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Workforce - Featured Headline
First Two U.S. CM Programs Receive Independent ABET Accreditation
Brigham Young and Pittsburg State universities seek recognition that construction management is not just a subset of engineering but requires its own skills and knowledge.

Brigham Young University

Little-Noticed Lawsuit Seeks Overtime Pay For Non-Craft Project Staff
The Obama administration seeks changes in overtime pay rules, and an unusual 2013 lawsuit shows that staff other than craft workers could seek enforcement.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Dept. of Labor

More News
10/02/15 Construction Sept. Jobless Rate Dips From August and Year-Earlier Levels

Industry adds 8,000 jobs, led by specialty trade contractors' gains, but heavy-civil sector sheds 2,200 positions.
09/28/15 Israel Agrees To Admit 20,000 Chinese Construction Workers

The controversial effort would expedite needed residential construction, say officials, who approved it without a bilateral agreement with China.
09/23/15 New Zealand Reaps Rewards of Declining Resources Sector

New Zealand's buoyant construction economy is not only drawing home Kiwis from Australia but also attracting Australians who are coping with their country's struggling resource economy or coming from softening North American energy and mining markets.
09/04/15 Construction Jobless Rate in August Falls Year Over Year

Industry rate declines to 6.1% from August 2014's 7.7% but climbs from July's 5.5%, Bureau of Labor Statistics says.
09/03/15 NLRB Ruling May Chill Contractors' Ties With 'Temp' Staffing Firms

A National Labor Relations Board decision could affect relationships between some construction contractors and firms that provide temporary labor and potentially with subcontractors, too, an industry official says.
08/19/15 Public Works Professionals Stay on the Front Lines

Maintaining the nation's infrastructure requires more than driving big yellow trucks.
08/18/15 AECOM-URS Settles DOE Site Whistleblower Suit in $4-Million Pact

Hanford engineering manager Walter Tamosaitis wins vindication in five-year fight over termination, safety risks at now-halted nuclear waste treatment plant.
08/17/15 Summer Camp Links Middle School Girls to Future in Engineering

Las Vegas-based students gained access to older grads and practitioners to gain insight on the field and its learning and career paths.
08/10/15 Construction Jobless Rate Improves in July to 5.5%

Job gains in residential, heavy-civil work offset losses in nonresidential sector.
07/29/15 Technical Schools Compete With Traditional Colleges

A growing number of young people are bypassing four-year colleges and opting for trade schools and apprenticeships.
07/19/15 Migrant Worker Home Countries Have Mixed Responses to Abuses in Qatar

Nepal and India are starting to exert more pressure on booming Gulf nation to moderate kafala system and improve working conditions for hundreds of thousands of workers.
07/02/15 Construction Gains No Jobs in June, but Jobless Rate Dips

Unemployment rate declines to 6.3% from May's 6.7% and is markedly better than year-earlier 8.2%.
06/30/15 NAVFAC Takes Step to Fill 3,000 Vacancies

As a two-year hiring freeze is lifted, US Navy's construction arm ramps up talent push to get projects moving.
06/30/15 Worker Gaps Cost Construction Firms More

Survey shows salaries rose by 3.46% in 2014, up from 3.24% the year before.
06/24/15 Alaska Projects Face Local-Hire Rules To Ease State Joblessness

90% local mandate will apply to craft and engineering jobs on July 1; contractors see impacts on rural jobs.
06/16/15 Canadian Pipeline Regulator Responds to Oil Group's Plea for Better Engineers

As soon as NEB inspectors learn the trade, an official says, they jump ship.
06/10/15 Prevailing Wages Remain in Play in Heartland

After Indiana repealed its state prevailing wage law, the question is which states, if any, will follow.
06/09/15 Construction's Jobless Rate Keeps Falling in May

Industry's rate dips to 6.7% from April's 7.5% and was much better than May 2014's 8.6%.
05/29/15 Republicans Put Repeal of Prevailing Wages on Front Burner

Repeal of prevailing wages in Indiana and efforts in other states put union contractor control of state-funded projects in jeopardy.
05/27/15 Pay and Diversity Gaps Challenge HR Managers to Boost Role

Human resource directors are urged to increase their visibility and influence to top bosses.
05/12/15 Industry Women Tackle Still Nagging Worksite Challenges

Sexual harrassment, being addressed by Kiewit HR exec Jill Thomsen at May 6 ENR conference, was one of the “elephants in the room” for 300 women attendees that also include pay disparity and mentoring.
05/08/15 Construction April Jobless Rate Drops as Industry Adds 45,000 Jobs

Specialty trade contractors set pace with 41,000 jobs gained, but nonresidential building loses 7,800.
05/06/15 1,000-Strong Tradeswomen Gathering Sees Future in Doubled Apprenticeships

