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Transportation - Featured Headline
Engineers Make Third Attempt To Fix Bridge in Portland, Ore
Portland's troubled Morrison Bridge, which spans the Willamette River, will receive its third deck in four years after Multnomah County engineers settled on an open-grid steel deck with a 2.5-in. layer of lightweight concrete to replace a faulty polymer decking system.

Photo Courtesy Multnomah County

Low and Slow: Rocky Mountain Rail
A $5.5-billion mass transit program in Denver regained momentum thanks to ramped-up collaboration.

Photo Courtesy RTD

More News
10/07/15 US, Japan Officials Envision Northeast Maglev Route

A U.S. company working with the Central Japan Railway Co. envisions a magnetically levitated, or maglev, passenger route along the Northeast Corridor between Washington, D.C., and New York City that will reduce travel time to an hour.
09/30/15 TBMs Planned for Australia's $8.1-Billion Rail Effort

Melbourne rail extension would begin in 2018.
09/23/15 As Delayed Maryland Transit Hub Opens, Legal Battle Begins

Nearly five years late and with about $50 million in cost overruns, the Paul S. Sarbanes Transit Center opened in Silver Spring, Md., a Washington, D.C., suburb, on Sept. 20.
09/16/15 With Bridge Repairs Complete, I-65 Reopens in Indiana

A federal-state probe determined that newly driven piles on an interstate bridge pierced a below-soil sandy layer with groundwater under pressure to cause settling.
09/16/15 Crews Aiming for Good Vibrations on Bay Area Rail

Navigating a crowded underground utility space through a dense Silicon Valley neighborhood, a design-build team is using a number of alternative technical concepts on a $2.3-billion Berryessa VTA/Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) extension
09/16/15 Istanbul Tunnel Connecting Europe and Asia Makes Breakthrough

On Aug. 22, the Herrenknect tunnel-boring machine completed its work, excavating the 3.3- kilometer-long underwater section of the Eurasia Tunnel in Istanbul.
09/12/15 Study Finds Guardrail Design Falls Short in Some Types of Crashes

FHWA-AASHTO review of "real world" crash data finds certain guardrails have "performance limitations" in some kinds of accidents.
09/08/15 Indonesia Cancels High-Speed Rail as China and Japan Compete for Projects

Up until recently China has been the go-to builder of Asia's high-speed rail networks, but Japan is proving a competitive rival in the bidding for several of the region's high-profile projects.
09/08/15 Rio Airport Expansion Sprints Toward 2016 Finish Line

Prefabricated concrete slabs feature BubbleDeck technology, using plastic balls instead of concrete to reduce weight.
09/03/15 Railroads Not Ready to Meet Positive Train Control Mandate

Despite a historic pace for the installation of new railroad signaling and monitoring technologies, U.S. freight and commuter railroads will not meet the Federal Railroad Administration-imposed deadline to equip infrastructure assets with positive train controls (PTCs) by Dec. 31, according to an August report from the agency.
09/03/15 TennDOT and Contractor Meet Over Wreck-Prone Road

A surge in hydroplane-related wrecks on a recently widened stretch of Interstate 40 has prompted Tennessee Dept. of Transportation officials to meet with representatives of Lane Construction Corp., the design-build contractor, to find a solution.
09/03/15 For a Long Bridge, Much Risk Control

The nation's longest non-vehicular multi-modal bridge, set to open on Sept. 12 across Portland, Ore.'s Willamette River, elevated risk management to a priority early on to help crews overcome unexpected site conditions.
09/03/15 Sub-Saharan Africa Upgrading Road Networks

Only one-third of the population in sub-Saharan Africa living in rural areas is “within two kilometers of an all-season road, compared with two-thirds of the population in other developing regions,” says the World Banl.
08/24/15 Pile-Driving and Poor Soils Prompt Indiana I-65 Shutdown

Pile-driving adjacent to an Interstate 65 bridge near Lafayette, Ind., appears to have started a subterranean chain reaction that left one of the structure’s riverbank piers skewed out of alignment, forcing a 37-mile closure of the northbound lanes that could extend into mid-September.
08/24/15 Hyperloop Company Gets Industry Partners, Announces Five-Mile Test Track

