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Water & Dams - Featured Headline
Mammoth Lock Takes Shape in Belgium
Ship access capacity to the Antwerp’s Waasland Canal complex in Belgium will be more than doubled by construction of the world’s largest volume ship lock at the Deurganck dock. With a budget exceeding £500 million, the lock on the River Scheldt’s left bank—500 meters long, 68 m wide and 17.8 m deep—is due to start operations in spring 2016.

Photo by Peter Reina/ENR

$5.25-Billion Panama Canal Expansion Program Moves Into the Final Leg
Contractor prepares to install the ‘brain’ and ‘nervous system’ that will allow the gates to move and the locks to be flooded.

Photo Courtesy of GUPC

More News
12/04/14 As Hydropower Grows in China, So Does Seismic Threat

Two earthquakes this year that struck China’s southwest Yunnan province are stirring up concerns that the seismic zone may be becoming more active.
12/01/14 Speakers Upbeat About Future at ENR’s Western Water Summit

Despite historic drought, utilities and engineering firms finding solution to meet future demands.
11/18/14 Egypt Launches Suez Canal Expansion Project

Now in the early stages of construction, the expansion project is estimated to cost $4 billion and has an optimistic target of one year to complete.
10/28/14 Oregon Project Team Channels Conflicting River Needs

An Oregon dam upgrade will provide three distinct river channels, all engineered to match differing needs.
10/08/14 New Desal Project in Central Texas will Be Largest Inland Plant in U.S.

Project will help diversify San Antonio’s water supply
10/08/14 Roller-Compacted Concrete Dam Raise Project Will Store Water

Construction on the world's largest dam-raise project of its kind wrapped up this summer, providing the San Diego County Water Authority with an additional 152,000 acre-ft of water, more than doubling the capacity of the St. Vincente reservoir.
10/08/14 Project to Provide Woodland and Davis with More Sustainable Water Supply

Current groundwater supplies are deterioriating, officials say.
10/08/14 Drought in Western U.S. Has Water Utilities Considering a Range of Solutions

Firms say utilities are rethinking water reuse, desalination
09/24/14 ASCE Calls For National Flood Risk Management Vision

Task force delivers an analysis of why national progress on flood risk management is disappointing and offers recommendations to get things moving
09/24/14 Pneumatic System Gets First Use Firing Live Fish From River

Design adapted from fruit handling system shoots live fish uphill through 120 ft tube without harm.
09/16/14 Effort To Clean Up Ganges Gains Momentum

New Indian Water Resources Minister vows to clean up India's holiest river within three years.
08/27/14 Small But Key Project to Clear Path for More Everglades Projects

Control structure will regulate the release of runoff water in critical C-44 canal.
08/19/14 Diverse Interests Hail $7.5-Billion Calif. Water Bond Measure

Construction officials say measure has broad support in the state.
08/13/14 Toledo Drinking Water Crisis Draws Attention to National Issue

Water crisis in Toledo puts spotlight on a national problem.
08/06/14 Broken Water Line Required Complex Triage in L.A.

As crews work to repair damage from the flood, some speculate that the city's aging water infrastructure could lead to more problems in the future.
08/05/14 Bay Area Cities To Spend $1.5 Billion for Sewer Upgrades

Upgrades to sewer systems will prevent discharges of raw sewage into San Francisco Bay.
07/09/14 Record-Size Swimming Pools Come to the U.S. for the First Time

The manufacturer of the world’s largest artificial swimming pools, Santiago, Chile-based Crystal Lagoons, has announced plans to build its massive recreational lagoons in the United States.
07/09/14 A Closer Look at Record-Sized Pools That Resemble Oases

Since 2006, pools designed by Crystal Lagoons Corp. have held the records for the world’s largest. Three hundred are currently operating or in the process of development, in 60 countries, the company reports.
07/08/14 Opponents Sue To Halt Red River Flood Control Project

$2-billion dike and dam diversion values commercial development over farmland, plaintiffs claim.
06/30/14 'Robust' Rebuild Designed to Deliver Reservoir 2.0

Design-builder Kiewit-Gannett Fleming leaves nothing to chance as it renovates Tampa Bay Water’s cracking reservoir
06/25/14 Water Pipeline Designed to Surf Seismic Waves

Flexible joints and an articulated vault will allow a water pipeline in San Francisco to slide, compress and oscillate during an earthquake
06/25/14 Calaveras Dam Replacement Team Roots Out Ancient Landslides, Asbestos

To build a safer dam, crews must first contend with naturally occurring asbestos and excavating 10 million cubic yards of earth.
06/25/14 Tampa Bay Water's Cracked Reservoir Rebuilt and Ready for Refilling

As $129-million renovation nears completion, water supplier hopes to start refilling its 15.5-billion-gallon reservoir this summer.
06/04/14 At Wanapum Dam, a Quick Fix for Math Error Made 50 Years Ago

Emergency repairs underway for sub-waterline crack in Wanapum Dam on Columbia River
05/28/14 AECOM Wins Fight to Oversee $1.6B Miami-Dade Sewer Repairs

