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Power & Industrial - Featured Headline
Deepwater Wind Farm Taking Shape Off Block Island, R.I.
Improvements in wind turbine efficiency since Deepwater Wind signed a 2010 power purchase agreement indicate that the Block Island operation could produced power at costs lower than projected then.

Rendering courtesy of Alstom

Exelon's Zion Nuclear Plant Contractor Facing Shortfall
EnergySolutions says that despited a short-term funding gap, it expects to complete decommissioning on schedule in 2018.

Photo Courtesy Exelon Corporation

More News
01/21/15 As MOX Costs Keep Rising, Critics Push for Options

With the Dept. of Energy acknowledging that the cost to build the MOX project could reach $12 billion, critics tout a reconsideration of other options.
01/14/15 Utilities Pull Out of Cape Wind In Major Blow to Offshore Wind Project

Utility companies National Grid and NStar said on Jan. 6 that they were withdrawing from their commitments to buy power from the Cape Wind project.
01/14/15 Hawaiians Fear Utility Sale Will End Rooftop Solar Choice

Rooftop solar panels are disrupting a century-old electric utility business model.
01/07/15 Sub-Saharan Africa's Energy Sector on Growth Trajectory in 2015 Despite Hiccups

Regional initiative aims to reverse deprivations resulting from years of inadequate policy, problems of pricing and lack of infrastructure.
01/06/15 Ohio Utility Plans $250 Million of Marcellus Shale Power Transmission Upgrades

FirstEnergy's West Virginia utility expects 400MW of load growth from new gas facilities through 2019.
12/31/14 U.S. Energy Policy Shaped by Natural Gas and Renewables Development in 2014

Fracking paid dividends, wind and solar continued to grow and coal- and nuclear-fired electricity in the U.S. trailed off.
12/12/14 Work on Southern Gas Corridor Begins With South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion

Construction has begun on Southern Gas Corridor
12/10/14 Keystone Backers Patient, Awaiting Action From New Congress

Backers expect the new Republican majority to approve the final segment of an $8-billion pipeline segment from Alberta through a connection in Nebraska.
12/02/14 Maryland Asks High Court To Overturn Ruling It Says Impedes Its Power-Supply Management

State disagrees with appellate court decision that requires utilities there to support new 725-MW power plant
11/25/14 Engineers, Contractors Benefit From U.S. Oil and Gas Boom

Thousands of construction projects, from drilling site access roads to pipelines to LNG export terminals, will keeps the sectors bust for years to come.
11/17/14 Concerns Raised Over More Chinese Dams on River Shared With India

India will launch a probe of flash flood risks now faced on the Brahmaputra River, also known a the Tsangpo in China.
11/14/14 Essar Steel of India Secures Funding To Complete Minnesota Iron-Ore Plant

Tangled financing stopped work at the processing plant, touted as a boon to the depressed Mesabi Range when worked started in 2008.
11/05/14 Expansion in Natural Gas Production Spurs Big U.S. Export Plans

The U.S. shale gas revolution is spurring construction of LNG liquefaction plants and export terminals.
11/05/14 IEA, DOE Set Game Plan for Improvements in Energy Efficiency

Driving down energy costs in buildings and manufacturing operations helps the bottom line and benefits society.
10/22/14 Digging Damage To Buried Utility Lines Continues to Drop, Says DIRT Report

Common Ground Alliance attributes improvement to growing use of one-call centers.
10/22/14 EPC Firms Can Expect More Competition in Renewable Market

Shrinking market may force firms to shift strategies.
10/08/14 FERC Approves $3-Billion-Plus LNG Export Project in Maryland

Project would be first such facility on East Coast, but may face court challenge from environmentalists.
10/08/14 Lax Controls Let Welders Cheat Qualifications Tests

As the result of the fraud, CB&I is tightening controls and enhancing training at its Lake Charles, La., plant.
10/03/14 Canada-New York Power Line Developer Seeks EPC Contractor

The $2.2-billion Champlain Hudson Power Express, to be partially under water, received a U.S. Energy Dept. permit on Oct. 1.
09/24/14 Batteries Set To Put Big Charge Into Energy Storage

Powered by Tesla’s Nevada gigafactory and other recent techno;ogical advaces, global market sector is expected to grow by 8% a year to $50 billion, say researchers.
09/12/14 American-French Venture Starts Construction of First US-Brazil Undersea Cable Link

The 10,700-km system is set to operate in 2016.
09/09/14 Oil, Gas Firms Need Workers to Deliver Capital Investments

As total U.S. capital expenditures related to oil and gas exploration and development continue to rise, industry is concerned about its ability to attract a sufficient workforce.
09/09/14 MOX Project's Schedule Still Indefinite Despite 10-Year Extension Request

If approved by the NRC, the deadline for construction authorization would extend to March 2025.
09/09/14 FutureGen Begins Construction, But Project Faces Some Hurdles

Financing difficulties and a legal challenge are hindering progress on first-of-its-kind carbon capture and sequestration project in Illinois.
09/08/14 Firm Pushes Off-Grid Power Model for Data Centers

TDC cites demand despite recent defeat of University of Delaware project whose 279-MW power plant was fought by neighbors.
09/02/14 Nation's First Solar Microgrid with Emergency Storage Breaks Ground

Farm will include 4 MW of battery storage for solar generation
08/26/14 TVA Moves Ahead To Make Fukushima Upgrades at Nuclear Power Plants

The TVA will spend up to $266 million to make post-Fukushima upgrades at its nuclear plants.
08/19/14 U.S., Private Sector Commit Billions to African Electric Power

Leaders from Africa and U.S. meet in Washington to discuss plan for expanding power to more African businesses and homes.
08/19/14 Rosatom Nuclear Construction Portfolio Threatened by Sanctions Against Russia

“The packages Rosatom can put together the ones in Finland and Hungary are hard for commercial vendors to rival because Rosatom has such strong financial backing from the federal government,” says Edward Kee, analyst for National Economic Research Associates.
08/01/14 Pennsylvania Utility Proposes 725-Mile Transmission Line for Shale-Gas Power

PPL's line, set to extend to New Jersey and New York and into Maryland, could involve $4 to $6 billion in constuction.
07/29/14 Nigeria and Tanzania Moving Forward with Fertilizer Projects

Nigeria and Tanzania hope to capitalize on abundance of natural gas with new fertilizer plants.
07/29/14 Lebanese Firm Overcomes Bid Protest Over $490-Million Pipeline in Kenya

The 450-kilometer, 20-in.-dia pipeline will link East Africa's trade gateway of Mombasa to Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.
07/28/14 Vermont PSB Halts Natural-Gas Line Pending Utility's Soil Management Plan

Some 50 pipeline opponents held a “fish-in” outside the Vermont Public Service Board in Montpelier to protest alleged bait-and-switch tactics.
07/25/14 Planned Projects Could Add 1.6 Million Barrels Per Day to Africa's Refining Capacity

Contracts for billions of facilities in Nigeria, Uganda, Algeria, South Africa have been awarded
07/22/14 Local-Hire Rules Tied to Project Incentives Push Contractors

Firms say requirements that mandate more subcontractor vetting and analysis add to costs.
07/16/14 New Phase for Alaska's Massive LNG Pipeline Project

Design and engineering of a major new pipeline to deliver natural gas from Alaska’s North Slope to Alaskans is underway, which is a milestone no previous Alaska gasline project has achieved.
07/15/14 $1-Billion Powerplant Project on Hold over "Carbon Offsets"

Early-stage construction of an incinerator and powerplant project near Baltimore is at a standstill after the Maryland Dept. of the Environment issued a stop-work order over emissions reductions credits (ERC) needed to comply with restrictions on its air quality permit.
07/11/14 Developers Push Action on Two Maryland Powerplants But Delay a Third

Coal plant retirements are projected to tighten regional capacity, but logistics and court rulings have slowed natural gas plant progress.
07/02/14 Offshore Wind Project May Gain $150-Million Loan Guarantee

The U.S. Energy Dept. announced on July 1 a conditional commitment for a $150-million loan guarantee to support construction of the 360-MW Cape Wind offshore wind project in Massachusetts.
07/02/14 New Englanders at Odds Over Proposal for Power, Gas Lines

Environmental groups challenge a governors’ plan to add capacity and access to new energy sources.
06/16/14 Petrobras Gas Plant Travels 5,000 Km Through Amazon Rain Forest

How contractors in in Brazil pulled off a feat of epic proportions.
06/13/14 Egypt Moves Forward on $6-Billion Petrochemical Project

The petrochemicals complex is expected to break ground in 2015 following a financial close by the end of this year.
06/11/14 Yucca Mountain Termination Generates On-Site Spent-Fuel Storage at Nuclear Plants

On-site dry-cask storage at U.S. nuclear powerplants is expanding since Yucca Mountain repository plans died.
06/11/14 Clean Coal: Is Carbon Capture and Storage Fossil Fuels' Best Hope?

New EPA standards for new powerplants are causing utilities some angst, but even they agree CCS is important.
06/10/14 CSB on Deepwater Horizon: Pipe Buckling Caused Blowout Preventer Failure

?A new Deepwater Horizon disaster report, released on June 5, found that the blowout preventer (BOP), designed to shut off the flow of oil and gas from the Macondo well, "failed to seal the well because drill pipe buckled for reasons the offshore drilling industry remains largely unaware of."
05/28/14 Florida Utility’s Nuclear Plan Passes Important Milestone

State regulators okay Florida Power & Light’s proposal to build two more nuclear reactors at Turkey Point
05/19/14 Djibouti and Ethiopia Pursuing Geothermal Power Schemes

Key players in the African alternative energy plan hail from Iceland.
05/19/14 Dept. of Energy Awards Funds to Three Offshore Wind Projects

Two East Coast and one West Coast alternative energy projects secure funding for sitework, construction and installation.
05/15/14 Duke to Build $1.5B Gas Powerplant Near Crystal River Site

Duke Energy will build a $1.5-billion, 1,640-MW natural gas-fired powerplant on a site adjacent to its Crystal River nuclear facility, a move that replaces generation capacity lost to the shuttering of the damaged plant 15 months ago.
05/05/14 Apple Converts Ex-Solar Panel Site to Sapphire Glass Factory

Arizona woos world’s biggest corporation with tax breaks.
04/30/14 Canada National Energy Board's Final Audit Zings TransCanada's Fieldwork

Review of pipeline finds widespread flaws in engineering and construction practices.
04/29/14 Nuclear Retirements Could Hinder U.S. Climate Goals

More nuclear powerplant shutdowns could lead to more blackouts, energy analyst wanrs.
04/22/14 Twenty Years After Genocide's Darkness, Rwanda Turning to Solar Power

A $24-million photovoltaic field is nearing completion on land belonging to a village built to house orphans from the central African country’s genocide 20 years ago.
04/22/14 Indonesia Announces Major Power Projects To Meet Growing Demand

With an expanding population and a stated goal of adding roughly 60 gigawatts of power to double capacity by the year 2022, the government of Indonesia has greenlit multiple major power projects in recent months.
04/21/14 Construction Groups Slam Delay in Keystone Pipeline Decision

Controversial $5.3-billion project's fate may rest on outcome of Nebraska court case.
04/16/14 Southern Co. and China Coal Producer Sign Coal Gasification Technology Deal

Memo of understanding will build on technology use to gasify lignite, a more available grade of coal, at the U.S. firm's plant in Mississippi.
04/15/14 2014 Top 500: Firms Protect the Grid

Engineers are finding a growing niche in helping utilities protect facilities from cyber-attack.
04/08/14 Prices Dropping as More Turbines Turn

