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Viewpoints - Featured Headline
Viewpoint: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education
Two engineering educators outline a vision for a transformation in engineering education to meet the needs of a changing society and a more demanding student body.

Courtesy of David Goldberg

Designers Can Make the Case for Renewables and Solar Architecture
Architects must lead in the battle for renewables, and a DLR designer shows how the firm teamed with NRG to produce memorable solar power systems that go beyond rooftop panels.

Image Courtesy of DLR Group

More Viewpoints
01/21/15 Accelerate the Changes

Accelerate the Pace of Innovation and Learning
01/20/15 If I Were Boss: One Student's Solution to Get Freshman to Stick with Engineering

A Rice University mechanical engineering sophomore thinks companies need to link more strategically with college freshmen.
01/13/15 How to Improve the AIA Standard Form Contracts

Parties to a contract must believe that the independent decision-maker is impartial, but this is impossible if it is the project architect.
12/15/14 How A Construction Leader Came to Be: Col. G.W. Goethals and the Panama Canal

As the Panama Canal expansion heads to the finish line, a Corps of Engineers veteran commander reflects on the project leadership example set a century ago.
11/19/14 Young Talent and Unconventional Wisdom

Industry practitioner-academic says construction generations must share knowledge and skills.
11/11/14 Notions of Sustainability Should Include the Word's Full Meaning

People told a former Army Corps of Engineers commander that sustainability was a slogan destined for oblivion, but he says ‘Nuts!’ to that argument.
10/29/14 Which Comes First: Best Practice Or Hazard Analysis?

Blindly following so-called industry best practices without regard to your own hazard analysis may not prevent unsafe acts.
10/27/14 Backstories from a Visit to the Panama Canal

ENR goes off the beaten path a bit during a visit to Panama Canal for coverage of ASCE's conference.
10/22/14 Contractors, Let Go of Unneeded Overhead

Flexible overhead may be the answer to a contractor’s constant navigation amid the rising and falling business cycles.
10/13/14 When the Choice Is Between Innovation or Risk

Although every innovation opens the door to new risks, some of which can’t be managed, risk-averse strategies without innovation are a dead-end for the industry.
10/01/14 Construction Technology and Tipping Points

If trends in construction point to one thing, it's that mid-sized to smaller contractors are updating the software they need to run businesses more profitably. Industry experts weigh in.
09/16/14 Viewpoint: Finding the Right Role For Your Unique Skills

Industry veteran shares tips on finding career success in the AEC sector by capitalizing on "atypical" strengths.
09/09/14 On Further Review, the South Napa Earthquake was a Success Story for Buildings

Contrary to the impression conveyed by the television news and other media, there’s good reason to be pleased with the way buildings performed.
07/16/14 AECOM-URS Deal: The Challenge of Profitable Growth

Two consultants explain how the $6-million deal between AECOM and URS fits into the broader context of how design and engineering firms must align their existing strengths with expansion strategies.
07/02/14 A World Cup for Integrity? Thoughts on Corruption and Ethics in Brazil

Brazil has a chance to limit the abuse and corruption that may have occurred on the World Cup stadiums as it prepares for the Olympics.
06/17/14 So You Want to Be a Leader: Listen to Those Around You

A longtime contractor safety manager offers perspective on building leadership in construction.
06/04/14 A Success Formula for Contractors for Good Times and Bad

Coming out of the recession is the perfect time for contractors to adopt new business models because it is clear the old paradigm of growth doesn’t work in a cyclical market.
05/14/14 Why We Need More Large Dams

The Oxford study, unfortunately, completely ignores the climate change problem and doesn’t provide any viable alternative to large dams and hydropower
05/08/14 Language and Leaders

Above my desk hangs a picture of a woman born in 1869, Alice Hamilton, the mother of industrial hygiene and the ultimate safety professional. I recommend that every safety manager read her autobiography, "Exploring the Dangerous Trades," in which Hamilton details her investigative work in armament factories, mercury mines and lead smelters.
04/30/14 The Construction Industry Needs to Coordinate Its Work Force Solutions

The labor shortage must be solved at the local level, but first we need a national strategy.
04/30/14 Consolidation's Consequences in Construction Services

Larger companies suffer the same low margins as small ones, but their size enables them to invest in production improvements to satisfy shifting demands of owners.
04/22/14 When It Comes to Safety Leadership, Watch Your Language

Alice Hamilton, the mother of industrial hygiene, had it right when she advocated bluntness over noncommittal blandness when it comes to safety.
04/14/14 Viewpoint: Women in Construction Operations, Unite!

