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Editorial - Featured Headline
A Better Kind of Flood Protection
No need for intrusive barriers and floodgates in the middle of New York Harbor.

Images Courtesy of BIG

High Stakes Brinkmanship at the Panama Canal
The standoff is a zero-sum game for both parties if negotiations fail to reach a compromise.

Courtesy ADP

More Editorials
12/29/14 ENRís Editors List the Worst Projects of 2014

Sadly, there are more than enough candidates in a list that includes a nuclear powerplant, a veterans hospital, a tunnel project and others.
11/25/14 Let's Discuss the Real Issues in Immigration

Obamaís executive order was the least desirable way of moving forward but may help lead to discussion of important subjects, such as mandatory national use of E-Verify.
11/10/14 Urge Your Senator to Support Three Easy Steps to Help Small Business

Call or email your senator to support three measures prohibiting construction reverse auctions, helping small design firms compete for design-build contracts and putting an end to endless individual surety fraud.
09/29/14 Worker Misclassification: A Problem Not Easily Solved

Maine has made inroads against fraudulent worker misclassification, but Texas is just starting to get serious about the problem.
08/27/14 Obama's Federal Contractor Order Invites Chaos

The order essentially hands contractors an expanded responsibility that includes responsibility for reporting federal and equivalent state violations related to safety and labor.
08/18/14 Lessons from a Bid Protest in New Orleans

Bid protests, despite the costs and delays they can impose, help to correct flawed selections, as the recent competition for a New Orleans airport terminal showed.
07/09/14 The Risks in Immigration Reform

Anything that shifts more responsibility to construction employers for verifying the work authorization of new employees increases risks and liability.
06/24/14 Rescuing the Highway Trust Fund

The Democratsí temporary fixes for the nearly insolvent Highway Trust Fund unfortunately entangle it with potential reform of the tax code.
05/28/14 Fix VAís Building Woes, Too

The embattled Dept. of Veterans Affairs needs to revamp its construction strategies and practices as well as improving its responsiveness to requests for care.
04/16/14 Alternatives Needed for Plutonium Disposal

Without a halt to the current project, what urgent incentive is there to come up with a new plan?
03/11/14 Editorial: Show You Care, Celebrate Safety

Leaders of 31 major construction firms agree that safety should not be proprietary. They offer to share their ideas about how to make the industry a safer place to work by launching the first annual Safety Week May 4-10.
03/10/14 Close the Holes in Miami-Dade's RFP Cone of Silence

Problems with the Miami-Dade sewer program procurement may give qualifications-based procurements a bad name.
01/08/14 Complexity Demands a Wider Field of View

The images from ENRís Annual Photo Contest should help us defy the tendency to straight-line, cause-and-effect thinking.
12/23/13 Our Construction Business Wish List for 2014

Time for Washington, D.C., to get out of the spotlight as we shift the focus to the basic activity of business: making what people want and need.
12/11/13 Editorial: Don't Miss the Full Rail Safety Picture
Time extensions on positive train control should be out of the question now, and letís start discussing grade crossings and other aspects of rail safety.
11/13/13 When Surety Fraud Goes Unpunished, Small Contractors Suffer

The forged Chubb bonds show that individual surety is being used as a convenient cover for stealing from the very companies it was intended to help
10/09/13 Don't Allow Lawsuits Far from Projects

The Supreme Court has to clean up the legal deadlock over forum-selection clauses that subs say they are forced to sign.
09/10/13 Limiting Small-Surety Fraud: A Public Database is Needed

Why everyone would benefit from an easy-to-use website that displays all state cease-and-desist orders and enforcement actions against surety related companies.
07/10/13 Editorial: Don't Let Cap on Construction Visas Derail Support for Reform

The cap on guest construction workers visas is too low, but it shouldn't obscure the goal of putting illegal workers on a path to citizenship.
04/17/13 Editorial: Workers Hurt By Bosses' Scandal

Why an engineering firm accused of campaign finance crimes, Birdsall Services Group, should not be shut down prior to a full trial.
04/03/13 Measuring and Making the Grade