Union sponsored event focused on boosting recruiting and developing women for long -term craft careers.
05/05/15 Employees in Construction Are Among Happiest of All Sectors, Says Survey

Tradespeople like KBR welding inspector Holley Thomas, with boss Stuart Bradie, say they like their work, the opportunity for advancement and the satisfaction of building; Holley was cited by ABC as its craft professional of the year.
04/22/15 Building Trades Reach Across Aisle To Push Election Agenda

The Democratic Party no longer has a lock on organized labor loyalties, says Sean McGarvey, North America building trades president.
04/15/15 Close-Knit Team Keeps Houston Electrical Engineer's Sparks Flying

Firm has avoided layoffs and now is poised for growth.
04/14/15 High School Team Tests Skills as Roller-Coaster Builders

Students in Oxnard, Calif., learn ups and downs of applying engineering concepts to model
04/03/15 Construction Jobless Rate Falls but Industry Loses 1,000 Jobs

Job losses in residential specialty trades, heavy-civil segments outpace gain in buildings sector.
03/25/15 ?New AGC President Says Future Depends on a Safe Workforce

The chairman of Linbeck talks about the hard choices in enforcing safety practices, the need to empower foremen and the search for craft leaders.
03/17/15 Military Engineers' Construction Camps: Learn Alot, Have Fun and Wear Great T-Shirts!

SAME one-week summer programs for high-school students at US service academies are now signing up recruits.
03/17/15 U.S. Spends Big for Outsourced Worker Services, But Contractor Workforce Size Is Still a Mystery

Congressional Budget Office data analysis of last decade can't determine the number of contracted employees.
03/17/15 Skills Shortage Challenges New Zealand Earthquake Rebuild

Facing worker competition in a booming national economy, government and industry try new regional training approaches and inducements like free ski passes.
03/10/15 Improving Safety, Business Skills on the Radar for IMPACT

The North American Ironworkers/IMPACT Labor-Management group reported progress on key safety and market expansion initiatives, and making signatory contractors more successful, said union President Walter Wise at late February conference in Las Vegas.
03/06/15 Construction Feb. Jobless Rate Down From 2014, 29,000 Jobs Added

Specialty trades firms, buildings contractors gain jobs but heavy-civil sector is down.
02/24/15 Lifting Experts Teach Online Course for Rigging Engineers

Rigging engineering is becoming high-risk work that requires knowledge transfer, experts say.
02/17/15 New Federal Contractor Rules Target Worker ‘Trafficking’

Firms must develop annual compliance plans, but experts see challenges in global supply chain enforcement
02/11/15 Welder Shortfall Fires Up Industry Training Programs to Work Overtime

America’s industrial-energy construction boom fuels the push for more welders with top skills
02/06/15 Construction January Jobless Rate Down From Year-Earlier Level

Industry gains 39,000 jobs, led by buildings construction, which added 19,500.
01/30/15 Fatal Collapses, Jobsite Safety Concerns Prompt Building Halt in Nairobi

Moritorium threatens jobs but follows two building accidents that killed eight in January; Chinese worker also dies in road jobsite assault
01/27/15 Firms Anticipate More Worker Shortages Ahead

Growing building trade union rosters could help fill need, unions say.
01/21/15 Beavers, Caterpillar Raise Education Funds

Cat has committed up to $1 million if members of the Beavers raise twice that amount, or $2 million, through 2017.
01/20/15 Contractor Cites Pension Fund Claim as Reason for Bankruptcy

Tennessee masonry contractor Wasco takes an unusual step in seeking protection during a messy disagreement over millions a union pension fund says the company owes.
01/14/15 Industry Executive Pay Drops 8% As Profits Decline, Says FMI

New survey shows biggest long-term compensation drop for business-unit chiefs and financial top execs
01/12/15 Construction Adds 48,000 Jobs as Year-End Jobless Rate Falls

Specialty trade contractors gained 25,500 jobs last month; heavy-civil firms picked up 11,600 and buildings sector added 10,800.
12/16/14 Global Practices Vary Greatly in Use of Migrant Construction Workers

Activists are escalating concerns about global labor exploitation on big projects, such as this estimated $27-billion cultural resort under way in the UAE; Singapore is paying contractors to adopt more labor-saving technology.
12/16/14 Workers Strike Chinese Firms in Namibia Over Job Hazards and Benefits Inequality

Workers claim they lack social security protections and are denied transportation allowances enjoyed by their Chinese counterparts.
12/15/14 MWH Engineer Expat Sues His Now Former Employer Over Family Saga in Qatar

Employee challenges firm's risk-prevention steps, but an international employment attorney says the situation was tough to 'predict on the front end.'
12/05/14 Construction Nov. Jobless Rate Up, But Workforce Grows by 20,000

Industry adds 20,000 jobs in November, led mostly by gains in residential sector.
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