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Environment - Featured Headline
Regulation of Methane Emissions is in the Works
But Critics say the industry is already reducing emissions of the greenhouse gas.

Photo Courtesy of Heath Consulting

Wastewater Nutrient Recovery Scales Up at Planned Edmonton Facility
Project will produce 10,000 kilograms per day of plant fertilizer from biosolids phosphorus and nitrogen.

Rendering Courtesy of Ostara Nutrient Recovery Reactor

More News
01/26/15 Crews Battle Ice To Clean Up Yellowstone River Oil Spill

Sonar testing shows pipeline was one ft above riverbed, not 8-ft beneath as shown earlier.
01/21/15 DOE Outlines Some Potential Project Management Reforms

Departmental working group identified areas for improvement
12/30/14 Clean Air Regulations Were Big Washington Focus in 2014

The Obama Administration push to curb greenhouse gas emissions through regulation will be a key focus next year for the now Republican controlled Congress.
12/23/14 Gov. Andrew Cuomo Bans Fracking in New York State

The governor's decision was both praised by environmental groups and largely criticized by those in favor of fracking as a way to revive economically depressed areas.
11/25/14 NJDEP Erred in Landfill Seizure, Appeals Court Rules

The agency did not secure judicial or authority nor test for contaminants before seizing the project, the court found.
11/11/14 Global Infrastructure is Focus of First US, China-Sponsored Meeting

American Society of Civil Engineers and Tianjin University convene experts on sustainable engineering and construction.
11/05/14 Boston Kicks Off Design Competition To Prepare for Rising Tides

In addition to the design competition, Mayor Walsh announces a regional climate-change summit for next spring
11/05/14 New York State Flood-Recovery Projects Move Forward

Governor’s report outlines progress, including 600 upcoming community resilience projects.
10/06/14 Rains Prevent King Fire From Damaging Power, Water Infrastructure

After destroying multiple structures, the King Fire in California is 90% contained after rains assist firefighters’ efforts.
10/02/14 B.C. Tailings Dam Spillage Bigger Than Initial Estimates

Mount Polley spill fallout triggers inspections inspections at nearly 100 tailings ponds and calls for more inspectors.
09/24/14 Construction Week: Thousands March In NYC For Climate Change Cause; N.Y., N.J. Get FTA Sandy Funds

Thousands rally in New York City urging action on climate change, while the FTA awards the bulk of it's post-Sandy funding to New York and New Jersey.
09/24/14 Studies Find No Link Between Fracking, Water Contamination

But faulty drilling and construction of wells could cause environmental problems.
09/03/14 Picking Up Good Vibrations From Napa Post-Quake Report

Warning system worked, schools and other structures built to stricter seismic codes fared well in Aug. 24 temblor.
08/18/14 Mount Polley Dam Failure Raises Bar for Pebble Mine Backers

Pebble Mine would be 10 times bigger than Mount Polley, with proportionately larger tailings impoundments.
08/18/14 Canadians Evaluating Damages From Massive Tailings Pond Failure

Imperial Mines has set aside $100 million in bonds to cover cleanup costs and ceased operations at the Mount Polley mine.
08/18/14 The Nature Conservancy: Finding a Sustainable Bottom Line in Nature

Wise Water Resource Development Seen As Economic Driver
07/23/14 Coal Plant Carbon-Capture Tech Looking for Scale

System to capture 90% of carbon at a Texas coal unit seen as a possible model for industry­—if it works.
07/02/14 Everglades Progress Report Shows Modest Improvements

National Research Council says climate change is next challenge to South Florida water quality.
06/25/14 New Jersey Landfill Mired in Turmoil

Solar facility plans abandoned after a reopened landfill’s stench sickens citizens nearby.
06/13/14 London Water Utility Seeks Investors for $7-Billion Sewer Overflow Fix

Infrastructure Provider will be required to invest around $1.7 billion in equity and raise the balance in loans
06/11/14 Manhattan's Storm-Protection Plan Intended as Global Urban Model

BIG U scheme’s first phase is a $335-million earth berm, two miles long, that doubles as public parkland.
06/04/14 EPA Proposes Emissions Rule For Existing Coal Powerplants

A proposed EPA rule calls for a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions below 2005 levels by 2030.
06/04/14 DOE: Nuclear Agency's Initial OK of MOX Project Violated Standards

An audit by the Dept. of Energy finds that the National Nuclear Security Administration violated agency principles when it initially approved the multi-billion-dollar project for construction.
06/04/14 Flash Flood Roils Utah Oil Spill Cleanup

Well owner, BLM and Utah officials are able to provide few specifics on the extent and damage of an oil spill in the Green River Basin.
06/04/14 Duke Energy Starts Ash Cleanup as N.C. Considers Tighter Regs

Gov. McCrory wants the state to close 33 coal ash-ponds, but Duke Energy says that could cost $10 billion.
05/19/14 African Development Bank Sets Up Green-Fund Conduit

The African Climate Change Fund is intended to provide access to capital for various green projects on the continent.
05/14/14 Chernobyl Costs Rising as New Structure Cap Takes Shape

?With radiation still leaking from the stricken nuclear plant, a new cap takes place amid rising political turmoil.
04/16/14 Proposed Controversial Mine Loses Key Investor Rio Tinto

Pebble Mine in Alaska faces uncertainty due to strong environmentalist opposition.
04/08/14 Anadarko To Pay $4.4 Billion To Clean Up Contaminated Sites

Settlement is the largest environmental enforcement action in Justice Dept. history.
04/01/14 Regulators and Residents Failed to Heed Warnings in Washington Landslide

A geologist begin warning about consequences of logging on the slope as far back as 1988.
03/18/14 New Process Helps Breweries Save on Wastewater Treatment

Innovative anerobic treatment approach, which also produces electricity, has $8 million in federal funding.
03/07/14 Major Coal Company to Pay $27.5M to Settle Clean Water Act Violations

Alpha Natural Resources also is carrying out $160 million in water-treatment, mine and wetlands projects at Pennsylvania and West Virginia sites.
02/17/14 Landscape, Urban Development: Washington Canal Park

Team combines recreational facilities with a critical stormwater management system
02/14/14 UK Officials Unhappy With US-Led Cleanup of Sellafield Nuclear-Waste Site

Audit by Parliament reveals cost overruns and management flaws, but the UK's cleanup agency notes the huge site's complexity, age and extent of radiological hazards.
02/05/14 West Virginia Taking Remedial Measures in Aftermath of Major Chemical Spill

Freedom Industries, already in bankruptcy, has 15 days to remove all chemicals from its Charleston storage farm.
01/21/14 Elk River Chemical Spill Triggers Lawsuits, Investigations

State regulators slapped Freedom industries with a number of citations for inadequate storage practices, poor record-keeping and substandard training.
12/16/13 California Releases Full Delta Bay Plan

The release of nearly 35,000 pages begins the public comment phase for the $25-billion Bay Delta Conservation Plan.
11/15/13 Post-Typhoon Philippines Relief Aid Ramps Up, but Rebuilding Seems Far Off

World Bank and Asian Development Bank Pledge $1B To Rebuild; U.N. Seeks $300M From Members
11/13/13 ExxonMobil Violated Safety Regs Before Arkansas Pipeline Spill, Feds Find

ExxonMobil Pipeline Co., did not pay attention to known problems with pipeline integrity in 1991, 2005 and 2006, PHMSA says.
11/13/13 Record Typhoon Hits Central Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Visayan Islands in the central Philippines on Nov. 8 with sustained winds in excess of 148 miles per hour and storm surges estimated between 15 ft and 19 ft.
11/12/13 Study Says Tennessee Valley Authority Sites Still Polluted

TVA’s ash ponds and landfills have contaminated groundwater under and around all 11 of its coal-fired powerplants.
11/06/13 Red River Flood-Control Scheme Moves One Step Closer to Implementation