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies recently added AECOM and Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum (a Swiss company that designed the vacuum seal) to its list of partners working for stock in the company. HTT secured land for its proposed five mile test track.
08/11/15 Egypt Inaugurates Expanded Suez Canal, Meets One Year Deadline

Suez Canal expansion project completed within tight timeframe of one year.
08/10/15 Tel Aviv Aims To Build a $500-Million Green Roof Over Busy Urban Highway

Sixty-acre urban park would cover Ayalon Freeway and allow more residential building downtown.
08/06/15 Seattle Sound Transit ULink Project Advances, On Budget and Ahead of Schedule

With a year to go on Sound Transit's $2-billion ULink project, contractors and on time and under budget.
08/05/15 Kiewit's Quick-Fix Scheme Swaps Out Nashville Spans

Kiewit Infrastructure Group beat the clock for a second time, as it demolished and replaced an Interstate 40 bridge in Nashville in less than 58 hours, using accelerated bridge construction to minimize traffic impact in a heavily traveled area.
07/30/15 Rapid Repairs Performed After Partial Bridge Collapse

The Federal Highway Administration provided $2 million in emergency-relief funds to repair a California bridge that partially collapsed after the foundation washed away under an abutment.
07/22/15 Cracks Found in Precast Girders Installed for Virginia's Silver Line

Officials hope $2-billion Silver Line won't be delayed.
07/21/15 FHWA Sets Rules for New National Tunnel Inspection Program

New standards include routine tunnel examinations at least every 24 months.
07/20/15 TBM 'Bertha' May Begin Excavating Again Under Seattle This Fall

"Bertha" could begin excavating under Seattle again in November.
07/15/15 No New DOT Expansion Projects Expected In Missouri

Many engineers, consultants and contractors will have to seek work in places other than Missouri through the rest of the decade. Early this month, the Missouri Dept. of Transportation announced it will not embark on any new expansion projects in its five-year FY2016-20 transportation plan, due to lack of funding.
07/08/15 Station and Tunnel Designs Begin on Auckland's 'Missing Link'

Auckland transit route will require extensive excavation.
07/08/15 Preparations Begin for Third Runway at Hong Kong Airport

Reclamation of contaminated land is a big hurdle in planned Chek Lap Kok expansion.
06/30/15 Pair of TBMs Said to Be World's Largest Get to Work in Hong Kong

Two 17.6-meter-diameter tunnel boring machines are said to be the world's largest.
06/30/15 More Defects Discovered In San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Inspection reveals stripped threads, loss of protective coatings and microindicators in the east suspension span, prompting further investigation.
06/30/15 Highway Revenue Hunt Goes On to Fill Senate Panel Bill Gap

Another short-term extension by July 31 seen as likely.
06/30/15 Louisville Sluggers Construct $2.5-Billion Downtown Crossing

After decades of discussion, a new downtown link is rising fast, thanks to hard-hitting crews.
06/30/15 Dynamic Duo: Ohio River Bridges Rise In And Around Louisville

Alternative project delivery methods are tested in tandem.
06/29/15 Transbay Funding Plan Lights Fuse on Area Building Boom

A special building-height tax, land sales and tax increment proceeds provide revenue to construct the Transbay Transit Center
06/29/15 Transportation Hub Will Be a Safe Haven

San Francisco "groundscraper's" robust steel frame engineered to allow immediate reoccupancy after a very strong quake
06/26/15 Maryland Gov. Tentatively OKs One Transit Line, Rejects Another

But Hogan's Purple Line approval hinges on cutting $2.4-billion project's cost and boosting counties' funding shares.
06/24/15 Wash. Lawmakers Shut Advice Panel for Delayed Seattle Highway Tunnel

Concerns about legal liability may have prompted a legislative committee in Washington to disband an expert advisory panel.
06/24/15 Fluor-Balfour Beatty Win of Big Texas Road Job Stirs Controversy

Losing Spanish bifdder threatens lawsuit if appeal denied.
06/22/15 Low and Slow: The Great Salt Lake

The Low and Slow team reaches Salt Lake City, and gets an exclusive construction tour of an expanding SLC International Airport.
06/19/15 Low and Slow Tour Ends With a Bang in Boomtown San Francisco

