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Quarterly Cost Reports
ENR 1st Quarterly Cost Report 2015
1st Quarterly Cost Report:
Industry Market Confidence Hits Record High

The construction market has enjoyed steady growth for several years. Most industry executives believe this growth will continue through 2016.

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2014 Quarterly Cost Reports
ENR 4th Quarterly Cost Report 2014
4th Quarterly Cost Report:
ENR 4th Quarter Confidence Index: Execs Are Bullish on the 2015 Market

The ENR Construction Industry Confidence Index (CICI) survey for the fourth quarter shows that, of the 328 executives of large construction and design firms responding to the survey, most see the market as stable or growing.

ENR 3rd Quarterly Cost Report 2014
3rd Quarterly Cost Report:
ENR Confidence Index Rises Again

The Construction Industry Confidence Index rose for the sixth straight quarter, and industry executives believe the market will continue its steady growth through at least the beginning of 2016.

ENR 2nd Quarterly Cost Report 2014
2nd Quarterly Cost Report:
ENR Confidence Index Rises Dramatically

For the fifth-straight quarter, the surveyed industry executives believe all the market sectors measured by the CICI are now in growth mode.

ENR 1st Quarterly Cost Report 2014
1st Quarterly Cost Report:
ENR Confidence Index Rises Dramatically

Construction industry executives continue to express confidence that the market is in growth mode. For many firms and in several market sectors, the level of growth leaves a lot to be desired. However, most industry executives believe the recovery will continue, and some believe it will accelerate in 2014.

2013 Quarterly Cost Reports
ENR 4th Quarterly Cost Report 2013
4th Quarterly Cost Report:
ENR's Construction Industry Confidence Index

After five years of tough markets and hopes of a recovery that never quite seemed to materialize, construction industry executives now believe the industry is back on the path to growth and the elusive turnaround has arrived. While some sectors remain sluggish, most industry executives surveyed believe the overall market is growing.

ENR 3rd Quarterly Cost Report 2013
3rd Quarterly Cost Report:
ENR Confidence Index Suffers a Small Drop

Like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football, construction executives in recent years have hoped for different results—every year hoping that this would be year the industry would bounce back from the prolonged doldrums that began in 2008. But just like Lucy snatching back the pigskin, by the third quarter of each year, economic reality would set in and market confidence would plummet.

ENR 2nd Quarterly Cost Report 2013
2nd Quarterly Cost Report:
ENR Confidence Index Rises Dramatically

It has not been an easy five years for the construction industry. The recession of 2008 hit nearly every market sector and region in the country. Recovery has been slow. For years, forecasters have searched in vain for signs that the worst of the recession is in the rearview mirror.

ENR 1st quarterly Cost Report 2013
1st Quarterly Cost Report:
ENR Confidence Index Rises Dramatically

The construction market has taken its lumps over the past four years, tempting a normally optimistic industry to get gloomy. However, for the first time since early 2008, the industry is seeing signs that suggest the worst is over and the market is gradually recovering.

2012 Quarterly Cost Reports
ENR 4Q Cost Report 2012
4th Quarterly Cost Report:
ENR's Construction Industry Confidence Index

The construction industry has been expecting a turnaround in the market for the past three years, but just when sentiment starts to improve, fate steps in to thwart an upswing.

ENR 3Q Cost Report 2012
3rd Quarterly Cost Report:
Construction Industry Confidence Index Declines in Third Quarter

With the American presidential election less than two months away, the construction industry has taken a wait-and-see attitude about the markets.

ENR 2Q Cost Report 2012
2nd Quarterly Cost Report:
Construction Industry Market Confidence Steady

The most recent ENR Construction Industry Confidence Index survey shows the industry's guarded optimism.

ENR 1Q Cost Report 2012
1st Quarterly Cost Report:
Industry Sees Recovery Ahead After Four Years of Gloom

The slow-but-steady recovery of the U.S. economy has many firms in the industry now believing that the worst is behind them and that a broad recovery is poised to begin.

2011 Quarterly Cost Reports
ENR 3Q Cost Report 2011
4th Quarterly Cost Report:
Q4 Cost Report: 'Deja Vu' All Over Again

Trying to predict when the industry recovery will kick in, construction economists can only agree that things will get better, just not next year.

ENR 3Q Cost Report 2011
3rd Quarterly Cost Report:
Slim Margins and Uncertainty Making Inflation Dangerous

Construction economists continue to dial back their forecasts for 2011. Single-family housing, public works and the institutional-building markets have all stumbled badly in 2011. The few bright spots, such as multifamily housing, manufacturing and powerplants, “won't be able to outweigh the minuses.”