The U.S. House of Representatives authorized a plan to build nearly $2 billion worth of aqueducts and dams in the Red River of the North basin, along with a 35-mile diversion channel, as part of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act.
10/09/13 Q&A With Bechtel's New Hanford Vitrification Plant Chief Peggy McCullough

Peggy McCullough, who ran Bechtel's coking coal project in Australia, now must get its $12.2-billion Hanford vitrification plant back on track.
10/02/13 Final Cost of New Mexico Flood Repairs Still Unclear

Other damage assessments have yet to be tallied, as local and federal officials look for funds to help the kick off the repair work more quickly.
09/25/13 Price Tag for Repairs and Reconstruction from Colorado Floods Tops $1.3B

Rivers and streams swollen by the rains swept away roads, bridges and structures, leaving behind junkyards of debris.
09/16/13 Colorado Floods Leave Eight Dead, Thousands Stranded, Infrastructure in Shambles

Tens of thousands of people were evacuated from towns cut off by rising rivers and streams, many by helicopter and National Guard convoys.
09/15/13 After Colorado Floods, More Rain; Hundreds Unaccounted

By some counts, officials said, about 700 residents who live near the foothills where the flooding hit, and across the Denver metro area, are still unaccounted for after this week's major storms and flooding that washed out roads and stranded many residents.
09/04/13 Gulf Coast Council Moves Closer to Selecting Restoration Projects

Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council approves framework for selecting and funding restoration projects in the Gulf under its portion of the RESTORE Act. But uncertainty over amount of funds available slows process.
08/21/13 HUD to Coordinate Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding

Obama task force issues 69 strategies for post-storm rebuilding, including the creation of a regional forum led by HUD.
08/06/13 Fish Kill Spurs Cleanup of River Polluted for a Century in Spain

The $212-million dredging and treatment operation is funded by the government and the European Union, although a chemical company may also contribute, depending on legal action.
06/24/13 Himalayan Landslides Devastate Infrastructure in Northern India

The Himalayan disaster has exposed weaknesses in emergency management policies in a growing country struggling to adopt a sustainable and integrated infrastructure network.
06/19/13 NYC Mayor Bloomberg Pushes $20-Billion Long-Term Resiliency Plan

The 438-page report offers more than 250 recommendations on how to fortify 15 critical sectors.
06/07/13 $79-Million N.J. Superfund Site Cleanup Finalized, Bid Details are Unclear

Raritan Bay site, added to priority cleanup list in 2009, has extensive lead contamination.
06/05/13 Price Tag for Bay Delta Water Plan Swells to $24.5 Billion

The final draft of California’s Bay Delta Conservation Plan details the cost and funding sources for the massive undertaking.
05/07/13 India Prepares for Population Explosion

Indian government begins to focus on smart and green infrastructure and commercial development for second-tier cities to deal with huge influx of population into urban areas.
05/06/13 Arkansas Spill Zone Residents Await Plan to Return Home; New Leak in Missouri

Mayflower return will be “over the next few weeks,” says spill cleanup command office.
04/17/13 Ruptured Section of Arkansas Pipeline Sent for Lab Tests

The cause of the spill remains under investigation, according to ExxonMobil.
04/17/13 Plan Regional Storm Protection But Act Locally, Officials Advise

Storm surge barriers could take a decade to build, so New Jersey and New York area officials are taking interim steps to make infrastructure more resilient to flooding.
04/16/13 Stanford University Researchers Build Prototype of Passive Solar Cooler to Test Revolutionary Concept

Rooftop passive solar cooler, engineered using nanotechnology, could revolutionize building cooling.
04/16/13 Issues Mount at Hanford Site, Including Nuclear Waste Treatment Plant Design

Leaking waste storage tanks and a possible waste transfer from the Washington state site to New Mexico are top priorities for its new Senate overseer and the incoming Energy Secretary.
04/03/13 Investigators Probe Arkansas Pipeline Spill

ExxonMobil pipeline ruptured near Mayflower, Ark., spilling thousands of barrels of Canadian crude.
03/11/13 World Bank Studies Support $10B Water Project for Dead Sea

Five-year analysis of options to replenish the shrinking sea and boost regional water and power options is set to wrap in June, but environmentalists fear profound impacts.
02/27/13 Pipelines, Powerplants and Refineries All at Risk

Powerplants, electrical utilities and pipelines are among 328 high-value enrgy facilities in the U.S. that are at risk from extreme weather events.
02/27/13 Transportation Officials Seek Storm-Surge Solutions

Efforts ramp up from sustainability to resiliency
02/27/13 58 Big-City Mayors Focus on Reducing Building Energy Use

Buildings account for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Governments and other concerned groups are working to lower that number through programs, laws and by sharing information.
02/27/13 New Climate Cycle Marked by Storms, Floods & Drought

As extreme wather events push infrastructure beyond limits, engineers make strategic adjustments.
02/27/13 Extreme Weather Pushes Water Utilities to Adapt

Drought, wildfires and extreme weather events like Superstorm Sandy are pushing water utilities to find ways to cope with the effects of climate change, industry sources say.
02/20/13 Regulatory Action on Inorganic Contaminants Expected on Several Fronts in 2013

Expected regulations related to inorganic contaminants will drive engineering and construction projects
02/12/13 Israel Picks Canadian Firm for Its First Major Toxic Cleanup

Canadian firm's bioremediation technology snares contract among 20 global contenders.
01/30/13 EPA will Revise Flawed Effluent Rule for Construction Sites

The National Association of Home Builders, the Utility Water Act Group, the Wisconsin Builders Association and the Environmental Protection Agency have reached a settlement in the industry groups' long-running lawsuit over the agency's 2009 rules to control the discharge of pollutants from construction sites. The agreement should allow contractors to breathe a collective sigh of relief, construction officials say.
01/09/13 Rerouted Keystone Pipeline Path Back for Another Round

As rerouted Keystone pipeline goes through approval process once again, an engineer's report on a 2011 pipeline rupture that contaminated the Yellowstone River is released.
01/03/13 Transocean Settles With U.S. Government on Deepwater Clean Water Act Claims

Agreement resolves U.S. Clean Water Act penalty claims from 2010 spill
12/31/12 Coney Island Struggles To Recover After Sandy

?These days, Haim Haddad, owner of the Coney Island Beach Shop, plugs a tiny, square digital device into his cellphone or iPad to process credit-card payments. Aside from a generator that provides enough juice to supply part of his store's needs and a sporadic WiFi connection, the device is one of the few resources his small business still has. On Oct. 29, the store, located about 200 yards from the Atlantic, lay immediately in the path of what proved to be the most powerful storm to hit the region in 100 years.
11/28/12 Cleanup at Complex Sites Unlikely for Decades

National Research Council Report Points to Technical Limitations
11/21/12 Clearing Out Superstorm's Soggy Mess

Nearly three weeks after Superstorm Sandy hit the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut coastline with an unprecedented combination of wind and storm surge, public-private teams have largely dealt with power outages and flood emergencies and now are turning their attention to damage in infrastructure and to longer-term restoration, debris cleanup, structural assessments and housing for the thousands who were displaced.
11/13/12 New Tank for Tennessee Treatment Plant Where Three Died

The $1.59-million job started Sept. 19 and is due for completion in April.
11/07/12 New York Ponders Plan For Next Storm

Engineers, professor ponder what's next after Sandy.
10/17/12 Federal Settlement to Speed Cleanup at Superfund Site

The settlement is the largest ever at a Superfund site.
10/10/12 AVX Corp. to Pay $366M, Speeding Mass. Harbor Cleanup

Officials say payment, a record for a single Superfund site, would cut cleanup time by more than 30 years.
10/10/12 Boston Goes Green in Meeting Federal Consent Decree Terms

Settlement of clean water violations for sewage discharges includes three green infrastructure mitigation projects in the city.
09/12/12 U.K. and U.S. Engineers Team To Boost Water and Air Quality in Africa