Nearly 11 months after AECOM and CH2M HIll first submitted bids, Miami-Dade County awarded the $91.1-million contract to AECOM.
05/14/14 DC Water CSO Project Bores Ahead

Lady Bird TBM makes its way through first of system of tunnels in Washington, D.C. to reduce combined sewer overflows.
05/12/14 D.C. Water's Biosolids Project Nears Completion

DC Water nears completion on $400 million biosolids project. Its central technology will be a first in U.S.
04/22/14 Hydrologist Warns Ethiopian Dam Could Cause Ecological Harm

Study points to environmental harm a major dam project in Ethiopia already under way could have on one of Africa's largest lakes.
04/02/14 Huge Gates Take 600-mile Trek to California Dam Site

Twelve massive gates are being shipped and installed as part of the $900-million Folsom Dam Modifications project near Sacramento.
03/25/14 Major Infrastructure Expansion Under Way in Turkey

European and Asian firms work with Turkish companies on numerous road, rail, bridge and water projects.
03/24/14 Strike Over Pensions Delays South Africa Water Project

Project issues also were factor in $9-million drop in contractor Aveng Group's profit for the half-year that ended last December.
02/26/14 Subpoenas Issued in North Carolina Coal Ash Spill

Duke Energy has permanently plugged pipes that caused spill.
02/17/14 Water, Environment: Catskill/Delaware UV Light Disinfection Facility

A project of above-average difficulty takes world title in size
02/14/14 Florida Environmental Advocates Push for Cleaner Water

Groups say state legislature should address clean water initiatives in upcoming session.
02/13/14 Site C Dam Project Safe, BC Hydro Tells Critics

Environmentalist, First Nation and landowner concerns include fears of flooding and desecration of aboriginal burial grounds.
02/12/14 With Coal-Ash Leak Plugged, Focus Now on Remediation

Spill is third-worst in U.S. history.
02/05/14 Bidding for $1.6B Miami-Dade Sewer Project Gets Messy

Unusual developments during Miami-Dade County’s procurement of a program and construction manager for a federally mandated $1.6-billion sewer-repairs project has caused AECOM and CH2M Hill to trade accusations of improprieties during the bidding process.
02/05/14 Innovative Roller Compacted Concrete Dam Opens in Puerto Rico

The Corps built its first first roller compacted concrete, thick-arch dam to solve scheduling problems with the on-again, off-again project.
01/15/14 Report Shows Improved Water Quality in Chesapeake Bay

Nutrient discharge levels into Chesapeake Bay from wastewater treatment plants improving, but more work needs to be done.
01/15/14 Polar Vortex Spins Blackouts Through Canadian Province

Plunging temperatiures reveal weak points in Newfoundland and Labrador power grid.
01/08/14 New Report Monetizes Value of Green Infrastructure

Shows benefits of green elements to commercial building owners.
01/02/14 The 10 Largest-Capacity Hydropower Plants

Hydropower produces 16% of the world’s electricity and plays a strong role in satisfying the national energy needs of certain countries. While some nation's are able to satisfy nearly all of their electricity needs through hydropower, it is a resource governed by geographic restraints.
12/13/13 India Strengthens Power Grid With Uri-II Hydro Development Project in Northern Kashmir

The Uri-II hydel power project with a capacity of 240 MW in Jammu & Kashmir is substantially complete and will offer power to the northern states.
11/27/13 California Commission Delays Vote on Huntington Beach Desal Project

Project’s developer agrees to study alternative intake design.
11/06/13 Risks Pile Up At Canada's Muskrat Falls Hydro

?The owner just awarded a $1-billion civil contract even though the Canadian dam lacks a government loan guarantee or power purchase deal.
10/16/13 Desalination Advocates are Pinning Hopes on New Plant in Carlsbad

Many hopes are riding on the new $1-billion, 54-million-gallon-a-day seawater desalination plant and pipeline in Carlsbad, Calif.
10/02/13 Federal Court Rules in Water Pollution Case

A federal court requires the EPA to respond to environmental groups' concerns over algae blooms. The decision requires a response from EPA within 6 months.
09/16/13 Drought-Racked Las Vegas Starts Emergency Fix To Keep Water Flowing

Southern Nevada Water Authority plans a $12-million intake extension to extract water at deeper levels from the shrinking Lake Mead.
09/11/13 Oklahoma Town Expels Worms That Wiggled Into Water Supply

?Residents in Colcord, Okla., are still observing a water-use advisory as town officials flush out tiny red worms that made their way into the city's drinking-water supply last month.
09/04/13 California Bay Delta Plan Undergoes More Changes

Revisions are in response to public concerns
08/26/13 Congo Continues $12-Billion Hydropower Project Despite Criticism

Government officials seek investors and design is under way, but analysts are skeptical the projects will happen; separately, World Bank approves $340 million for regional dam in east Africa.
08/07/13 Blue Plains Eyes Plan to Further Green Its CSO Program

