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Viewpoints - Featured Headline
Viewpoint: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education
Two engineering educators outline a vision for a transformation in engineering education to meet the needs of a changing society and a more demanding student body.

Courtesy of David Goldberg

Designers Can Make the Case for Renewables and Solar Architecture
Architects must lead in the battle for renewables, and a DLR designer shows how the firm teamed with NRG to produce memorable solar power systems that go beyond rooftop panels.

Image Courtesy of DLR Group

More News
07/29/15 Make Cybersecurity One of Your Engineering and Design Goals

The energy sector was targeted in a third of the 245 cyberattacks on industrial control systems that a U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security team responded to in 2014.
07/21/15 Give Us More Details About Olympics Risks

The Boston Olympics committee wants to surpass Chicago’s detailed risk analysis, so more explanations are needed, argues ENR"s Richard Korman.
07/15/15 Why Contracts Undermine Subcontractor Protection

Why despite payment protections aren't subcontractors protected? The construction industry's pervasive culture of risk-shifting, says the author.
06/24/15 Engineering Consultant Speaks Languages of Two Worlds

Consulting engineering firms can help owners and contractors see eye-to-eye on pipeline projects.
06/23/15 Filling the Deep Deficit in Construction Industry Research

Failure to fund enough industry-wide research undermines the industry’s future, relevance and compensation, the authors write.
06/17/15 Why I Left My Comfort Zone

How one MEP operations manager helped himself and his firm by taking a risk
06/15/15 Sustainable Solutions are Good Business

Wider client embrace of triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit will become bigger priority for design and construction firms.
06/10/15 Progressive Construction: No Quick Fixes in Project Delivery

Have newer project delivery systems delivered, or do they distract from fundamentals of cost, coordination and communication?
05/26/15 Preparing for the Next Big Storm: T&D's New Reality

Transmission and distribution infrastructure in North America is in the midst of a major shift. An industry that historically has designed to meet the lifespan of its equipment now must refocus that design on the growing challenges of resilience and reliability.
05/19/15 The Losers in Overzealous DBE Enforcement

Overly restrictive interpretations carry potentially onerous consequences for the contractor.
05/19/15 Viewpoint: Create a Team Offense to Manage Project Risk

Open communication, not emailing and legal case building, can prevent project distrust and deceleration.
05/07/15 Contractors Should Be Aware of Alternative Funding Sources for Projects

Good personal and business credit scores will help firms qualify for reasonably priced financing options.
05/06/15 Does Construction History Matter?

Is the study of the industry’s long development an exercise in antiquarianism or is there a useful purpose?
04/28/15 Shared Understanding of Project Scope Is Key

Process industry estimating expert says misalignment between owner-operators and contractors is a key factor contributing to project cost uncertainties.
04/13/15 Industry's Lack of Diversity is at the Tipping Point

There is a very real business case for short-term efforts to include more women and minorities.
04/08/15 The Secret is Out About Budget Contingencies

Are the budget contingencies that owners keep secret good or bad for the project team as a whole?
04/08/15 How to Unstick Vital Project Data

If subcontrators don’t shed resistance to providing data and stop keeping it in separate silos, we will never advance.
03/17/15 How to Improve Post-Disaster Engineering Inspection Reports

There is a shortage of engineers with the experience needed to perform investigations about the causes of damage.
02/18/15 Surety Has An Edge in P3 Guarantees

A Surety & Fidelity Association of America vice president argues that if we choose to use P3 as a procurement method, we should use surety bonding to guarantee payment and completion.
02/16/15 Please, More Fresh Air for Building Occupants

Sleepiness at meetings may be traceable to the broken processes and building paradigms that relegate environmental intelligence to a late phase of design.
01/21/15 Accelerate the Changes

Accelerate the Pace of Innovation and Learning
01/20/15 If I Were Boss: One Student's Solution to Get Freshman to Stick with Engineering

A Rice University mechanical engineering sophomore thinks companies need to link more strategically with college freshmen.
01/13/15 How to Improve the AIA Standard Form Contracts

Parties to a contract must believe that the independent decision-maker is impartial, but this is impossible if it is the project architect.
12/15/14 How A Construction Leader Came to Be: Col. G.W. Goethals and the Panama Canal

As the Panama Canal expansion heads to the finish line, a Corps of Engineers veteran commander reflects on the project leadership example set a century ago.
11/19/14 Young Talent and Unconventional Wisdom

Industry practitioner-academic says construction generations must share knowledge and skills.
11/11/14 Notions of Sustainability Should Include the Word's Full Meaning

People told a former Army Corps of Engineers commander that sustainability was a slogan destined for oblivion, but he says ‘Nuts!’ to that argument.
10/29/14 Which Comes First: Best Practice Or Hazard Analysis?

Blindly following so-called industry best practices without regard to your own hazard analysis may not prevent unsafe acts.
10/27/14 Backstories from a Visit to the Panama Canal

ENR goes off the beaten path a bit during a visit to Panama Canal for coverage of ASCE's conference.
10/22/14 Contractors, Let Go of Unneeded Overhead

Flexible overhead may be the answer to a contractor’s constant navigation amid the rising and falling business cycles.
10/13/14 When the Choice Is Between Innovation or Risk

Although every innovation opens the door to new risks, some of which can’t be managed, risk-averse strategies without innovation are a dead-end for the industry.
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