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Editorial - Featured Headline
A Better Kind of Flood Protection
No need for intrusive barriers and floodgates in the middle of New York Harbor.

Images Courtesy of BIG

High Stakes Brinkmanship at the Panama Canal
The standoff is a zero-sum game for both parties if negotiations fail to reach a compromise.

Courtesy ADP

More News
06/10/15 Repeal Takes the Wrong Direction on State Prevailing Wages

With standards of living falling and the repeal of state prevailing wages in Indiana, itís understandable why such laws would become targets even though they give union construction workers a solid footing in the middle class.
05/12/15 Drought's Dividend

Since California has always been a magnet for immigrants, it shouldn't have surprised me that, over the years, so many of my closest relationsómy sister, parents, ex-wife and sonómigrated there from New York City, our home turf.
05/06/15 A Step Forward for Prevention Through Design

Advocates consider the U.S. Green Building Council's new pilot credit for worker safety an important advance.
04/15/15 Viewpoint: Inspiration From ENR's Winners

Itís up to us to provide a single compelling narrative that also shows that construction provides a broad canvas for young people to fulfill a deep-seated idealism.
03/30/15 Email Newsletter Launch: ENR Energy Is For You

Welcome to the launch of the ENR Energy newsletter.
03/25/15 Covering Risks in Design-Build

Contractors should beware of standard forms of agreement with language that may create a fiduciary responsibility to an owner in a design-build contract.
03/10/15 Learning the Vocabulary of Cybersecurity

What the industry needs to do to fend off hack attacks.
03/02/15 Make Surety Fraud Uninviting

The arrest of alleged surety bond con man Darius X. Johnson is an opportunity to clean up an entire wing in the house of fraud.
12/29/14 ENRís Editors List the Worst Projects of 2014

Sadly, there are more than enough candidates in a list that includes a nuclear powerplant, a veterans hospital, a tunnel project and others.
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