Two women operations managers at McCarthy Building Cos. share why they founded Women in Construction Operations to build mentors for women in key project management roles nationwide.
04/07/14 Project Environmental Reviews: Undo the Do-Over Loop

Expediting project reviews is critical to rebuilding infrastructure and driving economic growth, and Congress isn't needed to get it done.
04/02/14 Tying the Hands of Engineers: The Decline of Judgment

In our industry, this is primarily evident in the proliferation of federal, state, and local regulations that increasingly govern our day-to-day activities.
03/19/14 Engineer Brian Brenner Rates the Lego Movie a Blockbuster, Sort Of

The author weighs his aversion to explosions in movies against his fondness for playing with blocks.
03/05/14 Construction Industry Continues to Underspend in Technology

Gartner reports on how the construction sector ranks in technology spend compared to 19 other industries.
03/05/14 Eating Our Seed Corn: R&D Funding Cuts Are Killing Our Economic Engine

Federal funding cuts for academic research are quietly draining the lifeblood out of the future U.S. economy.
02/25/14 How to Deal With the Corps

Understanding the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ limits is a key to dealing successfully with this complex agency.
02/17/14 More States Are Ruling That Construction Defects Are Accidents

A number of state supreme courts have weighed the question of construction defects.
02/12/14 Don’t Wave the White Flag on Federal Transportation Funding

Unless Congress and the President act by October 1, the Highway Trust Fund will not be able to support any new projects in fiscal year 2015.
02/05/14 Construction CPM Trends: 4D BIM Claims Taking Off

Why 4D scheduling claims are expected to grow in use, and other trends in CPM scheduling software and uses are explained in this overview from the Construction CPM Conference.
01/27/14 Tax Gas in the Pipelines to Help Solve Transportation Funding Crisis

The infrastructure that supports the petroleum industry is currently being deprived of a historic tax base.
01/14/14 Viewpoint: Before Building Trump Tower, Years of Sexual Harrassment

A former Trump Organization executive recalls the language she was assaulted with and how it changed her.
12/26/13 Trend for 2014: Growth of Predictive Analytics

The practice of Predictive Analytics is here to stay and is important for the engineering and construction industry.
12/23/13 ENR Competition Celebrates Global Project Teams

Entries are now being accepted for ENR’s second annual Global Best Projects awards program.
12/18/13 Raise the Bar-Chonicle of A Never-Ending Journey For Engineers

Long-time advocate of expanded standards for engineering professionals has co-edited a synopsis of the Raise the Bar initiative, an ongoing effort by the American Society of Civil Engineers.
11/27/13 Beware of Hidden Risks Buried in Contract Language

Partner at insurance broker Ames & Gough warns design and construction professionals about potential liabilities in words and phrases.
11/06/13 Transforming Prison Design Via BIM and Off-Site Fabrication

A wide variety of custom correctional facility designs and be created, then manufactured from standard CasaFlex elements.
11/01/13 Imagining Construction's Future: An Overview

ENR asked its readers to open up their minds and take a shot at writing short fiction about the future of construction, and boy, did they!
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Presidential Infrastructure Address, 2038

Exceprts from the fictional address delivered by a future president on the urban infrastructure policy changes. Infrastructure decay that began in the last quarter of the 20th century continued, reaching crisis proportions, until engineers and wisdom prevailed.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Meeting of the Minds

The editor-in-chief of Engineering News-Record in 2070 goes on the press tour of a lifetime—to earth orbit to observe construction of a habitat that will carry explorers light-years into space.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Contingency

When the dust settled from the chaos of the fall of the United States, the four Contingents were born: Western, Eastern, Mountain, and Great Lakes, shaped by agreements on water use. Contractors build pipelines through the wild and dangerous zones in between: the Deadlands.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: The Judges

