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Workforce - Featured Headline
Global Practices Vary Greatly in Use of Migrant Construction Workers
Activists are escalating concerns about global labor exploitation on big projects, such as this estimated $27-billion cultural resort under way in the UAE; Singapore is paying contractors to adopt more labor-saving technology.


Construction Leads South Africa's Job Growth, Says Latest Report
Sector's employment gain helped push slight reduction in country's overall joblessness in the third quarter.


More News
01/27/15 Firms Anticipate More Worker Shortages Ahead

Growing building trade union rosters could help fill need, unions say.
01/21/15 Beavers, Caterpillar Raise Education Funds

Cat has committed up to $1 million if members of the Beavers raise twice that amount, or $2 million, through 2017.
01/20/15 Contractor Cites Pension Fund Claim as Reason for Bankruptcy

Tennessee masonry contractor Wasco takes an unusual step in seeking protection during a messy disagreement over millions a union pension fund says the company owes.
01/14/15 Industry Executive Pay Drops 8% As Profits Decline, Says FMI

New survey shows biggest long-term compensation drop for business-unit chiefs and financial top execs
01/12/15 Construction Adds 48,000 Jobs as Year-End Jobless Rate Falls

Specialty trade contractors gained 25,500 jobs last month; heavy-civil firms picked up 11,600 and buildings sector added 10,800.
12/16/14 Workers Strike Chinese Firms in Namibia Over Job Hazards and Benefits Inequality

Workers claim they lack social security protections and are denied transportation allowances enjoyed by their Chinese counterparts.
12/15/14 MWH Engineer Expat Sues His Now Former Employer Over Family Saga in Qatar

Employee challenges firm's risk-prevention steps, but an international employment attorney says the situation was tough to 'predict on the front end.'
12/05/14 Construction Nov. Jobless Rate Up, But Workforce Grows by 20,000

Industry adds 20,000 jobs in November, led mostly by gains in residential sector.
12/02/14 Obama's Immigration Actions May Complicate I-9 Form Audits

If enforcement actions against employers involving form I-9 increased under the Obama Administration's new planned executive actions, employer compliance could become more complicated and risky.
11/18/14 Owners and Contractors Debate Labor Shortage Remedies At Texas Summit

Owners' group CURT will release its new targeted labor supply tool in December and an updated workforce risk mitigation white paper next February.
11/07/14 Construction October Jobless Rate Drops, as Workforce Rises by 12,000

Increase in jobs concentrated in specialty contractors, heavy-civil sectors, as buildings segment sheds positions.
11/04/14 Demand Hikes Pay for Most E&C Professionals, Says FMI Analysis

Marketers and field engineers gained most, but discretionary bonuses suffered with tanking profits in recesssions
10/22/14 AGC Survey Cites Worse Shortages and Added Quality Concerns

About 86% of Southern state respondents, mostly nonunion, report problems in finding adequately skilled craft workers.
10/15/14 Union-Employer Study Cites Marcellus Shale Construction Job Boom

Survey says region's oil and gas development has spawned 45,000 new jobs since 2008.
10/14/14 Pushback Against Chinese Workers Escalates in Africa

Kidnappings shed light on Chinese firms' heavy reliance on expatriates to keep projects on track, despite promises to hire more locals.
10/14/14 Bad Boss Relationship Spurs Most Turnover, AEC Survey Reports

Morrissey-Goodale study pins 24% of key hire departures to difficulties with bosses, but also cites several other turnover catalysts.
10/08/14 Improving Sector Buoys Commercial Real Estate Women

CREW Network President Judith Nitsch, an engineering firm exec (left), queries potential 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton on womens' risk-taking and role in the economy at Miami conference.
10/03/14 Construction Sept. Unemployment Rate Falls as Industry Gains 16,000 Jobs

The industry's September jobless rate was 7%, down from August's 7.7% and well below September 2013's 8.5%
09/16/14 Contractors Turning Down Work Due to Labor Shortages, Says AGC Survey
About 13% of survey respondents note "significant" hikes in craft labor salaries.
09/05/14 Construction August Jobless Rate Up Slightly, But Industry Gains Jobs

Industry rate rises to 7.7% from 7.5% in July, but is better than August 2013's 9.1% level.
09/03/14 Union-Backed Study Documents Impacts of Misclassified Workers in California

The state’s unreported and misclassified construction work increased by 400% from 1972 to 2012.
09/03/14 Via Executive Order, Obama Pushes for Ethical Contracting

Industry groups say the mandate for contractors to disclose worker violations would create compliance nightmares if fully enacted.
09/02/14 National Park Service Taps CM Students For Idaho Site Restoration

Boise State University class members managed design-build of former Japanese internment camp project; owner may rehire them for more work.
08/30/14 Jurisdictional Dispute: Which Trade Installs Solar Panels?

An argument broke out over installation at a San Mateo, Calif. school project despite a union project labor agreement.
08/26/14 URS Unit Must Remedy Actions Against Hanford Whistle-Blower, Say Feds

U.S. Labor Dept says firm may have violated whistle-blower protections and orders back pay and reinstatement; URS has until Sept. 19 to appeal.
08/20/14 Uncivil Engineering? Broad Study Explores What Pushes Women to Leave the Field

National Science Foundation-funded analysis of 5,300 women engineers by University of Wisconsin researchers cites cultural barriers that are not just "womens' issues."
08/13/14 CII Identifies Attributes Most Related to Project Success

Working relationships and team dynamics have emerged as the leading variables affecting the cost and schedule of industrial project, research shows.
08/12/14 Ebola Halts Some Construction Projects in West Africa

Some expats are evacuated from affected countries, but most owners and contractors are boosting safety procedures and monitoring the vitus's spread.
08/01/14 Construction Jobless Rate Dips Again in July, Industry Adds 22K Jobs

