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Project Delivery - Featured Headline
VA May Cede Lead Role in Hospital Construction Program
VA opens way to consider shifting major hospital construction to Corps of Engineers.

Photo Courtesy of Kiewit Turner

Arizona State Drops Plan for USA Basketball HQ
The deal fell through after the development team missed a series of closing deadlines.

Rendering Courtesy of Future Cities

More News
01/19/15 Questions Remain Over Missing Redesign of VA Hospital

Why was a costly federal project never redesigned to meet its original estimated cost to complete?
01/14/15 Panama Canal Contractor Is Buoyed by Favorable Claims Ruling

But canal owner ACP disagrees with the dispute panel’s assertions and may appeal to Miami-based board by Jan. 27
01/13/15 AECOM-Led Team Is Out as UK Nuke-Site Cleanup Contractor

British government will retake huge site's control, citing technical challenges and slow progress.
12/23/14 Searching for a Better Way to Build Big Veterans' Hospitals

The VA’s foray into collaborative style building backfired, but should Congress strip it of major hospital construction?
12/22/14 Substantial Payouts End Harmon Hotel Legal Battle in Las Vegas

MGM Resorts will pay contractor Tutor Perini $153 million, a projected year-long trial will not happen, and the unfinished structure will be demolished.
12/11/14 Federal Ruling Halts Construction of Massive VA Hospital near Denver

Ruling says veterans' agency design is not buildable for Kiewit-Turner joint venture and contract is breached; shutdown threatens 1,400 jobs.
12/09/14 GAO Study Finds Little State and Federal Environmental Review Clash on Highway Jobs
Only four of 18 states duplicated US rules, says the report.
12/03/14 Massachusetts DOT Agrees to Pay Contractor's Big Dig Claim After 15-Year Battle

End of dispute over added cost for unforeseen site conditions and design changes will result in $88-million payment to Tutor Perini-Kiewit-Cashman joint venture.
12/02/14 Developers Find Fault as CGS Releases L.A. Seismic Maps

The final maps create off-limits zones for new construction, and as an alternative could drive owners to retrofit existing buildings.
12/02/14 Israel Relaxes Quotas on Palestinian Construction Workers

Government also restores freer flow of materials to Gaza Strip to rebuild facilities damaged in summer hostilities.
11/25/14 Big Building Plans Ahead in Nashville

Nashville's downtown is moving to the beat of cranes, drills, concrete mixers and some demolition explosives as offices, hotels and residences go up in what will be a record-breaking year for construction in the city.
11/17/14 Jerusalem Complex Will Be One of Israel's Largest-Ever Commercial Developments

Long gestating multi-billion-dollar project at the city's western edge has won government approval.
10/29/14 New Industry Research Seeks Better Ways to Handle Project Uncertainties

The survey examines expectations and reveals potential misunderstandings about roles among project team members.
10/29/14 New Risks May Arise From Operations and Maintenance Contracts on P3s

O&M contractors should engage in solid life-cycle planning to reduce their potential risks.
10/27/14 Conference: NYC Student Numbers Push Growth in Higher-Ed Sector

Both public and private institutions are boosting their technology and science offerings.
10/02/14 Firms Refine Steps to Bid the Right Job

With more proposal choices in a recovering market, “go-no-go" is more rigorous to weigh costs for the best project fit.
09/09/14 The Promise and Pitfalls of Modular Buildings

Mainstream builders are discovering that off-site construction is no simple proposition
09/09/14 Despite Challenges, Developer of the Stack Thinks Modular Is the Way To Go

The Upper Manhattan modular building would have taken one-third less time to construct had there not been a delay with the renewal of the permit.
09/09/14 Project Frog's Kit-of-Parts Approach Allows Better Design By Avoiding Trucking Limits

Project Frog has a kit-of-parts building system that avoids the limitations of trucking and allows better design.
09/09/14 Mortenson Uses Off-Site Construction to Speed Denver Hospital Delivery

Mortenson compressed a three-year schedule into 29.5 months by preassembling the most repetitive elements of the building.
09/09/14 Construction Week: Dodge Starts in July Up 4% Over a Year Ago; Vt. OKs Natural Gas Pipeline