Despite mixed messages and soft support from Congress, the U.S. wind industry is establishing a critical mass.
04/08/14 Clouds Start To Lift From the Solar Sector

Subsidies and Tax credits have helped, but market forces suggest that the day is coming when they may not be needed.
04/08/14 Panda Power Constructing Large Combined-Cycle Powerplants

The Dallas-based independent power developed is going all-in with a suite of projects based on natural gas.
04/08/14 Southern Co. Refuels Coal Fleet With Gas

The utility’s new Kemper plant will burn coal, but it is retrofitting six other existing coal-burners to accept natural gas.
04/08/14 The U.S. Energy Policy Finally Emerges

As coal recedes, natural gas and renewables come on strongVery
04/03/14 California PUC Orders Two Utilities To Replace San Onofre Plant Output

At least 600 MW of the 2,150 MW must come from energy storage and renewable sources, the commission directed.
04/02/14 More Troubles, Less Support for Energy Dept.'s MOX Project

The Obama administration is planning to halt construction of the $7.7-billion MOX project in Aiken, S.C.
04/01/14 North American LNG Projects Push Forward

First U.S. greenfield export terminal, also first on west coast, wins conditional federal OK while three congressional hearings debated merits of faster project approvals.
03/25/14 DOE Approves $7.7B Oregon LNG Export Facility

The project, the seventh to gain DOE's OK since 2011, will create between 2,000 and 3,000 jobs, unions say.
03/24/14 Investors Push Africa's Largest Refinery-Petrochem Complex in Nigeria

Project is said to create 8,000 engineering and technical jobs in part-Chinese owned free-trade zone; government wants more local employees hired.
03/22/14 Offshore N.J. Wind-Farm Developer Will Challenge State Rejection

Fishermen's Energy, which says New Jersey regulators misinterpreted the $200-million project's energy production costs, plans to appeal in court.
03/21/14 Morocco Pushing Solar Project in Western Sahara

Morocco is constructing solar powerplants at five sites. Their combined capacity is 2,000MW.
03/10/14 Clemson Facility to Drive New Grid, Wind-Energy Research

A Clemson University wind-energy testing and research center built to accommodate the world’s largest drivetrains is poised to deliver an increased amount of data about wind-turbine designs and their impact on the electrical grid.
03/10/14 No Conflict-of-Interest on Keystone, OIG Report Says

Another roadblock to project removed.
03/10/14 Salem Harbor Powerplant to Run on Natural Gas, Until 2050 Shutdown

Mssachusetts approves pact between developer and non-profit group to settle lawsuit.
03/06/14 EU Weighs UK Government Aid to Britain’s Private Nuclear Projects

As an antitrust probe continues, French-British developers spend big on related infrastructure and project planning.
02/26/14 New Hampshire Town Signs Deal for Landfill Solar Power

Under 20-year power-purchase agreement, Peterborough will buy power from developer of state's largest photovoltaic array at wastewater plant site lagoon.
02/20/14 Russia Moving To Expand Global Nuclear Power Market Share

The state-owned nuclear power company Rosatom says it has doubled its orders for new plants since the disaster in Fukushima.
02/17/14 Manufacturing: Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM), Disputanta, Va.

Unique project collaborations allowed team members to surmount barriers to an on-time finish.
02/17/14 The John W. Turk, Jr., Power Plant

More than 12.8 million man hours went into constructing this massive $1.7 billion facility.
02/05/14 Minnesota Public Utilities Commission Seeks a Price Tag on Carbon Dioxide Emissions

The decision could reduce the economic advantage that two 750-MW coal-fired Excel coal-fired units have over renewable power generation stations.
01/23/14 GE Hitachi Agrees to Settle Over Allegations of Nuclear Design Flaw

New reactor design still being reviewed by Nuclear Regulatory Commission for possible certification.
01/23/14 EPA Study Says Pebble Mine Could Destroy Salmon’s Habitat

Mine’s developer says assessment does not take into account environmental safeguards
01/22/14 Federal Renewable Rollback Threatens Biofuel Projects

The biofuel industry’s duty to fulfill EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard is the reason why they cellulosic ethanol plants are being built in the first place, experts say.
01/08/14 Hawaiian Utilities Balk at Speed of Solar Panel Adoption

Hawaiian electricity provided implements moratorium on rooftop solar panel installations.
01/08/14 Wind Sector's Future Cloudy As Federal Tax Credit Expires

If Congress does not renew the PTC, the future of new projects and investment in these technologies is in jeopardy, backers say.
01/08/14 Minnesota Law Judge Favors Solar Over Gas In PUC Opinion

?In a sign that the sun may finally be shining on solar energy, an administrative law judge in Minnesota has found that a plan to build distributed solar arrays and supply renewable-energy credits delivers life-cycle value superior to rival proposals to build combustion-turbine plants.
12/30/13 Japan Tests Waters for Floating Wind Farms

A Japanese demonstration project is the largest yet examining the feasibility of placing floating wind farms in deep water.
12/22/13 NuScale Wins Federal Grant for Small Nuclear Reactor Technology

Second phase of DOE program goes to firm in which Fluor is majority investor; a Bechtel-Babcock & Wilcox venture won the first phase
12/10/13 Ontario Limits Nuclear Construction in New Energy Plan

Ontario will defer construction of two new nuclear-power reactors and scale back some upgrades but it will boost alternative power to 13% from 5%, says a new long-term government energy plan.
12/03/13 New Jersey, Maryland Appeal U.S. Court Rulings Against Power Generation Construction Subsidies

Challenges hinge on the federal role in interstate commerce, but states say regional pricing models do not encourage construction of new facilities.
12/03/13 Even as Commodity Prices Ease, Fertilizer Plants Popping Up Across Grain Belt

”All of these projects are being driven by the surge in natural gas,” says Garry Hart, VP of business development for Black and Veatch.
11/27/13 Gas Gathering Pipelines Are Focus of More U.S Scrutiny in 2014

Lines, which carry gas from wells to processing sites, have largely been exempt from government rules since they are largely rural.
11/27/13 Problems with Keystone XL Pipeline's Southern Leg Are Cited

TransCanada defends work on segment between Cushing, Okla., and Gulf Coast.
11/27/13 U.S. Energy Sector a Boon for Engineers, Contractors, Crafts

The U.S. shale oil and natural gas boom is spurring tens of billions of dollars in design and construction work, speakers said at the Nov. 15 ENR Energy Construction Summit in Houston, but training enough workers will be a key challenge.
11/27/13 Low-Cost LNG, Stricter Air Rules Mean Fewer New Coal-Fired Powerplants

Tightening federal environmental rules and low natural gas prices are combining to spur the biggest boom in gas-fired powerplant construction in a decade.
11/26/13 Israel Gives First OK to New Land-Based Plants for Offshore Gas

Country says it needs more capacity to store and transport new supply from the huge Tamar and Leviathan fields discovered in 2009.
11/21/13 Georgia Power Places Concrete Mat at Vogtle Unit 4, Project Milestone

About 7,000 cubic yards of concrete was finished in only 41 hours, which "matches the best time achieved worldwide" for similar work on other Westinghouse AP1000 units, the utility said.
11/20/13 Israel Takes Down First Tall Smokestacks at 1960s-Era Oil-Fired Plant

Four-month-long demolition was required for permit to build a new gas-fired plant on the Haifa site.
11/19/13 Russia Creates National Construction Ministry

Such troubled projects as the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and energy exports have cemented the country's formation of a national Construction, Housing and Utilities Ministry.
11/19/13 SNC-Lavalin, IMPSA Team Snags Bid for $900M British Columbia Powerplant Rebuild

Utility will build more of its replacement power station underground, using a public-private partnership financing approach.
11/18/13 Africa Poised for LNG Boom

Despite Chevron's pullout from a major liquefied natural gas project in Nigeria, analysts say prospects for LNG projects in Africa are bright.
11/18/13 Shale Boom Will Make U.S. Oil Self-Sufficient by 2035, but Global Need for OPEC Will Remain

World energy outlook says U.S. could overtake Saudi Arabia as biggest producer by 2015, but OPEC market share still rises to 46%.
11/06/13 Mining Firms Move Forward on $3.43-Billion Desal Plant in Chile

The seawater reverse osmosis facility, part of a $3.43-billion water supply upgrade, would be the largest in the Americas
10/31/13 Weak Pipeline Capacity Adds to Shale Gas Growing Pains: B&V

The U.S. natural-gas sector will continue to grow, but market and regulatory forces are putting a damper on the prospects for big-dollar gas pipelines and liquefied natural gas export facilities, Black & Veatch says in a new report.
10/29/13 U.S. Offshore Wind Energy Purveyors Gaining Ground

Navigant estimates about 4,000 MW of wind will be installed off the U.S. coast by 2020, with the majority of installations.
10/22/13 Statoil Pulls Plug on Maine Offshore Wind Project, but U. of Maine Venture Proceeds

The governor withdrew support after determining that the Norwegian deal would drive up electricity cost for Mainers.
10/22/13 Report: Global Market for Geothermal Heats Up

GEA report finds more international interest in geothermal projects, but some obstacles exist.
10/21/13 Algeria Awards GE $2.7 Billion for Power Projects

GE awarded $2.7 billion for nine powerplants in Algeria with a combined capacity of 9 gigawatts.
10/21/13 South Africa's Sasol Moves on New Petrochemical Project in Louisiana

First contracts for multi-billion-dollar ethane cracker are awarded, with final investment decision expected in spring; a separate GTL project decision will follow in 18 months.
10/21/13 China To Build First New U.K. Nuke Plants in More Than 20 Years

A French-Chinese venture has plans to deliver about 16 GW of new nuclear capacity by 2030, which could translate to at least 12 reactors at five sites.
10/02/13 Energy Sector Owners Plan Major Upgrades to Boost Resiliency

Even before climate change was an issue, energy sector owners were planning major projects to boost resiliency,
10/02/13 Texas Plant Will Pilot New Commercial-Scale, Carbon-Capture Technology

The plant will use an electrolytic system to collect plant emissions and mineralize them into stable solids.
10/02/13 Rooftop Solar Set To Soar

Utilities and regional firms are scrambling for position as residences and industrial buildings install more capacity
10/02/13 NRC, Georgia Power Eye CB&I Plant for Workforce, QC Issues

The NRC is mandating that CB&I enact measures to improve the workplace culture related to quality control at a Lake Charles, La., plant supplying modules to nuclear power projects in Georgia and South Carolina.
09/16/13 Xcel Solar Plan Would Triple Overall Generation

The plan includes the expected closure of Denver’s Arapahoe coal-powered plant by the end of the year.
09/13/13 Dominion Resources Set To Invest Billions on Power and Gas Projects in Next Five Years

Spending by the third-largest U.S. utility holding firm will include $3.2 billion on transmission, Chairman Thomas F. Farrell II told investors on Sept. 12.
09/13/13 DOE Approves Fourth LNG Export Facility

Project still awaiting final FERC approval
09/11/13 Accusations Fly After Major Blackout Hits Venezuela

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has railed against political opponents after a failure on the power grid plunged more than 70% of the country into darkness this month.
09/10/13 Japan's Government Takes Over the Fukushima Cleanup

Japanese leaders announced that they will use ground freezing to isolate the troubled Fukushima nuclear powerplant.
09/10/13 Google Invests In Solar Africa

South Africa’s 96-MW Jasper Solar project is Google’s first renewable-energy play on the continent, where PV energy projects are emerging fast.
09/10/13 Queens Pipeline Proposal Awaits FERC Review

Williams plans to build a $182-million extension from its Transco natural gas system to Queens.
08/26/13 Vogtle Nuke Plant Builders Face Rising Cost Pressures

