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ENR October 4, 2010
ENR October 4, 2010
Cover Story: Hard as Rock

Rock-Fiber Rebar Gets First Big Test

Researchers in Northern Ireland report promising results from a demonstration project that used rods made with basalt fibers to reinforce a 22-meter-long concrete-deck section of a $1.5-million replacement bridge in County Fermanagh.

Featured Headlines

Refiner Valero Restarts $3 Billion in Projects
Work had stopped for more than a year because of the economic slowdown.

Funding Set for New Cairo Powerplant
Blackouts and brownouts that are familiar features of life in Cairo, but that may change now.

You Could Say This Footbridge is a Real Cliffhanger
How they got the adrenaline pumping at a canyon in British Columbia.

Abu Dhabi Rail Project Bids Due
The procurement process has started for a rail network to span the United Arab Emirates.

Can Ford Pass Off Its V-6-Powered Truck as a V-8?
To show it is really serious about V-6 power, the company has put new engineers in the F-150 pickup.

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