The American Society of Civil Engineers launched its first infrastructure report card in 1998, and as it issues new ratings in 16 infrastructure categories every four years, it has been making significant improvements in the process. The newest report is intriguing and fun to readóand itís not just doom and gloom.
04/01/13 Make the Surety Pay Safety Signsí Claim

Timely notice is an important principle, but so is preserving the intent of a law that protects the public.
03/06/13 Editorial: Time to Cool Heads on Construction Claims

The engineering communityís new model contract documents contain important changes in the change-order review process.
03/04/13 Clarity Needed on Individual Surety Assets

Following ENRís special report on individual surety, we repeat our call for passage of the Security in Bonding Act as a way to increase transparency and decrease the possiblity of fraud in individual surety bonds.
11/07/12 Editorial: Will Smart Grids Recover Sooner?
A storm the dimension of Sandy is bound to cause outages, but the damage suggests investor-owned utilities should place more emphasis on smart censors to help the grid recover rather than on metering.
10/31/12 Editorial: Why Bond Assets Need Scrutiny
Does the individual surety industry need to be reined in by requiring that bonds for federal projects must be backed by a U.S. Treasury or another easily liquidated security?
10/10/12 Viewpoint: No Mention of Infrastructure From Either Candidate at Debate
During the debate that Gov. Romney clearly won, there was no discussion of the nationís infrastructure or how to pay for its renewal.
10/03/12 Overseas Agents: Make Them Take the Integrity Pledge
Integrity management practices that may have helped SNC-Lavalin avoid trouble in Libya were easily available from FIDIC
08/07/12 Editorial: Justice Denied in Boh Bros. Same-Sex Harass Verdict

The federal appeals court judges who overturned the jury verdict in the case of a Louisiana ironworker harassed by his superintendent in New Orleans ruled on a technicality and leave the injustice to stand.
07/16/12 What to Fix in DOTís DBE Rules

This would be a good time to adjust the rules and clarify what constitutes compliance.
05/07/12 What Must Change to Make NYC Crane-Safe
A succinct, multifaceted program for ending crane accidents in New York City--and futile criminal prosecutions.
01/30/12 Cut the Politics in NLRB Choices with Longer Terms for Board Members

By lengthening the terms of NLRB board members, the problem of board vacancies would solved and the board members may rise above the political crosscurrents and promote fairness.
11/14/11 After a Work-Related Hospitalization, OSHA Wants Faster Reporting?

OSHA claims faster reporting will allow it to interview personnel while recollections are fresh, but this rule adds to an already heavy regulatory burden.
10/17/11 Editorial: Build the Keystone XL Pipeline, a Necessary Evil

The controversial TransCanada pipeline from Alberta to Texas is a necessary evil, like every pipeline, but especially in a weak economy.
09/12/11 A Sad Week for Building Trades Workers in the New York City Area

In the months leading up to Labor Day and the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Center Attack, building trades workers were losing bargaining power even as the memories of their self-sacrificing 9/11 rescue and recovery work was honored.
08/15/11 In Close Quarters at Ground Zero Site, A Spirit of Cooperation Reigns
The World Trade Center rebuild projects resemble seven people in a sandbox all building their own sandcastles and sharing shovels.
08/01/11 A Step Toward A New Engineer, and the Pitfalls that May Prevent It

Concerned about liability, the American Society of Civil Engineers withdrew support for an initiative through which design engineers could influence jobsite safety. Do liability worries hinder visions of extending ethical engineering practice?
06/27/11 Right Verdict is Acquittal for Deutsche Bank Fire Defendants
The contractor supervisors were careless about fire safety in the damaged building at Ground Zero, but thatís not the same as committing manslaughter.
06/17/11 Editorial: The Right Verdict is Acquittal for the Deutsche Bank Fire Trial Defendants