ENR 2Q Cost Report 2011
2nd Quarterly Cost Report:
Hard Times Draw the Line For Labor and Bargaining

For 108 years, groups representing New York City's union contractors and building trades have worked under the New York Plan for the Resolution of Jurisdictional Disputes, an agreement used to resolve inter-union disputes and bind union contractors to use organized labor. But at year-end, the era comes to a close.

ENR 1Q Cost Report 2011
1st Quarterly Cost Report:
Top Industry Execs Believe the Market Has Turned a Corner

Despite the headline-grabbing attention of federal deficits and budget cuts, the real problems facing construction remain the prolonged recession in the private nonresidential building markets, the weakening of the once-dependable public markets, a stalled housing recovery teetering on the brink of slipping back into recession and high unemployment.

2010 Quarterly Cost Reports
ENR 4Q Cost Report 2010
4th Quarterly Cost Report:
Treading Water: A Weak Recovery Checks Inflation

No more federal stimulus money, no highway bill, a weak economic recovery, a stalled housing market, a nonresidential building market yet to bottom out, gridlock in government, continued high unemployment—it could add up to no inflation in 2011.

ENR 3Q Cost Report 2010
3rd Quarterly Cost Report:
With Margins Cut to the Bone and No Demand, Costs Are Left With Nowhere To Go

The selling cost indexes, which, in part, reflect shrinking subcontractor margins due to competition, are starting to see year-to-year changes flatten out after a series of steep double-digit declines.

ENR 2Q Cost Report 2010
2nd Quarterly Cost Report:
With Stimulus Spending Running Out Recession Will Keep Grip on Costs

The recession is expected to keep its grip on costs through the second half of this year, despite a shift in what is affected.

ENR 1Q Cost Report 2010
1st Quarterly Cost Report:
Despite Upturn in Steel, Lumber and Energy Prices, Deflation Sweeps Cost Index Board

Prices for diesel fuel, structural steel, lumber and gypsum-wallboard products started to stir during the first quarter, but most increases were coming off dismal lows in 2009 and were not strong enough to break the stranglehold the recession has on construction costs.

2009 Quarterly Cost Reports
ENR 4Q Cost Report 2009
4th Quarterly Cost Report:
Recession Spreads To Nonresidential Buildings: Little Room For Costs To Move

The deepening recession in nonresidential building will keep a cap on costs, frustrating producers who are trying to take advantage of any signs of life in homebuilding.

ENR 3Q Cost Report 2009
3rd Quarterly Cost Report:
Competition Intensifies as Recession Deepens

The drop in materials prices is starting to bottom out, but that is being followed by fierce competition that is cutting margins and driving construction costs well below last year’s levels.

ENR 2Q Cost Report 2009
2nd Quarterly Cost Report:
Hard Bids, Low Costs

In less than a year the construction market has gone from owners fishing for bids to a bidding frenzy.

ENR 1Q Cost Report 2009
1st Quarterly Cost Report:
Inflation Reverses Course As Recession Floors Prices

Over the last six months, the deepening recession its accompanying credit crisis have dramatically changed the construction industry’s cost picture.

2008 Quarterly Cost Reports
ENR 4Q Cost Report 2008
4th Quarterly Cost Report:
Recession KO's Inflation in 2009

The economic crisis has gone global, slowing contruction markets worldwide and knocking back inflation both in the U.S. and overseas.

ENR 3Q Cost Report 2008
3rd Quarterly Cost Report:
Crisis Changes Demand Side of Costs

Record high oil and steel prices during the first half of the year were just starting to work their way into construction industry cost indexes when the financial meltdown on Wall Street threatened to drastically reduce the demand side of the cost equation.

ENR 2Q Cost Report 2008
2nd Quarterly Cost Report:
Demand Crowns Diesel, Not Gasoline, Cost King

Two to three years ago, some contractors began retiring diesel pickup trucks and replacing them with gasoline units in anticipation of the rising cost of cleaner diesel fuel and lower-emission engines. But many never expected diesel to lose its longtime price stability.

ENR 1Q Cost Report 2008
1st Quarterly Cost Report:
Stagflation Threatens Construction As High Prices Stare Down Recession

As bad economic news continues to mount it is becoming increasingly clear that last year’s subprime mortgage crisis is spilling over into the overall economy and could eventually threaten still healthy commercial and public construction markets.

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