The low cost of natural gas is putting pressure on builders of Georgia’s $14-billion Plant Vogtle nuclear expansion project, with Southern Co. and its contractor facing heightened scrutiny over continuing cost and schedule overruns.
08/21/13 Plans Progress for Virginia Plant Worth Up to $900 Million

Maryland power developer announces project after state regulatory ruling in Virginia.
08/19/13 Connecticut Sets a Microgrid ‘Roadmap’ for the Rest of the Country

Most states have solar incentives but until now, there has been no attempt to have a microgrid policy.
08/14/13 California Plant To Double U.S. Solar Thermal Power Production

The 377-MW Ivanpah Solar Power Facility is poised to become the world’s largest solar thermal power plant.
08/14/13 Solar Sees Growth But Clouds Loom

The recent rise in concentrating-solar and photovoltaic projects may be a rush to get in before a crucial federal tax credit expires in 2016.
08/14/13 Report Blames ExxonMobil's Arkansas Oil Spill on Bad Pipe

The failure that dumped more than 5,000 barrels of crude oil in a suburban Little Rock neighborhood was caused by a manufacturing defect more than 65 years ago, a metallurgical testing report shows.
08/02/13 Duke Energy Cancels $24.7B Florida Nuke Plant Project

Duke Energy reached a settlement with the state of Florida that allows the utility to keep $1 billion in advance fees that would have financed a now-cancelled $24.7-billion nuclear project, while clearing the way for a new natural gas plant.
07/30/13 President Obama Announces $7-Billion 'Power Africa' Plan

New White House initiative will bring public and private funds as well as technical support to double access to power in sub-Saharan Africa over five years.
07/29/13 San Bruno Fire May Cost California Utility More Than $4 Billion

State regulators are calling for a $300-million fine and billions in safety upgrades to be paid by PG&E shareholders for a 2010 gas pipeline blast that killed eight.
07/10/13 How Micro-Tunneling Made Way For N.Y. City Hall's Fuel Cell

New York City’s seat of government is about about to pull back from its main electricity source and start running base load operations from a “Bloom box”—a controversial fuel cell that critics say is far from "green."
07/08/13 Climate Change Plan Offers Opportunities for Innovation

The climate-change action plan laid out by President Obama on June 25 provided a broad outline of how the administration plans to address greenhouse-gas emissions for the remainder of his term. While the plan lacked many specifics, Obama and administration officials already have started filling in the details.
07/03/13 Delaware Utility's Road From Bloom Box to Grid

Delaware’s campaign to entice Bloom Energy to build a new manufacturing plant in the state and then source energy from a fuel-cell farm to the grid went through a political minefield. Here's how the stakeholders got through it in one piece.
06/25/13 The US Shale Boom Is Termed Globally Unique, But With Worldwide Impacts

America's energy revolution will impact global gas markets more by spilling exports onto the LNG market than by the spread of that boom itself, said an International Energy Association executive last month.
06/24/13 Cyprus Betting on Energy Terminal To Bolster Finances

The Mediterranean island is hoping a large energy investment will help repay a $10-billion European Union loan intended to save the country from insolvency.
06/24/13 Two U.S. Offshore Wind Teams Deploy Lidar Units

Coastal Maine and New Jersey data collection will help with blade and other equipment design.
06/20/13 U.S. Reaches Clean Air Settlement with Ash Grove Cement

Agreement is part of a nationwide EPA initiative to cut air pollution at portland cement facilities.
06/19/13 Shale Plays Pump Up Pipeline Sector

Regardless of how Keystone XL decision goes, U.S. oil and gas transmission sector is bolstered by active shale plays.
06/11/13 California Utility to Close Troubled San Onofre Nuclear Plant

Decommissioning the facility, not operating since last year due to a leak, could cost billions.
06/05/13 Utility Seeks Union Assistance As Kemper's Troubles Mount

Union labor is helping Mississippi Power and its Southern Co. Services affiliate get the utility’s troubled Kemper County integrated gasification combined-cycle project back on track.
06/05/13 Citing Contractor Delays, Scana Pushes V.C. Summer Start Back Six Months

The utility contractor blamed delays in fabricating and delivering key elements of the $10 billion-plus project.
05/29/13 NRC Will Rule by Month's End on TVA Nuclear Plant's Safety Status

Alabama-based Browns Ferry facility seeks to lift serious “red” citation because of a cooling system malfunction
05/20/13 Nuclear Resurgence Dims Due to Rising Costs, Low Demand

?In the span of a single week, the nuclear power industry's hoped-for U.S. resurgence took a few steps backward as several projects and existing plants from across the country either were shut down or began to face increased scrutiny from regulators due to ongoing problems and financial issues.
05/17/13 Maine To Launch Offshore Floating-Turbine Prototype

If VolturnUS is successfully connected to the grid off Castine, Me., it will be the first of its kind in North America.
05/02/13 Morocco's Ambitious Renewable-Energy Program

By 2020, the country plans to generate over 40% of its energy from renewables.
05/02/13 Wind Developers Active Across African Continent

Africa’s emerging wind-energy sector offers stability with a promise to drive the region’s economy to double-digit growth by 2030.
04/24/13 Geothermal Group Seeking Groundswell of Private Funding

The U.S. geothermal energy industry is seeking more upfrontprivate equity financing.
04/24/13 Biomass Gaining a Niche as Coal-fired Plants Converted

Sierra Club leverages $50-million gift from Michael Bloomberg to retire old coal-burners.
04/16/13 Texas Bullish on Energy

Power developers are stepping in to build gas-fired projects aimed at mitigating a predicted shortage of capacity
04/16/13 New Transmission Line Provides Access for Wind Power

The planned completion this year of $6.8 billion in “competitive renewable energy zone” transmission lines in Texas is leading wind developers to put wind-project planning in high gear.
04/09/13 The World's Largest Oil-Fired Powerplants

Oil as an electric power source is mostly used by countries who have abundant supplies of it, such as the Persian Gulf countries, Russia and Venezuela
04/02/13 Duke Devising Contingency Shutdown Plan for Oconee Unit

Nuclear Regulatory Commission engineers and representatives of Duke Energy Carolinas met to discuss the utility’s plan to protect the Oconee nuclear station’s standby shutdown facility in the unlikely event the Jocassee Dam upstream of the station were to catastrophically fail.
03/27/13 U.S. Nuclear Plants Provide Market Niche for Waste Disposal System Providers

No central U.S. depository for radioactive waste from nuclear powerplants indicates a bright future for onsite storage firms.
03/27/13 Transnuclear Facility Trains Workers for Dry Storage Campaigns

Aiken, S.C. building is the only one of its kind in U.S.
03/20/13 Crews Pour Foundation Mats at Summer and Vogtle Plants

Two years after the meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, crews at South Carolina Gas and Electric’s V.C. Summer Unit 2 marked a more auspicious milestone — the first concrete pour at a U.S. nuclear powerplant in 30 years.
03/06/13 Kansas Ethanol Plant Prepares To Fire Up Anaerobic Digester

North America’s largest anaerobic digester—which can take in 1,200 tons per day of waste matter—is in the midst of final construction and start-up activities at Western Plains Energy, an ethanol plant
03/06/13 Vogtle Nuclear Plant Owners Seek Budget Hike, Extend Schedule

Georgia powerplant costs pushed to $4.8 billion, operation will not start until late 2017.
03/06/13 Geothermal Power Grew 5% in 2012

Geothermal installed capacity grew 5% in 2012, but several obstacles hinder more widespread adoption.
03/06/13 Bakken Shale Field Pushing East Coast Rail Terminal Projects

Construction work has been accelerating at defunct oil refineries, industrial facilities and other brownfield sites on the East Coast being converted to rail terminals to take crude oil from North Dakota’s Bakken Shale formation
03/05/13 At Cape Canaveral, a Powerful Launch

FPL has rebuilt its Cape Canaveral plant to use natural gas and, with the help of the world’s most efficient turbines, generate more power with fewer emissions.
02/27/13 Extended U.S. Tax Credit Blows Fresh Air Into Wind Projects

Wind-farm construction in the U.S. nearly ground to a halt after ending in a frenzy late last year. But the pace of turbine installation is set to pick up substantially later this year, largely thanks to the recently enacted extension of the federal production tax credit.
02/27/13 Renewable Diesel Refinery Nears Completion in Louisiana

Valero’s new Diamond Green Diesel plant will create fuel from waste animal fats rather than petroleum feedstocks.
02/27/13 New Jersey Utilities Pledge Billions for Superstorm Sandy Fixes

Stung by outages, PSE&G and Jersey Central Power & Light will harden power networks to boost 'resiliency.'
02/20/13 Costs Treble for Newfie Oil Project

ExxonMobil says the Hebron offshore platform, pegged at $5 billion six years ago, now carries at $14 billion price tag.
02/11/13 First LNG Projects Under Way in Mozambique

Work accelerates as push intensifies in Africa for additional sources of energy.
02/11/13 Work Starts on $410-million Contract for Experimental Fusion Reactor

After signing a $410-million contract in December, the join venture building a fusion research facility in France is receiving final design documents and planning how to control change orders.
02/06/13 Maine Approves Offshore Projects, But Cost Concerns Persist

Two technologies are being tested, with a goal set for 2016 link to power grid.
02/06/13 Maryland Again Pushes Wind Power Bills

Gov. O’Malley is among those hopeful that political winds will propel a 200-MW offshore project.
02/06/13 U.S. LNG Boom Fueling Port Projects

Offshore customers for cheap fuel from U.S. suppliers are stimulating development plans for offshore terminals.
02/06/13 Georgia Power's Vogtle Plant Under New Round of Criticism

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and Friends of the Earth released a report that raises questions about a $8.33-billion federal loan guarantee.
02/05/13 ?Duke Energy Opts To Shutter Broken Crystal River Nuclear Plant

Duke Energy announced Feb. 5 that it is canceling previous plans to repair its broken nuclear powerplant in Florida and instead will build a new natural gas facility.
02/05/13 British Report Says Sellafield Costs Soaring as Cleanup Lags

The average cost charged last year by the Nuclear Management Partners consortium for 16 executives reached $1.1 million with the highest earner costing the NDA $1.9 million.
01/30/13 Boomlet Prompts Oil Shipper's Plan To Increase Its Capacity

Kinder Morgan’s capacity expansion, if approved, would allow the pipeline company to boost shipments from Alberta to Pacific ports by 560,000 bpd.
01/23/13 First $1.8B Leg of U.S. Offshore Wind Transmission Link Is Set

Bechtel will be EPC contractor for the first 189-mile section of what is touted as first transmission line in U.S. to connect future offshore wind farms.
01/15/13 Production Tax Credit Extension Boosts Wind Sector

The wind industry says half of the industry’s 75,000 jobs were at risk if the extension weren’t granted.
01/03/13 Daewoo Wins $1.3B Thermal Plant in Kenya

South Korea's Daewoo International is expanding its reach in Africa.
12/31/12 New Ownership Rules Follow $15-Billion CNOOC-Nexen Deal

New Ownership Rules Follow $15 Billion CNOOC/Nexen Deal
12/20/12 2012 in Review: Sandy Ravages Already-Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure grew more so after Superstorm Sandy blasted its way through the northeast, but engineers and constructors also made significant progress on major projects in 2012.
12/10/12 Utility Proposes New Gas Pipeline for Florida

Request for proposal will be released Dec. 19.
11/21/12 After Storm Passes, L.I. Utility Begins To Feel Blowback

Amid controversy over its sluggish response to Sandy, Long Island Power Authority's COO resigns.
11/14/12 Study Highlights Grid's Vulnerability to Attack