The contractor supervisors ran an unsafe jobsite in the damaged New York City building that became a fire trap, but that's not the same as committing manslaughter.
05/04/11 Investigating Disaster: Capturing Fragile Data To Save Lives
ASCE's current roll out of seven sequential teams to gather data and parse lessons from Japan's powerful March 11 earthquake and the subsequent devastating tsunami is the latest example.
04/20/11 Hydrofracking and Water: No Place for Secrecy
03/16/11 Lessons From Japan’s Great Quake and Tsunami Show the Limits Of Control
01/12/11 Transportationís Political Crisis: Shift the Strategy
01/05/11 In the Construction Industry,Pictures Say It All
12/22/10 Top Business News of 2010 Shows a D.C. State of Mind
11/17/10 Ultra-Deepwater Drilling Would Gain From Licensed Engineers
11/03/10 Put Honest Infrastructure Cost Data In the Public Realm
09/08/10 Union Protest Banners Against Owners: Labor Board Is Wise
08/11/10 Bid Preparation Stipends Are Worth the Price
07/07/10 Multi-Employer Pension Plans Need Reconsidering
06/02/10 The Gulf Oil-Spill Disaster Is Engineering’s Shame
05/05/10 Arizona Shows How Immigration Reform Is Unfinished Business
04/14/10 Let’s Clear Up the Fly-Ash Dilemma: Is It a Danger or Not?
04/07/10 Hillman’s Accomplishment Followed Recipe for Invention
03/31/10 Health-Care Reform Measures Leave Cost Control Missing
02/17/10 Should Industry Firms Be Lean and Mean? Why To Avoid Layoffs
01/20/10 Haiti Needs an Overhaul, and Americans Can Serve as Guides
01/13/10 More Study Needed on Social Impacts Of Sealed Vertical Cities
12/30/09 People Are the Construction Industry’s Greatest Treasure
12/23/09 Banking Reform Is Needed To Limit Economic Bubbles
12/16/09 Urban Demolition Should Be Part of the Next Economic Stimulus
12/02/09 Comprehensive Plan Is Needed For Rapid Levee Repairs
11/25/09 More Straight Talk and Training Needed To Expand Geothermal
11/11/09 The Logic of Sustainability Starts With Site Development
11/04/09 Earthquake Planners Need Help With Their ‘Resilient Cities’ Plan
10/28/09 Large Hadron Collider Takes the Prize For Malfunction Theory
10/14/09 Economic-Stimulus Projects Donít Beat Colossal Construction
10/07/09 The Industry Should Get Behind Reasonable Greenhouse-Gas Bills
09/30/09 The Whole Industry Can Learn From The 'Genius' Awards
09/23/09 Conflicting Obama Political Priorities Lead to Paralysis
09/09/09 ASCE's Post-Disaster Assessment Manual Will Save Heartache
09/02/09 Stimulus-Job Creation Can Never Match Private-Sector Power
08/26/09 Big Backlogs Are Only Obscuring A Bigger Problem
08/12/09 Meaningful Health-Care Reform Requires Private-Sector Help
07/29/09 Supreme Court Has a Chance to Redefine Innovation Protection
07/22/09 Taxing the Wealthy Even More Will Stifle the Economy
07/08/09 Greenwash Fears Have Equipment Makers Rolling Ahead Slowly
07/01/09 Landscape Architecture Puts a New Spin On Natural Systems
06/24/09 An Economic Downturn May Be the Time To Charge Ahead
06/10/09 Analyzing Near-Misses Is Key to An Effective Safety Plan
06/03/09 Killing the 'Chicken Tax' on Trucks Will Promote Innovation
05/27/09 Political Fights Can Deliver Positive Results
05/13/09 More Workers Are Dropping Tools Than Picking Them Up
05/06/09 Behavioral-Based Safety Plans Can Keep Ambulances Away
04/29/09 The Possibility of a Flu Pandemic Requires Business Planning
04/15/09 The Next Shoe To Drop Will Be 1970s-Style Inflation
04/08/09 Accountability, Discipline Are Needed In The Golden Eruption
04/01/09 Equipment Auctions Reveal Many Market Secrets
03/18/09 Megaphone Messages May Be Just Pure Political Spin
03/04/09 California Budget Deal Recognizes Diesel’s Powerful Position
02/25/09 For a Glimpse of the Future, Peek Inside The 'Green' Garage
02/18/09 The Time for Wishing Is Over And Performance Starts
02/04/09 New Stimulus Bills Are Really More Hurt Than Help
01/28/09 Fixing the Housing Market May Help End the Recession
01/14/09 Pork Construction Projects Won't Pass Close Scrutiny
01/07/09 Owners Should Take Advantage of A Buyer's Market
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