Bridge-in-a-Backpack sees use in Vt. and Trimble acquires Gehry Technologies.
09/08/14 Batson-Cook 'Leans' Into a Future Building Plan

Batson-Cook Construction is conducting an extended experiment with lean construction
09/03/14 Skanska, Forest City Ratner Sue Each Other Over World's Future Tallest Modular Building

Lawsuits come after Skanska issued an Aug. 27 stop work notice, citing design issues that are having an impact on cost and schedule.
09/01/14 Las Vegas Nixes P3 for Big Downtown Highway Upgrade

Wary of too-high projected financing costs for the $1.5-billion Project NEON, officials adopt a design-build approach.
08/27/14 Construction Week: TVA OKs $975M for 1,000-MW Plant

OSHA probes worker fatal fall.
08/11/14 Jacobs-Led Group To Manage Design of New Chesapeake Bay Tunnel

Planned design-build crossing parallel to existing Virginia tunnel follows an unsuccessful P3 proposal.
08/05/14 Israeli Contractor Teams With New York CM on Brooklyn Warehouse Condo Rehab

The $33-million renovation in the city's Dumbo historic district, would be the first U.S. joint venture for Israel's Danya Cebus Construction; firm is partnered with Manhattan-based Hudson Meridian Construction.
08/04/14 'Purple Line' Bidders Accuse L.A. Metro of Flawed Evaluation Process

Some bidders say price was not properly evaluated in L.A. Metro's best-value contract for the $1.6-billion Westside Purple Line extension project.
07/28/14 Israeli-Palestinian Tension Takes Toll on Regional Infrastructure and Construction Sectors

Israeli shelling knocks out Gaza's only power plant, while an Israeli security firm proposes a 70-km border tunnel with high-tech sensors to detect Hamas infiltration.
07/02/14 All-in-One Systems Slash Planning Time

Technology platforms are evolving quickly in their ability to improve work-packaging capabilities for multidiscipline project teams. Like the rise of web-based software before it, platforms-as-a-service now enable teams to integrate project data from multiple sources as well as collaborate more easily during the planning process.
07/02/14 Teams Drive Detailed Construction Planning Into the Design Phase

Teams using advanced work packaging techniques have realized 25% improvement in productivity, 10% reduction in total installed cost and better safety performance on projects.
06/16/14 Brazilians Say Government Deserves a Good, Swift Kick for Broken World Cup Promises

Big promises, big spending and little to show after the tournament ends.
06/04/14 Task Force Offers Teardown Plan, First Phase in Detroit Rebuilding Effort

Detroit, which filed for municipal bankruptcy in July of 2013, has seen blight spread as more businesses and residents have left the city. The planned program calls for more than 72,000 blighted structures to be razed over next five years.
05/28/14 Owner of Delayed Miami Science Museum Switches CMs

After enduring eight months of stalled construction and recently rejecting Suffolk Construction’s latest claim for cost and schedule adjustments, the owner of a Miami science museum project terminated the construction manager “for convenience” and hired Skanska USA to hasten completion of the $275-million contract.
05/28/14 Global Cast Complicates Panama Canal Expansion Project

As more multinational teams tackle complex infrastructure around the globe, should more attention be paid to possible cultural and language problems?
05/12/14 Contractor Seeks Buyer for Unfinished High-Rise Awarded in Default

Construction halted in December 2007 following collapse of a parking garage under construction.
05/07/14 Delivery of Long Beach Courthouse Balances Global Team Effort

The $490-million project is the first in the United States to use a performance-based infrastructure approach.
05/07/14 Virginia Will Build Tunnel as Design-Build After Rejecting Unsolicited Public-Private Proposal

Commission cited lack of competing prices in not moving forward on approach for new Chesapeake Bay crossing
05/06/14 More Delays For Maryland Transit Center

Independent report portends more delays for Silver Spring transit center.
03/18/14 Project 'Bank Accounts' Speed Pay to UK Supply Chain Teams

UK adopts project bank account payment system to improve liquidity on public-sector projects.
03/12/14 Detroit Makeover Gearing Up to Tear Down Old Structures