After visiting airports, water treatment plants and dams, ENR’s Low & Slow tour teeters across the Donner Pass to the finish line in San Francisco.
06/18/15 NCDOT, Environmentalists Settle Suits, Clear Path to Outer Banks Span

Teaser goes here
06/18/15 Parsons Brinckerhoff Team Wins $700-Million High-Speed Rail Contract

International venture will oversee California’s foray into 21st-century rapid transit.
06/15/15 Final Pontoons Nearly in Place for Floating Bridge in Seattle

Lake Washington floating bridge replacement program passes a key milestone.
06/10/15 At One-Year Mark, WRRDA Shows Mixed Results

Port dredging, waterways provisions paying off but few other big projects funded yet.
06/10/15 Contractor Steps Un To Finish Willimansett Bridge Rehab

After original contractor goes broke, Northern Construction completes $19.2 million project
06/10/15 ENR Low and Slow: Creative Collaborations East of the Rockies

St. Louis, Kansas City and Denver projects share common goals of renewed focus on downtowns.
06/10/15 Low and Slow: Across the Great Basin

Over the past week the Low and Slow tour rolled down the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains blasting into the Basin with plenty of water but short on gas.
06/08/15 Low and Slow: The Mile-High Climb

Low and Slow tours projects in Denver.
06/05/15 Low and Slow: A Visit to Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Aileen and Dan's tour takes them up into the Rocky Mountains as they stop in Glenwood Springs, Colo.
06/04/15 Low and Slow: Learning a Thing or Two in Kansas City

At their headquarters in Kansas City, staff members of the American Public Works Association greeted ENR’s reporters Aileen Cho and Dan McNichol. They have visited public works officials in nine cities, large and small, so far—with more to come in their coast-to-coast infrastructure tour.
06/03/15 P3 Team Headed by Skanska Wins $3.6B LaGuardia Replacement

Walsh, PB, HOK and Vantage also on team to design, build and operate Terminal B replacement under a 35-year lease.
06/01/15 Low and Slow: One Day in Kansas City

Crossing the Mississippi River into Missouri was significant for Mrs. Martin and her crew.
05/29/15 New Zealand's $1B Highway Job Resumes After Concrete Error

Work halted in April on Auckland interchange after batch plant mishap produced substandard mix; project will stay on track, say officials.
05/29/15 FHWA Collects State DOT Data To Build New Bridge Inspection System

MAP-21 required states to begin last October collecting element-level data on their bridges and to begin reporting that element-level data to the FHWA in April.
05/28/15 Low and Slow: At Road's End, An Updated Route Map

An updated itinerary for the Low and Slow tour.
05/27/15 Low and Slow: The Tour Reaches the Heartland

?Journey across America’s infrastructure addresses concerns and highlights major projects.
05/27/15 ENR Staff Send-Off at NYC's Penn Station for Low & Slow Tour

Staff members of ENR turned out on May 15 to say bon voyage to the stars of our "Low & Slow Across America's Infrastructure" tour and pose for a group photo in front of New York City's Pennsylvania Station.
05/27/15 Low and Slow: City, Arch, River

Moving west across the country, Aileen and Dan visit the the CityArchRiver 2015 project in St. Louis.
05/26/15 Low and Slow: Nine Ways Mrs. Martin Is America's Broken Infrastructure

Reflecting on how the Low & Slow tour is method acting the nation’s broken infrastructure Dan logs some notes in a St. Louis hotel.
05/21/15 Low and Slow: Grass Root Engineering

As the journey begins Dan offer's his initial thoughts on the state of the nation's infrastructure.
05/21/15 Low and Slow: The Journey Begins on I-95

A slideshow of the first leg of Aileen and Dan's cross-country journey over America's infrastructure.
05/20/15 Chinese-Israeli Team Win $800-Million Tel Aviv Light Rail Award, Largest Project Award To Date

Chinese contractors have a solid footing in the Israeli infrastructure market.
05/18/15 Feds Order Amtrak To Make Northeast Corridor Safety Improvements

