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With Twitter, blunt is better, and we know how you like to get to the point. Talk to us in microblog form via ENRNews, ENR’s Twitter page, and become part of the ongoing discussion and sharing of information about construction, engineering, infrastructure and all the business of the built environment. Our editors are always one Tweet away, so talk to us!

Please send us commentary in the style of op-ed articles or short essays on issues or controversies specific to any aspect of construction and engineering. We want what you submit to promote thought, discussion and action. We’re also looking for interesting first-hand experiences told in interesting ways about life and careers in construction. Most of what we publish is from 750 words to 1,250 words in length. The quality of the writing is important, and sometimes we’ll work with you to get your submission into publishable form on and in ENR’s print editions. Send submissions to

And dozens more. You can also suggest and create your own discussion threads.

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Your voice matters—and we have provided you with the ideal forum to express your ideas, opinions, suggestions, and gripes. Our discussion forums, which are open to all, include a wide array of topics. Check them out now.

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Under the radar, behind the project gate, inside the executive suite. That's where ENR's editors and bloggers deliver their insights, opinions, cool-headed analysis and hot-headed rantings. Information and ideas you need to know but may not want to hear -- available on's master blog, every day, 24-7-365.

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Do you have great photographs of projects that you or other have worked on? We invite you to share these images with our global audience in our Photo Galleries. Submit your photos (it’s fast and easy). Also be sure to check out the hundreds of photos we’ve already selected. You can even comment on and recommend other community members’ photos.

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A panel of judges from ENR, other Dodge Data & Analytics publications and guests select the best of the best for presentation in ENR’s print issue each year. The judges’ picks are featured in an online winners gallery.

Every qualifying entry is posted in the Reader Photos gallery at as they are received and processed. Viewers can share and recommend their favorites. The most-recommended photos will also be displayed in a collection of readers’ favorites as yet another way to admire the great photos of The Year in Construction. View more

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Jan Tuchman
Jan Tuchman

We want to read and publish your letters to the editor. Please write to us about what you read and see in ENR and, but make sure, unlike emails and blog comments, not to use electronic shorthand references. Also try to finish your thoughts and sentences.

To publish or post your letter online, we need contact information that includes your name and daytime and evening phone numbers (in addition to the email handle). A base city of the company you work for or own and your job title is also appreciated.

Letters may be edited for style, format, clarity and length and we reserve the right to use them electronically as well as in print. The best ones make their point a little more thoroughly than a blog comment or quickly written email but don’t go overboard in length. We rarely publish a letter longer than 200 words and prefer them to be shorter if possible.

How to Submit Letters:

Mail: 2 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10121-2298
Fax: 212-904-2980

Please include an address and daytime and evening phone numbers on all letters. We reserve the right to edit letters for clarity, style and space and to use them electronically and in print.

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