ENR's Construction Science Fiction Contest judges
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: A Super Morning

Autonomous vehicles and a new formulation for concrete that makes rebar obsolete are hallmarks of the daily routine of a contractor in the second decade of the 21st century.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: 2051

A troubleshooter on a highly automated, intensively integrated, thought-activated jobsite hits a wall while debugging a problem by querying tech about tech, until she finds hope in an antiquated solution.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Among Us

A vacation from the jobsite and a wander in a nearby state park turns into an exploration of ancient construction and extraterrestrial project management.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Bracing for Sanfrantechie

A senior project manager in 2068 prepares for an ENR interview by reviewing the technology on a breakthrough federal project. He has a lot on his mind—but that’s OK: His mind is an extension of the project cloud.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Renovation Is New Life

A high-tech approach and modern tools speed the renovation of a 19th-century structure, but more importantly, help the builders find hidden elegance and turn a house into a home.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Sammy

After long lives spent in construction and robotics, an inventor and his best friend reflects on the one innovation which revolutionized the jobsite.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: A Blast From the Past

Contractors are racing to belt the Earth with a gossamer shade to dampen global warming as the world's No. 1 construction priority–until there is an ominous jolt in Formation E-1022.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Eight-Point-Five

As the new city council president tours and Emergency Operations Center, a major earthquake strikes, sending the response team into action. At 8.5 on the Richter scale, they expect significant damage.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Ascendant

"Ascendant" is a post-apocalyptic thriller centered on James, an F4 tunnel surveyor, and his inadvertent battle to expose the BODY, Earth's new subsurface government. James is challenged with trust, corruption and the past as he races to uncover the existence of a though-to-be-extinct natural resource.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: A Day In Construction: 2045

Even in 2045, with technology as advanced as it is, problem solving and the creativity of the human mind can never be replaced; and danger will still lurk on a job site.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: August 20, 2044

Join us for a journey to the construction projects of 2044. A world of robots, augmented reality and 3D printers! See how today’s cutting edge ideas and visions are tomorrow’s reality.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Construction 2030

Architects, engineers, artists and electronic media geniuses collaborate to create the design, precision-engineering and  3-D printing of structural elements on site for New York City housing.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Seattle to Siem Reap

Global construction has become roboticized, automated, digitized and holographed in the midpoint of the 21st century. But some things never change. There’s still politics—and Starbucks.
10/30/13 Construction Science Ficton: The Last Superintendent

In this two-page graphic short story, a lone construction superintendent in the distant future checks in on a jobsite for perhaps the final time.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Such a Lonely Job...

A builder in 2388 starts work on a Pacific Coast home using “protomaterial” in her “construction transformer.” The task will take less than eight hours.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: New World

What happened to the colonists constructing an outpost in the hostile environment of a planet light years away? A rescue mission tries to unravel the mystery.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Building the IRTS

?An eager young construction-site novice, with the help of "the Doughboy," plays his role in making transportation history: helping to build the next generation’s sequel to the interstate highway system.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Canopy

A mega-industrialist re-imagines urban infrastructure and creates a soaring solution to centuries of accumulated woes.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: The Lake Michigan Causeway

Civilization marches on, but the age-old issues of designing a bridge—for resiliency, durability, aesthetics and ease of maintenance—are the same even in the future. But one 100-mile-long bridge will come complete with its own office spaces.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

The impacts of intelligent machines and equipment on project delivery are seen in this portrait of one Project Implementer's ordinary workday in building formulation.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: The Divine Man

The world is about to come to an end when someone introduces a virus into the computer network of a global construction company.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Metadata

A woman frustrated with her architect decides to take matters into her own hands.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: I Want To Be an Engineer

A youngster of the future learns how construction was done in the early 21st century and then goes on a space-age construction site tour with his father.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: A Day in the Life of a Construction Grunt, 2043

A construction worker who works on the moon to mine a hot commodity confronts a hard truth about human nature.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Hard Light

?Harry Lumen engineers a process for stabilizing light into a structural medium, leading an awestruck world to cast all caution aside. That’s never a good idea.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Maestro