Changes mandated by the Federal Railroad Administration include expanded use of Automatic Train Control and studies of risks on curves.
05/15/15 After Amtrak Crash, Train-Control-Systems Debate Heats Up (UPDATE)

House panel says Amtrak had train-control equipment in place at accident location but hadn't yet acquired necessary bandwidth to activate system.
05/12/15 Charleston, W. Va. Airport and Insurer at Odds Over Runway Extension Collapse

Bill for March landslide pegged at $10 million to date.
05/12/15 Highway Bill Uncertainty Hangs Over Infrastructure Week

Uncertainty over highway-transit legislation hangs over Infrastructure Week.
05/06/15 Dampers Help Sacramento Light Rail Keep Quiet

?Engineers employ an innovative damper system to mitigate noise in tight spots at $270-million light rail expansion.
05/06/15 World's First FRP Floating Bridge Takes Shape in Vermont

Fiber-reinforced crossing has a 100-year design life.
05/05/15 Contractors Must Remove Edmonton Bridge Sections for Tests

The delay in the project completion grows longer as steel sections head back to fabrication shop for examination.
05/01/15 Restoring a 1949 Hudson To Get It on the Road Again: A Slide Show

It took quite a bit of work to get "Mrs. Martin," a 1949 Hudson, from curious eBay listing to cross-country driving machine.
05/01/15 How One Old Car Became a Metaphor for America's Infrastructure

Low and slow across America is how Aileen Cho, Senior Editor of Transportation for ENR and I will be going in a couple of weeks, through the heart of the country, coast-to-coast, from New York City to Los Angeles.
04/30/15 Low and Slow Across America's Infrastructure: The Route

ENR’s senior transportation editor Aileen Cho and author Dan McNichol are setting off in mid-May on a real-time documentary “road trip” in a vintage 1949 Hudson automobile that symbolizes the age of the Interstate - and the effort it requires to keep it running.
04/29/15 Qatar Spends Big on Port, Rail Infrastructure

Chinese, French firms win big contracts for port, rail work.
04/29/15 Japanese Contractors Tackle Jakarta's $1.8-Billion Mass Transit Program

Japanese contractors tackle ambitious Indonesian program.
04/27/15 Israel Seeks P3 Proposals for New Jerusalem Highway

Transport ministry seeks team to do design, build, finance, operate and maintain for the road, estimated at $380 million.
04/23/15 US Ports Peg 'Landside' Needs at $28.9 Billion

North Pacific, South Pacific and North Atlantic regions have more than $6 billion each in priority projects.
04/22/15 Bechtel Tapped To Minimize Delays On Toronto Subway Project

Commission approves a sole-source contract.
04/22/15 Virginia's $1.4-Billion Route 460 Project Meets End Of the Road

Environmental concerns and opposition contributed to death of a bypass plan.
04/20/15 Steel Problems Cited in 12-Month Delay of Edmonton Arch Bridge

Prior to the bridge with buckling girders, Edmonton officials were facing a year-long delay in completion of a much bigger bridge project that they blamed on late steel deliveries.
04/20/15 Girders Give Edmonton Bridge Team Big Headache

With buckling girders now straightened out in Edmonton, will they carry the design loads and if not, who will pay?
04/08/15 Edmonton Bridge Contractors Straighten Buckled Girders

Although weeks of costly delays are finally behind, the total delay and cost is still to be determined.
04/08/15 Edmonton Bridge Contractors Straighten Buckled Girders

Although weeks of costly delays are finally behind, the total delay and cost is still to be determined.
04/08/15 New Mexico DOT Begins New Contracting Experiment

Highway contractors’ past performances will be weighed when bidding on projects over $5 million.
04/01/15 France-based Suez Environnement Cites Politics in Not Pursuing Jerusalem Cable-Car Project

Route of proposed transport system in disputed Israel-Palestinian area has caused tension, but city is proceeding.
03/31/15 A $3.1-Billion Berths Project Sets Sail In Africa

Chinese firms building billions worth of transport work for three countries.
03/30/15 Africa Road Projects To Drive Demand for Asphalt

Market prospects prompt France's Rubis to acquire Eres, a leading asphalt company in West Africa.
03/30/15 Parliament Report Says UK Government Has Not Justified High-Speed-Rail Investment