Plans call for razing 400-450 building a week.
03/11/14 Study Finds Big Cost Overruns on Global Dam Megaprojects

In study of 245 projects, researchers cite unfavorable geology, economic factors and “optimism bias,” among the reasons for the spiralled expense.
02/28/14 Panama Canal Owner and Contractors Agree to Final Cost, Schedule Terms

Pact, to be signed on March 7, ends standoff and sets project completion in December 2015 and canal opening in early 2016.
02/20/14 Work Resumes on Panama Canal Under Partial Pact

The number of workers resuming work was still unclear on Feb. 20, and the two sides are still negotiating key project issues.
02/14/14 Discovery of Mass Graves Halts Mississippi Medical Center Project

The property was once the site of the former Mississippi State Insane Asylum and a potter’s field.
02/14/14 Daytona Racetrack Redo Goes High-Tech

Contractors are leaning heavily on technology as they rebuild the 55-year-old Daytona International Speedway into a modern sports venue.
02/11/14 New Research Helps Make a Business Case for Lean Construction Practices

Report says too few contractors are familiar with lean practices and the benefits they offer.
02/11/14 Cost of Delayed Decision Making in Executing Large Projects: An Executive Perspective

Owners and managers must factor decision-making time into the governance process for complex projects.
02/07/14 Exclusive Interview With Owner: Panama Canal Project Won't Be Held Hostage By Contractor Shutdown

Canal Authority Administrator Jorge Quijano, who was the owner's original project chief, outlines agency options to get to the finish line by mid-2015.
02/05/14 Panama Canal Work Halts As Cost Dispute Talks Break Down

The huge project's contractor has sent workers home, and it remains unclear if talks will resume or a "Plan B" will be implemented by the owner.
01/22/14 Fluor JV Wins Giant Canada LNG Project

EPC award would come after final investment decision is made, anticipated this year.
01/20/14 Canal Work Won't Shut Down, But Cost Battle Continues

Panama contractors propose a new "co-financing" plan, but air scant details; the project owner says site activity has dropped at least 25%.
01/14/14 Citing Delays, Palo Alto Terminates Flintco Pacific Library Contract

The contractor replies that the project is 99% done and that the city made countless design revisions.
01/09/14 Two Sides in Panama Canal Cost Dispute Harden Their Positions

Contractors want an immediate cash infusion to avert work halt, but canal owner says cost claims must follow contractual rules.
01/06/14 Panama Canal Teams Negotiate Cost Overrun Dispute

Waterway authority offers a new funding scheme, but it’s unclear if contractors will accept terms to avert a work halt.
12/11/13 Judge Gives Insurer More Time Before Ruling on Vegas Hotel Demolition

Owners of much-disputed Harmon Hotel claim it’s unsafe and should be razed; contractor Tutor Perini opposes demolition.
12/03/13 Rising Costs Halt Downtown Quincy, Mass., Makeover

The $1.6-billion project, eight miles south of Boston, will now go into redesign to save money, according to Street-Works, the Quincy developer.
11/06/13 Methanex Moves Plant from Chile to Louisiana

The massive undertaking involves hundreds of skilled workers and a seven-month voyage—but it’s still cheaper than building a new plant.
10/18/13 Modular Construction in Multi-trade Environment Set to Grow, Says FMI

Technology and labor shortage push the trend, but firms need to learn how to profit from manufacturing operations, says survey.
10/16/13 Early Involvement Improves Contractor Understanding of Green Priorities

Pre-design involvement makes contractors more aware of what drives owners to build green.
09/25/13 Former TVA Chairman Proposes Public-Private Investment to Finish Plant Construction

Dennis Bottorf, a private equity firm executive, says alternative approach would ease rates and speed project work.
08/26/13 Jordan Moves on Scaled-Down Red-Dead Scheme for Water Delivery

$1-billion project may also supply southern Israel; also, Israel expands rail electrification
08/21/13 ?Turnkey Procurement a Key to Success on Navy Hospital Job

At the $455-million Replacement Hospital at Camp Pendleton, Calif., medical equipment procurement, installation and training are being performed by the design-build team.
08/07/13 Role for Business Developers Seen in Forming P3 Teams