New report says a systematic terrorist attack could result in large blackouts for extended periods of time and cost hundreds of billions of dollars.
11/13/12 Brazilian Solar Sector Looks for Its Day in the Sun

Solar energy development is gaining a foothold in Brazil, despite minimal public support.
11/12/12 Proposals for Massive Irish Wind Farms Rankle Some

Plan to harvest Irish wind energy for British users stirs unease
11/07/12 Storm Surge Switches the Grid to 'Off'

Superstorm Sandy revealed the weakness of an aging electrical grid in the Northeast.
11/07/12 Smarter Grids Finding Limits

Advanced switches and meters can mitigate extreme-weather effects on the electrical grid, but only up to a point.
11/07/12 How Not To Build a Transmission Line

MSTI project was planned in 2004, taken to court in 2010 and killed in 2012.
10/31/12 Engineer Blows Whistle on Canada Pipeline Inspections

Canada's energy industry regulator is investigating allegations that TransCanada Corp. skirted safety regulations.
10/29/12 Utilities Cope With Widespread Storm Power Outages

At least 300,000 people were without power along the US East Coast at mid-afternoon on Monday, Oct. 29.
10/29/12 Utilities Cope With Widespread Storm Power Outages

Hurricane Sandy's high winds and rain began inflicting widespread damage on the Middle Atlantic coastal region even before the storm made landfall in New Jersey Monday night.
10/25/12 Portland's Historic Bull Run Powerhouse Saved From Demolition

Historical engineering marvel has already been featured on the NBC series Grimm. The partnership that saved the station is looking for other adaptive reuse.
10/17/12 Tres Amigas to Link Major US Power Grids

The $2-billion project would link the major U.S. power grids for the first time, opening up new opportunities for renewable development.
10/17/12 Enbridge Facing Opposition To Canadian Pipeline Proposal

Five key stakeholders are fighting the firm’s efforts to run a pipeline from the tar sands fields to a port providing Pacific Ocean access.
10/17/12 Administration Upholds Tariffs on Imports of Chinese Solar Technology

The case originates out of complaints by several American solar technology manufacturers that China illegally dumped large amounts of solar cells and panels in the United States and other countries at below-market rates.
10/10/12 China-Connected Ralls Sues White House Over Wind Farms

Ralls executives deny that a national security threat exists.
10/10/12 Cost and Schedule Explosion for Florida Nuclear Plant Repairs

Fixing Crystal River-3 would take $3.4 billion, more than double earlier estimate, according to an engineering report.
10/03/12 Vogtle Suppliers Continue to Miss the Mark for Quality Control

The EPC contractor’s recent rejection of 211 steel embedments for use on Georgia Power’s $14-billion Plant Vogtle nuclear power project is just the latest in a series of quality-control lapses committed by project suppliers.
09/25/12 Canadian Firm To Build Natural-Gas-Fired Powerplant in Pennsylvania Shale Region

Pennsylvania plant developer, based in Canada is Chinese-owned, while Houston-based builder is owned by South Korea's S&K E&C.
09/19/12 Solar Industry Races Subsidy Sunset

??Sun-based energy firms rush to become cost-competitive by 2016, when a federal investment tax credit is set to expire.
09/18/12 Butanol Backers Push Retrofit Effort as Ethanol Boom Fades

As the ethanol boom fades because of rising corn prices and an expired tax break, alternative energy companies are pushing butanol.
09/18/12 Spanish Firm Unveils Concrete Wind Tower Design

Acciona Windpower has completed fabrication of the first section of a 100-meter high concrete tower for a wind farm in Iowa.
08/27/12 Cape Wind Building an Operations Base on Cape Cod

Falmouth will serve as the operations and maintenance facility for the firm's planned 130-turbine offshore wind farm.
08/22/12 Sewage Treatment Innovation Promises Big Net Energy Gain

A new advance in microbial fuel cell technology claims to produce enough energy from wastewater, to power treatment plants can.
08/06/12 India Blackout Highlights Gap Between Power Supply and Demand

Blackout underscores yjr gap between India's growing demand for electricity and supply.
08/01/12 United Arab Emirates Moves Forward on Nuke Construction

Design and construction of first 1,400-MW reactor in Abu Dhabi wins regulatory approval.
07/31/12 East Africa Power Transmission Project Ready for Takeoff After Funding Approval

East African electric grid inter-tie project gets go-ahead, even as opponents line up to hold it up
07/31/12 India Blackout Affects 600 Million People

The blackouts have left roughly half of India's total population without power.
07/30/12 TransCanada Looks to Asia After LNG Pipe Contract Win

North America may be a little closer to quenching Asia’s thirst for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) after Royal Dutch Shell awarded a contract to TransCanada Corporation to design, build and operate a $4 billion pipeline in Northeastern British Columbia.
07/25/12 Smart Grids Pose Security Risks, Says Analysis by Intel Unit

McAfee Inc. report points to age of the energy grid and need for more protections in new features added and more widespread connectivity.
07/16/12 States Seeking Small Reactors

States are scrambling to site small modular nuclear reactors under development and funded by $452 million in federal grants; four design concepts have been submitted by companies.
07/02/12 Indian Government Eyes Private Partners for Hydro Development

Private sector may break project development logjams the Indian government can't crack
06/29/12 Qatar To Build $2-Billion Oil Refinery in Tunisia

Qatar steps in to revive faltering project, again
06/27/12 Costs Soar for Mississippi Lignite Project

A rising cost estimate for Mississippi Power's gasification project has rattled the state's utility regulators.
06/27/12 North Dakota Is Bakken Business

Western North Dakota towns see strong surge in demand for construction to keep up with oil expansion near the Bakken.
06/25/12 National Research Council Finds Little Correlations Between Fracking and Earthquakes

New National Research Council Study Finds Little Correlation between Fracking and Earthquakes, but does see a relationship between other underground energy development activities and seismic events
06/19/12 U.K. Takes Step Toward First Nuclear Powerplant in Two Decades

If it goes ahead, Hinkley Point C would be the U.K.'s first new nuclear plant since size Sizewell B was ordered more than 20 years ago.
06/18/12 India Firm Begins Construction of Massive Gasification Project

Fluor Corp. will manage construction on Reliance Industries' $12-billion coke gasification plant in India
06/18/12 Proposal Floated To Send Iceland Geothermal Power to U.K. by Undersea Cable

The shortest proposal would cover 1,000 kilometers in a depth reaching 1 km with a power capacity of up to 1,000 MW.
06/18/12 First Vietnam Wind Farm Completed, Expansion Planned

With the opening of a $70-million wind farm, Vietnam’s wind-power industry is poised to take flight.
06/18/12 South Africa Powerplant Project Will Get More Environmental Monitoring

World Bank panel criticized Medupi powerplant for its environmental impact. But project and its funding will continue, though with additional bank and government monitoring.
06/18/12 India's Deepest Offshore Platform To Boost Oil Supply

In the last year, 15 new oil prospects and eight new pools were discovered in India, opening the door to large-scale oil production there.
06/04/12 ASR Cracks at Seabrook Generate Series of Tests

Seabrook is the first nuclear facility to discover and report evidence of ASR, according to Nuclear Regulatory Commission safety experts.
05/28/12 Due to Bankruptcy, Solar Millennium Loses Moroccan Solar Project

German-based Solar Millennium Files for Bankruptcy and Loses Chance to Work on Major Solar Project in Morocco.
05/28/12 Canada's Largest LNG Plant Proposed

Shell Canada has announced plans for Canada’s largest liquefied natural gas facility.
05/28/12 Egypt's Orascom Looks To Expand Into Middle East

$363-Million Natural Gas Plant Will Boost Iraq's Power-Generating Capacity
05/21/12 Biomass Plants Seek Toehold in U.S. Energy Market

?But biomass' future and survival as an emerging alternative energy system looks problematic without federal government assistance.
05/21/12 Planned Coal Export Terminals Spur Opposition in Northwest

EPA and state officials in Washington and Oregon have asked the Corps of Engineers for a collective revew of impacts from the six planned facilities
05/14/12 Pricetag for Florida Power & Light's Upgrades Rising 27 Percent

FPL says increasing the generating capacity of the two nuclear units at its St. Lucie station and two nuclear units at its Turkey Point station will cost more than $600 million above previous estimates.
05/08/12 Activists Rally Against Proposed Coal Export Terminals

Opposition is mounting against six coal terminals proposed in the Northwest
05/07/12 Chinese Company Setting Up Pipe Plant in Texas

The plant is scheduled to be delivered in two phases between late 2012 and the end of 2014.
05/07/12 Laying New Pipe Can Take 18 Months

The basic elements of building a large interstate pipeline and smaller distribution pipelines.
05/07/12 Natural Gas Boom Drives Pipeline Upgrades

Calls are rising for more domestic natural gas and crude-oil transmission infrastructure, but environmental and safety reviews are also mounting.
05/07/12 New Plans for Idle Maine USAF Base

Former radar station could host powerplant, business center.
05/07/12 NRC Mulls Power-Loss Rules as Industry Preps Response

The Nuclear Regulator Commission is considering comments to a proposed revision of its station-blackout rule.
05/04/12 Natural Gas Development Triggers Booms in Local Communities

The spike in natural gas development has proven to be a boon to businesses of all sorts in states located on top of the country’s the largest shale formations.
05/04/12 TransCanada Files New Application for Keystone Pipeline

New application will include a different, though not yet specified, route through Nebraska, aiming to avoid environmentally sensitive Sand Hills region.
04/25/12 Ill Winds Blow Through Huge U.K. Wind Farm Project

Claims fly between owners and contractor Fluor Corp. over technical issues on $1.8-billion Greater Gabbard wind project.
04/25/12 Despite Greater Gabbard Delays, London Array Project Boosts Euro Offshore Wind Work

London Array’s current first phase will have a 630-MW capacity when it becomes fully operational next spring.
04/23/12 Construction Week-Late Breaking News for Week of April 23

Natural gas plants progress; Maryland orders more power capacity; NLRB rule temporarily halted; Research touts sediment diversion; Israel seeks large infrastructure bids
04/23/12 LeedCo, Facing Headwinds, Looks for Help From Feds

Ohio’s energy plans may be more focused on coal and shale than renewable energy these days, but that’s not stopping Cleveland-based nonprofit LEEDco.
04/18/12 EPA Announces First-Ever Regulations To Reduce Emissions From Fracking

Standards phase-in requirements for full compliance over next three years.
04/16/12 Great Lakes Offshore Wind Power Picks Up Speed

The president and five governors have signed a pact to speed review of proposed projects.
04/16/12 TVA Resets Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Work After Cost, Schedule Overruns

Utility adds three years and $2 billion to Tennessee project’s completion.
04/09/12 Booming U.S. Energy Market Spurs Pipeline Net Expansion

A pipeline expansion will double the amount of crude oil carried from Canada to the Gulf Coast.
04/09/12 Fusion's U.S. Prospects Mixed by Test Results and Planned Budget Reductions

The U.S. fusion power industry experienced two jolts of news last month, one positive, one negative.
04/03/12 Mississippi PSC Goes Against State Supreme Court, Gives Green-Light to Big IGCC Project

Commissioner Brandon Presley issued a strongly worded dissent, asserting that "no one can legitimately argue that continuing permanent construction of generating facility is somehow 'temporary.'"
03/30/12 Shell Looking at Western Pennsylvania Site for Marcellus Shell Ethane Cracker Plant

The facility, if built, would cost “several billions” of dollars.
03/26/12 Construction Week: Ore. DOT and Granite in Default Dispute; Perini Resists Vegas Hotel Demolition