Planned $74-billion investment won't benefits cities other than London, says House of Lords economic committee.
03/25/15 Scope, Schedule Pose Challenges On Ohio River Bridges Project

Weather and expanded retrofit plan pushing extra manpower and shifts for design-build contractor.
03/17/15 Arizona Gets OK for Regional Freeway, Its First Major P3 Project

?The state of Arizona last week announced Federal Highway Administration approval to proceed with plans for the state’s first major public-private-partnership project, the $1.9 billion Loop 202/South Mountain freeway
03/17/15 Highway 99 Tunnel Builder Rescued in Seattle at Last

Bertha must undergo repairs before resuming work on the delayed project to replace Alaskan Way Viaduct.
03/17/15 Infrastructure Crash Course for Railroads

Spate of oil-train derailments in U.S. and Canada provokes calls for better track maintenance, safer cars, more oversight.
03/17/15 Crossrail Station Site Requires Bare-Bones Work

Archaeologists begin extracting human remains from site of a new station as part of London’s $22-billion project.
03/17/15 $1.5-Billion Light Rail Line Takes Shape In LA

Design-build helped expedite Expo route, officials say.
03/17/15 Innovations Featured in Oregon Bridge Replacement

Sellwood project uses prefabrication and nitrogen-cooled concrete.
03/14/15 FHWA Says Controversial Highway Guardrail Passes Crash Tests

Agency says Trinity Industries product can continue to be eligible for federal funding.
03/11/15 Buildings/Transportation: San Diego Airport Green Build Expansion
Airport expansion is green, lean and local.
03/11/15 Spanish-U.S.-Israeli Team Is Preferred Bidder for $1B PPP Houston Toll Road

Team, which also includes US and Israeli participants, will seek financing for $1B Harris County project upon contract award.
03/05/15 New Zealand's KiwiRail on Track for Major Upgrade

The 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, along with a number of other significant quakes in recent years in the South Island as well as the Wellington region prompted KiwiRail to assess its portfolio of buildings across New Zealand and to make improvements as needed.
03/03/15 New Zealand Engineers Opening Bottleneck on North Island's Road Between Wellington and Auckland

Hemmed in on the one side by the ocean shore and on the other by a major live rail line, the NZ$50m (US$37.5m) Ngauranga to Aotea Quay Upgrade is finally getting to grips with one of the nation’s most congested stretches of highway.
03/01/15 Wild Designs Flood Into London Pedestrian Bridge Contest

Designs for a new pedestrian bridge over London’s River Thames range from fantastic to conventional.
02/26/15 John Laing Expands Presence in Australia With $1.7B Rail Deal

Global infrastructure owner/developer John Laing plc., London, recently stepped up its Australian operations by closing a $1.7 billion deal to design, build, finance, operate and maintain (DBFOM) a light rail project in Sydney, New South Wales.
02/19/15 New National Operations Center Will Research Future of High-Tech Highways

Washington, D.C.’s National Operations Center of Excellence will serve as a centralized information hub for state and federal transportation agencies.
02/18/15 California High-Speed Rail Proponents Plow Forward

Officials are confident of project’s eventual legacy.
02/18/15 In NYC, An Ambassador Gains Public Acceptance Of Megaprojects

Managing expectations is a heavy-duty job on a nearly $20-billion capital program of new subways and commuter rail.
02/18/15 Boston Begins Reaping Benefits Of Big Dig

Less than 10 years later, billions in economic development flourishing in city’s transformed landscape.
02/18/15 Project Members Ponder Untold Stories of the Bay Bridge

Under intense media scrutiny, a team of engineers and contractors kept pushing forward to complete a seismic lifeline.
02/18/15 Infrastructure Megaprojects: Looking For Legacies

Building public trust while building transportation is more vital than ever in tough era of funding challenges.
02/18/15 Chicago Metro Unveils Infrastructure Website

Agency hopes to spur public involvement in project planning.
02/18/15 Nevada Paves Way For Life-Cycle Bids

?Concrete wins contract for the Boulder City Bypass' first phase, despite cheaper asphalt bid.
02/18/15 Contractor: Mea Culpa In Fatal Ohio Bridge Collapse

