Through the Eyes of a Rodbuster--The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Project
By Richard Korman
Jerry Patchin is an ironworker superintendent, or a rodbuster, who specializes in rebar. He is affiliated with Local 378 in Oakland and works for the Livermore, Calif. office of Harris Rebar, a specialty contractor on the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Project. The son of a rodbuster and the father of a rodbuster, Patchin, 48, has been on the job for 30 years. Patchin knows about rebar (his wife, who works in the office for Harris, says they live, eat and breath rebar) and he also knows his way around a camera. Shooting with a Nikon 5700, Patchin has produced a stunning scrapbook of rebar, concrete, water and light.
Patchin and his brother worked rebar.