Specialty trade contractors sector led the July jobs gains, adding 13,900.
07/30/14 Contractors Groups Praise New U.S. Job Training Law

Law will make it easier for more union, and non-union, employers to create and participate in craft apprenticeship programs.
07/29/14 Big South Africa Workers' Strike Settlement Ends Month of Construction Sector Disruption

Walkout over wages and terms by 200,000 manufacturing workers had halted materials shipments to key power plant sites.
07/22/14 Grassroots Approaches Aim to Boost Construction Industry Image

Early-education programs, hands-on building museums and construction theme parks offer kids experience with possible construction careers.
07/15/14 Viewpoint: Firms Need Millennials Now More than Ever

Young professionals have skills rooted in entrepreneurship, technology, and collaboration—skills that can help counter some of the sector’s emerging challenges.
07/07/14 Construction June Unemployment Rate Down As Industry Adds 6,000 Jobs

Buildings sector sets pace, adding 6,600 jobs, but heavy-civil construction sheds 700.
07/02/14 Contractor Launches Kid-Friendly Construction Equipment Amusement Park in N.J.

Diggerland USA, modeled after U.K. enterprise, cultivates next-gen industry interest as families ride and operate revamped excavators, backhoes, skid steer loaders and other machinery.
06/24/14 Bucknell University Reaps ‘Success’ As Engineering Mentor Program Produces First Grads

Industry-sponsored booster for diverse students at elite private university offers skillbuilding, community and connection to industry career possibilities.
06/17/14 'Robot' Welders As Labor Boost On Tappan Zee Bridge Piles Spur Controversy

Open-shop contractors say project labor pact limits pool, but unions point to job-size demands and changing requirements.
06/17/14 Self-Advocacy is Key Strategy for Women in Construction

CBRE chief Mary Ann Tighe and other construction executives share best practices for women to get to the "higher reaches" of industry careers at June 12 ENR conference in New York City.
06/11/14 Construction Week: Industry Unemployment Rate Continues to Shrink; Pres. Obama Signs $12B WRRDA Bill

President Obama signs into law new $12.3-billion Water Resources Reform and Development Act.
06/06/14 Construction May Unemployment Rate Drops, Industry Gains 6,000 Jobs

Heavy-civil sector and residential specialty trades each added 3,200 jobs, but nonresidential buildings and nonresidential specialty firms posted small losses.
06/04/14 Carnegie-Mellon U. Graduate Program Fast Tracks Future Innovators

School's year old Integrated Innovation Institute blends engineering, design and business; participants tackle corporate projects and social issues.
05/30/14 Ruling Restores Order to Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation

A state appeals court overturned a lower court decision from 2012 that effectively ended the old system of dividing up risk and liability between subs, generals and insurers in the state.
05/28/14 Alberta Weighs Pro-Union Push

Officials say anticipated labor code changes would boost construction stability, but nonunion advocates say they fail to acknowledge growing market competition.
05/27/14 Diversity and Obamacare Are Among Key Issues for Sector’s Human Resource Managers

Survey of nearly 100 engineers and contractors says large firms spend .64% of net revenue on HR while those with less than $100 million in revenue spend 1.36%.
05/12/14 Chinese Face Acute Worker Shortage on $2B Uganda Dam Project

China’s Sinohydro Corp. had pledged to create at least 10,000 jobs for Ugandans and Chinese, but has filled only 168 slots.
05/07/14 Union Tradeswomen Record Conference Turnout Buoys Efforts

Tradeswomen met in record number in California but worry that the rate of female craft retirements will outpace the number of incoming apprentices.
05/02/14 Construction April Jobless Rate Dives as Industry Adds 32,000 Jobs

Job gains were across the board, led by buildings sector, which picked up 12,000.
04/30/14 Industry Seeks Answers to Increasing Labor Shortages

Construction Seeks New Answers to Growing Labor Shortages
04/15/14 Young New Jersey Engineer Takes Leadership to a Whole New Community

Hanifa Johnson boosts student reading and engineering's image by championing a pilot program in a Newark, N.J. elementary school staffed by practitioner volunteers.
04/15/14 Unions Push To Find and Train Workers in North Dakota Boom

Most construction trades are nonunion in the right-to-work state, says one Associated Builders and Contractors official.
04/04/14 Construction March Jobless Rate Falls as Industry Adds 19,000 Jobs

All industry sectors gained jobs last month, led by specialty trade contractors, which added 10,500.
03/18/14 Wounded Vet Finds Career Transition as Construction Firm CEO

HT Tran adapted construction and management skills gained in combat to work in running and growing California-based Anvil Builders.
03/12/14 AGC Convention in Las Vegas Launches 'Hardhats for Highways' Campaign

Group President Alan Landes wants members to convince congressional reps that more federal transportation funding means more job creation.
03/12/14 Unions Tout Push on Keystone and Into Energy Sector Market

At mid-March conference, Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson told U.S.-Canada building trades to push for mega-pipeline and other energy sector work.
03/07/14 Construction Feb. Jobless Rate Climbs But Industry Adds 15,000 Jobs

Heavy and civil construction led all sectors of the industry, gaining 12,300 jobs last month.
02/25/14 Second URS Employee Links Firing To Nuclear Site Whistleblowing

Oregon Sen. Wyden will seek GAO probe of "contractor retaliation" against whistleblowers at the Hanford site.
02/18/14 Trades Must Play Key Role To Keep Industry Competitive, Employers Tell Union Ironworkers

Crafts can add skills in modularization, value engineering and constructibility.
02/12/14 Industry Commits To White House Plan for 100,000 Military Vet Hires

