/13/15 Industry's Lack of Diversity is at the Tipping Point

There is a very real business case for short-term efforts to include more women and minorities.
04/08/15 The Secret is Out About Budget Contingencies

Are the budget contingencies that owners keep secret good or bad for the project team as a whole?
04/08/15 How to Unstick Vital Project Data

If subcontrators don’t shed resistance to providing data and stop keeping it in separate silos, we will never advance.
03/17/15 How to Improve Post-Disaster Engineering Inspection Reports

There is a shortage of engineers with the experience needed to perform investigations about the causes of damage.
02/18/15 Surety Has An Edge in P3 Guarantees

A Surety & Fidelity Association of America vice president argues that if we choose to use P3 as a procurement method, we should use surety bonding to guarantee payment and completion.
02/16/15 Please, More Fresh Air for Building Occupants

Sleepiness at meetings may be traceable to the broken processes and building paradigms that relegate environmental intelligence to a late phase of design.
01/21/15 Accelerate the Changes

Accelerate the Pace of Innovation and Learning
01/20/15 If I Were Boss: One Student's Solution to Get Freshman to Stick with Engineering

A Rice University mechanical engineering sophomore thinks companies need to link more strategically with college freshmen.
01/13/15 How to Improve the AIA Standard Form Contracts

Parties to a contract must believe that the independent decision-maker is impartial, but this is impossible if it is the project architect.
12/15/14 How A Construction Leader Came to Be: Col. G.W. Goethals and the Panama Canal

As the Panama Canal expansion heads to the finish line, a Corps of Engineers veteran commander reflects on the project leadership example set a century ago.
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