Water filters and cookstoves using special sensors will be tested by 2,000 rural households next month in western Rwanda and could deploy to 600,000 by next spring.
09/05/12 DOE and Bechtel Spar Again Over $12B Nuclear Waste Treatment Plant Design

Federal overseer of huge project at the Hanford waste site in Washington raises host of new issues, but Bechtel says it’s not "fatally flawed".
08/08/12 The Persistent PCB Problem

The properties that made PCBs so useful to industry, make them so harmful to health and the environment.
08/08/12 Lessons From the Hudson River PCB Cleanup Project

The river’s industrial past has spurred one of the nation’s largest and most complex environmental cleanup projects to date.
08/01/12 Israel Tackles First Major Industrial Pollution Cleanup

The three-year cleanup of accumulated toxic sludges is set to begin after proposals are received in December.
07/02/12 Offshore Infrastructure Projects Loom in Israel

Officials in the land-scarce nation push water-born plans to develop a huge new offshore gas field and infrastructure "islands."
06/27/12 Expected Court OK Will Launch $880-Million Everglades Work

Hopes are high that a July 18 hearing in U.S. District Court in Miami will ratify the Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection's permit and associated projects to improve water quality in the Everglades.
06/25/12 Largest Defunct Nuclear Reactor at Hanford Prepared for Storage

N-Reactor’s $65-million demolition and cleanup was managed by Washington Closure Hanford.
06/20/12 Home Builder to Pay Penalty to Settle Alleged Stormwater Violations

Toll Brothers to pay $741,000 civil penalty and set up stormwater-control program, under consent decree filed in federal district court.
06/11/12 Israel To Build Giant Conveyor To Ease Dead Sea Flood Risk

In Israel preliminary planning has begun on an estimated $600-million project to build what could be one of the world's longest conveyors.
06/11/12 Keystone Pipeline To Go Under Texas Wetlands

?TransCanada plans to drill below environmental obstacles in its latest pitch for the Keystone XL pipeline’s Gulf Coast section.
06/04/12 Groundwater Treatment Plant Sets Milestones at Hanford Nuclear Site

CH2M Hill-designed facility is the largest of its kind in the U.S. nuclear complex and the largest of any facility built at DOE sites to win LEED Gold certification.
06/04/12 India’s Latest Boom Town Lacks Basic Infrastructure

Near New Delhi, the city of Gurgaon is now the symbol of India’s new growth and power. But it also lacks basic infrastructure.
05/21/12 Army Corps To Fast-Track Solutions for Asian-Carp Problem

Environmental groups that are monitoring the migration of Asian carp to the Great Lakes region are hopeful that a recent plan by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will accelerate the timetable for keeping the aggressive species out of the lakes.
05/14/12 Park Service Picks Teams To Rehabilitate National Mall

Funding will come from private and federal sources
05/14/12 Philadelphia Signs Agreement For Green Stormwater Control

Philadelphia and the EPA signed an agreement on April 10 that paves the way for $2 billion in green infrastructure investments over the next 25 years for controlling CSOs and managing stormwater more sustainably.
05/09/12 Officials Trim Timetable for Presenting Options on Asian Carp

New timetable could allow for earlier implementation of a solution
05/04/12 Teams Picked to Redesign Parts of National Mall

Projects will reshape Washington Monument grounds, Union Square at the foot of Capitol Hill, and Constitution Gardens near Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
04/30/12 Two Years After Deepwater, Mixed Results in Safety Reforms

Congress slow to enact safety reform, but restoration work moving forward
04/17/12 Research Group Offers Plan To Rebuild Mississippi Delta With Floodwater Diversions

The 80-year-old Bonnet Carré Spillway as just north of New Orleans is an example of how the proposed diversion structures would work.
04/16/12 Infrastructure Sustainability Tool Boosts Usability

‘Return on investment’ measure will make Envision system more robust, its developers say
04/02/12 Pakistan To Take Dam Dispute With India to Global Court

Pakistan objects to design issues on several projects and the award to India of UN carbon credits; India is reviewing the issues
04/02/12 Seawater-Sourced Cooling To Debut at Bahamas Resort

New resort will use cooling system cooled with pumped seawater.
03/26/12 Last Big Modules Placed On New Orleans Defensive Ring

Last big module of New Orleans defensive ring placed.
03/26/12 New York City Inks $3.8-Billion Pact for Stormwater Cleanup

A landmark agreement between the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation and the New York City Dept. of Environmental Protection green-lights $3.8 billion in funding over the next 18 years.
03/21/12 Years of Work on New Orleans Storm Surge Defenses Nearing an End

Only about 3,000 ft of a 123-mile-long storm-surge defensive ring around the city remains to be closed.
03/21/12 Crews Will Wrap DOE Site Reactor in Steel To Decay Radioactivity

Approach for larger Hanford site structure will reduce costs and safety risks.
03/14/12 New Push for Sustainability in U.S. Infrastructure Project Bids

Meeting participants share broad goals for procurement system, but the devil is in the details
02/27/12 New Study Highlights Potential Solutions to Spread of Asian Carp into Great Lakes

HDR study finds that physical separation of the Mississippi and Great Lakes basis is feasible
02/20/12 ?Flooding in the Dakota Oil Patch Prompts $1-Billion Rebuild

Minot is experiencing a peak in construction activity at the start of 2012 as the North Dakota city rebuilds after last year’s historic flood.
02/20/12 First Landscape Pilot Projects Certified Under SITES Program

The Sustainable Sites Initiative, or SITES, has certified the first three projects under its four-star system for rating the sustainable design, construction and maintenance of built landscapes.
02/13/12 Removing North Sea Oil Platforms To Cost $76 Billion

Removing offshore oil platforms in the North Sea is expected to ramp up in the coming years as production declines.
02/13/12 LS Power, Sierra Club Agree to Kill One Coal Plant, Delay Another

After reaching an agreement with the Sierra Club in mid-December, LS Power has canceled its 1,200-MW Longleaf coal project in Washington County, Ga., and delayed by at least five years development of its 665-MW Plum Point 2 coal project near Osceola, Ark.
02/06/12 Fiscal 2013 DOD Budget to Call for Another Round of Base Closures

Base realignment and closures could generate near-term work for environmental consultants, but new military construction programs could take a hit.
01/30/12 World Bank Supports Flood Mitigation Project in Jakarta

The World Bank supports its first large dredging project in Jakarta as a way to reduce flooding in the flood-ravaged city.
01/23/12 CH2M Hill Protest of Antarctica Award Could Delay Transition

Lockheed Martin contractor chosen by U.S. agency, was set to take over support role in April
01/09/12 Corps Gets New Money for 2011 Flood Damage Repairs

Emerging from the Mississippi River and Tributaries System’s worst flood season in history, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and its contractors are gearing up to deliver $802 million worth of repair and reconstruction—more than three times the MR&T’s annual operating budget.
01/06/12 CH2M Hill Protests Award to Lockheed of $2-Billion Antarctica Contract

Research support, construction and logistics contract had attracted interest from a number of industry-led teams.
12/28/11 Cutting Shroud Contains Radioactivity in DOE Site Demolition

Tainted nuclear lab facility razing is precursor to larger demolition of former plutonium production complex, set to complete in 2016.
12/19/11 Portland, Ore.'s Big Pipe Winds Up 20-Year Program To Control Overflows

Officials in Portland, Ore., see the light at the end of the Big Pipe Project.
12/19/11 Broad Array of Offshore Firms Provide Help at Fukushima

Following the Fukushima Daichi disaster March 11, nuclear experts from multiple countries and companies flew to the aid of Tokyo Electric Power Corp.
12/19/11 DOE Hanford Site Vitrification Plant Pushes Construction Deadlines

?A decade after work began on the $12.2-billion waste treatment plant at the U.S. Dept. of Energy's Hanford site in southeastern Washington—set to be the world's largest to treat "mixed" nuclear and chemical wastes—the 65-acre "vit plant" complex still faces uncertainty in cost and design, despite completion of 85% of its engineering and more than 60% of its construction.
12/19/11 Lawmakers, Restoration Task Force, Outline Priorities for Gulf