About 100 firms and trade groups pledged the jobs in five-year initiative headed by Michelle Obama.
02/12/14 Senate Bill Pushes Craft Training Aid

Republican sponsor’s legislation would allow states to grant student loans for alternative training programs, courses and certifications.
02/04/14 Construction Industry Learning Goes Borderless

Architects, engineers and contractors find reward and challenge in adapting internal training to global workplaces.
01/28/14 Federal Jobsite Racism Complaint Against Skanska Moves Ahead

A U.S. complaint alleging racist treatment on a Memphis hospital project in 2009 bypassed the direct employer and aimed directly at the main contractor.
01/22/14 Gas-Fired Projects Are Gaining Momentum

Abundant LNG feedstock and stable prices trump shortage of craftspeople and materials.
01/14/14 Legal Pot Now a High Priority Among Contractors

Construction firms in Colorado and Washington wrestle with balance between federal and state laws, employee conduct and safety.
01/14/14 Planned Projects Could Drive Up Craft Demand in Great Lakes and Midwest

Rising utilization rates could lead to retention and productivity issues, says one market forecaster
01/10/14 Construction Dec. Jobless Rate Up as Industry Loses 16,000 Jobs

The industry also added about 122,000 total jobs in 2013.
12/20/13 Operating Engineers Will Rejoin Building Trades After Eight-Year Absence

Reaffiliation follow election of new president in 2011, and need to boost market share in booming energy sector.
12/18/13 Construction Workers in West Africa's Booming Cameroon Get 5% Raise, But Voice Other Concerns

Local workers see too many migrant Chinese in the industry workforce and too little concern for safety.
12/18/13 Carpenters Union Creates Training Megasite for Trainers and Others

New 220,000 sq-ft addition includes an expanded millwright training area focused on power generation and renewable energy.
12/10/13 Hartford High School Engineers Help Nepal Students Power Up

Students at Connecticut STEM academy build Nepal school’s first-ever electricity system.
12/06/13 Construction Jobless Rate Down in November as Industry Adds 17,000 Jobs

All of the industry's sectors added jobs, led by residential specialty trade contractors, which gained 7,100.
11/19/13 UPDATE: New Kids' Book Touts What 'Amazing Builders' Do

Construction firm sponsors and schools have joined to showcase craft and management careers for up to 100,000 U.S. middle and high school students.
11/19/13 India Grapples With Crippling Labor Shortage

With construction booming at unprecedented levels, the demand for a skilled workforce is huge and unfed.
11/13/13 Shale-gas Project Boom Drives Solutions to Shortfalls in Craft, Tech and Management Jobs

Most owners, recognizing the impacts of talent shortages, are pacing project final decisions.
11/13/13 'Process' Rules for University of Houston CM Students

The school's first graduates from its new process and industrial (P&I) track head for industry in December.
11/08/13 Construction Oct. Jobless Rate Rises, But Industry Adds 11,000 Jobs

All industry sectors added jobs, led by residential buildings and non-residential specialty contractors.
11/04/13 Must a Union Local Obey Age Discrimination Law?

A 2011 lawsuit promises to answer questions about whether an apprentice candidate can be 'too old.'
11/01/13 Contractor to Pay Job Applicants $875K in Agreement With DOL

M.C. Dean's agreement with DOL says the company does not admit violations of equal-employment laws or directives.
10/22/13 Construction Sector Added 20,000 Jobs, Labor Dept. Reports

The September figure is 3.4 % higher than in September 2012, while aggregate weekly hours of all construction employees rose 4.2 percent over the year.
10/22/13 Why U.K. Contractors Will Pay Millions to Blacklisted Workers

Balfour Beatty, Skanska and others join a compensation plan and an electrician is returned to work on the massive CrossRail project.
10/16/13 A New Phase in Carpenters Union Fight Between Brothers

A public fight between carpenters’ union president Douglas J. McCarron and his younger brother, Southwest regional council chief Mike McCarron, spilled into federal court in Los Angeles on Oct. 4.
10/10/13 U.K. Contractors Agree to Compensate Long-Blacklisted Construction Workers

Eight major companies will repay up to 3,200 workers added to list for reasons ranging from health and safety histories to being "troublesome."
10/09/13 Construction Week: Dodge Momentum Index Up in Sept.; Hydraulic Issue Blamed in NYC Crane Mishap

Institutional building market still shows weakness.
10/03/13 Construction Week: Starts Up 1% Over 2012, Colo. DOT Waits for Fed-Approved Flood-Repair Funds

Construction starts through August 2013 are up 1% over a year ago.
09/23/13 Sacramento Arena Team Signs PLA, Gets Protection From Environmental Litigation

A bill designed to prevent environmental challenges for the new Sacramento Kings arena was passed days after a project labor agreement was reached.
09/10/13 Shortages of Craft Workers, Engineers Plague Contractors

Seventy-four percent of firms report a crunch in skilled trades, while 53% said they cannot find enough project supervisors, estimators and engineers.
09/06/13 Construction Unemployment Rate Stays Flat in August

Industry's jobs total also held steady, as residential and heavy-civil sectors' gains failed to offset other segments' losses.
09/04/13 McCarron Brothers Are at Center of Carpenters' Union Leadership Fight

Union president Douglas McCarron has ousted regional chief Mike McCarron over charges that may be both professional and personal.
08/28/13 Labor Dept. Affirmative-Action Rules Draw Construction Groups' Ire

Contractor associations say record-keeping requirements are burdensome and are weighing court challenges.
08/27/13 Chinese Contactors Grapple With Risks of Working Globally

As global work picks up for Chinese contractors, so do risks of doing business in highly unstable areas. Construction firms are hardening their sites and taking other precautions.
08/21/13 Viewpoint: We can STEM the Gender Gap

Is testosterone a required variable for understanding inertia or balancing the Schrödinger equation? Leveling the playing field will help crush the social stigma that says careers in science, technology, engineering, and math are for boys only.
08/21/13 Incentive Compensation: Money Well Spent?