A high-tech design center puts the project manager at the center of the action in engineering, construction and life-cycle management, impressing the client with its potential for his own work products.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: TIPORO and the Megacity Hero

A precocious young Professional Ocean Engineer utilizes robots, holographs and lasers to make emergency infrastructure repairs, inspire a little girl and find a crack in a bridge, all before lunch.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Of Man and Mouse

A fast-thinking, computer-augmented engineer delivers a lesson in neurologically inspired computer design in a desperate bid to save his skin—and probably human civilization, as well.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Starscraper, An Excerpt

The elaborate safety plan for workers building a 248-story tower is put to the test in this excerpt from Stephen R. Galati's "Starscraper."
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: The Building Is THERE

A breakthrough discovery enables a design apparatus that can project a building onto its site by bending measured light vectors, creating the potential to dramatically change construction and other industries as well.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: The Day Spencer Jammed My Printer

Workers resenting new building technologies as a job threat take action in the not-too-distant future.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: In the Face of Disaster

When a cataclysmic event throws a group of construction engineers on a cruise off course, they must learn how to use basic materials on hand in their new surroundings to build shelter and survive.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: The Kindled Highway

In a world where extreme heat waves have wreaked havoc on everything including roads and bridges, the construction industry finds a way to adapt.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: Leon's Story

Despite all that technology has done by 2085 to push construction and society forward, a proud and perplexed designer laments the missing human touch.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: New Frontiers

Terrorism at 20,000 feet threatens a high-profile construction project.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: The Electro-Carbon Lift

A technological breakthrough makes crane work suddenly obsolete.
10/30/13 Construction Science Fiction: The Trouble With Bots

The robot you dislike today may become the robot that saves your life tomorrow.
10/16/13 How to Resolve Contract Disputes Proactively

A well-managed claims process will help control risk and improve return on investment.
10/16/13 Singapore's Green Leadership Extends Through Asia and Beyond

In Singapore's densely built-up urban environment, the Building and Construction Authority has created a rating system that has been called the tropics’ answer to LEED.
10/02/13 A New Age of Pay Abuse of Subcontractors

New laws are needed if the construction industry doesn’t curtail the new ways it withholds funds and transfers risk to subcontractors.
09/25/13 How to Fix a Broken Scheduling System

Production planning, creating short interval schedules for up to four weeks at a time and planning around milestones, is an effective strategy for right planning projects.
09/04/13 The New Rules of Risk Include an Increased Threat of Contractor Default

Many defaults are not a total surprise and project members often remark, ‘I had a bad feeling about this for months.’
08/21/13 Engineers Must Draw a Line on Sustainability

An engineering professor can’t shake the thought that the bridge project on the Clemson campus fails the tests of sustainability.
08/19/13 Affirmative Action in Construction: The 'Pact' of Summer 1963

A construction executive remembers what happened during the Civil Rights summer 50 years ago and why the niceties of construction law were the last things on anybody’s mind.
08/06/13 Building Flood Risk Reduction Infrastructure Pays Off and Can Even Pay Back

Innovations in design, construction and financing learned after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans can be applied in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.
07/24/13 Tradition Carries the Day During Construction in Haiti

Banging is favored over precision, and explaining why a steel bar will protect them in the future is a daunting.
07/02/13 More Room for Gloom on Recovery Risk

During the recovery, contractors are advised to keep their eyes out for labor shortages and material cost inflation.
07/02/13 Viewpoint: More Room For Gloom

During the recovery, contractors are advised to keep their eyes out for labor shortages and material cost inflation.
06/14/13 No Tie on Father's Day: Daughter's Tribute to Construction Dad

The daughter of a cement finisher tries to put some distance between her father's world and herself, but ends up a part of it after all.
06/05/13 An Uphill Battle Against LEED-Based Codes

This year is a crucial one that will emphasize the differences between IgCC and LEED and could give IgCC a boost.
06/05/13 The Next Steps for New York City Flood Protection

Could New York City have foreseen and protected itself from Superstorm Sandy’s tidal surge?
05/21/13 Bash All the Lawyers? Not So Fast

