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Power & Industrial - Featured Headline
Big Pipe Plans
Despite crashing oil prices and veto of Keystone XL pipeline, developers are proceeding with billions of dollars of pipeline work.

Photo Courtesy of Spectra Energy

Offshore Wind-Power Prototype Advancing at Fukushima
After a magnitude 9.0 earthquake on March 11, 2011, triggered a tsunami and knocked a nuclear power plant off line, the Japanese government was quick to seek alternative means of generating electricity.

Courtesy Fukushima FORWARD

More News
03/17/15 Sasol Ethane Cracker Job Starts Despite Gas-to-Liquids Delay

Sasol proceeds with $8.1-billion Louisiana project after mothballing bigger adjacent procet in January.
03/02/15 Plethora of Pipeline Proposals Pushing African Prospects

Algeria, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Ghana are at various stages of oil and gas pipeline construction projects to monetize their oil and gas finds despite predictions that the massive production of shale in the U.S. and falling global crude prices could impact on the performance of these pipeline projects.
02/26/15 UK Renewables Sector Bolstered as Two Offshore Projects Advance

A 2,400 MW North Sea wind farm secured government approval while generating equipment suppliers were selected for a 320 MW tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay.
02/26/15 Private Investment Drives Wind, Solar Projects in California

Apple, Google and Kaiser Permanente agree to directly purchase renewable energy, fueling new construction projects
02/18/15 Arctic Explorer Sounds Alarm About Melting in Polar Region

As climate change reconfigures the ice-laden Artic, Sprague Theobald says, drilling for oil will become easier.
02/16/15 $2 Billion LNG Plant, Export Terminal Planned in Louisiana

Live Oak LNG, a fully-owned subsidiary of Parallax Energy, plans to build a $2 billion natural gas liquefaction and export project near Lake Charles, La.
02/06/15 Dept. of Energy Suspends Work on FutureGen 2.0

DOE cites ARRA deadlines and lacks of additional investments for the pull-out.
02/02/15 Alternative-Energy Giant Forms Through Acquisition

But analysts speculate whether SunEnergy already has too much solar capacity.
02/02/15 Sanctions, Weak Ruble, Conflict in Ukraine Push Putin To Shift Pipeline Route From Europe to Turkey

Gazprom attempts to recoup $5 billion to $10 billion in sunken cost.
01/29/15 Deepwater Wind Farm Taking Shape Off Block Island, R.I.

Improvements in wind turbine efficiency since Deepwater Wind signed a 2010 power purchase agreement indicate that the Block Island operation could produced power at costs lower than projected then.
01/27/15 Exelon's Zion Nuclear Plant Contractor Facing Shortfall

EnergySolutions says that despited a short-term funding gap, it expects to complete decommissioning on schedule in 2018.
01/21/15 As MOX Costs Keep Rising, Critics Push for Options

With the Dept. of Energy acknowledging that the cost to build the MOX project could reach $12 billion, critics tout a reconsideration of other options.
01/14/15 Utilities Pull Out of Cape Wind In Major Blow to Offshore Wind Project

Utility companies National Grid and NStar said on Jan. 6 that they were withdrawing from their commitments to buy power from the Cape Wind project.
01/14/15 Hawaiians Fear Utility Sale Will End Rooftop Solar Choice

Rooftop solar panels are disrupting a century-old electric utility business model.
01/07/15 Sub-Saharan Africa's Energy Sector on Growth Trajectory in 2015 Despite Hiccups

Regional initiative aims to reverse deprivations resulting from years of inadequate policy, problems of pricing and lack of infrastructure.
01/06/15 Ohio Utility Plans $250 Million of Marcellus Shale Power Transmission Upgrades

FirstEnergy's West Virginia utility expects 400MW of load growth from new gas facilities through 2019.
12/31/14 U.S. Energy Policy Shaped by Natural Gas and Renewables Development in 2014

Fracking paid dividends, wind and solar continued to grow and coal- and nuclear-fired electricity in the U.S. trailed off.
12/10/14 Keystone Backers Patient, Awaiting Action From New Congress

Backers expect the new Republican majority to approve the final segment of an $8-billion pipeline segment from Alberta through a connection in Nebraska.
12/02/14 Maryland Asks High Court To Overturn Ruling It Says Impedes Its Power-Supply Management

State disagrees with appellate court decision that requires utilities there to support new 725-MW power plant
11/25/14 Engineers, Contractors Benefit From U.S. Oil and Gas Boom

Thousands of construction projects, from drilling site access roads to pipelines to LNG export terminals, will keeps the sectors bust for years to come.
11/17/14 Concerns Raised Over More Chinese Dams on River Shared With India

India will launch a probe of flash flood risks now faced on the Brahmaputra River, also known a the Tsangpo in China.
11/14/14 Essar Steel of India Secures Funding To Complete Minnesota Iron-Ore Plant

Tangled financing stopped work at the processing plant, touted as a boon to the depressed Mesabi Range when worked started in 2008.
11/05/14 Expansion in Natural Gas Production Spurs Big U.S. Export Plans

The U.S. shale gas revolution is spurring construction of LNG liquefaction plants and export terminals.
11/05/14 IEA, DOE Set Game Plan for Improvements in Energy Efficiency

Driving down energy costs in buildings and manufacturing operations helps the bottom line and benefits society.
10/22/14 Digging Damage To Buried Utility Lines Continues to Drop, Says DIRT Report

Common Ground Alliance attributes improvement to growing use of one-call centers.
10/22/14 EPC Firms Can Expect More Competition in Renewable Market

Shrinking market may force firms to shift strategies.
10/08/14 FERC Approves $3-Billion-Plus LNG Export Project in Maryland

Project would be first such facility on East Coast, but may face court challenge from environmentalists.
10/08/14 Lax Controls Let Welders Cheat Qualifications Tests