Bonus programs not well-defined enough up front to yield the best return on company investment, says a new FMI study.
08/02/13 Construction July Unemployment Rate Falls, Despite Loss of 6,000 Jobs

Job losses in nonresidential and heavy-civil sectors outweigh pickup in residential segments.
07/05/13 Construction Jobless Rate Falls Below 10%, Industry Adds 13,000 Jobs

June's 9.8% rate was down from May's 10.8% and a sharp improvement over the year-earlier 12.8%.
06/07/13 Construction Jobless Rate Drops to Nearly 5-Year Low

Industry gained 7,000 jobs in May across all sectors except nonresidential buildings.
05/29/13 Construction Debates Cap for Hardhats

Bill headed for senate floor pegs guest-worker visas at 15,000. A wide range of folks agree that the number makes no sense.
05/20/13 Women Share Strategies on Leadership in Construction

Female, and male industry leaders, weigh in at ENR conference on how women can challenge the status quo, add value and avoid career pitfalls
05/06/13 Biologist, Copter Inspired a Big Apple Builder
Did Connie Crawford, the first-ever female chief engineer at the New York City Transit Authority, ever experience blatant sexism? After all, since 1981, she has been a civil engineer who frequently used to be the only woman in a room of hundreds.
05/06/13 MEP Jessica Vogel Applies Her Electrical Engineering Skills to Energy Work

A young engineer remains open to change in a fluctuating industry.
05/03/13 Construction April Unemployment Rate Falls, But 6,000 Jobs Lost

Residential sector's gain of 8,500 jobs failed to offset losses in nonresidential, heavy-civil segments.
05/02/13 Industry Women Weigh In on the New Normal

Ten women editors from Engineering News-Record and Architectural Record spent a day in the life of 10 women in the industry to find out what they think about their careers, about breaking stereotypes and about how to get ahead.
05/01/13 UT Professor is Advancing the Industry Through Research and Teaching

Outstanding early career research professor at the University of Texas is working toward advances in automation, safety and work zone efficiency
05/01/13 Ewa Bauer: A Journey From Oppression to The Golden Gate Bridge

Devotion to an iconic bridge and public transportation arose from an appreciation of the opportunities in the U.S.A.
05/01/13 An Emerging Architect Delivers Art on a Budget

Bajoria founded her own architecture firm at the height of the recession—a daring move that has paid off.
05/01/13 Industry Veteran Kimberly Spain Now Finds Herself Mentoring Others

The Haskell assistant superintendent considers herself a 'life-long learner.'
05/01/13 Persistence Pays Off for Texas Contractor Elizabeth Ponce

As part of ENR's look at women in construction feature, we look at the story of Elizabeth Ponce's journey from construction secretary to business owner.
05/01/13 Sparks Fly When This Ironworker Hits the Jobsite

Welder Katrina Kudzia didn’t plan to join the “family” trade in the late 1990s, but she’s built a solid career on craft skill and no nonsense.
05/01/13 Structural Engineer Has A Dream to Design a 100-Story Building

Jan Vacca is respected for her focus on problem-solving and collaboration; her gender does not come into play.
05/01/13 Transportation Expert Manages With Tenacity

Transportation expert heads up Boston's $1.9-billion GLX job.
05/01/13 Biologist, Copter Inspired a ‘Big Apple’ Builder

Unfazed by a male-dominated industry, Crawford became New York City’s first female chief transportation engineer
04/24/13 Goldieblox Toy Takes Girls For a Spin into Engineering Careers

Stanford University engineering grad develops toy line to help young girls relate to concepts in the field.
04/24/13 Union Leaders Reshaping Their Message to Politicians, Industry

Building Trades gather in Washington, D.C. for annual legislative conference.
04/24/13 Moles Take Students Down Under to Showcase Construction

Annual mega field trip for college juniors draws 425 participants to tour New York City tunnel project.
04/16/13 Union Tradeswomen Are Urged to 'Lean In' at Big Gathering

?Arecord 650 union tradeswomen attending the annual "Women Building California and the Nation" conference earlier this month were urged to take a cue from top Facebook executive Sheryl Sandburg and "lean in" to become leaders at jobsites, union halls and in their communities.
04/05/13 Construction Gains 18,000 Jobs in March, Jobless Rate Continues Down

Industry unemployment rate dipped to 14.7% from February's 15.7% and also was better than March 2012's 17.2%.
03/08/13 Construction Adds 48,000 Jobs in February, Jobless Rate Dips

Increase in jobs is largest monthly gain in several years and affected all industry sectors.
02/01/13 Construction Adds 28,000 Jobs in January, But Jobless Rate Rises

Except for nonresidential building, all construction sectors gained jobs last month. Specialty trade contractors led the way, picking up 26,000 positions.
01/30/13 Texas A&M University Envisions 25,000 Engineering Students by 2025

The university's engineering school says enrollment is already soaring, with 10,000 applications received for 1,600 spots last year.
01/04/13 Construction Gains 30,000 Jobs in December, But Unemployment Rate Is Up

Job gains came in almost all industry sectors, paced by specialty trade contractors. But jobless rate climbed to 13.5%, from November's 12.2%, as construction's winter slowdown began.
12/07/12 Construction Nov. Unemployment Rate Rises, Industry Loses 20,000 Jobs

Nearly all construction sectors shed jobs last month, including 11,100 positions in buildings segment and 3,800 in heavy-civil category.
12/05/12 Will Cheap Labor in India Last Forever?