DC Water considers plan to reduce size of or replace two planned tunnels by using green infrastructure.
07/26/13 Court Overturns $280-Million Africa Dam Award to Italian Contractor

Rebid for project to build the Neckartal dam in Namibia is ordered in challenge by a losing bidder.
07/24/13 Determined Utility Workers Fix Stuck Valve, Averting A Shutdown

A last-ditch effort on July 16 by two Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission technicians to close a stubborn, corrosion-covered valve for water-pipeline diversion enabled the Washington, D.C., area water-wastewater utility to bypass the rapidly failing main.
07/24/13 Small Teams of Divers Key to Underwater Dam Repair

The repair will re-establish 115 megawatts of peak-load generating capacity lost 13 months ago when failure of a guide vane sent about 50 tons of concrete shooting down the penstock serving the turbine.
07/08/13 San Clemente Dam Removal Aided by Unique Topography

A river in California will be permanently diverted to avoid the dilemna of disposing 90 years worth of sediment.
07/02/13 Violent, Costly Flood Inundates Alberta

Premier Alison Redford says it will take Alberta, Canada, a decade and $5 billion to recover and rebuild from a once-in-a-century flood that tore through the southern portion of the province on June 20. Damage was extensive in Calgary, where a state of emergency extended into July as floodwaters receded.
06/24/13 Big Africa Projects Face Legal Battles, Community Protests

Sovereignty issues, bid award challenges and local protests of project scope and financial reward are at issue, particularly on large dams in several countries.
06/19/13 Global Market for Membranes for Water/Wastewater Could See Significant Growth

Growth expected to Jump in developing countries
06/12/13 Water Sector Takes the Brunt of Changing Weather

Water utilities and agencies are slowly but surely moving toward developing strategies for dealing with realities of climate change.
06/12/13 Corps Develops Strategies for Expected Climate Adaptation

Water utilities and agencies are slowly but surely moving toward developing strategies for dealing with realities of climate change.
05/01/13 Two Washington Stormwater Settlements First to Allow New EPA Approach

Agreement offers more flexibility in prioritizing projects.
04/24/13 Q & A With Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Bostick, Corps of Engineers Commanding General

A conversation With Commanding General Thomas P. Bostick.
04/03/13 White House Revises Water-Project Standards

Long-awaited Principles and Guidelines apply to more agencies than 1983 version, and put more emphasis on environmental factors.
03/26/13 Modern-Day Engineering Helps Preserve Fairy-Tale Abbey

New bridge and dam connect, protect Mont Saint Michel.
03/12/13 Desalination Projects Rise in Africa

Improvements in technology bring down costs and help projects get off the ground
03/11/13 China To Complete First Phase of Massive Water-Transfer Scheme

The project’s middle and eastern routes will force relocation of several hundred thousand people
03/08/13 Muddy River Restoration Work Under Way

The $76-million Muddy River Restoration project, long-in the planning stages, is now under way.
03/06/13 Canadian Run-of-River Hydro Scheme Has 37 Benchmarks

Environment groups say a major hydro project will ruin the habitat for Grizzly bears, just as they are coming back from the brink of extinction.
02/27/13 As Reservoir Redo Starts, Tampa Bay Water Seeks New Leader

?Gerald Seeber, the Tampa Bay Water general manager who urged the utility to pursue an expensive and as-yet unsuccessful lawsuit against HDR Engineering over cracking at its reservoir, has told the group he is seeking employment elsewhere.
02/06/13 Water Groups Release Blueprint for Change

Wastewater utilities today face different challenges than when Clean Water Act was enacted.
01/22/13 EPA Offers Cities More Flexible Path to Fund Water Projects

New EPA memo could allow use of more factors in assessing projects’ financial impact on localities.
01/16/13 Developers Say Start of Work on California Desalination Megaplant May Boost Market

Israeli technology developer with big stake in $922M project, sees growth in North American sector
01/14/13 Low Water Disrupts Mississippi Traffic

A severe drought has left water levels near historic lows on parts of the Mississippi, especially the 200-mile “choke-point” between St. Louis, where the Missouri River flows in, and Cairo, Ill., at the Ohio River confluence.
01/09/13 Western Utility Seeds Clouds To Boost Size of Snowpack

Idaho Power, which depends upon hydropower to serve about 500,000 customers in southern Idaho and eastern Oregon, is trying to augment its water supply by cloud seeding.
12/07/12 Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam Prompts Safety Concerns

Investigations were prompted by Egypt’s opposition to the 5,250-MW hydropower plant on the Blue Nile, the main source of River Nile.
11/14/12 Storm Surge Barriers Work

A look at major flood barriers around the world.
10/30/12 Sandy Deals A Devastating One-Two Punch to Big Apple Transportation, Power

New York City Reels From Storm Battering
10/10/12 Tired of Waiting for Feds, Water Board Pursues Plan B for Red River