Officials continue to reiterate need for majority of cleanup funds to go to Gulf States
12/15/11 Demo Contractor Signs Deal To Raze Gatlinburg Treatment Plant Basin

A report by the state OSHA, with input from a federal OSHA engineer, said construction deficiencies that allowed gradual corrosion of the rebar inside the wall caused the collapse
12/14/11 14 Firms Named as Defendants in Binghamton Wastewater Suit

Four insurance firms and 10 construction firms are now involved in the dispute over the $67 million project involving Binghamton and Johnson City, N.Y.
12/12/11 HDR Readies For Battle in Tampa Bay Water Dispute

Tampa Bay Water is seeking $97 million from the engineer after rejecting a $30-million settlement offer.
12/05/11 U.K.-U.S. Team Picked For $4-Bill. Scotland Nuclear Waste Cleanup

Dounreay site, once core of U.K. nuclear power research, will be decommissioned.
11/15/11 Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Critical for Truly Sustainable Cities, Say Experts

For cities to be sustainable and resilient, designers and planners need to collaborate on project and to change policies that often outlaw sustainable strategies, including decentralized wastewater treatment.
11/07/11 Corps of Engineers Focuses on Costs, Strategy of Mississippi Basin Flood Repairs

Both the public and policymakers should realize the U.S. faces increased risk to life, property, navigation and economics until the entire MR&T is restored to its pre-2011 strength—a feat that will require about $2 billion and take up to 15 years at current funding rates.
11/07/11 Deepwater Winds Plans Two Northeast Offshore Networks

Rhode Island wind developer Deepwater Wind plans to develop two, $1-billion offshore underwater transmission networks for moving up to 2,000 MW of offshore wind energy into southern New England and New York.
11/07/11 Webhead Goes Here

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10/31/11 American Society of Civil Engineers Probes Sustainability, Infrastructure at National Conference

FedEx Corp.’s vice president for sustainability talked to ASCE about going beyond compliance, and ASCE’s new president Andrew Herrmann will work to raise public awareness of infrastructure.
10/26/11 Corps Unveils Public National Levee Database

The Corps is announcing public access to the NLD, a dynamic information source that provides, for the first time, map-based visualization and search capabilities for the location and condition of levee systems nationwide.
10/19/11 Binghamton-Johnson City Treament Plant Now Deals With Hurricane Damage

The flooding has added to the cost of repairs but the amount can’t be estimated until they know if the building support was undermined after flooding forced the plant offline Sept. 8-11. The utility has since returned to limited operation
10/17/11 Tsunami Loads Report Now in Draft Review May Become an Engineering Classic

An ASCE monograph filled with engineering analysis and case studies from the debris of last spring’s tsunami in Japan carries a hopeful message.
10/14/11 Site Cleanup at DOE Hanford Complex Will Involve Heavy Lifting

Project will involve site's heaviest crane lift to date and disassembly of a defunct nuclear reactor used to make atomic weapons decades ago.
10/10/11 D.C. Water's Blue Plains Undertakes Three Major Environmental Projects

Three big DC Water projects will reduce greenhouse gases, protect the Chesapeake Bay.
10/10/11 Vermont, Northeast States Struggle To Recover From Hurricane Irene and Other Storms

Tropical storms Irene and Lee left a trail of heavy infrastructure damage in the Northeast and now crews are working hard to assess and repair infrastructure before winter snow arrives.
09/26/11 Final Deepwater Explosion Report Released

Government suggests some platform design changes but tighter regulations are already under way.
09/21/11 Big DBO Water Project May Inspire Adoption by Small Utilities

The successful delivery of a Tampa water-treatment plant using design-build-operate comes at a time when smaller utilities may be forced to consider privatization of their water production and operations.
09/21/11 Geo-Con Building 11-Mile Slurry Wall for TVA's Coal Ash
09/19/11 SOURCEBOOK: Anemic Economy Limits Opportunities

The market is now focused on helping clients keep their aging systems one step ahead of both time and tightening water-quality mandates.
08/29/11 Fire Delays Completion of World's Largest Desalination Plant in Algeria

Completion of a large desalination plant in Algeria will be delayed because of a fire that destroyed some supplies and equipment.
08/26/11 Contractors Secure East Coast Jobsites As Irene Heads for Landfall

With a long period of preparation, contractors took precautions with cranes, scaffolds, erosion controls and anything that could be damage by wind or water.
08/16/11 DOE Advisory Panel Pushes for Safe Shale Gas Development

Industry sources are pleased that the DOE's advisory panel on shale gas essentially endorsed hydraulic fracturing in their draft recommendations released Aug. 11, but critics say the recommendations don't go far enough to mitigate the risks.
08/15/11 St. Louis Agreement Sets Plan for $4.7 Billion in Upgrades

The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District agrees to a schedule for $4.7 billion in upgrades in response to EPA pressure.
08/05/11 St. Louis Sewer District To Pay $4.7 Billion To Cut Sewer Overflows

MSD will be required to install a variety of pollution controls, including building three large storage tunnels and to expand capacity at two treatment plants.
08/02/11 Spending on Sewers, Risky Financing Push Alabama County Near Bankruptcy

The biggest chunk of the debt is $3.2 billion owed for an EPA-mandated overhaul of the sewer system, including nine wastewater treatment plants.
08/01/11 Binghamton-Johnson City, N.Y., Sewer Board Files Collapse Suit

The suit cites breach of contract and seeks “repair and replacement of various design and construction errors" at the plant where a 100-ft wall section collapsed in May, allowing untreated effluent to pollute the Susquehanna River..
08/01/11 Cleanup from TVA Coal Ash Disaster Breaks New Ground

Tennessee Valley Authority moves forward with major coal-ash cleanup effort
07/27/11 NYC Stops Treatment Plant Spill After Engine Room Fire

It took three days, but workers at New York City's North River Wastewater Treatment Plant finally succeeded in stopping raw sewage from flowing into the Hudson River after a fire shuttered the plant on July 20.
07/27/11 Yellowstone River Cleanup Continues Following Spill

As cleanup efforts gets under way in Montana, the cause of July 1 oil pipe rupture is still unknown.
07/13/11 Pipelines Scrutinized After Yellowstone Spill

Teaser Goes Here
07/07/11 In Finalized Clean Air Rules, EPA Clamps Down on Coal-fired Powerplant Emissions

Regulations take aim at SO2 and NOX generated by coal-burners in 27 states.
07/06/11 Hong Kong's Tuen Mun Sludge Incineration Plant Will Be One of World's Largest

By drying sludge and burning 90% of the remaining solids, the Tuen Mun plant will greatly reduce Hong Kong's dependence on landfills.
06/29/11 Big Grout Pour Starts DOE Nuke Plant Demolition

Adding 20,000 cu yd of the material will contain radioactivity at the huge U Canyon facility in Washington state.
06/22/11 Safety Report on Upstate New York Treatment Plant Due in June

Dept. of Labor probe could shut down problematic Binghamton-Johnson City plant where cell wall collapsed in May.
06/13/11 Massive New Orleans Pump Station Is Ready For Hurricanes

New Orleans’ $1-billion, storm-surge-blocking Gulf Intracoastal Waterway West Closure Complex near Harvey, La. is ready for business this hurricane season.
06/08/11 Dutch Connect Sunken-Tube Tunnel To Historic Amsterdam Site
06/01/11 Roads Barred in Tongass Forest
Alaska’s 17-million-acre Tongass National Forest will again be roadless, a U.S. district court in Anchorage has ruled. Environmental groups that filed suit say the decision blocks new logging roads and timber clear-cuts in the southeastern Alaska forest but does not rule out “other economic development,” such as small hydropower, transmission-line, mining or tourism projects.
05/26/11 Corps Repairs Flood-Damaged Mississippi River Levees

