Equipment for the 21st Century is a multi-platform special report, in print, online and live in-conference, designed to help those who work in the construction industry's $100-billion equipment sector prepare for the roads ahead. Read on to learn about the coming changes in management, design, controls, operations, training and safety. This site will evolve as the discussion continues....


The connected jobsite is slowly becoming a reality as projects move toward clean fuels, satellite-guided machinery, wireless communications and paperless construction to make projects more efficient. One brownfield-site construction manager in New York State is making strides, but he thinks construction still has much to learn.

No one doubts that the growing level of technology on construction machinery will continue to escalate at a rapid rate. A look at other industries gives hints of what is coming, but many would be surprised where else designers look for inspiration.

As thousands gathered in Las Vegas March 10 for construction's mega show, members of the Associated General Contractors met with industry experts to ponder the future.

Safety and Health:
Will today's capital investments be worthless in 10 years? Trying to navigate the regulatory maze is like driving through a thick fog without a road map. But some contractors are planning for ever-growing pressures to clean up without going bankrupt.

Will Rudolf Diesel’s dream of clean biofuels become a reality? Scientists and private investors now are working hard to end the world’s addiction to fossil fuels.

Technicians are a squeaky wheel in today’s personnel crisis, but a heavy-equipment dealer in the Upper Midwest has found a slick way to work around the problem.

Kicking Tires:
Equipment leaders can shape the future of construction.

General Motors, Chrysler unveil hybrid pickups

Technical Viewpoint:
Hydrogen’s potential as a future fuel gathers momentum

Recruiting mishaps will push manufacturing to the Far East.

The world is ready for technological change


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