?The Lake Agassiz Water Authority board voted unanimously in September to study further a $781-million water-pipeline project proposal that would deliver water from the Missouri River to communities in eastern North Dakota's Red River Valley.
10/05/12 Manufacturers, Energy Firms Develop Fracking Methods With Less Water

Advances in reducing hydrofracturing water use show potential, but some are still untested.
10/03/12 Engineers Push Envelope to Make Shale Gas Extraction Safer

Firms say they are searching for solutions to protect water sources
09/12/12 Elwha River Restoration Project Involves Largest Dam Removal Effort in U.S. History

National Park Service oversees $325-million program to restore steelhead and salmon migration to a river in Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula.
09/05/12 After Isaac, Questions About Changes to Louisiana's Regional Flood Risk Raised

Neighbors ask if New Orleans' hurricane surge defense success will increases the flood risk to nearby towns and parishes.
08/29/12 Hurricane Isaac Fight in New Orleans Drags Into a Slugfest

Enormous pumping stations, sector gates and barrier walls do battle with their first hurricane.
08/29/12 Corps Mid-Day Situation Report on Hurricane Isaac Aug. 29

Federal storm surge protections are holding in New Orleans,
08/29/12 New Orleans Raises $14.6-Billion Defensive Ring

New Orleans is closing its new surge gates for the first time, preparing to meet Hurricane Isaac head on.
08/28/12 180 Miles of California Levees Declared Ineligible for Federal Rebuild Funds

California will be left to foot the bill for repairing damaged levees in 17 areas as Corps steps away
08/27/12 Reporter's Notebook: New Orleans Residents Brace For Isaac's Arrival

New Orleans residents caught in web of uncertainty as tropical story Isaac, primed to become a hurricane, nears shore
08/27/12 Seismic Test of California Delta Levee Throws Its Weight Around

Testing device aims to predict California Delta's soil behavior during a major quake.
08/24/12 Brazilian Court Halts Belo Monte Dam Construction

A judicial ruling stops construction at an 11.3 GW dam in the Amazon Basin. The contractor is appealing.
08/22/12 Brazil Places Its Bets on Hydroelectric Dams, Despite Protests

The two large dams under construction on the Madeira River, Jirau and San Antonio, which together will provide nearly 7,000 MW of electricity, continue Brazil's reliance on hydropower.
07/31/12 Officials Outline 'Preferred' Path Forward on California's Bay Delta

Administration and California state officials outline elements of a preferred alternative to spur action on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.
07/25/12 DAF Placement Saves on Capital Costs

Innovative DAF placement on Arizona wastewater plant eliminates needs for additional primary clarification
07/25/12 Nitrogen Diet Reduces Arizona County's Drinking Water Threat

In an effort to bring nitrogen levels in its wastewater down following an Arizona DEQ ruling, Pima County's Regional Wastewater Reclamation Dept. embarked on a $720-million plan to improve the quality of its effluent.
07/25/12 Archeological Discoveries Coexist With Construction Crews at Pima County Project

Archeologists discover an ancient irrigation system underneath a wastewater construction site in Arizona.
06/25/12 EPA Releases Framework to Give Cities More Flexibility in Managing Wastewater

Wastewater utility groups say framework a good first step in an ongoing dialogue.
06/18/12 $1 Billion Water Project Starts in New Mexico for Navajo Nation

The project scheme includes 280 miles of pipeline, 24 pump stations, two water treatment plants and numerous storage facilities.
06/11/12 Cities Call for More Flexible Approach to CSO Improvement Enforcement

Cities call on EPA to move forward with a more flexible framework for addressing combined sewer, stormwater overflows
06/11/12 Transit Builders Buoyed By Ridership Figures

Builders of mass transit systems at the American Public Transportation Association convention in Dallas are cautiously optimistic, encouraged by steady ridership figures and a recent rally to overcome threats to dedicated funding.
06/04/12 Delicacy and Finesse Trump Heft and Brawn in Scour-Hole Repair

Engineers repairing a massive scour hole at a flood-wrecked Mississippi River levee turned to a wastewater-treatment-plant design trick to protect a sensitive environmental feature from dredge spoil
05/28/12 East Africa Hydroelectric Project To Get Rolling in 2013

The three East African countries planning to utilize a stalled $360-million, 90MW hydroelectric power plant project have agreed to provide $10 million in funding, allowing the start of construction to be set for 2013.
05/28/12 Concerns Linger Over Risks of Building Mega-Dams in India's Far Northeast

Groups had sought a two-year halt in construction of 2,000-MW Lower Subansiri Dam for further study of earthquake and environmental impacts.
05/21/12 Birmingham Area Working Through Backlog From Consent Decree With EPA

Jefferson County, Ala., mired in a $4.1- billion bankruptcy, has gotten one of its nine sewer treatment systems removed from federal court supervision and plans to have the remaining four plants out over the next three years.
05/21/12 Concerns Over Sinkholes Scuttle Tampa Bay's Reservoir Expansion