A recent commentary in ENR blamed lawyers for much of what is wrong with construction today, but the argument ignores all that lawyers contribute.
05/15/13 Viewpoint: OSHA Crane Rules Must Change

The majority of crane operators in this country are certified to crane type only, but new federal rules would render those tests invalid.
05/15/13 Viewpoint: OSHA Crane Rules Have Merit

The big debate over certifying crane operators by type and capacity is being driven not by safety concerns or genuine cost factors but by politics.
05/02/13 Risk Vs. Rewards in P3s for Design-Build Contractors

The P3 asset must be buildable but also productive and cost efficient to operate and maintain.
04/30/13 Viewpoint: Lawyer as Constructor

Have attorneys helped or hindered large American construction projects?
04/24/13 Viewpoint: When the Owner Fails

the reality in today’s construction market is that the general contractor must pay close attention to the owner’s ability to pay regardless of how stable the owner appears to be.
04/18/13 Award of Excellence: Getting Close to Mr. Jones

One of the premier assignments for ENR editors is writing the profile of the Award of Excellence winner, says Tom Sawyer, the ENR senior editor who wrote this year's story.
02/12/13 Viewpoint: Use Signs and Symbols to Teach Safety Rules

You don’t have to use words in order to train a multilingual workforce to avoid the most common causes of fatalities, argues a safety expert.
01/30/13 The Personality Traits Needed for the New Risk Managers

Athough the majority of today’s risk managers have characteristics that conform to the stereotype, Active Risk's survey results showed that,they have other characteristics, too.
01/29/13 Trends in the Health-Care Construction Market

Prefabrication and integrated project delivery are becoming more popular among health-care facility owners.
01/23/13 Viewpoint: Raise My Gas Tax, Please

CEO of The Kleinfelder Group on the need to increase the federal gas tax.
01/14/13 Beware the Recovery: What History Teaches Contractors and Sureties

No one liked the recession, but the rate of construction enterprise failure runs three times higher during recovery than during recession.
01/14/13 Construction Photography Contest Judging Is Challenging And Rewarding

Art, Impact and Safety Factor In
01/14/13 ENR's 2012 The Year In Construction Photo Contest Winners

The best construction photography collection in the world
01/09/13 ENR's Photo Contest Runners-Up

After sifting through over 1,500 photos, ENR's judges set aside the Runners up that didn't quite make it. Here they are.
01/09/13 Construction Photography Reminds Us of What Makes The Industry Great

ENR's annual Best Construction Photos issue showcases some of the best work of 2012.
12/28/12 Partner at 35? Why I Know I'm Not Ready Just Yet

A young go-getter fancies himself as an engineering firm partner, but when he is entered into a mentoring program instead of an executive role, his bruised ego gets a much-needed education.
12/05/12 An Upside to Automatic Federal Budget Cuts

With all the hype and hysteria about the fiscal cliff, there are some good reasons to prefer sequestration, the much-feared automatic federal budget cuts.
11/28/12 Viewpoint: Hurricane Sandy, a Reminder of the Need for Speed

The need for rapid repairs and recovery after Hurricane Sandy means we have to return to time-centric scheduling and insist that scheduling software allows us to do it.
11/28/12 Multifamily Construction Requires Due Diligence and Careful Team Selection

Bidding errors or unanticipated project costs can wipe out all profits on a project and even threaten a company’s overall financial strength.
11/26/12 Viewpoint: Tell Bullies to Step Off

A foreman bullies a college student working on a Pittsburgh roof, until the victim finally stands up for himself. But who won?
10/17/12 Viewpoint: Innovation in Response to Europe's Construction

Adopting new technologies, proven in Europe and other parts of the world, is one great way to reduce risk and continue to build great projects.
09/21/12 Viewpoint: Vietnam, Indonesia Hold Opportunity for U.S. Infrastructure Firms

U.S. trade mission to connect U.S. companies with prospective partners.
09/19/12 Viewpoint: Finding the Sweet Spot

Design firm CEO assesses merger-and-acquisition strategy for AEC firms today.
09/12/12 Making Growth Count

Industry firms need to find ways to turn revenue growth into bottom-line success.
09/05/12 Let's Save an Architectural Gem That Also Pioneered Engineering

Threatened by demolition, Chicago's Prentice Women's Hospital deserves to be preserved as an example of design excellence and bold engineering.
08/27/12 Viewpoint: Keep Your Guard Up Against Green Project Risks

If you are wondering why we haven’t seen more green legal disputes, here are the reasons why and why they may be just around the corner.
07/30/12 The Distaste for Toll Roads in the U.S.

