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construction week
Project Executive Pleads Guilty in Tishman Embezzling Scheme

An accounting manager who allegedly embezzled heavily from two major New York City contractors to finance a lavish lifestyle has pleaded guilty in his latest $2.8-million scheme involving Tishman Construction Corp. John Hoeffner, a Tishman project accountant since 2004, pleaded guilty on Aug. 4 to grand larceny charges for allegedly forging invoices and altering vendor checks over a two-year period on a university medical school project, says Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morganthau. Hoeffner will serve at least seven years in prison and repay Tishman $1.4 million as part of the plea agreement. Hoeffner was terminated in May, says a Tishman spokesman. “Tishman launched an independent investigation as soon as our managers detected suspicious activity,” he says. But Tishman was unaware when it hired Hoeffner in 2004 that he was on probation as part of a settlement in a similar embezzlement scheme for $371,000 involving former employer Bovis Lend Lease, says the spokesman. Hoeffner agreed to repay Bovis and was not prosecuted, says an industry source.





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