Bowing to state concerns, Tampa Bay Water is moving to cancel the $41-million, 3-billion-gallon planned expansion of its existing reservoir.
05/21/12 Spate of Lawsuits Flows From Nashville Inundation of 2010

The owner of Opryland and others are charging the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and National Weather Service with negligence and failure to act during the event.
05/15/12 Parties Confirm U.S. Court Ruling on Disputed Flood Project Bids

Provisions of ruling remain unclear in version released only to parties.
05/14/12 Army Corps Plan Would Tame Red River, Prevent 100-Year Flood

Work could begin as early as next summer on a $2-billion project to divert floods on the Red River around Fargo, N.D. and Moorhead, Minn.
05/07/12 New York City's Massive New UV Water Zapper Firing Up

Contractors have started bringing huge new treatment plant online
04/30/12 Vertical Shaft Machine Makes U.S. Debut in Seattle

Tunneling crews use innovative technology to dig deeper shafts with greater accuracy.
04/23/12 Jury's Verdict for HDR is Major Setback for Tampa Bay Water

After effectively gambling a $30-million settlement offer on a federal jury trial and losing, Tampa Bay Water is doubling down and asking for a new trial.
04/23/12 Oklahoma City To Upgrade Its Water, Wastewater Networks

The Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust recently approved $653 million in capital funding towards improving the city’s water and wastewater systems over the next five years.
04/09/12 New Report Says More Coordinated Planning in Bay Delta Needed

National Research Council says complexity of the ecology, needs of the state necessitate coordinated effort
04/09/12 Pipeline to Quench Las Vegas Thirst Gets Key Approval

A proposed 306-mile pipeline in Nevada could bring water to drought-stricken Las Vegas.
04/06/12 Levees To Be Focus of 2012 Dams Conference in New Orleans

Host city New Orleans offers dam society meeting attendees the added attraction of a vast system of levees and several, massive water control structures.
04/02/12 The Top 10 Biggest Wastewater Treatment Plants

The wastewater sector is a growing market around the world as more communities require modern sanitation.
03/26/12 Geotechnical Engineer Declines to Name Crack Cause in Reservoir Dam Trial

With nearly $100 million on the line, attorneys for Tampa Bay Water and HDR Engineering are asking a jury of the U.S. District Court in Tampa to decide if cracking is due to design error or construction defects.
03/05/12 Namibia Dam Project on Hold

Namibia's Tender Board rejects bids from two firms and says it will start a fresh round of bidding the country's largest dam project.
03/05/12 Dutch Firm Preparing 100-Year Flood Management Plan for Vietnam's Mekong Delta

A consortium contracted to devise a 100-year flood management plan for Vietnam’s Mekong Delta will deliver its first set of recommendations to Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in March.
02/27/12 Foundation Flaws Make Kentucky's Wolf Creek Dam a High-Risk Priority

Visible portions of Kentucky’s hydroelectric Wolf Creek Dam are in top shape, but what's out of sight isn't out of mind.
02/24/12 Supporters Say High Court Ruling Benefits River Development

High court overturns state court decision that backed ownership and regulatory control over 'non-navigable' stretches of river under a utility's hydroelectric dams.
01/31/12 Corps Releases Two Missouri Levee Repair Contracts; Other High-Risk Project Work Lags

It is unlikely that work will finish by March 1, the average date for Great Plains winter snowmelt to start showing up in the river where more than 500 miles of levees need repair.
01/30/12 Portland's Water Bureau Modifying Bull Run Reservoir Intake Tower

The project is designed to regulate water flow and maintain cooler water temperatures in the lower Bull Run River.
01/27/12 Contractor Selection Dispute Could Delay Record Dam in Namibia

Government officials have voiced preferences for both Chinese and Italian firms.
01/09/12 Probe Continues of 1-Million-Gallon N.H. Water-Tank Leak

Bracing on 25-year-old structure is a focus of analysis to extend through the summer
01/06/12 Corps Fights To Regain Public Trust Washed Away in 2011 Flooding

“I’ve lost a lot of trust of people in government, especially in the Corps,” says a woman forced from her home during last summer's floodwaters.
12/28/11 Burst Water Main Proves Perilous in Manchester, N. H.

Pipeline, at least 110 years old, creates car-swallowing sinkhole.
12/20/11 Federal Government Announces Clean Water Act Settlement in Chicago To Reduce Sewage Overflows

The agreement calls for the development of green water infrastructure, in addition to the completion of two major reservoirs.
12/15/11 Big Bill Coming Due for Underspending on Water-Related Infrastructure

Lacking any new investment in this infrastructure, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2010 estimate of a $55 billion shortfall in maintenance and upgrade needs could balloon to $84 billion by 2020.
11/14/11 National Mexico Water Commission Embarks on $4.5-Billion Program

Improvements will reduce flooding vulnerability in the Valley of Mexico.
11/14/11 Disappearing Act: Submerging Bulky Dam Shells in the Ohio River