Late-breaking construction briefs for the week ending Mar. 26, 2012.
03/26/12 In a Test of Technology, the Largest-Ever Fusion Reactor Rises in France

A $1.3-billion nuclear reactor in France invites speculation about whether the technology can scale up to 500 MW?
03/19/12 Algae Fuel Plant Goes Modular To Keep Down Start-up Costs

Green Plains Renewable Energy, the nation’s largest ethanol producer, is building what it calls a first-of-its-kind system to transform algae into fuel.
03/19/12 One Year After Fukushima, U.S. Nuclear Industry Making Changes

NRC issues orders affecting commercial powerplants NRC issues orders affecting commercial powerplants
03/19/12 USGS Weighs In on Fracking Regulations in New York State

Gov. Cuomo says science will determine whether a two-year moratorium should be lifted.
03/12/12 Ohio High Court Approves Wind Farm Project Advance

Landowners were concerned about safety risks and the possibility of the turbines lowering their property values.
03/12/12 $2B Powerline from Canada to New York City Heads to Bid

The 333-mile Champlain Hudson Power Express will be designed to carry 1,000 MW of renewable energy.
03/12/12 Building Critical Biomass

One of the nation’s largest biomass plants is pushing the limits of industry adoption and public acceptance.
03/12/12 Japan Offshore Wind to Offset Nuclear Power Losses

A new study will look at building floating wind turbines off the coast Japan to make up for a reduction in nuclear power capacity.
03/12/12 Maryland Pushes New Gas-Fired Plants Despite Grid Operator Concern

While the regional grid operator says the new plants are not necessary, the state fears a lack of capacity with more older plants being retired.
03/12/12 Proposals Sought for Largest-Ever Army Renewables Program

The Army's renewable energy program would be the largest of its kind the service has ever executed, and is seen as a major component of its goal to use 25% renewable energy in the U.S. by 2025.
03/05/12 U.S., Mexico Formulating Plan To Develop Oil, Gas Reserves in Gulf

The agreement, if approved by the U.S. and Mexican senates, could open up 1.5 million acres of maritime boundary waters to joint exploration by U.S. companies and the Mexican state-owned oil company, Pemex.
03/05/12 Underwater Cable Eyed To Link Israel to European Power Grid

Israel seeks to connect to European power grid via plans for new underwater cable in the Mediterranean.
03/05/12 Brazil Proceeds on Interrupted Nuke, Plans for Four Others by 2035

Nation depends mostly on hydroelectric power but sees that source tapping out within the next two decades.
03/05/12 Keyna's Largest Geothermal Project Breaks Ground

Project expected to complete in spring of 2014.
03/05/12 Uneven Growth Projected for Africa's Construction Industry

China is pushing to play a major construction role in Africa. State-owned firms, aided by China's banks, have won lucrative construction contracts across the continent.
03/05/12 China Focuses on Clean Energy, Sustainability

Energy efficiency consultants could find renewed opportunities in China.
03/05/12 Brazil's Peruvian Hydroelectric Plans Meet Resistance

Brazil is seeking to add 18 gigawatts to its electrical power grid by 2020 to handle expected demand and plans to develop 11 projects in Peru and four other neighboring countries to meet the shortfall.
03/05/12 Kenya and South Sudan Agree on New Oil Pipeline

Pipeline will enable South Sudan to transport some 260,000 bpd of oil to international market.
02/27/12 TransCanada Set To Push Forward U.S. Portion of Keystone XL Pipeline

TransCanada says it plans to advance project, despite recent setbacks.
02/27/12 California Sees Transmission As Key to Geothermal Buildup

California already has 25 geothermal plants, which in 2010 produced 4.2% of the state’s energy, more than twice as much as wind.
02/27/12 Cape Wind Signs Power Purchase Deal With Utilities

The 486-MW offshore wind farm, more than a decade in the making, is closer to reality with takers for more than 77% of its power.
02/27/12 Next Step in U.S. Nuclear Market Could Be Built Around Small Modular Reactors

The nuclear industry is not looking at bigger and more costly projects, but plants based on cheaper small modular reactors.
02/20/12 Feds Approve New Nuclear Powerplant Units in Georgia

The first U.S. reactors licensed in 30 years are unlikely to spur a hoped-for nuclear renaissance.
02/20/12 Green Energy Growth at Risk if Production Credit Expires

The construction of new hydroelectric dams, geothermal wells and biomass projects are threatened if Congress does not approve an extension of the production tax credit.
02/20/12 Major Expansion In Alberta Fields

The revised plan includes a 170-MW cogeneration facility and a bitumen-processing plant to go on line by the end of 2014.
02/13/12 Feds Clear Path For Offshore Wind

Utilities, environmentalists and those in the offshore industry cheered the change.Utilities, environmentalists and those in the offshore industry cheered the change.
02/13/12 TVA Aims To Expedite Projects Using Lease-Purchase Deals

Funding infusion will add billions in new capital to push work, utility saysFunding infusion will add billions in new capital to push work, utility says
02/09/12 Measuring the Significance of A New Nuclear Powerplant License

The NRC approved the license on a 4-1 vote, with Chairman Gregory Jaczko dissenting over concerns regarding last year's Fukushima incident.
01/30/12 Progress Energy Denies Canceling Nuclear Plant Contract

Progress Energy Florida denied a Jan. 26 Tampa Bay Times report that it plans to cancel an engineering, procurement and construction contract with Shaw Group for a proposed nuclear plant project in Levy County, Fla.
01/30/12 Global Energy Forecasts: Robust Growth in Developing Countries, Fueled by Coal

Fossil fuels will be used to meet 81% of global energy demand.
01/30/12 Solar Boom in India

With multiple projects in the pipeline, the Indian solar power market seems poised to take off.
01/30/12 Florida, Progress Energy Reach Fix Plan for Crystal River

Progress would refund customers $288 million for replacement fuel costs, receive a $150 million rate increase, and would be limited on recovered costs on a new nuclear plant.
01/30/12 Tide May Be Turning for Power Generated by Moon and Waves

According to the studies, wave and tidal power could generate about 1,420 terawatt hours, or TWh, of electricity per year. The U.S. uses 4,000 TWh each year.
01/27/12 New Consultant in Arizona Snags Transmission Job Aimed at Renewables Sector

The Lucky Corridor project calls for upgrading about 93 miles of existing 115-kV line with a double-circuit 230-kV line in northern New Mexico.
01/27/12 Efforts To Light Up Africa Gain Momentum

Power projects around the continent are aimed to reduce poverty, sustain economic growth and expand clean technologies.
01/20/12 Progress Energy Reaches Tentative Settlement on Crystal River Repairs

The settlement pushes Progress to terminate its engineering, procurement and construction contract with Shaw and Westinghouse for a new nuclear plant.
01/20/12 After Judge Rules State Cannot Shut Nuke Plant, Vermont Weighs Options

Gov. Peter Shumlin says "Entergy has not been a trustworthy partner."
01/18/12 White House Nixes Keystone XL Pipeline Permit

Despite setback, TransCanada says it's committed to the project and plans to submit a new application.
01/09/12 After Earthquakes, Ohio Shuts Fracking Injection Wells

Injection of fracking fluid into deep wells also has been tentatively linked to small earthquakes in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and British Columbia.
01/09/12 Ball State Reworks Campus Heating and Cooling System

?Digging 3,600 holes within the boundaries of an active 660-acre campus of 22,000 students might seem to be a logistical nightmare.
01/06/12 French Reactors Clear Stress Tests, But Regulators Mandate Safety Upgrades

The country’s 58 plants were cleared for operations in tests also covering 14 other European Union states plus Switzerland and Ukraine.
01/02/12 $1B Tanzania Gas Pipeline Accelerated

Officials move up project's completion date to December 2012, from March 2013.
01/02/12 Mitsui Studies Biomass Powerplants for Disposal of Disaster and Construction Debris

Japanese construction and nuclear fuel trading company Mitsui Inc., explores diversification into biomass power generation plant construction to process debris from March 11 earthquake and tsunami and insulate itself from nuclear industry contraction.
01/02/12 Officials Point to Opportunities for Work in China, But Some Firms Note Challenges

China's emphasis on sustainability is driving the market for clean energy projects
01/02/12 Decisions Expected by April for Proposed $11B South Africa Refinery

Construction of the refinery, which would be Africa's largest, was to start in 2010, but financing has not yet been completed.
12/29/11 Cape Wind Sales Agreement Upheld in Massachusetts Court Ruling

Company expects to begin construction with a year, but opponents vow that fight will continue.
12/19/11 Gulf Oil-Spill Report Calls for Revamped Blowout Preventers

National Academy of Engineering panel says currently used blowout-preventing systems aren't designed or tested to be used in conditions such as those during the night of the April 2010 accident.
12/19/11 Good News, Bad News for U.S. Offshore Wind Power

Statoil's floating turbine off the coast of Maine is apparently proceeding, while NRG's Bluewater Wind Atlantic Coast prototypes appear to be dead in the water.
12/19/11 North American LNG Market Booming, Thanks to Healthy Demand in Asia

A price spread, big North American reserves and Asian demand are driving the LNG export ,arket.
12/19/11 Saudi Petrochemical Megaproject Makes Progress on Contract Awards

Work on $20-billion chemical complex addition at Saudi site will start in 2012
12/12/11 Booming Natural Gas Market Pressures Green Economy

Energy experts often agree that green innovation for renewable energy is a worthy goal. But amid a booming energy market is it realistic?
12/12/11 China Backs Cellulosic Ethanol Producer That DOE Rejected

One of the competitors not chosen this year to receive U.S. Dept. of Energy loan guarantees to build an advanced biofuels plant is taking its cause abroad.
12/05/11 NRC Maps Post-Fukushima Game Plan for U.S. Plants

The first tier of work alone could mean tens of millions of dollars in new work at each of the nation's 104 nuclear units
11/28/11 DOE Secretary Defends Decision to Support Solyndra

Chu says nation in a ‘fierce global race’ to compete in renewables market.
11/28/11 Keystone Pipeline Owner Eager for Approval

TransCanada wants to proceed with U.S. portion of the controversial pipeline.
11/21/11 Egypt in Throes of Petrochemical Industry Push Valued at $19 Billion

Egypt is about half way through a 20-year master plan to boost petrochemical production capacity
11/17/11 DOE's Chu Defends Decision to Support Solyndra

DOE Secretary disputes contention that politics played a role in decision to offer a $535-million loan guarantee.
11/17/11 Indian Nuclear Powerplant Commissioning Halted by Protestors

Commissioning and start up of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in the southern state of Tamil Nadu has been delayed because protestor blockades have prevented engineers from gaining entry into the plant.
11/16/11 Israel Taps Italian Firm To Build Floating Offshore LNG Terminal

The $140-million structure would insure gas supplies in wake of new uncertainty of Egyptian shipments.
11/15/11 Northeast Becoming 'New California' of Solar Energy

While California remains firmly in the lead as the nation’s largest solar power generator, the Northeast region is catching up.
11/14/11 Japan Eyes Milestone in Overcoming Nuclear Disaster

Japan is about to reach an important milestone: Putting the four damaged reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear powerplant into cold shutdown.
11/11/11 New Zealand Eager To Research, Develop Geothermal Energy Potential

The goal: harnessing a natural geothermal energy source of more than 10,000 MW that lies beneath the country’s Taupo Volcanic Zone.
11/11/11 Fla. Public Counsel Calls Botched Repair at Crystal River 'A Huge Construction Negligence Case'

Progress Energy does not appear to have been very prudent in its decision making, adds Florida Public Counsel J.R. Kelly.
11/08/11 Interior Proposes Lease Sales To Drill in Gulf, Offshore Alaska