A global symbol of offshoring, India benefits from the massive availability of its workers, including throngs of tradesmen on the construction site.
11/28/12 Owners Push Tool to Rate Contractors on Workforce Quality

Construction Users Round Table sees workforce investment measure as a component, like safety, in contract award.
11/26/12 Will Proposed Anti-Bullying Laws Bring a Wave of Lawsuits?

A special investigation of sexual harassment and bullying in the construction industry.
11/26/12 What Employers Do to Fend Off Abuse Lawsuits

Some believe an overhaul of corporate values is needed more than bulletproof policies and procedures.
11/02/12 Construction Crews Converge for Hurricane Repairs, Restoration

Logistical finesse and sheer determination bring in thousands of workers needed for Hurricane Sandy's aftermath.
11/02/12 Construction Oct. Jobless Rate Dips, as Industry Adds 17,000 Jobs

No impact yet of post-Sandy rebuilding, but AGC officials don't expect reconstruction jobs to outweigh effect of other projects cancelled or delayed by the storm.
10/17/12 Professional Engineers' License Debate Grows in Intensity

Engineering groups, academics and firm leaders ramp up campaigns for and against more education for professional licensing.
10/17/12 Engineering Academies' First High-School Grads

Private tech-focused programs prepare 500 students for college and non-academic careers.
10/17/12 Plug-In Car Infrastructure Gives Training a Big Charge

Green trend boosts high-tech skills of electrical workers and contractors.
10/17/12 Washington Subcontractor Leads State Push on STEM

Dean Allen, CEO of Seattle-based contractor McKinstry, is not OK with too many kids in the state giving up on the study of science, technology, engineering and math.
10/17/12 Tennesee Geotechnical Engineer Reclaims More than Riverbanks

Engineer Barry Thacker is on a one-man education crusade in Appalachia.
10/05/12 Construction Sept. Unemployment Rate Up, Though Industry Adds Jobs

Industry's unemployment rate climbs to 11.9%, from August's 11.3%, despite gaining 5,000 jobs. The rate improved from September 2011's 13.3%.
10/03/12 Industry Struggles To Find Qualified Crane Workers

It took Link-Belt months to find workers for its Kentucky factory.
09/18/12 Internship is Key to Landing a Job in Tough Market for CM Grad

Connections forged over two summers helped secure role at Detroit building contractor.
09/11/12 New Advice from Feds on Hiring Those with Arrest Records

Anti-bias agency EEOC expands guidance on how criminal records and discrimination complaints factor in employment decisions.
09/07/12 Construction Aug. Jobless Rate Falls, But Industry Adds Just 1,000 Jobs

Industry officials say one factor behind drop in jobless rate is exit of many workers from the construction sector.
08/28/12 Construction Men Find Refuge in Sexual Harassment Laws

Between 20% and 25% of complaints brought against construction companies over the past 10 years by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission involves a harassment claim by a man, according to data provided to ENR.
08/22/12 After April Uprising, Jirau Dam Back on Track

In the past, labor camps of Brazilian mega-projects at remote sites were rough-and-tumble affairs, marked by drunkenness, frequent fistfights and prostitution.
08/22/12 Brazilian Contractor Builds Training Center, Trade School

Faced with a mega-project labor shortage, Odebrecht went to work.
08/22/12 Caterpillar's Joliet Plant Kept Moving During Strike

Nearly 800 machinists narrowly reached a deal to extend their contract.
07/31/12 Judges Overturn Same-Sex Harass Verdict Against Boh Bros.

A Louisiana federal appeals court reversed last year's ruling against Boh Bros. regarding alleged sexual harassment of an ironworker by a superintendent.
07/23/12 New Industry Survey Says to Get Ready for Work Force Shortages

More than 70% of general contractors expect workforce shortages in design and construction by 2014.
07/06/12 Construction June Jobless Rate Down, as Industry Adds 2,000 Jobs.

Unemployment rate dips to 12.8% in June, from 14.2% in May and 15.6% in June 2011. Industry's job gains came in specialty trade contractors sector.
06/11/12 Industry Groups Team Up to Fight Jobsite Drug and Alcohol Use

Plans for Expansion are in the Works
06/04/12 Project Labor Agreements Are at Issue Again in California

San Diego officials have warned that a measure to ban project labor agreements could have consequences for the city.
06/04/12 Union Tradeswomen Show Solidarity

Union building trades women face challenges from recession and from rising anti-union sentiment.
06/01/12 Construction Sheds 28,000 Jobs in May, But Jobless Rate Dips

Specialty trade contractors, heavy-civil sector post job losses in May; nonresidential buildings segment shows modest gain.
05/21/12 Study Says Women Need More Sponsors in Construction

A recent study, presented at the Groundbreaking Women in Construction conference, held in New York City May 7, shows that women could benefit from the sponsorship for higher positions beyond mentorship.
05/07/12 Highway Work Zone Safety Campaign Continues

Industry-government efforts cited as factors behind decline in highway construction site fatalities.
05/04/12 Construction April Jobless Rate Falls, Though 2,000 Jobs Lost

Jobs shed in buildings and nonresidential specialty trades sectors outweighed gains in heavy-civil and residential specialty trades segments.
05/02/12 Florida Engineering Students are World Champions of Robotics

Two Florida high-school teams won the world championships of robotics engineering at an international competition held April 25-28 in St. Louis, Mo.
04/06/12 Construction March Jobless Rate Edges Up

Rate rose to 17.2% last month, from February's 17.1%, but was an improvement over March 2011 level of 20%. Job losses in buildings construction sector more than offset gains in heavy-civil.
03/26/12 Girls Get Up-Close Career View At Boston Area School Project