Olmsted Dam moves ahead with its ‘in-the-wet’ construction, using some of the highest capacity lifting equipment ever made.
11/10/11 Corps Rebids Protested Flood Control Project, With Changes

Original bidders are not confirming plans to rebid the New Orleans megaproject, which will face a year's delay
10/21/11 Post-Flood, Corps Takes Mississippi System Inventory

After this year's floods, the Corps has identified 93 critical projects, but only has enough money to fix the top 10.
10/17/11 Largest Dam Removal Project in U.S. Gets Under Way

Project removing two dams in Port Angeles, Wash., will take three years.
10/17/11 In Reversal, Tampa Bay Water Rejects $30-Million Settlement With HDR

A month after an invalid vote that provided "conditional approval" of a $30-million settlement with HDR Engineering over cracks in its six-year-old reservoir, on Oct. 17 the board of directors of Tampa Bay Water voted unanimously to reject the deal and proceed with its pending lawsuit in federal court.
10/17/11 Conference Attendees Discuss Successs Stories, Barriers to Green Infrastructure

Clean Water American Alliance report sets the tone
10/17/11 Indianapolis To Pick Tunneler For Key CSO Connector Project

Indianapolis utility Citizens Energy Group will select a firm to build the $275-million project, with the low bidder 33% below the estimate.
10/10/11 Chesapeake Bay Remains at Risk

Water treatment plant already meeting 2015 limit for phosphorus
09/26/11 New Hydro Capacity Coming From Existing Dam Retrofits

Hydroelectric projects face two major barriers: high upfront capital costs and a protracted permitting process.
09/01/11 Hurricane-Hit N.J. Home Depot Ends Up In Same Flood as its Customers

Flood-damaged 'superstore' won't reopen until at least Sept. 3, leaving customers in a quandary.
08/30/11 For a Downgraded Storm, Irene Leaves Her Mark on East Coast Infrastructure

'Irene delivered a knockout punch and left a trail of destroyed electrical infrastructure from North Carolina all the way to Maine,' said Tom Kuhn, president of the Edison Electric Institute.
08/15/11 New Flood Protection System Beats Schedule, Lowers Costs

Contractors successfully employed a novel design based on miles of wick drains and geotextile fabrics.
08/03/11 India's POSCO Investment Stalled

Six years after South Korean steelmaker Pohang Iron and Steel Co. signed a memorandum of understanding with the Orissa government for India’s largest foreign direct-investment project, the $12 billion mega-venture remains a non-starter.
08/03/11 Heavy Flood Season In U.S. Leaves $2 Billion Bill

The Mississippi River & Tributaries flood control system fought like a champ through the record-breaking floods of 2011. Now it has an estimated $2 billion worth of scars to prove it
08/02/11 Corps Sets Missouri Basin Flood Storage Plan for Fall and Winter

As releases from six dams continue, state and local governments in the Missouri Basin will inspect infrastructure that has been under water since spring.
08/01/11 Corps To Update Missouri River Dams' Release Strategy

As flow rate drops for outflow from the dams within the system, the agency plans to use lessions learned from a record flood season to set future strategy.
07/25/11 Amid Flooding and Levee Breaks, Army Corps Eases off on Missouri River Releases

Corps engineers are cutting releases from the Missouri River after criticism from Congress over flooding.
06/15/11 Turkish PM's Plan To Dig Canal Between Black And Marmara Seas Sparks Controversy

One month after announcing ambitious plans to dig a 50-km-long shipping canal 100 km west of the Bosphorus Strait, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s scheme is being dismissed by some as election grandstanding designed to gain leverage for Turkey in talks with Russia to secure commitments of crude for the languishing Samsun-Ceyhan oil pipeline project.
06/15/11 Despite Controversy, Ethiopia Goes Ahead With $4.8B Grand Millennium Dam

The 5,250-MW-capacity hydropower dam, the Grand Millennium, has raised tension between Ethiopia and Egypt,
06/13/11 Corps Manages Dams, Bolsters Levees To Manage Missouri River's Record Runoff

The Missouri River, fed by record runoffs from a massive snowpack and heavier-than-normal spring rains in seven states, is in overflow mode and will continue that way through most of August.
06/13/11 Tampa Bay Water Opts for Kiewit's $162M Fix for Cracking Reservoir

Tampa Bay Water is recommending awarding a $162.4-million contract to Kiewit Infrastructure Group, Omaha, to repair and expand its cracked Tampa reservoir.
05/25/11 Colorado Launches Massive Water Transmission Project
Construction has started on a $2.3-billion, 62-mile pipeline that will transport water north from the Pueblo Reservoir to several Denver suburbs.
05/23/11 London Starts Plan To Fix Its Plumbing

In summer 1858, when foul odors from the polluted River Thames forced the British Parliament to suspend its activities, legislators allocated funds to build London's first main sewers. A century and a half after the notorious Great Stink, the river is again under threat, this time from storm overflows.
05/16/11 Corps Tries To Control Raging River by Opening Spillways