Crews fixed two Mississippi River levee slides near Vicksburg, Miss., but many more flood-related problems are expected.
05/25/11 EPA Concedes Errors in Mercury Proposal

EPA concedes it made errors in calculating its new mercury emissions proposal.
05/25/11 Audit: Deficiencies in N.Y. Wastewater Treatment Plant Before Collapse

February post-construction audit of wastewater treatment plant found more than 150 deficiencies blamed on “inadequate construction management.”
05/25/11 New York's High Line to Open New Section

If the popularity of the the first section, which opened in June 2009, is any indication, the new section should be extremely popular.
05/24/11 France Invests $14.5 Billion in Offshore Wind Power

France is about to procure more than $14 billion in offshore wind power.
05/23/11 Analyzing Maddened Seas

Teaser Goes Here
05/23/11 Corps Pulls Out All the Stops To Cope With Rising River

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is using a variety of measures, including opening three massive river diversion features—the Bonnet Carré, Birds Point-New Madrid and Morganza floodways—to relieve pressure on the Mississippi River watershed.
05/23/11 Searching for Clues in Quake-Maddened Seas

Engineers and emergency planners from northern California to British Columbia say the massive undersea quake and tsunami that recently assaulted Japan gives clear warning about the danger that lurks just off the U.S. Pacific coast
05/18/11 Contractors Installs Gates To Close New Orleans Barrier

A general contractor is installing two 550-ton sector-gate leaves in a $1.3-billion barrier designed to reduce the risk of a hurricane’s storm surge on New Orleans’ exposed eastern side. The leaves will plug a big hole in the city’s armor for the 2011 hurricane season.
05/18/11 Corps Pulls Out All the Stops To Cope With Rising River

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is using a variety of measures, including opening three massive river diversion features—the Bonnet Carré, Birds Point-New Madrid and Morganza floodways—to relieve pressure on the Mississippi River watershed.
05/18/11 Huge Waste Plant Progresses At Hanford, With New Twists

With work finished in April on a major support facility, the $12.2-billion waste vitrification complex at the U.S. Energy Dept.’s Hanford nuclear waste site in Washington state is nearly 60% complete and on track to meet its mandated 2019 operating deadline, officials say.
05/18/11 Japan’s Tsunami Debris Offers Wealth of Data

“Engineers should become more involved in research and fundamental knowledge,” says Ian Robertson, a professor of civil engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In April, he was on the first of seven teams sent by the American Society of Civil Engineers to Japan to analyze the March 11 quake and tsunami. “There is a tendency to just do what’s in the code,” says Robertson, “but in this case the code has been idling. It’s time to bring it up to speed.”
05/18/11 Presidential Panel Pushes Spent-Fuel Storage Options
A presidential panel has recommended the U.S. “expeditiously” establish a permanent repository for nuclear waste similar to the now-abandoned site at Yucca Mountain. The waste-disposal subcommittee of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future said on May 13 that the underground site is “the most promising and technically [acceptable] option available” for safely isolating high-level nuclear waste. The panel also suggests creation of a new federal agency dedicated to implementing a program to transport, store and dispose of U.S. nuclear waste. The subcommittee will make interim recommendations in July, with a final report set for January.
05/18/11 Searching for Clues in Quake-Maddened Seas

Engineers and emergency planners from northern California to British Columbia say the massive undersea quake and tsunami that recently assaulted Japan gives clear warning about the danger that lurks just off the Pacific coast like a mad dog sleeping by the bed: A 630-mile-long geologic feature that was identified in 1984 is believed to be very similar to the one that broke with such violence off the coast of Japan in March.
05/12/11 Morganza Floodway Opening Imminent

Rising Mississippi River Levels Likely to Trigger Morganza Opening ThisWeekend
05/12/11 Contractors Prepare to Set Gates to Close New Orleans Storm Surge Barrier

Two, 550-ton sector gate leaves poised for installation next week in a $1.3-billion barrier being built to reduce risk of hurricane storm surge entering New Orleans’ vulnerable, eastern side, will plug a gaping hole in the city’s armor for the 2011 hurricane season.
05/11/11 Israel Tries Innovative Solution At Decades-Old Waste Dump

This month, Israel is set to open the first stage of a planned 2,000-acre urban park in Tel Aviv on the former site of what has been, for decades, the country's biggest environmental health hazard. Named for the late former prime minister, Ariel Sharon Park will be Israel's largest urban park when the $250-million project is completed in 2020.
05/11/11 Report Blasts Plan To Protect California Bay-Delta's Wildlife

Federal and state officials say they already have taken steps to address some of the concerns raised in a National Research Council report that was critical of a draft plan to protect fragile and endangered species in the California Bay-Delta while diverting water to the central and southern parts of the state.
05/10/11 High Mississippi River Levels Prompt Early Bridge Opening

The John James Audubon Bridge, the longest cable stayed in western hemisphere, opened unexpectedly early on May 5, after a Mississippi river ferry crossing was shut down by high river levels.
05/09/11 Japan Starts Down Road to Earthquake Reconstruction

With a $50-billion starter account, Japan funds first stage reconstructionwhile a 15-member Reconstruction Design Council starts working to take thelong view.
04/28/11 Huge Chilean Hydro Project Awaits Environmental Approval