Women mentors share their engineering skill and professional insight with 150 middle and high school students.Women mentors share their engineering skill and professional insight with 150 middle and high school students.
03/09/12 Construction Jobless Rate Dips in Feb., But Industry Sheds Jobs

BLS report for February has mixed results for construction: unemployment rate down compared with January and year-earlier levels, but 13,000 jobs lost.
02/29/12 Los Alamos Federal Nuclear Research Facility Faces Layoffs, Construction Cuts

New Mexico site will postpone work on planned multi-billion-dollar plutonium research facility
02/03/12 Construction's January Jobless Rate Up, But Industry Gains 21,000 Jobs

Industry's 17.7% rate in January worsened from December's 16%, but was much improved from January 2011's 22.5%.
01/30/12 ?Georgia's 'Go Build' Program Aims To Boost Skilled Trades

Mike Rowe, star of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, offered his support of the Georgia program in the governor’s announcement, and will be featured in related advertising.
01/09/12 Construction December Jobless Rate Rises, Despite Gain of 17,000 Jobs

Nonresidential specialty trades added 20,200 jobs last month, but most other construction sectors posted declines.
12/02/11 Construction's November Unemployment Rate Falls , But Industry Lost 12,000 Jobs

Heavy-civil sector shed 7,000 jobs and buildings construction lost 4,200.
11/04/11 Construction's Jobless Rate Goes Up in October

Industry lost 20,000 jobs last month, after gaining 27,000 in September, Bureau of Labor Statistics reports
10/17/11 Social Media Reshape Job Hunting, Recruitment at Smith Group, CH2M Hill

Employees are mingling and showing themselves off to potential employers, and employers are looking to cut the time needed to reduce long lists of job candidates.
10/07/11 Construction Unemployment Rate Down in Sept.

Industry officials warn that the improvement may not be sustained if federal infrastructure funds are cut further and the economy doesn't strengthen.
09/02/11 Construction August Jobless Rate Dips, But Job Losses Continue

Though the unemployment rate was down, the industry still lost 5,000 jobs in August.
08/15/11 Jefferson County, Ala., Commissioners in Last-Ditch Renegotiations Over Muni Debt

Two commissioners enter discussions creditors with goal to renegotiate reduction in $3.2-million sewer bond valuation before Sept. 16 deadline could trigger a Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing.
07/18/11 A Generation of Iranians Displaced by Revolution Put Their Math and Science Savvy to Work

Memories of their homeland linger, and when they return for a visit, the locals notice the sparkle in their eyes.
07/18/11 An Ecuadorian Immigrant and AGC Iowa Create a Multicultural Curriculum for Jobsite Communication

South American specialist helps Iowan construction workers thrive on bilingual terms.
07/18/11 Chinese-Americans Find Themselves Bridging the Gap Between the U.S. and China

Endi Zhai persuaded top-level transportation officials, mayors, city councils, and some 200 engineers and contractors from several countries to attend the International Chinese Transportation Professionals Association conference in Los Angeles in May.
07/18/11 How a Support Group for Gays in Aviation Took Flight

Evan Futterman has worked in the aviation planning business for 32 years and has a goal to help other lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people succeed while not having to lie about their identities.
07/18/11 Korean-Americans Build Cultural Inroads in U.S. Construction

Korea, like China, is a rapidly developing Asian country where cultural differences may pose more of a challenge to doing business in the U.S. than for its European peers.
07/18/11 Minorities Lament their Low Numbers in Engineering and Construction

The construction industry's American Dream is not just monochromatic, and although there have been gains and outreach, inclusion, respect and success are still coveted.
07/18/11 Where a New Inclusiveness Is Changing the Face of the Construction Industry

Some firms do as little as the law will allow, but other make diversity a core company value.
07/13/11 Korean-Americans Build Cultural Inroads in U.S. Construction

Cultural differences between Koreans and Americans may pose more of a challenge to doing business in the U.S. than for its European peers.
07/08/11 Construction June Unemployment Rate Improves to 15.6%

But the industry also lost 9,000 jobs in June, with most construction sectors posting declines.
06/22/11 NLRB Proposes Changes to Speed Unionization Elections

Pro-union senators endorse proposal, but industry groups and congressional Republicans criticize it.
06/16/11 NYC Unions Agree to 20% Wage Cut On Manhattan Residential Project

Key unions in New York City, including laborers and structural trades, have agreed to a 20% wage cut for work on Gotham West, a residential development on Manhattan’s West Side.
06/08/11 Architects, Students Compete in Iron Designer Challenge

Professional and prospective architects and engineers will live life in the fast lane as they compete in the second annual Iron Designer Challenge in New York on Thursday, June 9. Patterned after the cooking show Iron Chef, eight teams consisting of three high school students and four professionals will go head to head as they build life-size and freestanding “Portals”—structures that mediate two spaces—in less than three hours.
06/03/11 Construction Jobless Rate Falls in May, to 16.3%

Construction added only 2,000 jobs last month with nonresidential specialty trade firms leading the way.
06/01/11 Don’t Blame The Workers