While the Corps of Engineers has started to open the Bonnet Carré Spillway above New Orleans, the agency has asked permission but has yet to decide whether to open the upriver Morganza Spillway to divert the floodwaters from the Mississippi's main channel.
04/20/11 CBY Team Lands Big Contract For New Orleans Storm Works
04/14/11 New Orleans Flood Defenses Detailed With Operations and Maintenance In Mind
03/30/11 Key New Orleans Storm Surge Barrier Gate Set Ahead of Schedule
03/09/11 British Columbia’s $6-Billion Hydropower Fix Will Address Capacity and Seismic Issues
02/23/11 Third Lake Mead Intake Tunnel Tough Job for Water Authority
02/16/11 Turkey Seeks Additional Power And Security Through New Dams
02/09/11 With A Modified Consent Decree, Indianapolis Is Cleaning Up
02/09/11 Bids Out for Calif. Dam Replacement
01/19/11 New York’s Ultraviolet Titan
01/19/11 California Targets Chromium, But Compliance Looks Costly
12/28/10 San Clemente Dam To Stay Put, River Diversion Gains Approval
12/22/10 Sacramento Treatment Plant Upgrades Could Exceed $2 Billion
12/22/10 Levee Breach Repair Tool Ready To Roll, But Funds Lag
12/22/10 California Report Suggests Water Transfer Via Big Tunnel
12/22/10 Builders Are Floating on Air Over Buoyant Pipe’s Potential
12/08/10 Technology Boost at Baltimore Wastewater Plant To Cut Nutrient Flow Into At-Risk Chesapeake
12/08/10 New Blockage Halts Hoover Dam Intake Job
12/08/10 Indian, Chinese Firms Compete For Contract on Hydro Project
12/08/10 AECOM Wins Big Water Project
12/01/10 BC Hydro Spends $200 Million To Upgrade Vancouver System
11/17/10 Canadian Hydropower Project Holds Promise, Draws Fire
11/03/10 Funding Gaps Constrain New Water Projects
10/27/10 Victoria, B.C., Plans New Wastewater Plant
10/13/10 Prairie Waters Supply Project Calms Colorado Drought Fears
10/06/10 Old Dams, New Power
10/06/10 Removal Starts On Stuck TBM
09/30/10 Century-Old Dikes Put to Test By Flood-Swollen Wisconsin River
09/22/10 Race Against Time
09/22/10 Big Drop in Lake Mead Level Curbs Hoover Water, Power
09/08/10 Hoover Dam Bypass Cableway Supplier Will Be Reimbursed
09/01/10 Washington State Contract To Remove Dams on Elwha River Awarded for $26.9 Million
09/01/10 In Maine, Tidal Power Shows More Promise
08/25/10 Divers Go Deep To Fix Controls At Denver’s Cheesman Dam
08/25/10 Nature Takes Over Demolition of Outdated Oregon Dam
08/04/10 China Inks Deal for Kariba Dam Upgrade
08/04/10 Water-Starved Oman Collects Monsoon Fog
07/28/10 Tempe Had Plan To Replace Inflatable Tubes That Failed
07/28/10 Iowa Dam Breach Drains 9-Mile Lake, But No Lives Lost
07/14/10 Water Seepage Delays Nevada's 'Third Straw' Water Tunnel
07/07/10 Brazil’s Foz do Chapecó Hydro UnitNear Completion, Ready for Operation
06/30/10 Whales Blamed for Port Delay
06/16/10 Stalemate Over Country’s Largest Dam Project Ends
06/16/10 Tibetan Teacher Claims China Plans Massive Dam
05/19/10 Whales Blamed for Port Delay
05/19/10 Boston Water Officials Close In On Coupling Key to Pipe Break
05/19/10 Navy Contracts Say: Sayonara, Okinawa. Buen Binidu, Guam
04/28/10 Brazil Approves 11,200-MW Monte Dam
04/28/10 Large Dam Go-Ahead Releases Pent-Up Protests
04/28/10 Corps Unveils Plan To Restore Polluted Anacostia River Basin
04/21/10 British Columbia Pushes Ahead On $6.6-billion Hydro Project
04/14/10 Chicago Corps Looks at Lock Closure To Protect Great Lakes
04/14/10 New York Plant's Water Permit Denied by State Regulators
04/07/10 Colorado Water Job Sees Costs Climb
04/06/10 Contractor Cleared to Start Tunnel On Hetch Hetchy System Program
03/29/10 Companies Flock to $800-Million Pump Station Bid in New Orleans
03/24/10 High-Risk Dam in Washington Needs $44 Million in New Fixes
03/24/10 Without Sewer Hazard Plan, New Orleans Serves as Lesson
03/17/10 Rebuffed on Coal-Fired Plans, Firm Turns to River for Power
03/03/10 Italian Team Repairing Collapsed Head-Race Tunnel at Ethiopian Dam
02/24/10 Multiparty Pacts in Northwest Set the Stage For Largest Dam Removal in U.S. History
02/10/10 Water, Cleanup Sectors See Mixed ARRA Prognosis