Construction on Chile's largest hydroelectric initiative, the 2,750-MW HidroAysén project, is awaiting final approval by the country's environmental agency, which is expected to respond by next month.
04/22/11 BP Agrees to Pay $1Bil For Gulf Restoration Effort
04/22/11 Nuisance Greenhouse Gas Lawsuits: Top Court Hears Important Case
04/22/11 Drilling Contractor Says Leaking Well Under Control In Bradford County, Pa.
04/21/11 Natural Gas Well Blows Out In Bradford County, Pa.
04/20/11 Partnership To Develop 'Cool Roof' Coatings
04/20/11 Feds Cite Crumbling Concrete At DOE's Idaho Storage Facility
04/20/11 Cask Storage For Spent Fuel
04/20/11 TVA Agrees To Spend $3 Billion To $5 Billion To Cut Pollution
04/13/11 Blowout-Preventer Study Will Lead to More Federal Scrutiny
04/13/11 Keeping Up Defenses
03/30/11 Deepwater Horizon Team Sets Forensic Hearings
03/30/11 Q&A: Urban Geographer André Sorensen On Japan’s Rebuilding Challenges
03/25/11 Corps Readies New Orleans Defenses But Cautions That Risk Remains
03/23/11 U.S. Starting to Ease Restraints On Gulf of Mexico Development
03/23/11 Beyond the Nuclear Nightmare: Quake Takes a Daunting Toll
03/23/11 Florida Pols Fight EPA Over Pending Water-Quality Rule
03/16/11 Damage Assessments Climb At U.S. Ports and Harbors
03/16/11 Pacific Northwest Faces Tsunami Risk
03/16/11 EPA Settlement Requires Owner To Build New Treatment Plant
03/14/11 Troubles Multiply at Reactors Amid Fears of Radiation Spread
03/13/11 Partial Meltdown Feared at Japanese Nuclear Plants
03/02/11 Cleanup Revives Cold War Crane
03/02/11 New Guide Shows Value of Using Green Infrastructure
03/02/11 Study Says Gulf Cleanup Needs More Oversight To Work
03/02/11 Quake Packs Strong Punch
03/02/11 Lawsuits Bring Focus Back To Nuclear-Waste Storage
03/01/11 Feds Approve First Deepwater Permit Since Deepwater Horizon Blowout
02/27/11 Repairs Beginning Feb. 28 to Hotel Grand Chancellor, Deemed Stable
02/25/11 Christchurch Cordons Off Area Around Damaged 26-Story Hotel
02/24/11 Instability from Soil Liquefaction Remains a Danger, Says Engineer
02/23/11 Engineers Surprised by Damage To Modern Buildings in Christchurch
02/23/11 Magnitude-6.3 Quake in New Zealand Worse than 2010 Magnitude-7.1 Temblor
02/16/11 Solar Lighting Kits Empower Remote Villages To Bypass the Grid
02/09/11 Bigger, Stronger H-Piles Debut on Several Projects
02/02/11 Flooding Wreaks Havoc in Northeastern Australia
02/02/11 Link From Canada Oil Sands to Gulf Coast Refineries Proceeds
01/21/11 Regulators Keep Eye on Alaska Pipeline Leak
01/19/11 Pandora’s Smokestack
01/14/11 Oil Spill a Top 2011 Priority for Justice Dept. Environmental Unit
01/12/11 Houston Launches New Energy-Efficiency Program
01/12/11 Cold War Cleanup
01/11/11 Oil-Spill Panel Calls for New Federal Safety Body
01/06/11 Commission Details Failings Behind Gulf Oil Spill Disaster
01/05/11 EPA Outlines Aggressive Plan To Restore Chesapeake Bay
01/05/11 No Quick Fix in Sight For Colombia Flood
01/05/11 Tank’s First Cut Is the Deepest To Push Hanford Site Cleanup
01/05/11 Texas Ignores Clean-Air Rules, Promotes Clean Coal
01/01/11 Dire Straits in Colombia as Epic Floods Rise
12/30/10 Environmental Protection Agency Outlines Strict New Plan for Chesapeake Bay
12/23/10 Ohio Consent Decree will Spur $3-Billion Infrastructure Program
12/22/10 Stimulus Funds Big Demo Job At DOE’s Hanford Waste Site
12/22/10 California Moves To Cap Greenhouse Gases
12/22/10 Deepwater Horizon Spill Study Slams Gov. Jindal’s Berms
12/22/10 Canadian Project Clears Hurdle
12/21/10 Colombia Hit Hard by Levee Break; U.S. Corps Sends Help From Mobile
12/16/10 Feds Sue BP, Others Over Deepwater Horizon Spill
12/15/10 Earthquake-Resistance Index Aims To Help Haitian Buildings
12/15/10 Global Expansions Yield Opportunities for Firms
12/15/10 Philly Goes Au Natural
12/10/10 Canada's Northern Gateway Pipeline Would Benefit Consultants and Contractors
12/08/10 Mixed Reaction to Offshore Oil And Gas Development Delay
12/01/10 Administration Slows Oil, Gas Leasing On Continental Shelf Until 2017
11/24/10 Hanford Cleanup Crew Flexes Robotic Arm
11/24/10 Gulf Spill Cleanup Bills Still Unpaid
11/22/10 As Nuclear Cleanups Go, This Technology is a Reach
11/17/10 Contractors’ Philanthropy Funds Scout Jamboree Site
11/17/10 Gulf Spill Cleanup Bills Still Unpaid
11/17/10 Engineering Academy Spill Report Slams BP, Its Contractors and MMS
11/10/10 Louisiana Oil-Spill Cleanup Puts Focus on Barrier Island Repairs
11/10/10 No Fault Assigned By Oil-Spill Panel
11/10/10 Savannah River Deconstruction
11/03/10 Halliburton Rebuts Contention It Botched Gulf Mud Mix
11/03/10 Tsunami Warning System Flunks Test
10/28/10 Fed Investigator Says BP Cement In Macondo Well Was Unstable
10/27/10 $773-Million Settlement Will Spur Cleanup at Old GM Sites
10/27/10 Gotthard Joint-Venture Team Tunnels Through First Leg
10/27/10 TVA Boosts Site Ash Disposal After Big Spill
10/27/10 Carbon Capture on Fast Track in U.K.
10/22/10 Study: Gulf Coast Needs $350-Bil. Infrastructure Expenditure
10/21/10 $773-Million Settlement With Old GM Will Spur Cleanup at Former Sites
10/20/10 Missouri Sewer Worker in Critical Condition One Week After Harrowing Ride Through Pipe
10/20/10 Lawsuit Bolsters Fox River Cleanup
10/20/10 Swiss Complete Drilling on World's Longest Tunnel
10/15/10 Obama Administration Sues to Ensure Continued Cleanup at Fox River
10/13/10 Hungarian Tailings Dam Leak Kills 7, Contaminates Rivers
10/13/10 Feds, Washington State Seek OK To Extend Hanford Cleanup
10/13/10 Rubble and Bubbles Mark Green Bridge Demolition
10/12/10 Feds Lift Deepwater Drilling Moratorium
10/07/10 CARB, AGC Agree to Delay Emission Rules Until 2014
09/29/10 Everglades Restoration Inching Along
09/29/10 Los Olmos Tunneling Resumes
09/29/10 Panama Canal Project Revs Up With New Award
09/28/10 EPA Designates New York City Creek as Superfund Site
09/22/10 California Levees Get Poor Ratings
09/22/10 After Recent Pipeline Events, A Push for Stronger Oversight
09/15/10 DOE Funds Carbon Capture Research
09/15/10 New Oil-Spill Reports Signal Major Changes Ahead
09/09/10 Focus Shifts From Oil Spill Response To Causes and Operational Reforms
09/08/10 Contractor Cuts Schedule by Decade on Super-Fast Superlevee
09/08/10 Codes Credited with Minimizing New Zealand Quake Damage
09/08/10 Treatment-Facility Work, Cleanups Bolster Sector
09/08/10 Allen Says BP Rig No Longer a Threat, Feds Probing Mariner Energy Blast
09/07/10 Major Buildings Show Little Damage After New Zealand's Magnitude 7.1 Temblor
09/01/10 Surge Busters Delivering in New Orleans
08/25/10 EPA Delays Until October New Powerplant Smog Rules
08/25/10 DOE Seeks New Sites To Store FutureGen 2.0 Emissions
08/18/10 S. Florida Water Management District Commits to Land Deal, Not Reservoir
08/11/10 Gulf Coast Cleanup Employs Multiple Tools and Techniques
08/11/10 DOE Scraps FutureGen Project For Retrofit CO2-Capture Plan
07/28/10 Running On Empty
07/28/10 Congress Approves Funds For Work in Haiti and Afghanistan
07/28/10 With Cap Holding, Crews Prep Attempt to Kill Spewing Well