Pro-drilling side faults plan for failing to include areas not yet open to drilling. Environmentalists fear ecological damage in Alaska.
11/07/11 Nuclear Powerplant Contractors Under Pressure at Two Project Sites

The future of the new nuclear plant construction hinges upon the performance of the Shaw Group and partner Westinghouse Electric as they build the first new U.S. nuclear plants in 20 years.
10/31/11 DOE-backed Flywheel Storage Designer Files for Bankruptcy

Unlike Solyndra, Beacon was reporting revenue, but not enough to keep it afloat.
10/31/11 Kinder Morgan-El Paso Union Should Spur Pipeline Construction

Until now, there has not been a large company, like an ExxonMobil, in the pipeline business willing to make such investments.
10/19/11 TVA Takes Over Bechtel's Construction Management of Nuke Plant

Power provider will manage $2.5 billion Watts Bar project after schedule slips; contractor remains in technical role.
10/17/11 Florida Utility: No Way To Predict Nuke Plant Cracking

In case before Florida power regulators, Progress Energy says plant fix and fuel replacement could cost $2 billion.
10/17/11 Private Sector Taps Federal Funds To Jump-Start Biofuels Infrastructure

More than a half-dozen cellulosic plants are currently in development in the U.S.
10/17/11 One-Call Centers Avoid Disasters, But Only If Excavator Dials 811, Study Says

Report estimates that the total number of incidents—defined as downtime, damages and near misses—could be reduced by 30% if all digging were preceded by a locate request.
10/17/11 Airing the Engineering Pros and Cons of TransCanada's Keystone XL Pipeline

Despite safety assurances, opponents say, Keystone line poses significant threat to environment.
10/17/11 Master-Planned N.M. Development Tests Cutting Edge Smart Grid Tech

A signature building within the Mesa del Sol sustainable master-planned development in Albuquerque, N.M. will be the site of a $6-million retrofit to demonstrate smart grid technology.
10/17/11 Streamline for Power Lines

The feds want a fast-track to permitting, but utilities are skeptical.
10/10/11 Hensel Phelps Would Build Big North Florida Solar Farm Awaiting Financing, Permits
National Solar expects to begin construction in the first quarter of 2012. Over the course of five years, it will build at least 20 20-MW photovoltaic solar farms in Gadsden County, Fla. Each is expected to cost about $70 million and cover 200 acres.
10/05/11 India Moves Forward on $90-Billion Industrial Development Plan

India's ambitious plan for a $90-billion industrial corridor between Delhi and Mumbai is moving forward.
09/28/11 Work Under Way on Largest Wind Farm in Southern Hemisphere

Once it's complete, Australia's 420-MW Macarthur Wind Farm will be the largest wind farm in the southern hemisphere.
09/26/11 Powerline Plans Advance in Southwest, Lag in Northwest

The Western Area Power Administration announced earlier this month that it will hire construction firms to upgrade and build parts of a $91-million transmission line project in southern Arizona.
09/26/11 Tax Law Provision Driving Wind Farm Development

The expiration of the federal production tax credit for renewable energy at the end of 2012 is spurring a boomlet in the construction of wind farms.
09/23/11 Singapore Offshore Petrochemical Complex Gets $2.4-Billion Addition

Jurong Island aromatics plant, delayed by financial woes and now set for completion in 2014, will produce 1.5 million tons per year of hydrocarbon products
09/23/11 Israel Building Two Major Energy Projects

Power plant and offshore LNG project will meet the country's energy needs; Israel seeks a private investor for the plant.
09/23/11 Work Under Way on Largest Wind Farm in Southern Hemisphere

Once it's complete, Australia's 420-MW Macarthur Wind Farm will be the largest wind farm in the Southern Hemisphere.
09/21/11 Solyndra Bankruptcy Puts DOE on Hot Seat

Will the Solyndra bankruptcy impact the DOE loan guarantee program?
09/19/11 Energy Conference Attendees Buzzed About Gigaprojects Despite Volatility

Uncertainty and volatility will dominate development of large-scale projects in new markets and untapped locales, say attendees of the Engineering and Construction Contracting in Phoenix on Sept. 7-10.
09/19/11 SOURCEBOOK: Transmission Projects Expected To Take Off

Teaser to come
09/14/11 Energy Conference Attendees Buzzed About Gigaprojects Despite Volatility

Uncertainty and volatility will dominate development of large-scale projects in new markets and untapped locales, say attendees of the Engineering and Construction Contracting in Phoenix on Sept. 7-10.
09/14/11 Bakken Oil-Shale Extraction Sparks a Construction Boom

Some say it is the biggest construction project in the United States—a job requiring rail and fuel terminals, oil pipelines, natural-gas processing plants, oil wells, highway upgrades and vast water-distribution systems.
09/14/11 SOURCEBOOK: Firms Bullish About Work Outside U.S.

Irving, Texas-based Fluor Corp. is near the end of a strong streak of U.S. refinery work won in recent years.
09/12/11 Wind Power Market Coming to Life in New England and Texas

There is competition for wind power development off the New England coast while a fresh breeze is stirring in Texas.
09/09/11 Safeguards Failed in Massive Power Outage in Western U.S., Mexico

The outage forced the automatic shut down ofthe San Onofre Generating Station, a nuclear powerplant.
08/30/11 Keystone XL Pipeline Gets Green Light From U.S. State Dept.

The administration will decide by the end of the year on whether to issue a presidential permit for the $7-billion, 1,700-mile TransCanada line.
08/29/11 Utilities Tackle Power Restoration After Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene knocked out power to millions of utility customers along the East Coast of the U.S., and the work of restoring service is large.
08/18/11 TVA Board Votes To Restart Bellefonte Nuclear Unit

Opponents say resurrecting a nuclear project that was idled in 1988 is foolhardy.
08/16/11 Wind, Solar Backers Hope FERC's 'Order 1000' Will Spur Development

“FERC Order 1000 is a huge development that will open up the transmission cost allocation process and spur development of transmission projects,” says Gerald Schulz, vice president of electrical engineering at transmission contractor Michels Corp., Brownsville, Wis.
08/11/11 Contractor Selected to Build Solar Tower Twice the Height of Empire State Building

A prototype solar tower planned to be just 100 ft shy of the world’s tallest building took a major step forward with the selection of Phoenix-based contractor Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
08/11/11 DOE Advisory Panel Releases Shale Gas Recommendations

DOE panel issues a blueprint for steps to be taken to address public concerns about fracking.
08/08/11 DOE Finalizes Solar Loan
The Agua Caliente solar project will deploy fault ride-through and dynamic voltage regulation.
08/03/11 Alberta Government Boosts $1.6B Gasification Project

Construction of the Swan Hills in-situ coal gasification project, 177 kilometers northwest of Edmonton, is projected to begin in 2013.
08/03/11 House Passes Bill To Speed Decision on Canada-U.S. Pipeline

Legislation to expedite the decision on whether to build the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline passes the House, but faces an uncertain future in the Senate.
08/03/11 Iraqis Plan $12-billion Effort to Process Flared Gas From Oilfields

New round of infrastructure work could follow initial development deal at the huge Majnoon oil field. Firms from Dubai and Turkey already are building new production and administrative facilities.
08/03/11 Questions Arise Over Design of Congo River Hydropower Project

Construction of an $8 billion to $10 billion hydroelectric plant in the Democratic Republic of the Congo may be delayed and cost more if its design remains unchanged, the African Development Bank said.
08/03/11 Angola's First LNG Facility Slated To Begin Exporting Gas in 2012

Angola is revving up to start exporting liquefied natural gas, with a key phase of a ?$9-billion project nearing completion.
08/03/11 Plan for $2.5B Aluminum Smelter in Canada Sparks Interest Among Contractors

A recent meeting to discuss the Kitimat project drew 300 contractors.
08/03/11 Singapore Firm To Start Construction on $650M Coal Powerplant in Zambia

Construction of the 300-MW plant at the state-owned facility is scheduled to be finished by 2014.
08/01/11 Big Oil-Gas Awards Boost CB&I Returns

Action heats up in Australia and the Middle East, with several big LNG awards.
07/29/11 U.S. Must Look for New Storage Options for Spent Nuclear Fuel, Says Blue Ribbon Panel

Commission also recommends a new federal agency to oversee spent nuclear fuel.
07/27/11 Auto Sector Expands On Hybrid, Electric Cars

The President’s goal of putting one million hybrid and electric cars on the road by 2015 is accelerating construction of auto manufacturing plants.
07/25/11 NRC Task Force Recommends Regulatory Overhaul for U.S. Nuclear Powerplants after Fukushima

Several industry firms say they expect significant work in upgrading nuclear facilities as a result of the task force's recommendations.
07/18/11 N.H. Wind Farm Shrugs Off Steel Supplier's Bankruptcy

Construction of the big wind farm in New Hampshie is now backed by a new federal loan.
07/14/11 NRC Japan Task Force Calls for Nuclear Plant Upgrades

NRC Japan task force releases near-term recommendations in response to nuclear crisis at Fukushima.
07/06/11 Norway Firm Clinches Tanzania Power Contract

Jacobsen Elektro has won a contract for new electricity plans in Tanzania.
07/05/11 Western Canada Eyes Gas-to-Liquid Production Facility

Technical study aims to define size of British Columbian shale gas reserve.
06/29/11 Siemens Offers To Backstop Cape Wind; Opponents' Filing Moves to Mass. High Court

Cape Cod wind farm gets European backing offer, while foes push case in court.
06/22/11 Power Producers Validate One Bright Spot in Midyear Outlook

Business forum speakers point to power sector as one of the few bright spots in economy.
06/22/11 Japanese Disaster Puts Focus On U.S. Powerplant Problems

Fukushima event draws attention to Crystal River and Seabrook nuclear units at an inconvenient time.
06/20/11 La Yesca Dam Will Be Mexico's Second Tallest

The contractor diverted the river through two large diversion tunnels. Project is on track for 2012 completion.
06/15/11 World's Largest Biomass Powerplant Taking Shape

European environmental regulations are prompting big changes at the Tilbury B Power Station, situated on the Thames River, 25 miles east of London.
06/15/11 Three Nuke Groups Form Organization To Study Fukushima's Lessons

Newly formed umbrella group will focus on lessons learned from Japan's march 11 disaster.
06/15/11 NRC Chief's Gamesmanship Gives Yucca Mountain Foes New Half-Life

Gregory Jazcko trumped scientific research with political maneuvering when he moved to kill plans to store high-level nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, GOP opponents charge.
06/08/11 European Commission Orders Stress Tests for 143 Plants

In response to Japan’s Fukushima disaster, the European Commission on June 1 began stress tests on143 nuclear powerplants operated within the 23 member states of the European Union.
06/08/11 Homegrown Transmission Tower Design Tool Cuts Cost

The Bonneville Power Administration, a federal agency that markets electric power from the Columbia River’s Bonneville Dam in the Pacific Northwest, is saving millions of dollars on construction of its latest transmission line and expects to save more in the future, thanks to new tower design and analysis software developed by one of its own engineers.
06/08/11 IKEA Stays on Solar Course With Brooklyn, N.Y., Contractor

Swedish home-furnishings giant IKEA officially powered up its Brooklyn, N.Y., store’s rooftop solar system this spring after several delays, including a mid-construction switch of its main contractor.
06/01/11 DOE OKs Terminal LNG Export
In May, the U.S. Energy Dept. approved plans by Cheniere Energy Partners, Houston, to expand its Sabine Pass Liquefied Natural Gas terminal to export domestically produced LNG to any country in which trade is permissible. Cheniere is planning to spend about $2 billion to expand the terminal. The owner will add equipment to clean up the gas from domestic pipelines and cool it to 260ºF. The company has scheduled construction to begin next year and selected San Francisco-based Bechtel as contractor. DOE will allow Cheniere to export up to 800 billion cu ft a year.
05/25/11 NRC Scrutinizes New Designs, Old Plants