02/03/10 Corps Expects July Start at Seabrook, Despite Protest
02/03/10 California Water Board Fines Long Beach for Tank Errors
01/27/10 Roller-Compacted Concrete Delivers Rapid, Efficient Dam Rebuild
01/20/10 As Funds Line Up, a Tall Dam In California Will Come Down
01/11/10 California Firm Tapped to Irrigate Elk Refuge
12/09/09 Tough Tunneling Defines Belfast Sewer Fix
12/09/09 Builders Don’t Like Stormwater Rule
12/09/09 Treatment Plant Clears Way for Elwha Project
12/02/09 New Storm-Surge Sector and Lift-Gate Plans To Be Aired
12/09/09 Tough Tunneling Defines Belfast Sewer Fix
12/09/09 Builders Don’t Like Stormwater Rule
12/09/09 Treatment Plant Clears Way for Elwha Project
12/02/09 New Storm-Surge Sector and Lift-Gate Plans To Be Aired
11/25/09 Katrina Judge Blasts Corps
11/19/09 Corps Failed to Protect New Orleans From Katrina Flooding, Court Rules
11/18/09 Chinese Firm Chosen To Build a Major Dam Project
11/11/09 Bond Would Leverage Money For California’s Needs
11/05/09 In New Orleans, JV Contractor Pushes $1-Bil. Flood Works Job Forward
10/21/09 Delayed Russian Dam System Nears Reality
10/21/09 Chicago Flood Redux: Those Infamous Tunnels Wreak Highway Havoc
10/21/09 London Tunnel Spoil Will Create Wetlands
10/16/09 Senate Approval Clears Way For Energy and Water Funding
10/07/09 Corps Scrambles to Fix Gate After Failure on Ohio River
09/30/09 Wastewater: Breathing New Life Into Old Facilities
09/16/09 Water Conference Bridges Atlantic
09/02/09 Contest Draws Eyes and Ideas To Sustainable Coastal Cities
08/26/09 Peaceful Transition: Native People and Hydro-Québec Share Benefits of Big Project
08/26/09 Pushing Dirt at 1:60 Scale Shows the Way
08/19/09 Orbiting Sensors Reveal Critical Water Loss
08/19/09 Contractors on Seattle Job Scramble To Free Two Stuck TBMs
08/18/09 Plans Set in Seattle to Free Two Stuck Tunnel-Boring Machines
08/14/09 Agreement Removes Obstacles Blocking Everglades Restoration
08/05/09 Bid Process Starts for Canal’s Last Dry-Excavation Contract
08/05/09 Ontario’s State-of-the-Art Upgrade Will Cost $550-Million
07/29/09 EPA Unveils Plan To Restore Great Lakes to Health
07/01/09 Record RCC Structure Is Set for Groundbreaking in California
07/01/09 Katrina Disaster, Risk Study Ends Monumental Work
06/30/09 More Boston Tunnel Work on the Way
06/24/09 Supreme Court Back Corps in Dispute with EPA in Alaska
06/17/09 Tampa Bay Water Pushing Fix, Lawsuit for Cracked Reservoir
06/17/09 Hydro-Quebec Launches Four-Dam Project on Romaine River
06/10/09 Digging In To Deliver Clean Water
06/10/09 Utility Tests Nuclear Waters Decades After Financial Fiasco
06/03/09 Most Important Removal Begins on Oregon Dam
06/03/09 Workforce and Fleet Swarms on New Orleans Flood Defenses
05/29/09 Work Gears Up On Vital Storm Surge Barrier
05/21/09 Stimulus Flushes Out California Water Projects
04/08/09 GAO Rejects Parsons' Bid Protest At DOE Savannah River Nuke Site
03/25/09 Corps of Engineers Must Answer Civil Claims Over Katrina Floods
03/13/09 House Clears Bill to Authorize Wastewater Infrastructure Funds
03/13/09 EPA Designates First Recovery Funds For Northwest, Alaska Water Work
03/11/09 California Wants a Sea-Level-Rise Plan, But Money Is an Issue
03/11/09 Defining Protection To Know the Risk
03/11/09 Contractors Brace for a Workstorm as Louisiana Projects Surge
03/11/09 Connecting the Rocks
03/11/09 Climate-Proofing Rotterdam
03/11/09 Building With Nature by Weaving Defenses
03/11/09 Engineers Focus On Big Delta Threats
03/04/09 Panama Canal Authority Seeks Bids for Large Dredging Job
02/25/09 Folsom Dam Water Main Pipe Collapses, But Spillway Rehab Remains on Track
02/04/09 Resolving the Conflict When New Ideas Hit Tight Deadlines
02/04/09 Firms Join To Develop Large Wave-Generation Projects
01/28/09 Quiet Rig Makes Some Noise For Flood-Remediation Work
01/21/09 A Shotgun Approach To Water Resource Improvements
01/19/09 Louisiana Gets $1.5B, 30-yr Fed. Loan For Hurricane Protection System Work
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