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Construction Economics
ENR publishes both a Construction Cost Index and Building Cost index that are widely used in the construction industry. This website contains an explanation of the indexes methodology and a complete history of the 20-city national average for the CCI and BCI. Both indexes have a materials and labor component. In the second issue of each month ENR publishes the CCI, BCI, materials index, skilled labor index and common labor index for 20 cities and the national average. The first issue also contains an index review of all five national indexes for the latest 14 month period.
Current Cost Indices
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Jul 2014

The annual escalation rate for the CCI increased to 3.0% from the previous month’s 2.7% as the index’s labor component rose 0.4% for the month.

CONSTRUCTION 9834.63 +0.4 +3.0
COMMON LABOR 21009.74 +0.4% +3.6%
WAGE $/HR. 39.92 +0.4% +3.6%
Cement/Concrete/Aggregate Steel  Lumber/Drywall  Pipe

Cement prices decline 0.2% for the month.

Construction Economics, Materials Trends, Cement, Concrete, AggregatesCement prices decline 0.2% this month.

Prices for portland cement slipped 0.2% this month, according to ENR's 20-city average price. That checked six months of steady increases, leaving ENR's price just 3.4% above a year ago. The Bureau of Labor Statistics' producer price index for cement slipped 0.1% in June, also checking strong increases totaling 4.9% during the previous three months. The PPI for cement prices was 5.6% above a year ago. ENR's 20-city average price for ready-mix concrete increased about 0.8% this month and is averaging between 1.8% and 2.9% above a year ago. The June PPI for ready-mix concrete was up 4.3% for the year.

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  • Construction Cost Index History
    200 hours of common labor at the 20-city average of common labor rates, plus 25 cwt of standard structural steel shapes at the mill price prior to 1996 and the fabricated 20-city price from 1996, plus 1.128 tons of portland cement at the 20-city price, plus 1,088 board-ft of 2 x 4 lumber at the 20-city price.
  • Building Cost Index History
    68.38 hours of skilled labor at the 20-city average of bricklayers, carpenters and structural ironworkers rates, plus 25 cwt of standard structural steel shapes at the mill price prior to 1996 and the fabricated 20-city price from 1996, plus 1.128 tons of portland cement at the 20-city price, plus 1,088 board ft of 2 x 4 lumber at the 20-city price.
Cost Index History Tables

The building and construction cost indexes for ENR’s individual cities use the same components and weighting as those for the 20-city national indexes. The city indexes use local prices for portland cement and 2 X 4 lumber and the national average price for structural steel. The city’s BCI uses local union wages, plus fringes, for carpenters, bricklayers and iron workers. The city’s CCI uses the same union wages for laborers.

ENR Cost Indexes in 20 Cities 1978-2012
  Atlanta, GA   Baltimore, MD   Birmingham, AL   Boston, MA
  Chicago, IL   Cincinnati, OH   Cleveland, OH   Dallas, TX
  Denver, CO   Detroit, MI   Kansas City, MO   Los Angeles, CA
  Minneapolis, MN   New Orleans, LA   New York, NY   Philadelphia, PA
  Pittsburgh, PA   San Francisco, CA   Seattle, WA   St. Louis, MO
ENR Cost Indexes in Canadian Cities 1978-2012
Montreal Toronto
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1st Quarterly Cost Report:
ENR Confidence Index Rises Dramatically

Construction industry executives continue to express confidence that the market is in growth mode. For many firms and in several market sectors, the level of growth leaves a lot to be desired. However, most industry executives believe the recovery will continue, and some believe it will accelerate in 2014.

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