Regulators are putting the design of nuclear reactors slated to be built in the U.S. under additional scrutiny following the March disaster at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.
05/25/11 BPA Policy Favors Hydropower at the Expense of Wind Energy

The operational policy is likely to chill construction of new wind farms in the Pacific Northwest
05/25/11 Cape Wind Project Spurs Formation of U.S.-German Joint Venture

Two U.S. steel fabricators and a German pipe manufacturer will form a joint venture to produce components for the 130-turbine Cape Wind farm.
05/25/11 Denali Pipeline Killed by Lack of Customers, Shale Gas Emergence

The Alaska Gas Pipeline ends after spending $165 million, without transporting a single cubic foot of gas.
05/25/11 France and the U.K. Move to Cut Carbon's Share of Energy Portfolio

As France plans an array of offshore wind farms, the U.K. sets aggressive targets for alternative energy.
05/18/11 Alaska Lawmakers Approve Dam and 600-MW Powerplant

After 50-plus years in the making, the Alaska state Legislature recently gave the Alaska Energy Authority approval to build and own a new dam on the Sustina River in the Watana area. The 600-MW hydroelectric dam will be the first of its kind built in the United States in more than two decades.
05/18/11 Wind Tax Credit Extension Promising, Says AWEA Staffer

Although there may be a rush to take advantage of federal production tax credits for wind power before they expire in 2012, Peter Kelley, vice president of the American Wind Energy Association, says the end of the wind-power building boom is nowhere in site.
05/11/11 New England Partners Push Big Solar Brownfields Project

Ten capped landfills will be reused as solar fields under an agreement between Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative, located in Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard, and American Capital Energy, North Chelmsford, Mass.
05/11/11 Work Starts on Record-Scale Carbon-Capture Powerplant

Construction of what will be the first large-scale commercial carbon capture and storage project in the world began just hours after the Saskatchewan government gave SaskPower the go-ahead on April 26 to build the $1.24-billion plant. The project, at SaskPower's Boundary Dam coal plant, is notable not only for its size but also because it is moving forward at a time when other CCS projects are not because of CCS's high cost.
04/28/11 Huge Chilean Hydro Project Awaits Environmental Approval

Construction on Chile's largest hydroelectric initiative, the 2,750-MW HidroAysén project, is awaiting final approval by the country's environmental agency, which is expected to respond by next month.
04/28/11 Work on Enclosure for Chernobyl Begins

While Japan struggles to stabilize its wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant, engineers in Ukraine are only now starting construction of a new enclosure for Chernobyl's fourth reactor.
04/27/11 TEPCO Maps Fukushima Shutdown