Craig DeFinis enjoys watching a craftsperson lose 15 minutes of work time about as much as he likes discovering that he just left his wallet in the back seat of a taxi. As the owner of Pittsburgh plumbing and HVAC contractor DeFinis Mechanical Contractors, he grants his union plumbers a quarter-hour morning break, even though his contract doesn’t require it, and hopes the workers don’t stretch it the way the half-hour lunch break sometimes goes to 45 minutes. Because each worker costs about $60 an hour in wages and benefits, extra minutes add up over the long run. “Multiply that by eight guys, five days a week, for six months—that’s a lot of money,” he says.
05/23/11 With Contract Dispute Settled, Corps Breaks Ground on Ft. Benning Hospital
After lengthy delays from bid protests and legal action, the Army Corps of Engineers' Savannah District held a ceremonial groundbreaking last month for the $333-million Martin Army Community Hospital at Fort Benning, Ga. Turner Construction Co., Atlanta, will lead the design-build contract for construction of the 745,000-sq-ft facility. The Corps first awarded Turner the contract in 2009.Shortly thereafter, Ellerbe Becket, Turner's design partner, was acquired by AECOM. Competing bidders cited that fact as a conflict of interest because another AECOM entity, HSMM, had been previously contracted to work on the project. The U.S. Government Accountability Office ultimately recommended that Turner's contract be terminated. Turner appealed, and a U.S. Court of Federal Claims judge ordered the contract be reinstated. The project is now targeting a January 2014 completion.
05/18/11 Georgia Expands E-Verify Rules

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) signed legislation on May 13 that expands state requirements to use the federal E-Verify system to check the immigration status of employees. It also closes a loophole for project worker identification and sets severe penalties for violations.
05/11/11 Construction Unemployment Drops to Less Than 18% in April
Construction's jobless rate improved in April, declining to 17.8% from 20% in March, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on May 6. Last month's figure also was markedly better than the April 2010 level of 21.8%, but it remains the worst among major U.S. industries. BLS says construction gained 5,000 jobs in April, according to preliminary numbers. However, BLS says total industry employment “has shown little net movement since early 2010, after having fallen sharply during the prior three years.” By sector, jobs in heavy and civil construction rose by 12,700 in April, more than offsetting losses in buildings and specialty-trade categories. Employment rose by 5,600 in architectural and engineering services, which BLS separates from construction. The overall U.S. jobless rate rose to 9% in April from 8.8% a month earlier. Rates for construction and other industries are not adjusted for seasonal variations.
05/11/11 Missouri DOT To Trim 1,200 Staff To Offset Revenue Shortfalls
Missouri's transportation department unveiled plans on May 5 for dramatic cost cutting measures that will trim 1,200 staff positions, or 19% of its workforce. The department also will close 135 facilities and sell 740 pieces of equipment. The agency's five-year, $1.2-billion budget is being halved to $600 million due to severe revenue shortfalls. The reductions will create an estimated $512-million onetime savings as well as $117 million in long-term annual savings. The proposed program is “a matter of survival,” says state transportation director Kevin Keith. The cuts will scale back department facilities by 40% and reduce its equipment fleet by 12.6%.
05/11/11 Will Painters Union Set Trend In 2011 New York Bargaining?

Union painters in New York City finalized a collective bargaining agreement on May 3 that makes several wage, benefit and work-rule concessions to employers, a result contractor groups hope will set a pattern for other city pacts now being negotiated. The Association of Master Painters of New York Inc., District Council No. 9 of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, and AFL-CIO ratified the new contract after 10 weeks of bargaining.
05/06/11 Construction Jobless Rate Dips in April