Speakers at the Society for Marketing Professional Services annual conference see a role for business developers in helping firms win work in public-private partnerships.
07/29/13 Silver Spring Transit Center Still Under a Dark Cloud

Metro says it has concerns about remediation plan for the troubled transportation hub
07/23/13 Rival Bidder on New Jersey Highway Rehab Eyes Winner's China Tie

Conti Enterprises disputes New Jersey contract award to CCA Civil, claiming its parent, the China government, violates state law by doing business in Iran.
07/12/13 Israel Pushes To Privatize Power, Ports

Germany's Siemens wins its first private power project there, a $600-million combined cycle plant, but it is closing a locally-based solar power venture because of weak global demand.
07/09/13 Industry Firms Envision New Group as 'Voice' for P3s in the U.S.

AEC advocates want a unified message to get more public-private deals in more infrastructure markets.
07/09/13 Big Quincy, Mass., Makeover Features History at the Core

The $1.6-billion Quincy Center redevelopment project, one of the Bay State’s largest construction projects, is a mere eight miles south of Boston.
07/02/13 Study: Wording in Contract Clauses Triggers Emotions

Negative wording in contract clauses seeme to inspire negative emotions. Will that cause contractors to keep away?
06/25/13 Revised Digital Practice Documents Are Improved but Still Leave Designers Vulnerable, Say Architects

Newly structured AIA standard contract documents for digital practice give building team members a two-stage process for determining digital data and building information modeling rules.
05/29/13 Australia Boosts Infrastructure As Mining Sector Loses Steam

Government announces $24-billion spend over six years, but industry worries about deficits and few incentives for privatization.
05/22/13 Population Spike Driving Robust Recovery in Edmonton

Tthe recession is over in Edmonton, where the unemployment rate is 4.4%.
05/22/13 Former 'Star' Countries Slip in Capacity to Create Infrastructure

A dismal decline in infrastructure capacity at former development star nations is described in a presentation made at World Risk Day.
05/21/13 Fluor Settles With Utilities in U.K. Wind-Farm Construction Dispute

Agreement terms were not disclosed, but the owner now is confident in the structure's long-term structural integrity.
05/20/13 GAO: VA Deserves Blame for Problem Projects

Four major veterans hospital projects are roughly $1.5 billion over their original budgets and about three years behind schedule, on average.
05/07/13 Contractor and Parish Still Plug at Pact To Propel Project

Performing arts center, plagued by design changes and other issues, has stalled with clock ticking and cost meter running.
05/02/13 Water Asset Management Practices Could Help Utility Contractors

The shift by utilities to using asset management has potential implications for wet-infrastructure contractors.
05/01/13 St. Croix Low Bidder Sues Minnesota Over DBE Requirement

Low bidder C.S. McCrossan came in nearly $6 million under the winner, Ames/Lunda.
04/24/13 L.A. Schools May End Small-Firm Payment Bonds

Proposed legislation in California would allow small businesses to enroll in a self-insurance program instead of acquiring a surety bond for public works projects with the Los Angeles Unified School District.
04/09/13 Rio Soccer Stadium Shut Down After Engineering Report Reveals Roof Flaws

Winds exceeding 63 km per hour could topple the roof, according to structural engineers SBP.
04/08/13 San Francisco To Build West Coast's Tallest Tower

Construction Week
04/02/13 Anchorage Port Expansion Problems Spark Dissension on Project Team

The $700-million Port of Anchorage expansion project is stalled in court, and both the contractor and the engineer are blaming each other.
03/27/13 Report Details Litany of Problems with Silver Spring Transit Center Project

Project is two years behind schedule.
03/20/13 New York State Authorities Rack Up Big Debt

Taxpayers will be left to foot the bill as state and local governments use public authorities to plug budget gaps, NYS official says.
03/14/13 Report Says Confusion Ensued After State Decided to Design Pontoons

A review of the decision to use a hybrid project delivery process contains clues to potentially costly floating bridge pontoon design errors in Seattle.
02/04/13 VA Again Threatens To Terminate Contract at Orlando Hospital