Five weeks into the Fukushima nuclear powerplant crisis, Tokyo Electric Power Co. on April 17 announced a road map leading to a cold shutdown that will minimize radioactive emissions and allowemergency evacuations around the plant to be lifted.
04/27/11 Black & Veatch Chosen To Design India’s Largest Combined-Cycle Powerplant
04/27/11 Bright Outlook for New Jersey Solar Energy
04/20/11 Fall Construction Start Set for Controversial Wind Farm
04/20/11 U.S. Engineering Firms Assist TEPCO With Cleanup Program
04/20/11 Power Line Faces A Rocky Route
04/13/11 Drilling for Treasure
04/13/11 Japan Begins Task Of Reconstruction
04/13/11 New Jersey Developer Awarded State Permit for Offshore Farm
04/13/11 Post-Drilling Watertreatment
04/06/11 After Fukushima, the Non-Nuclear Options
04/06/11 DOE’s Renewable Energy Office Revs Up Its Mission
03/30/11 American Design-Build Firm Brings U.S. Approach to Romania
03/30/11 Largest Coal-Fired Powerplant in South America Wins Approval
03/30/11 TEPCO Crews Try To Cool Damaged Reactors at Fukushima Powerplant
03/30/11 Scottish Offshore Tidal Project Receives Approval
03/25/11 Feds Charge Former Electrician at Nuke Site Over Falsified Construction Data
03/23/11 Life After Fukushima
03/23/11 Global Neighbors React to Crisis in Japan
03/23/11 New Units Expanding Nevada Geothermal Powerplant Base
03/23/11 PG&E and Utilities Agency Spar Over San Bruno Papers
03/17/11 Senate Panel Urges Inspections Of Nation's Nuclear Plants
03/16/11 Nuclear Nightmare
03/16/11 Energy Conference Attendees Debate Megaprojects’ Merits
03/16/11 As Natural-Gas Market Shifts, U.S. Plans To Become Exporter
03/16/11 Agreement: Closing Schedule for a Coal-Fired Powerplant
03/16/11 2010: A Record Year for Solar
03/15/11 Despite Japanese Powerplant Disaster, No Nuclear Moratorium in US, Officials Say
03/09/11 Alberta Gas-Well Explosion Hospitalizes Four Workers
03/09/11 Brazil’s Unique Bulb Turbines Under Way
03/09/11 Asia’s First Large Tidal Energy Farm to Debut in India
03/09/11 Israelis Push LNG Project After Egypt Blast
03/09/11 Six Nabucco Pipeline Partners Each Asked To Post $2.3 Billion in Guarantees
03/02/11 Maine Surges Forward With Offshore Turbine Plans
02/23/11 Oil Companies Hope Proposal Will Save Deepwater Drilling
02/23/11 Enrichment Plants Starting To Move Toward Production
02/16/11 Canadian Natural-Gas Producer Lands Major Capital Investment From China
02/16/11 Conical Designs Could Ease Wind Turbine Failures
02/16/11 India Launches Master Plan for Solar Cities
02/16/11 JV To Build Power Cable Below North Sea
02/16/11 Offshore Wind Grows On European Grid
02/16/11 Offshore Support for Onshore Wind
02/09/11 Indiana Citizens’ Group Questions Cost of Largest IGCC Facility
02/09/11 New Court Battle Looming Over Failed Powerplant Job
02/09/11 Court Nixes Two DOE Electric Transmission Corridors
02/02/11 U.S. Looks To Diversify Fuel Sources With Loan Guarantees
02/02/11 Federal Nuclear Agency OKs Two New Units at Georgia Site
01/26/11 Desalinization Plants Get Energy-Saving Devices
01/26/11 U.K.-French Firms Team on Nuke Power Work
01/26/11 Turkey Poised To Revive Nuclear Program
01/19/11 New Plant Goes Online and Boosts Capital Supply 40%
01/12/11 Stalled Oil-Sands Job To Restart
01/05/11 Pilot Project To Tap New York’s Strong East River Tidal Current
01/05/11 Photovoltaic System Prices Drop as U.S. Market Grows
01/05/11 Texas Gears Up for BoomIn High-Voltage Construction
01/05/11 Maryland, New Jersey Move To Build New Powerplants
12/29/10 Lighting Firm Installs First Solar- and Wind-Powered Units
12/29/10 AEP Mulling Whether To Proceed on Large Project in West Virginia
12/23/10 Two Colorado Powerplants Moving From Coal to Natural Gas
12/22/10 Utility Abandons CO2 Capture
12/22/10 DOE Guarantee for Solar Job
12/15/10 NTSB San Bruno Explosion Report Centers on Pipeline Seam Welds
12/15/10 Growing Demand Fuels Worldwide Boom
12/08/10 Colombian Firms Win Transmission Project
12/01/10 Nuclear Rebirth
12/01/10 Support
12/01/10 SCE’s $875-Million Solar Initiative
12/01/10 Shaw Replaces Fluor on Two New Nuke Projects in Texas
11/24/10 Port of L.A. Installs Solar Power Pack
11/17/10 Los Alamos Sites Demolished But New Ones Spark Protest
11/17/10 Shaw Group Takes $40-Million Charge on Powerplant Work
11/11/10 EPA Greenhouse Guidance Receives Praise, Criticism
10/28/10 Colorado Ballot Measures Could Cost State Billions in Tax Revenues
10/27/10 Work Begins on Nicaraguan Hydro Powerplant
10/27/10 Pakistan Planning Large Hydro Project To Relieve Siltation Downstream at Tarbela
10/20/10 Fluor Takes Loss on Wind Farm Beset by Multiple Problems
10/20/10 Florida Utility Plant To Harness Solar Power With Natural Gas
10/19/10 Fluor Takes Loss On Huge U.K. Offshore Wind Farm
10/13/10 Canadian-U.S. Line For Wind and Hydro
10/13/10 TVA Hires French Contractor To Finish Nuke Stalled Since 1988
10/13/10 Spanish-U.S. Venture Formed To Build Offshore Turbines
10/13/10 Utility Balks at High Loan Fee
10/13/10 Google Clicks on Wind Energy
10/12/10 Calvert Cliffs-3 Nuke Deal Dead As Partner Withdraws Over Loan
10/12/10 Google Backs Offshore Transmission Line for Wind
10/06/10 SNC-Lavalin Is Among Bidders For Canada’s National R&D Firm
10/06/10 DOE Taps Teams To Develop Reactor Design Prototypes
09/29/10 Europe Moves, Russia Counters on Gas Lines
09/29/10 Funding Set for New Cairo Powerplant
09/22/10 Bechtel Tests the Wind for Great Lakes Alternative Energy
09/22/10 NRC Rule on Spent Fuel Allows New Plants To Move Forward
09/22/10 Great Plains Begins Large Investment in Line-Stringing
09/18/10 California Solar Retrofit Requires Creative Connections
09/15/10 Fast-Tracked Mojave Projects Could Boost California Output
09/15/10 D.C. Utility Boosts Fix After Big Storm
09/15/10 Energy Dept. and Developer To Build Prototype Mini-Reactor
09/15/10 Booms, Busts Stunt Growth Of Wind Power
09/08/10 State Court OKs Power Line To Planned Cape Wind Project
09/08/10 EnergySolutions Inks Contract For Unique D&D Plan at Zion
09/08/10 Federal Policy Drives New Power Projects
09/08/10 Projects Cancelled in Uncertain Climate
09/01/10 Houston Firm Floats Power to Venezuela
09/01/10 Nevada Geothermal Project Moves Forward
08/25/10 Upstate New York Project Will Harness Flywheel Power
08/18/10 Electrical Energy Consumption and Forecasting Information Model Effort for Facilities Gears Up
08/18/10 Shaw Expands Nuclear Power Work in China
08/11/10 U.S. Wind Power Surge Likely To Continue, Say Scientists
08/06/10 DOE Abandons FutureGen Plan
08/04/10 In U.K., Offshore Wind Power’s Rising Tide Tempered by Wave of Rising Costs
08/04/10 China’s First Major Offshore Wind Farm Comes Online
08/04/10 Offshore Wind Turbine Design Pushes Forward
08/04/10 U.S. and Chinese Firms Agree to Develop Tidal Power
08/04/10 Construction Under Way on Ferronickel Plant
08/04/10 Corps Green Lights $1.4-Billion Expansion Of Power Transmission Network in Maine
07/28/10 Power Sector Limbers Up
07/23/10 Senate Democrats to Pursue Scaled-Back Energy Bill
07/21/10 Southwest Solar Warming Up With Arizona Power Project
07/21/10 New $452-Million, 255-MW Plant Gets Started in California
07/14/10 Alyeska Pipeline CEO Retires Early in Wake of Spill
07/07/10 African Wind Project Poised To Begin
07/07/10 Finland, Sweden Approve New Plants
07/07/10 New Rhode Island Law Gives Planned Wind Farm A Big Boost To Gain Power-Purchase Contract
06/30/10 Shaky North American Market Dims Outlook
06/30/10 Low Demand Keeps Market ‘Dormant’
06/30/10 South Texas Powerplant Plan Both Praised and Damned
06/16/10 Major Sustainable Energy Initiative Announced
06/16/10 U.S. Energy Dept. Earmarks $760 Million To Fund New Geothermal and CO2-Capture Projects
06/16/10 Nigeria Secures Chinese Agreement for Refineries
06/09/10 Long Setup for Fast Implosion of Second-Largest Cooling Tower
06/09/10 Coal Power for Mississippi, But $2.9-Billion Cost Cap Set
06/02/10 Great Lakes Would Host First Freshwater Offshore Turbines
05/26/10 Areva Snags $2-Billion DOE Loan For Uranium-Enrichment Plant
05/19/10 Granted Modest Rate Hikes, Utilities Delay Construction
05/19/10 Upgrade Will Create Largest Single-Unit Nuke in the Country
05/12/10 Building Cape Wind Won’t Be a Breeze
05/12/10 Britain’s Huge Offshore Wind Farm Faces An Array of Challenges
05/12/10 TVA Mulls Strategies For 2020 Generation
05/12/10 China Pushes Wind Capacity Domestically and Abroad
05/05/10 'Cape Wind' Offshore Project Gets Go-Ahead, After Review
05/05/10 DOE Seeks $9 Billion More In Loan Authority for New Nukes
04/28/10 South Africa Tries New Approach, Based On an Old Fuel
04/28/10 Fusion Job-Design Award Is Europe’s Largest
04/28/10 U.K. Pushes Full-Scale CCS Forward
04/28/10 India’s Solar Program Poised for Growth, But a Few Clouds Remain
04/28/10 New Pipeline Doubles the Gas Transport Capacity in Brazil’s Southeastern Region
04/28/10 World’s Largest 100% Biomass Boiler Planned
04/28/10 DOE Grants Back $452 million In Energy-Efficiency Upgrades
04/21/10 French Firm Wins Two Large Peruvian Powerplant Contracts
04/21/10 Solar Project To Harness More of Sun’s Power in Hawaii
04/21/10 New Jersey Firm Seeking Power From Oregon’s Waves
04/21/10 Wind, Water Power For New York State
04/14/10 'Hot Cells' at DOE Hanford Site Set for Demo and Cold Burial
04/14/10 Ontario Approves Nearly $9 Billion in Renewables Projects
04/14/10 San Diego Utility Closing In on Sunrise Powerlink Approval
04/14/10 New Steel Mill Rises From Pipe Demand
04/14/10 After 2008 Failure, TVA Boosts Coal-Ash Sites at Powerplants
04/07/10 Developers Seek FERC Permit For Plains Wind Transmission
04/06/10 Obama’s Offshore Drilling Stance Wins Kudos From Oil and Gas Crowd
03/31/10 Wind Turbines Coming on Two More Towers
03/31/10 Underwater Line Is Wet Kiss for U.S. Supply
03/31/10 Hydropower Project Funding Completed
03/03/10 Canadian Utility Invests $3 Billion in Renewable Energy
03/03/10 $5 Million in DOE Scholarships For Nuclear Engineering Study
03/03/10 Europe To Link Offshore Power
03/03/10 Southern California Utility Joins ‘Smart’ Meter Movement
03/03/10 Interior Secretary Will Resolve Impasse by April Over Huge Massachusetts Offshore Wind Project
03/03/10 Brazil Backs $4-Billion Peruvian Hydropower Project
02/24/10 Nuclear Resurgence Poised for Liftoff
02/24/10 Proposed “Mini-Nukes” Could Be the Next Big Thing
02/22/10 Northwest Energy Report: Conservation Can Meet Most of Demand
02/17/10 Feds Back Big Construction Program With Big Bucks
02/10/10 U.K. Boosts Funding of Tidal And Wave Power Projects
01/25/10Solar Power Project Could Double as Dust Controller
02/10/10 Electricity Programs See Work Start to Surge
02/10/10 Caterpillar Takes Financial Stake In FutureGen Clean-Coal Project
02/03/10 Spanish Firm Bets $1 Billion on New Mexico Solar
01/27/10 Record Wind-Solar Complex Set To Be Built in Ontario by 2016
01/27/10 Feds and Contractor Share Blame for Afghan Plant Delays
01/25/10 Denied a Rate Increase, FPL Suspends Huge Building Plan
01/21/10 NRC Fines Babcock & Wilcox For Nuclear Mishap
01/07/10 D.C. Buildings to Measure Energy Use
01/06/10 U.S. To Push Deal on Huge 'Cape Wind' Project In Wake of Latest Challenge by Opponents
12/30/09 $3-Billion Wind Scheme To Link Hawaiian Islands.
12/16/09 845-MW Wind Farm To Be World's Largest
12/16/09 Geothermal Ready To Take Off
12/09/09 Offshore 'Oyster' Wave-Powered Generator Undergoing Testing in the U.K.
12/09/09 Papua New Guinea LNG Pipeline Project Secures Agreements
12/02/09 U.K. Awaiting Westinghouse, Areva Responses on Designs
12/02/09 Largest Persian Gulf Platforms Installed With Custom Care
12/01/09 $125 Million Grant Funds Sacramento Smart Grid Project
11/25/09 Dept. of Energy Awards $620 Million For ARRA 'Smart Grid' Pilot Projects
11/25/09 Small Businesses Get $18 Million In New DOE Research Funding
11/18/09 Grid Modernization Will Mean Construction
11/18/09 After Massive Nov. 10 Blackout, Brazil Is Still in the Dark Over Its True Cause
11/18/09 European Nuke Supplier Regroups for Sales
11/18/09 Huge Baltic Pipeline Project Expected To Launch Soon
11/11/09 Texas Utility Spooked By Ballooning Cost Estimate
11/11/09 Europe Plans To Tap Sahara Sun
11/11/09 NRG'S Financial Clout Gives New Life to Delaware Offshore Job
11/04/09 Projects Will Cement Region's Lead in Renewable Energy
10/27/09 DOE Awards $3.4 Billion for 'Smart Grid' Upgrades
10/21/09 DOE Robots Scrape Tanks for Nuclear Waste
10/21/09 Shin Kori Powerplants on Track
10/21/09 AP1000 Reactor Design Issues Concern NRC
10/14/09 Nothing Concrete In Carbon Capture
10/14/09 Davis-Bacon Requirement Adds to Costs
10/14/09 Crossing Borders
10/14/09 DOE To Partner With Private Sector To Spur Renewables
10/14/09 Utility and University Team Up To Build Offshore Wind Turbines
10/07/09 Hawaii Will Require Utilities To Buy More Renewable Power
09/30/09 TVA Changes Coal-Ash Storage
09/23/09 Utility To Start First Sequestration Project in the U.S.
09/16/09 Geothermal Projects Not a Seismic Threat
09/16/09 Maryland Seeks Industry Options To Build Offshore Wind Projects
09/16/09 Major Hydropower Project is Progressing
09/09/09 Wide Swing in Crude Prices Curbs Project Development
09/09/09 Climate Change, Weak Economy Combine to Stymie Market
09/09/09 Controversial Geothermal Job Suspended for Drilling Problems
09/09/09 Utility Shrugs Off Lawsuit
09/09/09 Harnessing the Sun's Rays
09/09/09 Conservation Could Meet Up To 85% of Demand Growth
09/09/09 New Breed of Wind Turbines Tests the Waters
08/26/09 California's Largest Solar Farm Is Now Under Construction
08/26/09 Canadian Line Gets U.S. Pass
08/19/09 Brazil Will Move Power from Dams to City
08/12/09 TVA Opts for Dry Storage After Catastrophic Coal-Ash Spill
08/05/09 Coordinated Energy-Efficiency Strategy Would Spur Savings
08/05/09 Canadian Operator Seeks Expansion While Refurbishing
07/29/09 Intelligent Modeling Comes To Electrical Substation Design
07/29/09 Work Set To Begin on 1,000-Mile Canada-U.S. Pipeline Project
07/22/09 FutureGen Wins Second Chance
07/22/09 More Money for Smart Grid
07/15/09 U.S. Managers To Crack Market With Canadian Contractors
07/15/09 Remote Sites, Odd Regulations Pose India Development Issue
07/15/09 California Clean Coal Demo Project Secures $308-Million DOE Grant
07/15/09 Floating Nuclear Powerplant
07/01/09 Global Financial Collapse Stalls Growth in the Petroleum Sector
07/01/09 Firms Look to Renewables to Prop Up Lagging Power Market
07/01/09 House Approves Global-Warming Bill
07/01/09 Another One Bites the Dust As Mohave's Clock Runs Out
06/25/09 Israel Seeks First LNG Terminal Builder
06/24/09 Greenfield Plant Planned for Former Enrichment Site
06/24/09 NIST Study Boosts Smart Grid
06/17/09 FutureGen Project Gets Second Wind
06/17/09 Satellite To Beam Solar Energy
06/17/09 Babcock & Wilcox To Offer 125-MW Modular Reactor
06/17/09 Nuclear Waste Repository Could Begin Construction in 2016
06/15/09 Obama's Energy Chief Re-Starts Scrapped Clean Coal Experiment
06/10/09 Report Calls for California To Reduce Water Use To Protect Fish
06/03/09 PacifiCorp Files for Nevada Permit
06/03/09 Geothermal 'Wildcatter' To Tap Texas Coast
06/03/09 Stimulus Funds Target Geothermal and Solar Energy
05/27/09 Distributed Generation: Everybody's in Business
05/27/09 Smart Grid Will Give Electric System a Brain
05/27/09 New Offshore Platform Pushes Technologies to Their Limit
05/20/09 French Nuclear Power: On the Threshold of Rebirth
05/20/09 Tax Breaks To Boost Turbine Spending
05/20/09 U.S. Pushes Standards, Funds Development for Smart Grid
05/20/09 Hawaii Aims To Be A Model With Cable-Linked Projects
05/13/09 Photovoltaic Expansion Will Be North America's Largest
05/13/09 Stimulus Set To Push 7,400 MW Into Construction by End of 2010
05/06/09 Large-Scale Solar Stations To Help Meet California Goal
04/15/09 DOE Launches Initiative To Boost Efficiency of Commercial Buildings
04/08/09 Stimulus: Market Is Hopeful, But Awaiting Definition
04/01/09 DOE Rolls Out $9.2 Billion From Economic-Stimulus Statute
04/01/09 Utilities Repower Aging Coal Plants To Burn Biomass
03/11/09 The U.K. and U.S Are Inching Toward a New Era of Nukes
03/04/09 GE Energy and Mitsubishi Team To Develop Next-Gen Turbines
03/04/09 Feds Ease Bidding Rules For Planned Power Lines
02/25/09 Billions in Transmission Work From State, Federal Initiatives
02/25/09 Carbon Capture Goes Commercial
02/18/09 Contractors Don't Expect Quick Impact on Work
02/11/09 Creative Pricing by Florida Utility Hopes To Expand Solar Market
02/04/09 Parsons Picked To Expand Plant To Produce New Enriched Fuel
01/27/09 Tide Could Supply 5% of U.K. Power, But Barrage Could Damage Environment
01/21/09 International Program Aims To Develop Energy Supply Without Limit
01/21/09 The Promise: Energy Without End or Impact
01/07/09 Shaw Group Signs EPC Contract For Florida Nuclear Powerplants
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