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Water & Dams - Featured Headline
Sao Paulo Issues Bids To Address Drought Crisis
Southeastern Brazil is experiencing the worst drought in more than 80 years.

Photo courtesy AP Wide World

Mammoth Lock Takes Shape in Belgium
Ship access capacity to the Antwerp’s Waasland Canal complex in Belgium will be more than doubled by construction of the world’s largest volume ship lock at the Deurganck dock. With a budget exceeding £500 million, the lock on the River Scheldt’s left bank—500 meters long, 68 m wide and 17.8 m deep—is due to start operations in spring 2016.

Photo by Peter Reina/ENR

More News
12/10/14 $5.25-Billion Panama Canal Expansion Program Moves Into the Final Leg

Contractor prepares to install the ‘brain’ and ‘nervous system’ that will allow the gates to move and the locks to be flooded.
12/04/14 As Hydropower Grows in China, So Does Seismic Threat

Two earthquakes this year that struck China’s southwest Yunnan province are stirring up concerns that the seismic zone may be becoming more active.
12/01/14 Speakers Upbeat About Future at ENR’s Western Water Summit

Despite historic drought, utilities and engineering firms finding solution to meet future demands.
11/18/14 Egypt Launches Suez Canal Expansion Project

Now in the early stages of construction, the expansion project is estimated to cost $4 billion and has an optimistic target of one year to complete.
10/28/14 Oregon Project Team Channels Conflicting River Needs

An Oregon dam upgrade will provide three distinct river channels, all engineered to match differing needs.
10/08/14 New Desal Project in Central Texas will Be Largest Inland Plant in U.S.

Project will help diversify San Antonio’s water supply
10/08/14 Roller-Compacted Concrete Dam Raise Project Will Store Water

Construction on the world's largest dam-raise project of its kind wrapped up this summer, providing the San Diego County Water Authority with an additional 152,000 acre-ft of water, more than doubling the capacity of the St. Vincente reservoir.
10/08/14 Project to Provide Woodland and Davis with More Sustainable Water Supply

Current groundwater supplies are deterioriating, officials say.
10/08/14 Drought in Western U.S. Has Water Utilities Considering a Range of Solutions

Firms say utilities are rethinking water reuse, desalination
09/24/14 ASCE Calls For National Flood Risk Management Vision

Task force delivers an analysis of why national progress on flood risk management is disappointing and offers recommendations to get things moving
09/24/14 Pneumatic System Gets First Use Firing Live Fish From River

Design adapted from fruit handling system shoots live fish uphill through 120 ft tube without harm.
09/16/14 Effort To Clean Up Ganges Gains Momentum

New Indian Water Resources Minister vows to clean up India's holiest river within three years.
08/27/14 Small But Key Project to Clear Path for More Everglades Projects

Control structure will regulate the release of runoff water in critical C-44 canal.
08/19/14 Diverse Interests Hail $7.5-Billion Calif. Water Bond Measure

Construction officials say measure has broad support in the state.
08/13/14 Toledo Drinking Water Crisis Draws Attention to National Issue

Water crisis in Toledo puts spotlight on a national problem.
08/06/14 Broken Water Line Required Complex Triage in L.A.

As crews work to repair damage from the flood, some speculate that the city's aging water infrastructure could lead to more problems in the future.
08/05/14 Bay Area Cities To Spend $1.5 Billion for Sewer Upgrades

Upgrades to sewer systems will prevent discharges of raw sewage into San Francisco Bay.
07/09/14 Record-Size Swimming Pools Come to the U.S. for the First Time

The manufacturer of the world’s largest artificial swimming pools, Santiago, Chile-based Crystal Lagoons, has announced plans to build its massive recreational lagoons in the United States.
07/09/14 A Closer Look at Record-Sized Pools That Resemble Oases

Since 2006, pools designed by Crystal Lagoons Corp. have held the records for the world’s largest. Three hundred are currently operating or in the process of development, in 60 countries, the company reports.
07/08/14 Opponents Sue To Halt Red River Flood Control Project

$2-billion dike and dam diversion values commercial development over farmland, plaintiffs claim.
06/30/14 'Robust' Rebuild Designed to Deliver Reservoir 2.0

Design-builder Kiewit-Gannett Fleming leaves nothing to chance as it renovates Tampa Bay Water’s cracking reservoir
06/25/14 Water Pipeline Designed to Surf Seismic Waves

Flexible joints and an articulated vault will allow a water pipeline in San Francisco to slide, compress and oscillate during an earthquake
06/25/14 Calaveras Dam Replacement Team Roots Out Ancient Landslides, Asbestos

To build a safer dam, crews must first contend with naturally occurring asbestos and excavating 10 million cubic yards of earth.
06/25/14 Tampa Bay Water's Cracked Reservoir Rebuilt and Ready for Refilling

As $129-million renovation nears completion, water supplier hopes to start refilling its 15.5-billion-gallon reservoir this summer.
06/04/14 At Wanapum Dam, a Quick Fix for Math Error Made 50 Years Ago

Emergency repairs underway for sub-waterline crack in Wanapum Dam on Columbia River
05/28/14 AECOM Wins Fight to Oversee $1.6B Miami-Dade Sewer Repairs

Nearly 11 months after AECOM and CH2M HIll first submitted bids, Miami-Dade County awarded the $91.1-million contract to AECOM.
05/14/14 DC Water CSO Project Bores Ahead

Lady Bird TBM makes its way through first of system of tunnels in Washington, D.C. to reduce combined sewer overflows.
05/12/14 D.C. Water's Biosolids Project Nears Completion

DC Water nears completion on $400 million biosolids project. Its central technology will be a first in U.S.
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