Kokosing apologizes for error that may have contributed to Jan. 19 fatal overpass collapse
02/16/15 A Small U.K. Borough Pulls Out An Innovative P3 For New Highway

Private consortiums are building, maintaining and operating a planned new Mersey Gateway in northwest England.
02/16/15 Florida's $2.3B I-4 Rebuild Set To Start

The 21-mile-long project represents Florida DOT’s largest public-private partnership to date.
02/13/15 Boston Transit Chief Resigns in Wake of System Storm Performance

State officials were "surprised" at Beverly Scott's Feb. 11 announcement, but had been critical of transit agency shutdowns in region's epic snow; she stays on until April 11.
02/04/15 Contractor: Collapsed Ohio Overpass Had Engineer-Stamped Demo Plans

Contractor says it followed ODOT requirements.
02/04/15 Trio of TBMs Dig Deep Down Under in Sydney

Construction goes up, through and under in $4.2-billion railway program.
02/04/15 London Airports Compete for Chance To Build New Runway

Heathrow vs. Gatway: Which will win?
01/28/15 Engineering Oversight Might Have Prevented Ohio Overpass Collapse, Says Bridge Inspector

Wrong demolition process might have caused fatal collapse, engineer says.
01/27/15 SpaceX Gets Big Investment for Satellite Internet and Hyperloop Test Track Announced

\As January comes to a close, 2015 already has been a busy year for Elon Musk, president of Space Exploration Technologies.
01/27/15 Buy American Rule Scuttles Prince Rupert Ferry Terminal Project

Alaska DOT cancelled bidding process for a ferry terminal in British Columbia after Canadanians vigorously reject attempts to impose Buy America provisions.
01/27/15 Calif. Pol Questions State of State's Rail Infrastructure

California politicians are pushing rail industry to provide more information on structural condition of 5,000 railroad bridges in the state.
01/21/15 Digital Transformation Coming To Transportation World

Big data, automation are hot topics in industry.
01/21/15 PennDOT Oks P3 Contract for Replacement of 558 Bridges

In a landmark deal to address the state’s aging transportation infrastructure, the Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation signed a contract on Jan 12 with Plenary Walsh Keystone Partners to replace 558 bridges across the state by the end of 2017.
01/14/15 Houston's Grand Parkway Growing Fast

Area's first design-build road project is rolling along.
01/06/15 Moscow To Build $230B Bullet Train to Beijing

The rail link is part of a dream project to connect China with the United States and Canada.
01/06/15 The 10 Longest Arch Bridges in the World

Most of the world's longest arch bridges are in China.
12/31/14 San Ysidro Land Port's Team Tames the Logistical Monster

Design and construction strategy for replacement booths and their 570-ft-long canopy focused on off-site construction.
12/23/14 U.S. Land Port of Entry Funding Rebounds

U.S. General Services Administration funding allotment for fiscal 2015 includes nearly $315 million.
12/23/14 Overhauling the World's Busiest Border Crossing is No Small Feat

About 62 million vehicles and 125 million pedestrians crossed the jobsite since construction began in 2011 at world’s busiest border crossing.
12/23/14 Sinking Soils Further Impede Efforts To Extricate Alaskan Way Viaduct's Stuck TBM

Pump plan for access pit may have contributed to settlement.
12/23/14 Boston Transit Extension Wins Nearly $1-Billion Federal Grant

Fudning will cover almost half of the expected cost.
12/23/14 Officials Cite Big Steps Forward In California High-Speed Program

Construction commences as cap-and-trade, court rulings all boost Golden State bullet train project.
12/16/14 Antwerp Freight Tunnel Has Twin Bore Beneath the River Scheldt

Although Belgium has more than 1,000 kilometers of railroad tracks, Europe’s second largest port in Antwerp moves only 8% of its throughput by rail. To help increase train use, the country’s railroad infrastructure manager Infrabel N.V. has just completed the nation’s longest freight tunnel linking the port’s two halves on either side of the River Scheldt.
12/15/14 Chinese Contractor To Build Major New Rail Line in Nigeria

Chinese contractor to build new rail line in Nigeria.
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