Why Americans vote to approve local and state-wide bond programs that clearly outline the public deliverables but vehemently oppose any increase in the general gas tax.
07/23/12 How Mortenson Opened an Office in China

Building in China requires the company to reconcile U.S. client expectations and local labor.
07/23/12 Viewpoint: The Case for Neutral, Third-Party Schedulers

What happens when you bring a new idea to avoid delays to an audience of contractors?
07/02/12 Viewpoint: Bribe Scheme Contractor Wanted Insurer to Cover Civil Lawsuit Costs

Is it your liability insurer’s job to defend you in a civil lawsuit over an admitted felony?
06/27/12 Viewpoint: Why Home Baseline Water Testing Matters

Opinion by SAIC’s James J. Kohlhaas on a key issue related to risks of hydraulic fracturing.
06/25/12 Complexity Is Often the Culprit in Project Overruns, Delays

Are today’s engineers and contractors just not as good as those who built the megaprojects of yesteryear?
06/11/12 The Factors Behind Construction Risk

Dependence on government support prevents the stakeholders from clarifying the risks in construction and coming to an agreement on how the construction economy can remain systemically sustainable.
05/29/12 Closing the License Gap: Register Implementers of Software and Controls for Critical Systems

For public safety and protection, designers and implementers of control systems for critical infrastructure must be licensed and registered.
05/21/12 Competition Can Help Our Roads Evolve

Product warranties can shift the risk back to the product developer in return for profit potential.
05/07/12 Help a Teacher: Be a Mentor!

High school math-engineering teacher seeks industry support to mentor low-performers in critical STEM skills.
04/30/12 VIEWPOINT: In Tampa Bay Water v. HDR, Fiscal Prudence Falls Through the Cracks

The history of this case reveals that reversal of the jury’s verdict on appeal is about as likely as a man flying to the moon by flapping his arms.
04/23/12 The Teaching Moment Arrives in Tampa Bay Water v. HDR
The lesson of Tampa Bay Water v. HDR is to never gamble millions on a trial since all you may do is pend funds that boost the gross domestic legal product.
04/16/12 Make Storm Drainage System Inspection Standard

Post-installation inspection likewise ensures that a suppliers’ product was installed properly, reducing the potential for liability due to unanticipated maintenance or failure.
04/09/12 Why We Need the Keystone XL Pipeline Project

One of the key objectives to securing the nation’s long-term economic security is the need to expand our access to safe, secure and sustainable sources of energy.
03/26/12 Bidding Edge? It's Cheating, But There's a Right Way to Compete

An estimator explains how substitutions without the knowledge of the rest of the project team really amounts to ‘strategic’ cheating, and why the bid period is the proper time to seek an edge on the competition.
03/13/12 ?Tides of Fate Swamp An Engineer's First Bid

In a story adapted from his new book, Samuel C. Florman recalls how his first bid estimate in his first week on the job looked like a big loser for his company.
02/27/12 Take Infrastructure Back from Politicians

The best hope is for public and private planners, designers, builders and operators of these facilities to convince a skeptical public that it is getting the services it pays for at a fair price and without political favoritism.
02/20/12 Display of the Retired Space Shuttle: An Opportunity Los Angeles Should Not Miss

The right type of display, in docking mode with the Space Station or in launching mode, or both, could draw a huge number of visitors each year.
02/13/12 Project Delivery: The Choice Isn't All or Nothing With Design-Build

An argument for using design-build for some major subcontracts on a project that is otherwise delivery the customary way.
02/13/12 Why Peer Reviews Need Statutory Protection

Designers need statutory privacy protection for peer reviews, the same privilege enjoyed by physicians, to be sure reviews won’t be used as court evidence.
01/23/12 Float May Be Sinking the Project

