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We've teamed up with key players across the AEC industry to bring you information-packed multimedia content in our sponsored webcast series. Experts in the field discuss issues and ideas that impact your business.

Our webcasts are always free to view.

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Webcasts are short informative audio-visual presentations you can experience from any Internet-connected computer.

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Feel Like You Have a Whirlwind of Project Documentation?
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Learn how to take control at our 30-minute eSeminar series.

With Adobe© Acrobat© 9 Pro Extended software, you have even more ways to communicate better with virtually anyone, anywhere. To help you get started, we're offering new 30-minute eSeminars, specifically for AEC professionals–each full of useful information, tips, and tricks. Register today and begin working the way you always wanted.

eSeminars available:

  • Sharing Project Ideas: Your work should look as good as the work you put into it. At this eSeminar, learn how to combine all your files, including 3D CAD drawings, into a well-polished PDF Portfolio you can share with anyone.

  • Working Better Together: Keep your projects on track with better collaboration. Learn how to speed up and organize reviews by allowing project team members to see and react to comments from others, and so much more.

  • Easily Create Forms: You can never be too organized. Learn how to automatically turn static electronic forms into dynamic forms and use tracking tools to make sure you get the responses you need.

  • Explore AEC Features: Go beyond the basics. Learn advance techniques, such as creating searchable, archivable PDF documents from native CAD tools and developing a structured electronic filing system that isn't affected by team members departing.
  • Getting Everyone on the Same Page
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    Register to learn how industry leaders use PDF to gain competitive advantage.

    Join ENR-McGraw-Hill Construction for this FREE Webcast and hear how Crate and Barrel, Hill International and Fluor Corporation use Adobe® Acrobat® to standardize communication and collaboration for improved project workflow and increased productivity. Learn how to:

    • Leverage Free Adobe Reader® for secure, reliable review and commenting with anyone—while protecting proprietary and confidential information

    • Establish best practices on an open platform—standardizing and integrating project delivery with improved software interoperability

    • Gain confidence leveraging PDFs as an ISO standard—to transpose 3D models and object data

    • Find out how you can get everyone on your team on the same page—streamlining communication, improving productivity and reducing costs. This is one Webcast you won’t want to miss.


    JOHN MOEBES, joined Crate & Barrel as the Director of Construction in 2006 and is recognized as a leader in the uses of Internet-based project management tools and Building Information Modeling.

    SHAWN L. PRESSLEY, Director of PM Systems and Development, Hill International, is a civil engineer with 10 years of experience in project management systems and development.

    PAUL CONNOLLY, Project Automation Department Manager, joined Fluor Corporation in 2000 and has spent over 18 years in the Energy and Chemicals sector.

    MODERATOR: STEVE JONES, is a McGraw-Hill Building Information Modeling, Interoperability an Integrated Project Delivery expert.

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