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Current Costs

ENR's most recent Construction Cost Index, Building Cost Index, Materials Cost Index, which are updated monthly. Tables include monthly and annual percent changes.

Construction Costs
Dec 2014

Annual inflation measured by the CCI increased to 2.7% from 2.5% in November and a low of 2.0% in October.

CONSTRUCTION 9936.44 +0.3 +2.7
COMMON LABOR 21149.34 +0.4% +2.7%
WAGE $/HR. 40.18 +0.4% +2.7%

Building Costs
Dec 2014

The BCI’s annual escalation rate increased to 2.9% from 2.8% last month, primarily due to a 0.5% rise in the indexes labor component.

BUILDING 5480.04 +0.2% +2.9%
SKILLED LABOR 9434.17 +0.5% +2.7%
WAGE $/HR. 52.36 +0.5% +2.7%

Materials Costs
Dec 2014

Both steel and lumber prices fell this month, pulling the MCI down 0.3%.

MATERIALS 3064.01 0.3% +2.8%
CEMENT $/TON 116.37 +0.1% +5.0%
STEEL $/TON 50.30 0.3% +1.4%
LUMBER $/TON 469.59 0.4% +7.6%

Labor Cost Indices
  • Skilled Labor Index

    The Skilled Labor Index is the labor component of ENR’s Building Cost Index and tracks union wages, plus fringe benefits, for carpenters, bricklayers and iron workers.

  • Common Labor Index

    The Common Labor Index is the labor component of ENR’s Construction Cost Index and tracks the union wage, plus fringe benefits, for laborers.

Cost Index History Tables

The building and construction cost indexes for ENR’s individual cities use the same components and weighting as those for the 20-city national indexes. The city indexes use local prices for portland cement and 2 X 4 lumber and the national average price for structural steel. The city’s BCI uses local union wages, plus fringes, for carpenters, bricklayers and iron workers. The city’s CCI uses the same union wages for laborers.

ENR Cost Indexes in 20 Cities 1978-2012
  Atlanta, GA   Baltimore, MD   Birmingham, AL   Boston, MA
  Chicago, IL   Cincinnati, OH   Cleveland, OH   Dallas, TX
  Denver, CO   Detroit, MI   Kansas City, MO   Los Angeles, CA
  Minneapolis, MN   New Orleans, LA   New York, NY   Philadelphia, PA
  Pittsburgh, PA   San Francisco, CA   Seattle, WA   St. Louis, MO
ENR Cost Indexes in Canadian Cities 1978-2012
Montreal Toronto
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