A$300-million veterans hospital project in Orlando that has been dubbed a "multimillion-dollar debacle" for cost and schedule overruns faces the potential for further delay after Birmingham, Ala.-based Brasfield & Gorrie received its second threat of contract termination in January.
01/30/13 CH2M Hill Aims to Cut Costs with New DOE Subcontracts at Hanford Nuclear Cleanup Site

Contractor will open work to more prospective bidders and is set to put subcontractor employees on its own payroll.
01/29/13 Job Order Contracting Proponents Seek Market Growth

Unit pricing for construction tasks entices owners, cuts bidding time and reduces disputes.
01/23/13 DOE Looking at Cost, Schedule Problems at S.C. Nuclear Site

Costs will rise from S400 million to $900 million, says GAO. Others peg the hike at $2 billion.
01/03/13 Israel Widens Permitted Materials Exports to Gaza

Supplies for private construction can now be exported for first time since 2007 and other changes are likely in the future.
01/03/13 Growth in India's Infrastructure Markets Projected

But contractors want better government decisionmaking on projects and adherence to contract terms.
12/12/12 Cost Pressures, Delay Worries Sour Two Southern Co. Projects

Cost pressures and possible start-up delays on coal and nuclear projects in Mississippi and Georgia open the utility's management to criticism.
12/03/12 Construction Week: Integrated Project Delivery On Steroids'; Chernobyl Enclosure Half Finished

Sutter Hospital built using an 11-party contract opens on time, within budget and with no claims
11/28/12 Jacobs Engineering Settles Long-Running Power Project Battle

Firm agrees to $54-million pact with California city in design-build dispute involving unit Carter & Burgess.
11/28/12 Contractors Confront the Growing Costs of Rework

Rework costs are staggering and can also affect a contractor’s reputation and its ability to attract new business.
11/21/12 Construction Risk Experts Outline Looming Changes

Attorneys, insurance executives and contractor risk managers note need for more industry vigilance.
11/13/12 Bankrupt Jefferson County, Ala., Raises Sewer Rates

The rate increase will add less than $2 monthly to most bills, commissioners said.
11/09/12 Post-Sandy Repair Crews Push On After Ten Days

Ten days after Superstorm Sandy struck, construction industry participants from across the country continue to work with overwhelmed public officials to restore crippled infrastructure and reshape an altered landscape in New York and New Jersey.
10/03/12 Much-Disputed New Orleans Flood Control Job Goes to Kiewit Team

The $629.5-million Corps of Engineers award is 18 months late—delayed by bid protests, a court challenge and re-procurement.
09/24/12 Las Vegas Sands Corp. Planning $65-Billion Casino Complex in Spain

Madrid, the Spanish capitol, recently beat-out Barcelona as host city for the proposed 12-hotel, four-mile-long "EuroVegas" development.
09/19/12 Target Value Design Makes Lean Construction Work Better

The latest iteration of lean offers the potential to ensure that owners get what they pay for, often much more.
09/12/12 $1.5B Health-Care 'Village' Eyed To Aid Nevada

Mixed-use project, funded with public and private funds, is a hoped-for fix for state’s ailing construction market.
08/22/12 Ms. President Goes for the Gold

The World Cup and Rio Olympics offer the South American powerhouse a chance to showcase itself, but time may be running out.
08/14/12 Congress Grills Contractor, VA About Troubled Orlando Project

Will the VA terminate the contractor or figure out the project differences and get it done?
08/08/12 CII Sees Room To Improve Industrial Project Performance

After analyzing the performance of 975 light and heavy industrial projects in its benchmarking database, the Construction Industry Institute found that only 5.4% met “best in class” predictability in terms of cost and schedule.
07/23/12 Contractors Should Beware of Recovery Risks

Contractors face recovery risk when they take on too much work after they’ve depleted their staff, cash and other resources.
07/23/12 Industry Protests Increased Use of Single-Step Design-Build by Army Corps

Critics argue that the use of single-step proposals is expensive and counterproductive.
07/16/12 Concerns Over Specialty Contractor Failures, Economy Abound at CFMA's Annual Conference