By eliminating float as a way to determine delay, we could return Critical Path Method schedules to being a model for Project Execution Strategy and a tool to coordinate and direct work.
01/09/12 ENR Showcases Great Shots of 2011

ENR’s annual photo contest brings attention to inspiring construction photographs and the workers and projects they depict.
01/09/12 Judging the ENR Photo Contest: Hows and Whys

Selected by ENR from hundreds of photographs submitted every year, “Images of the Year in Construction” features photographs that best capture the mood and flavor of construction.
12/19/11 VIEWPOINT: Engineering-Construction Needs a New Model

Is our business model broken? The need for innovation should cause us to reconsider how we conduct our research and rethink how products and applications are developed.
12/07/11 Opinion: Assuring You Have Skin in the Safety Game

A contractor’s safety director finds that the U.S. Navy is more-than-serious about safety on its construction sites.
12/05/11 VIEWPOINT Project Risk Sharing: Owner Clauses-Bad Practice?

Viewpoint on project risk management trend
11/28/11 Viewpoint: Contemplating Competence

Engineer says competence ss exercise of skill, not just awareness of facts.
11/07/11 Insurance Notices of Termination: Will You Find Out Coverage Ends?

A recent change to a common risk management activity poses new risks to the bottom line.
10/31/11 Editorial: Prosecution of Ex-Berger Group CEO Wolff May Push Non-Compliance To Criminal Level

In our opinion, a multiyear audit and payment process on a cost-plus contract is a moral sand trap for a federal agency and a contractor.
10/10/11 Multihazard Design: How to Prepare for Dual Disasters

If we want new structures to stand for the next 50-100 years and age with grace, then we must manage structure and infrastructure health comprehensively, making assessments throughout the life cycle.
09/26/11 Allow Utilities To Place Lines Along Freeways

Speed up the process of change at AASHTO to allow the needed energy revolution to take place
09/14/11 Structural Engineers Need Separate Licensing

An engineer's primary obligation is to the safety, health and welfare of the public, and this is what motivates advocates of separate licensure for structural engineers.
08/29/11 Safety-Related Jury Verdict in Nevada Lacked Common Sense

An expert witness worries that a jury's decision badly undermines justice for a third party injured on a jobsite.
08/15/11 Saga of the World Trade Center in ENR Continues

In its historic coverage of the 16-acre World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan, ENR has published more than 100 articles, beginning with a project summary overview in 1958.
07/25/11 With the Carmageddon Fresh in Our Minds, Why We Must Finish Another Vital L.A. Artery

Despite clear need and pervasive public support, a small but highly organized, vocal group has delayed the I-71- link by learning exactly where to insert monkey wrenches into the gears of public process.
07/18/11 Viewpoint: Why Uncertainty Is a Critical Factor in Designing for Disaster

Over time, formally factoring in risk can bring enormous monetary savings and avoid major interruptions to society and the economy.
06/29/11 Don't Wait Until Winter To Manage the Risks Related to Heavy Snow

Winter test roofs and most are sound, but you don’t have to be wrong to end up the target of a lawsuit
06/21/11 Before You Upgrade CAD: Questions to Ask

Thinking about finally adding computer-aided design software to your workflow? In part 1 of this 2 part article, CAD expert Steve Ross explains important questions you need to ask yourself and your vendors before you buy.
06/13/11 The Case for Practice Restrictions in Licensure

Licensure is already discipline-specific–entirely discipline-specific–when it comes to the PE exams. The logical next step is to make licensure discipline-specific when it comes to actual practice.
05/23/11 Casual Insults Sap Prestige, Power

Engineers should not lead organizations. Engineers are rigid, politically unsophisticated, unimaginative, uncommunicative and oblivious to the big picture. They lack the needed qualities for leadership and are best suited for lower-level supporting roles. You hear these comments all the time. Had these comments been made about
04/13/11 Studies Show That Unions Work