Construction's jobless rate declines to 17.8% in April, but still is the highest among U.S. industries.
05/04/11 First National Conference For Women in the Trades
04/13/11 San Francisco's 'Local Hire' Law Favors Trades In the City, But Neighbors Push for Rollbacks
04/01/11 Construction Unemployment Rate Dips In March
03/09/11 Construction Jobless Rate Dips in February
03/02/11 New York Builders and Unions At Odds Over Market Realities
02/23/11 Millennials Bring New Attitudes
02/23/11 Who Is a ‘Millennial’?
02/23/11 The Millennials: Who They Are, And Why They Are A Force to be Reckoned With
02/23/11 Millennials Profile: Conrado Rodrigues
02/23/11 Millennials Profile: Elizabeth McAndrew-Benavides
02/23/11 Millennials Profile: Ellina Yin
02/23/11 Millennials Profile: Jonathan Gaul
02/23/11 Millennials Profile: Jonatan Schumacher
02/04/11 Jan. Job Losses of 32,000 Push Up Industry Unemployment
01/12/11 Obama Nominates Republican To Fill Labor Board’s Final Seat
12/15/10 Dismal Unemployment Rates Show Glimmer of Hope
12/01/10 Ironworkers’ President Joe Hunt Steps Down; Wise Succeeds
11/23/10 Former Carpenters Union Officer Headed to Jail for Racketeering
11/10/10 Women Executives Are Seeking a Bigger RoleTo Help Industry Firms Weather Tough Times
11/09/10 Small Sign of Hope Emerges in Latest Construction Jobs Statistics
11/03/10 Fitting In at the Jobsite Starts With Work Boots That Fit
10/20/10 Journeywoman Card Granted To Woman Who Claimed Harassment
10/13/10 Skilled Trades Are Tough To Crack; Women Fight To Gain Ground
10/06/10 Engineers Pushing Students to Read? Efforts Boost Kids’ Work, Mentors’ Skills Too
10/06/10 Survey Reports More Owner Staff Cutbacks
09/08/10 Workers May Shun Nuke Sector If New Projects Do Not Proceed
09/03/10 Stalemate in Chicago Strike Delays Key Local Projects
08/18/10 Laborers Rejoin AFL-CIO, But Unity Not Total
07/21/10 Deal Ends Strike In the Midwest
07/14/10 Stalemate in Chicago Strike Delays Key Local Projects
07/14/10 Engineers Without Borders-USA Selected for 2010 Turner Prize
07/07/10 Construction Unemployment Rate Flat As Industry Loses 22,000 Jobs in June
07/02/10 Construction Jobless Rate Flat; Industry Loses 22,000 Jobs in June
06/30/10 University of Alabama Debuts Disaster Response Study Track
06/23/10 Congress Confirms Two to National Labor Relations Board
06/23/10 Labor Dept. Considering Worker-Classification Rule
06/23/10 Mentoring Group Benefits Students
06/21/10 Labor Dept. Mulls Proposing Worker-Classification Rule
06/09/10 Industry Associations Launch Career Website in Water Niche
06/09/10 Unemployment at Record Levels Despite Seasonal Declines
06/04/10 Construction Jobless Rate Improves in May, But Industry Lost 35,000 Jobs
05/18/10 Laborers' Union Launches Infrastructure Campaign
05/12/10 Prison Builder Helps Inmates Go To Work
05/12/10 Construction Unemployment Drops But Still Tops 20%
05/07/10 Construction's April Jobless Rate Gets a Bit Brighter
05/05/10 Arizona's Immigration Law Troubles State's Contractors
04/21/10 Trades Vow To Keep Political Status Quo
04/02/10 Unemployment Rises
03/10/10 Pressure, Layoffs and Long Hours Generate Post-Traumatic Construction Disorder
03/10/10 In a Tough Year, Concerns Rise About Morale
03/10/10 Unemployment Rises
03/05/10 Construction Jobless Rate Keeps Climbing, Hits 27%
02/24/10 Industry’s ‘Millennials’ Raise Their Voices
02/17/10 Unemployment Hits 25%
02/10/10 Open-Shop Group Sees Gains Even in Pro-Union Administration
02/05/10 Construction Jobless Rate Climbs to 24.7% in January
01/13/10 White House Pegs Stimulus Construction Jobs at 262,000
12/04/09 Construction Jobless Rate Climbs To 19.4% in November
11/25/09 Union Jumps On Geothermal Bandwagon
11/25/09 Outsourcing of Port of Baltimore Could Yield 3,000 Building Jobs
11/25/09 Honolulu and Unions Strike Deal On $5.5-Billion Transit Project
11/11/09 Congress Moves To Spur Job Creation
11/11/09 FMI/CMAA Owner Survey Shows Big Upsurge in Outsourcing
11/10/09 Florida Design Firm Regroups After Ex-Employee's Fatal Rampage
11/06/09 Construction Unemployment Rate Rises to 18.7%
11/06/09 Discharged Engineer Shoots Five At E-A Reynolds, Smith & Hills
10/23/09 New Labor Board Nominees May Tilt Decisions on Unions
10/21/09 U.K. Retirement Age Upheld by Court
10/21/09 Corps Reorganizes Mideast Operations
10/14/09 AFL-CIO Unveils New Program For Training Native Americans
10/14/09 Power Sector Will Need New Blood as It Moves Into a New Era
10/02/09 Construction's Unemployment Rate Rises to 17.1% in September
09/24/09 St. Louis Sheet-Metal Union Plans $15-Million Green Facility
09/23/09 Construction Squeeze Takes Toll As Wage Hikes Flatten Nationwide
09/23/09 Building Trades, Carpenters Rev Up Organizing Rhetoric
09/23/09 Teaching Engineering With the Three R's Would Boost U.S. Student Output, Study Says
09/23/09 St. Louis Sheet-Metal Union Plans $15-Million Green Facility
09/17/09 AFL-CIO Presses Carpenters To Return to the Fold
09/11/09 White House Estimates Stimulus Resulted in 133,000 Construction Jobs, So Far
09/09/09 Unemployment Rate Dips, But Big Job Losses Continue
09/04/09 Construction Unemployment Rate Improves, But Job Losses Still Cut Deeply
08/12/09 Construction Unemployment Is Double the U.S. Average
08/12/09 Industry Participants Raise Funds, Build Teams In Fast-Track Mountain-Climbing Experience
08/10/09Construction's Jobless Rate Rises in July
07/29/09 Productivity Report Calls For Integrated, Efficient Approach
07/22/09 PDAs in Hand, Pre-Teens Tackle Running Construction Companies
07/22/09 Union-Organizing Bill Stalled As Senators Try to Work on Details
07/15/09 New PLA Rule Is Unveiled
06/24/09 Immigration Agency Unable to Measure Undocumented Workers in Gulf States
06/17/09 Unemployment Soars
06/10/09 Green Energy Brightens Union Electrical Training
06/05/09 Immigration Agency Unable to Measure Undocumented Workers in Gulf States
06/03/09 Big Apple Firms and Unions Will Cut Costs To Boost Work
06/03/09 Women Academics Progressing But Not in All Areas, Says Study
05/13/09 Tucson High Schoolers Await Market Pickup At On-Site Craft Apprentice ‘Learning Lab’
04/15/09 Innovative Union Program Trains Military Vets To Weld and How To Cope with Civilian Life
03/18/09 Labor Deals with Uncertainties
03/18/09 'Construction Challenge' Attracts Junior-High, High-School Teens To Industry's Many Jobs
02/25/09 U.K. Contractors Work To Display Their Better Side
02/18/09 Trades Gearing Up for Billions In Economic Stimulus Work
02/18/09 Researchers in 'Early Career' Lauded for Work To Revolutionize Engineering and Industry
02/11/09 GAO Denies Granite Bid Protest Of Air Base Runway Job Award
02/11/09 Model Code Writer Announces Revamped Code-Change Process
02/06/09 Obama Delivers Promise to Unions By Reversing Bush Labor Pact Ban
02/04/09 U.K Crews Protest Foreign Workers
02/02/06 English Refinery Protests Spread To Other Worksites in England
01/28/09 Autodesk Cuts Workforce By 10% Across the Board
01/28/09 CAT Lays Off 20,000 Workers
01/14/09 Repave of Historic Space Shuttle Runway Tests Study To Boost Construction-Team Performance
01/14/09 U.S. Industry CEOs See Swings In Domestic and Overseas Barriers
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