As the result of the fraud, CB&I is tightening controls and enhancing training at its Lake Charles, La., plant.
10/03/14 Canada-New York Power Line Developer Seeks EPC Contractor

The $2.2-billion Champlain Hudson Power Express, to be partially under water, received a U.S. Energy Dept. permit on Oct. 1.
09/24/14 Batteries Set To Put Big Charge Into Energy Storage

Powered by Tesla’s Nevada gigafactory and other recent techno;ogical advaces, global market sector is expected to grow by 8% a year to $50 billion, say researchers.
09/12/14 American-French Venture Starts Construction of First US-Brazil Undersea Cable Link

The 10,700-km system is set to operate in 2016.
09/09/14 Oil, Gas Firms Need Workers to Deliver Capital Investments

As total U.S. capital expenditures related to oil and gas exploration and development continue to rise, industry is concerned about its ability to attract a sufficient workforce.
09/09/14 MOX Project's Schedule Still Indefinite Despite 10-Year Extension Request

If approved by the NRC, the deadline for construction authorization would extend to March 2025.
09/09/14 FutureGen Begins Construction, But Project Faces Some Hurdles

Financing difficulties and a legal challenge are hindering progress on first-of-its-kind carbon capture and sequestration project in Illinois.
09/08/14 Firm Pushes Off-Grid Power Model for Data Centers

TDC cites demand despite recent defeat of University of Delaware project whose 279-MW power plant was fought by neighbors.
09/02/14 Nation's First Solar Microgrid with Emergency Storage Breaks Ground

Farm will include 4 MW of battery storage for solar generation
08/26/14 TVA Moves Ahead To Make Fukushima Upgrades at Nuclear Power Plants

The TVA will spend up to $266 million to make post-Fukushima upgrades at its nuclear plants.
08/19/14 U.S., Private Sector Commit Billions to African Electric Power

Leaders from Africa and U.S. meet in Washington to discuss plan for expanding power to more African businesses and homes.
08/19/14 Rosatom Nuclear Construction Portfolio Threatened by Sanctions Against Russia

“The packages Rosatom can put together the ones in Finland and Hungary are hard for commercial vendors to rival because Rosatom has such strong financial backing from the federal government,” says Edward Kee, analyst for National Economic Research Associates.
08/01/14 Pennsylvania Utility Proposes 725-Mile Transmission Line for Shale-Gas Power

PPL's line, set to extend to New Jersey and New York and into Maryland, could involve $4 to $6 billion in constuction.
07/29/14 Nigeria and Tanzania Moving Forward with Fertilizer Projects

Nigeria and Tanzania hope to capitalize on abundance of natural gas with new fertilizer plants.
07/29/14 Lebanese Firm Overcomes Bid Protest Over $490-Million Pipeline in Kenya

The 450-kilometer, 20-in.-dia pipeline will link East Africa's trade gateway of Mombasa to Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.
07/28/14 Vermont PSB Halts Natural-Gas Line Pending Utility's Soil Management Plan

Some 50 pipeline opponents held a “fish-in” outside the Vermont Public Service Board in Montpelier to protest alleged bait-and-switch tactics.
07/25/14 Planned Projects Could Add 1.6 Million Barrels Per Day to Africa's Refining Capacity

Contracts for billions of facilities in Nigeria, Uganda, Algeria, South Africa have been awarded
07/22/14 Local-Hire Rules Tied to Project Incentives Push Contractors

Firms say requirements that mandate more subcontractor vetting and analysis add to costs.
07/16/14 New Phase for Alaska's Massive LNG Pipeline Project

Design and engineering of a major new pipeline to deliver natural gas from Alaska’s North Slope to Alaskans is underway, which is a milestone no previous Alaska gasline project has achieved.
07/15/14 $1-Billion Powerplant Project on Hold over "Carbon Offsets"

Early-stage construction of an incinerator and powerplant project near Baltimore is at a standstill after the Maryland Dept. of the Environment issued a stop-work order over emissions reductions credits (ERC) needed to comply with restrictions on its air quality permit.
07/11/14 Developers Push Action on Two Maryland Powerplants But Delay a Third

Coal plant retirements are projected to tighten regional capacity, but logistics and court rulings have slowed natural gas plant progress.
07/02/14 Offshore Wind Project May Gain $150-Million Loan Guarantee

The U.S. Energy Dept. announced on July 1 a conditional commitment for a $150-million loan guarantee to support construction of the 360-MW Cape Wind offshore wind project in Massachusetts.
07/02/14 New Englanders at Odds Over Proposal for Power, Gas Lines

Environmental groups challenge a governors’ plan to add capacity and access to new energy sources.
06/16/14 Petrobras Gas Plant Travels 5,000 Km Through Amazon Rain Forest

How contractors in in Brazil pulled off a feat of epic proportions.
06/13/14 Egypt Moves Forward on $6-Billion Petrochemical Project

The petrochemicals complex is expected to break ground in 2015 following a financial close by the end of this year.
06/11/14 Yucca Mountain Termination Generates On-Site Spent-Fuel Storage at Nuclear Plants

On-site dry-cask storage at U.S. nuclear powerplants is expanding since Yucca Mountain repository plans died.
06/11/14 Clean Coal: Is Carbon Capture and Storage Fossil Fuels' Best Hope?

New EPA standards for new powerplants are causing utilities some angst, but even they agree CCS is important.
06/10/14 CSB on Deepwater Horizon: Pipe Buckling Caused Blowout Preventer Failure

?A new Deepwater Horizon disaster report, released on June 5, found that the blowout preventer (BOP), designed to shut off the flow of oil and gas from the Macondo well, "failed to seal the well because drill pipe buckled for reasons the offshore drilling industry remains largely unaware of."
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