While reliable studies of craft labor productivity in the U.S. are in short supply, a few recent reports that specifically address changing trends in construction over the last decade indicate declines in productive output of skilled trades and rising project costs can be traced to gaps in education and training among non-union workers.
05/18/11 Casual Insults Sap Prestige, Power
05/11/11 Run a Train That’s Fast Enough
05/11/11 True High Speeds Vital for U.S.
04/06/11 Cut Review Time To Save Money
03/23/11 Blog Posts From Tokyo and Sendai After the Great Quake and Tsunami
03/02/11 My Verdict On Merger Mania
02/23/11 Getting Outside The Comfort Zone
02/09/11 Recycling Asphalt Rescues Roads
02/02/11 Filling a Gap in College Studies
01/19/11 How To Close A License Loophole
12/15/10 Steel Inscribed With Love’s Signature
12/01/10 When Language Obstructs Safety
11/10/10 Streamlining the Healing Process
10/27/10 Tea Party Is Silent On Infrastructure
10/20/10 Builders Need A Defined Role
09/22/10 Why I Love Pay-to-Play Rules During Election Campaigns
10/13/10 Code Proposals Are Self-Serving
10/06/10 Contract Unfair? Just Say No
09/22/10 A Non-Traditional Project Newsroom
09/01/10 The Legal Worries Raised by IPD
08/25/10 A Classic Case Of Good Intentions
07/28/10 Why Owners Make The Difference
07/21/10 What I Want From Washington, D.C.
07/14/10 Don’t Blame Engineering
06/30/10 Electric Vehicles: Are We Being Sold A Bill of Goods?
06/23/10 Is Faith Misplaced In Mediation?
06/16/10 Push Back FEMA’s Levee Deadline
05/26/10 Ending the Politics Of Infrastructure
05/19/10 Digital Files May Kill Credibility
05/12/10 Build Roads That Anticipate Errors
04/28/10 Doing Business In South Africa
04/21/10 Downsizing Can Lead to Success
03/17/10 How to Pay an Insurance Broker to Protect Your Blind Side
03/03/10 China Gateway? Not Hong Kong
01/27/10 How To Keep Mentoring Alive
12/09/09 Projects in China Need Vigilance
11/18/09 Don't Leave Safety Out of Sustainability
10/28/09 Why Wash Dirty Laundry in Public? Studying Failure Is Crucial
09/16/09 When Bidders Choose to 'Bomb'
08/12/09 Proposal For Portable Safety Records Is Generating Dialogue and Controversy
07/29/09 N.J. Privatizes Remediation
07/22/09 Rail Race: Maglev or HSR, What is the Future? Join the Rail Debate and Help Shape History
07/15/09 New Innovations In Crash Barriers
07/08/09 Taming Construction Disputes Through Rapid Resolution
07/02/09 Is Another Boom and Bust Cycle Coming To Engineering Staffing?
06/25/09 Controlling Work-Related Disability Costs
06/18/09 Complacency is the Enemy
06/17/09 New Fuel Rules Challenge Trucks
06/10/09 Taxpayers Benefit By Outsourcing
06/03/09 LEED 2009 - A Good First Step
05/29/09 Could Your Firm Pass a Stress Test?
05/20/09 Firms Should Think About Expanding
05/20/09 Sustainability Can Drive Investment
05/13/09 Contractor Laws Equalize Bidders
05/06/09 Gaining a Slice of Stimulus Pie
04/27/09 High Speed Rail is a Game-changer
04/22/09 Productivity Is Key To Profitability
04/15/09 Aging Ports Need Revitalization
04/08/09 P3 Bonds Need Transparency
04/01/09 We Need Personal Safety Records
03/25/09 Crisis Control in A YouTube World
03/18/09 Supercharging Industry PDAs
03/11/09 Prospering in Cyclical Markets
03/04/09 Energy Savings: California’s Big Step
02/26/09 Energy Tax Deductions — Build Green, Save Green
02/25/09 Finally, Maglev Leadership
02/18/09 Guidelines For Stimulus Package Projects
02/11/09 A Stimulus for Good Design
02/04/09 Engineering Talent Is the Best Stimulus
02/02/09 An Open Letter to the Profession: Civil Engineering Education at a Crossroads
01/21/09 Making Projects Regulatory Ready
01/16/09 Emergency Responder Legislation Protects Engineering Firms
01/09/09 Going Green Through Parking
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