07/21/10 Well Cap Is Holding for Now As Final Kill Is Planned
07/21/10 Major Land Acquisition Adds To Everglades Restoration Program
07/20/10 Gulf Oil Well Cap Holds, Despite Leaks
07/14/10 Finally, BP Advances Effort To Stop Leak
07/14/10 U.S. Interior Dept. Proposes New 'Narrower' Drilling Rules
07/14/10 EPA Proposes New Limits On Powerplant Emissions
07/08/10 EPA Proposes New Limits On Powerplant Emissions
07/07/10 Israeli Firm To Double China Desalination Plant’s Capacity
07/07/10 On the Land Side, Venice Flood Protection Shored by Sheet Piles
07/02/10 Latest Estimate of Oil Spread Says Spill Likely to Reach Miami
06/30/10 Market Gaining in Strength, Stability
06/30/10 Scientists Eye Tropic Storms As Oil Spreads Across Gulf
06/24/10 Bill Introduced To Allow Foreign Ships In Gulf Cleanup
06/23/10 Investigations Expand List Of BP’s Drill-Program Failures
06/23/10 Judge Halts Drilling Moratorium, While U.S. To Probe BP Drill Site
06/23/10 Sewer Upgrades in Florida Keys Need More Funding
06/16/10 Earthquake Code Presentations Go Live
06/16/10 Dredge Armada Converging on Louisiana
06/16/10 Tennessee Officials Fine TVA $11 Million Over 2008 Coal-Ash Pollution Incident
06/16/10 Obama Taps Former Federal Prosecutor To Head Minerals Management Service
06/09/10 Economic Worries Grow With Oil Spill
06/03/10 BP Funds Controversial $360 Mil Barrier Islands Plan
06/03/10 Shaw Awarded Barrier Island Work Funded by BP
06/02/10 Oil Spill in Gulf Brings New Limits
06/02/10 Tropical Storm Slashes Through Guatemalan Infrastructure
06/01/10 New Orleans Flexes Flood Controls In Advance of 5th Hurricane Season Since Katrina
05/28/10 2010 Hurricane Season Will Be “Active to Extremely Active,” Scientists Predict
05/28/10 Louisiana Gets Emergency Permits For 45 Miles Of Berms
05/26/10 BP Considers Options To Plug Gusher, Investigates ‘Complex Accident’
05/26/10 Website Channels Oil-Spill Info
05/26/10 BP Cleanup Subs Were Using Undocumented Workers
05/26/10 Congress Moving on Aid for Haiti, But Little Rebuilding in Country
05/26/10 U. of Buffalo Seismic Seminar Aimed at Haitian Engineers
05/26/10 Engineers Ponder Chile’s Quake Lessons
05/26/10 Nashville Restoring Full Service At Water and Wastewater Plants
05/26/10 TVA Will Keep New Plant Ash Waste On-Site
05/20/10 New Surge Barrier Wall Cuts Risk In Time for Hurricane Season
05/19/10 Did BP Skip Approval for Platform Engineering Design?
05/19/10 Lawmakers Unveil Climate-Change Bill
05/19/10 Resentment Flares Against Dutch Proposal To Mobilize Huge Dredging Fleet in Gulf
05/19/10 Congressman Calls for ‘Natural Defense’ Policy To Spur Effective Land-Use Plans
05/19/10 Setting Oil Spill Liability Limit: Is $10 Billiion Too High?
05/19/10 Oil-Spill Battlefront Spreads From Gulf to Washington, D.C.
05/19/10 Series of Rock-Bursts Throws Peruvian Tunnel Job Offtrack
05/19/10 Odebrecht Pushes forward With Next Phase of Peruvian Irrigation Project
05/19/10 Texas Weighs Expanding Controversial State Disposal Facility
05/14/10 Senate Bill Would Implement Pacific Coast Oil-Drilling Ban
05/12/10 Industry Waits for Cleanup Call And Obama Seeks Spill Law Changes
05/12/10 Out-of-Work Fishermen Hired By BP To Help Clean Up Its Spill
05/12/10 Closed-Loop Cooling Mandate May Cost California Plants
05/12/10 Oil Leak in Gulf Continues As Situation Starts To Get Sticky
05/12/10 Coal Ash Keeps Green Status, But Regulating It Will Cost
05/12/10 Nashville’s Waters Receding, But Damage Estimates Rising
05/12/10 Key Clue to Boston Pipe Burst Continues To Elude Authorities
05/11/10 Barrier Islands May Get Build-Up As Result of Spill
05/11/10 Water Diversions Still Spark Hopes Of Deflecting Oil Spill
05/07/10 Corps Speeds Up Permitting For Gulf Coast Cleanup
05/05/10 EPA Stiffens Coal-Ash Rules, But Proposal Allows Recycling
05/05/10 Crude Awakening
05/05/10 Installation of Massive Doors Is Key to Hanford Waste Plant
05/05/10 Drilling Crews in Washington Sought Cherries, Got the Pits
05/04/10 EPA Moves on Proposed New Rule For Coal Ash
04/28/10 Brazilian Floods, Government Inaction Trigger Deadly Landslides
04/28/10 Complicated Logistics Land Big TBM in Nevada
04/28/10 Corps, State Officials Release $1.7 B Anacostia River Cleanup Plan
04/21/10 New Orleans-Area Levee Bolstered by Deep-Soil Mixing
04/21/10 Volcano Disrupts Bauma Exhibition
04/21/10 Yucca Mountain Shutdown Halts After Washington State Lawsuit
04/14/10 New York City Takes Control of Governor Island’s Development
04/14/10 The Future of Clean Diesel Is ... Gasoline?
04/14/10 Southern California Quake Damaged Treatment and Storage Infrastructure
04/13/10 Critical Surge Barrier Ahead of Schedule
04/07/10 Fly Ash Looms As The ‘New Asbestos’
04/07/10 Coal-Ash Regulation Could Quash Plans To Build Plant
04/07/10 Seismic Tunnel Work Starts On Big San Francisco Upgrade
04/07/10 Florida Tribe Wins Ruling To Resume Everglades Construction
04/07/10 Carbon Lobby Cheers Drilling
03/31/10 Second Pipeline to Tierra del Fuego Completed
03/31/10 Chile Considers Concrete Code Changes
03/31/10 Haiti Seeking $3.9 Billion for First Reconstruction Phase
03/24/10 Canada Approves $1.7-Billion Pipeline From Alberta to Texas
03/10/10 Kiewit-Traylor JV Is Hiring On New Orleans Storm-Surge Job
03/10/10 Major Stormwater Relief Plan Brewing in Metro Milwaukee
03/10/10 Yucca Plan Bites the Dust
03/03/10 Chile’s Quake Damage Mitigated by Past Lessons
03/03/10 EPA Slams Impact of Troop Transfer to Guam
03/03/10 Chile Holds Strong Recovery Hopes
03/03/10 Study Ponders Missouri River’s Fate
03/03/10 EPA Declares New York City’s Polluted Gowanus Canal a Superfund Cleanup Site
03/03/10 U.S./European Group Offers Low Bid To Examine Panama Canal Road Crossing
02/26/10 Methane-Powered Treatment Plant
02/24/10 Saturated Watersheds and Stormy Forecast Worry Flood-Control Officials in the Heartland
02/24/10 Reconstruction Resources Organizing for Haitian Mission
02/24/10 Methane-Powered Treatment Plant
02/24/10 EPA Outlines Restoration Plan For Overstressed Great Lakes
02/17/10 Delaying California Diesel Rule Offers Builders Little Relief
02/12/10 Hope Dims for Quake-Trapped PBSJ Engineer in Haiti
02/10/10 Energy Dept. Pulls Plug On Yucca Mountain Storage Site
02/03/10 Wisconsin Refinery Will Turn Sawdust Into Diesel
02/03/10 Science Advances on Calculating Storm-Surge Risk in New Orleans
02/03/10 Engineers Fear Substandard Rebuilding Coming in Quake-Torn Haiti
02/03/10 New Sichuan Town Designed To Green Standards
02/03/10 U.S. Response in Haiti Shifts Gears
02/02/10 DOE Signals End to Yucca Mountain By Pulling NRC Application
01/29/10 Federal Agencies Set New Greenhouse Limits
01/27/10 Haiti’s Quake Assessment Is Small Step Toward Recovery
01/27/10 ASHRAE Releases New Code
01/27/10 Industry-Driven Disaster Relief Network Aims For Economic Recovery
01/27/10 Coal-Ash Spill Has New Costs
01/22/10 Logistics Experts Breaking Haiti Relief Logjam
01/20/10 Haiti Quake Recovery Planners Wait in Wings
01/20/10 Quake Was Too Much for Recent Disaster-Reduction Efforts
01/15/10 Coast Guard Tries to Fix Port-au-Prince's Cargo Port
01/15/10 Shattered Port-au-Prince Served as Haiti's Heart
