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Book Review - Featured Headline
Hoosac Tunnel Tested Early Engineers
Nearly a decade before the Brooklyn Bridge opened for business, tunnelers successfully bored 25,081 ft, or roughly five miles, through the Hoosac Mountain in western Massachusetts.

Courtesy Cliff Schexnayder

"Cowed" Is a Call to Action To Tackle Cows' Climate Damage
Authors Denis Hayes and Gail Boyer Hayes state the problems and offer solutions to environmental damage caused by cattle farms

Image Courtesy Denis Hayes and Gail Boyer Hayes

More Book Reviews
10/07/15 Gridlock Sam Brings His Own Street Smarts to Transportation

Equal parts transportation-planning compendium, autobiography and love letter to New York City, "Street Smart" (Perseus Books Group) lays out Sam Schwartz's vision for the future of multimodal and multinodal transportation systems.
03/25/14 Books: What 'Trapped Under the Sea' Teaches About Safety

Why do sophisticated companies and agencies fail to protect workers? A new book, 'Trapped Under the Sea,' examines a 15-year-old double fatality.
11/28/12 Book Review: Bold Brand, New Rules for Branding and Marketing Your Professional Services Firm

Designer shows A/E firms how to go from boring to bold.
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