01/15/10 Boston Contractor Sets Up Special Haiti Relief Fund
01/14/10 Relief Mobilizes for Haiti's Stricken and Stranded People
01/13/10 Impoverished Haiti May Be Stuck in Seismic Safety's Past
01/13/10 DOE Pushes Fuel Efficiency
01/13/10 Tougher Ozone Rule Proposed
01/07/10 EPA Proposes Tougher Ozone Standard
12/30/09 EPA Toughens Stance on Chesapeake Bay
12/30/09 DOE Comes Up With New Plan To Process Radioactive Waste
12/23/09 Engineers See Opportunity in Working on Low-Carbon Development
12/23/09 Building to LEED-Silver May Not Survive First Encounter
12/16/09 Getting Ready To Take a Beating
12/16/09 December 2008 Coal-Ash Spill Left Giant Mess, Big Legacy
12/16/09 Spill Cleanup, Investigation Advance Jointly
12/16/09 NSF Confirms Delay of Award To Manage Antarctic Facilities
12/09/09 Designs Revised For $1-Billion Flood Defense
12/09/09 California Diesel-Emission Curbs Under Fire
12/09/09 Study Outlines Economic Impact Of 80% Carbon-Dioxide Cut in the U.K. by 2050
12/02/09 Uses Pondered as Repair Tools Multiply for Levee Breaches
12/02/09 Contest Seeks Building Retrofit With a Zero Carbon Footprint
11/25/09 New EPA Rules To Regulate Stormwater Runoff at Jobsites
11/25/09 Record Rainfall Wipes Out Bridges in England
11/18/09 Feds Award First Everglades Contract
11/11/09 Pilot Projects Wanted to Test Eco-Landscape Rating System
10/21/09 Taiwan Typhoon Recovery Lags
10/21/09 ASHRAE Developing Manuals for New ‘Green’ Standards
10/16/09 President Renews Pledge To New Orleans’ Recovery
10/14/09 Brownfield Stimulus Funds Jump-Start San Francisco Redevelopment Project
10/14/09 Hefty windfall Speeds Southern-Border Levee Rehab
10/14/09 One-Time Atomic Bombmaking Center Uses Stimulus to Get Rid of By-Products
10/14/09 Cash Infusion Shores Up a Dam in Kentucky
10/14/09 Rural California City Leverages ARA Funds To Build Better Treatment Plant
10/14/09 Getting the Lead Out: Stimulus Funds Boost Idaho Cleanup
10/14/09 EPA To Step Up Enforcement
10/07/09 For First Time, EPA May Regulate CO2
10/01/09 EPA May Use Clean Air Act To Regulate Greenhouse Gasses
09/16/09 Cancelled Everglades Project in Claims Settlement
09/16/09 Study Says Coastal Property At Risk of Storm Surge is High
09/16/09 Agencies Release Recommendations For Chesapeake Bay Cleanup
09/09/09 EPA Seeks To Green Cleanup Of Hazardous Waste Sites
09/09/09 Flat Market Begins to See Uptick From Federal Stimulus Funds
09/03/09 California Water Agencies Face New California Chromium VI Draft Goal
08/12/09 New Enforceable Schedule Set For Hanford By DOE and States
08/07/09 Darcy Confirmed for Top Army Civil Works Post
08/06/09 DOE to Spend $6 Million On Controversial Geothermal Job
07/29/09 Just-in-Time Dredging Pulls Out Toxins
07/29/09 The Top 200 Environmental Firms
07/29/09 Studies Dispute Ash Spill's Engineering Analysis
07/29/09 Lessons Of Past Hurricanes Help Build Stronger Beach
07/15/09 Proposed Energy-Code Changes Are Out for Public Comment
07/09/09 Spanish-Led Team Wins Big Panama Canal Contract
07/08/09 Refrigerants Pose New Climate Risk
07/08/09 Storm-Barrier Equipment Fleet Uneasy About Evacuation Plan
07/08/09 Seismic Retrofit Under Way At East Bay Impoundment
07/01/09 AECOM Analysis Cites ‘Slime’ As Factor in TVA Coal-Ash Spill
07/01/09 Code Makers To Meet in July To Work on New Green Standards
07/01/09 Environmental Sector Weathers Downturn With Influx of Dollars
06/26/09 Design-Build Solar for Bakersfield Treatment Plant
06/25/09 Toxic Ash Spill Causes Revealed
06/24/09 Corps’ Mission Limits Challenged
06/24/09 Judge Lifts Injunction, Clearing Way for Everglades Restoration
06/17/09 Controversial Chemical Plant Moves Ahead in Fujian Province
06/10/09 Upcoming Season Finds Contractors Still Cleaning Up From Previous Years
06/04/09 Film Review: Skeptical Tradesmen Assemble Their First Green Building
06/02/09 Senate Approves Nominee To Head EPA Office of Air
05/27/09 House Panel Passes Global-Warming Bill
05/27/09 New Hydroseeding Standards Developed for Levee Armoring
05/27/09 PCB Remediation Work Starts in the Hudson River
05/27/09 Pilot Project Will Capture CO2 At Coal-Fired Powerplant
05/22/09 House Panel Clears Massive Global Warming/Energy Bill
05/21/09 Senate Confirms DOE Veteran to Top Environmental Cleanup Post
05/20/09 Firms Seize Panama’s Non-Canal Construction Opportunities
05/20/09 Older Masonry Buildings With Minor Strengthening Survived
05/20/09 Panama: Ongoing Canal-Related Work Is a Blast
05/20/09 Program To Support Carbon-Emission Reduction in 16 Cities
05/20/09 Feds Tighten Standards, Speed Schedule for Light Trucks
05/20/09 Biggest Urban Solar Project Set To Win $48-Million Federal Loan
05/20/09 A New Study Claims Buildings Can Cut Energy Use by 60%
05/15/09 Senate Panel Votes to Boost Water Infrastructure Funds
05/13/09 Engineers Say ‘Unlikely’ That Reservoir Triggered China Shock
05/13/09 California Canal Foes Resist Alignment Assessment Teams
05/08/09 EPA to Distribute $111.9 Million for Brownfields Cleanup
05/06/09 Louisiana Surge-Barrier Awards Begin
05/06/09 Corps Releases Plan To Revive Hudson River Estuary
05/06/09 A New Version of LEED-Rating System Overhauls Program
04/29/09 Park Service Spells Out Its $750-Million Program
04/29/09 Reports Predict Decreased Flow For Many Rivers Globally
04/22/09 BuRec, EPA Map Out $1.6 Billion Of New Funding
04/22/09 Six States in Oil-and-Gas Zones Get $500 Million for Coast Fixes
04/15/09 Carbon Footprint Legislation Could Press Hard on Industry
04/15/09 Webcor, Climate Earth Team Up To Measure Carbon Impact
04/09/09 EPA to Distribute $197 Million For Leaking UST Cleanup
04/08/09 Rollout of Funds Starts To Trickle Out
04/08/09 Medieval Structures Collapse in Big Italian Earthquake
04/02/09 Everglades Land Buy Will Start Small and Grow
04/01/09 Quick, Massive Response Saves North Dakota City
03/25/09 Hybrid Reactor Would Destroy 99% of Spent Nuclear Fuel
03/11/09 DOE Plans To Scale Back Yucca Site
03/11/09 After Dike Failure, TVA Cleans Area Near Kingston Coal Plant
03/11/09 Green Team Seeks Common Metric To Measure Emissions
03/11/09 EPA Tackles Coal-Ash Problem
02/25/09 BP To Invest $161 Million To Fix Violations at Texas City Refinery
02/18/09 New Report Highlights the Loss of Coastal Wetlands in the U.S
02/18/09 Sector To Receive Big Boost for Water Projects
02/11/09 Oak Ridge Cleanup Progressed But Some Milestones Slipping
02/06/09 Washington St. Claims Hanson Polluted
02/04/09 New Standards for Housing
01/14/09 Green-Retrofit Work Thrives In Uncertain Economic Times
01/14/09 New TVA Plant Spill May Spur Federal Coal-Ash Pond Scrutiny
01/14/09 Technique Conquers All As Long-Running Job Nears End
01/14/09 Hope for Funding Remains Strong
01/14/09 Bechtel To Build 'Clean' Coal Plant
01/07/09 Next Storm-Surge Project Aired
01/07/09 Meeting To Consider Storm-Surge Barriers for New York City
01/07/09 Refiners Expand Diesel Capacity
01/07/09 Electric-Vehicle-Charging Networks Launched in West
01/07/09 DOE Adopts Efficiency Standards
01/07/09 Art Imitates Remediation As First Step in City Cleanup
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