An increase in subcontractor failures, a trend toward more reliance on contractor-obtained project financing and the nation’s continuing economic sluggishness highlighted concerns facing members of the Construction Financial Management Association as they met at their annual convention June 23-27 in Orlando.
07/16/12 Haitians Boost Local Projects with CM Skills Gained in Boston

Wentworth Institute of Technology has trained 125 engineers and architects who have shared knowledge with more than 600.
07/16/12 Health Care Law Just Upheld by Supreme Court Could Boost Design and Construction of Medical Facilities

But many industry companies and lobbying groups still see rising employee health care costs.
06/27/12 VA Threatens to Terminate Builder in Orlando

The Dept. of Veterans Affairs has threatened to terminate the contractor building its Orlando medical center project.
06/25/12 Corps Resumes Rebid of Protested New Orleans Flood Project

Action is upheld by Court of Claims, after judge denies effort by contract winner to force Corps to proceed with the original award.
06/25/12 Despite Transparency, Dispute Erupts on California Library Project

Contractor's bid was $8 million low, but hundreds of change orders followed on Palo Alto structure.
06/25/12 Despite Transparency, Dispute Erupts on California Library Project

Contractor's bid was $8 million low, but hundreds of change orders followed on Palo Alto structure.
06/18/12 Report: 40% of World Cup Projects Behind Schedule

Fans may have to budget extra time to get to matches; 41 of 101 projects, including airport, transit and port improvements, are behind schedule or not yet under way.
06/15/12 Analysis: Did Design-Build Fail on Route 20 in Oregon?

The project principal for the design-build joint venture suggests tough terrain and design-build don’t mix, but the answer isn’t clear
06/15/12 London Olympics Committee Holds the Line on Costs

The final cost for work by the Olympic Delivery Authority, charged with procuring the venues and infrastructure, is now $10.5 billion.
06/04/12 ?DOE Defends Uranium 'Barter' With Firms for Cleanup Work

The Dept. of Energy says that the transfer of 2,400 metric tons per year of uranium to a joint venture of Fluor Corp. and Babcock & Wilcox as payment for cleanup of a Cold War-era nuclear fuel plant would not adversely affect the domestic uranium industry.
05/28/12 Global Firms Still Dealing With Impacts of North Africa Turmoil

Companies measure their losses and liabilities on projects halted and cancelled by changing governments
05/28/12 Rising Material Costs, Corruption Take Toll on India's Construction

But officials hope foreign investment and boosted infrastructure spending will move growth rates up again
03/28/12 Public-Private Partnerships Advance in Maryland

State legislators are set to wrap action on bill and possibly approve offshore wind farm by April 9.
03/14/12 Building Professionals Form Advocacy Group for Bridging

The Bridging Institute of America will educate and certify designers and other project-delivery professionals.
03/12/12 Qatar, CH2M Hill Advance Nation’s $4-Billion 2022 Soccer World Cup Program

Qatar's $4-billion construction program for the 2022 World Cup will involve nine new stadiums with modular components and upgrades to transportation and other infrastructure.
02/13/12 Want to Invest in Bridges in Canada, U.K., Germany and Australia?

New global fund for P3 project assets launched.
01/30/12 Private Funding Finds A Way Into Other Public Spaces

Alternative finance gains traction on “social infrastructure” projects—public health care, educational and justice facilities, among others, with a key focus on long-term “life cycle” value.
01/30/12 Special Report: Which Way the Winds are Blowing on P3s

A special package of stories evaluates the progress of public-private partnerships as a project finance approach to infrastructure.
01/30/12 Transport P3s Take Lessons Learned Into New Unknowns

Public officials and firms grapple with P3s as a way to fill wider funding gaps and drive growth.
01/30/12 U.K. Takes Hard Look at Cost of Private Finance Initiative

Great Britain's Conservative government calls for innovation in private financing of public works, but at a lower cost, too.
12/20/11 Report: Solid Risk Management Must Go 'Beyond Checklists'

Bigger companies and owners are keenly aware of risk management, but they carry it out in different ways, says a new report by McGraw-Hill Construction’s research and analytics unit.
12/19/11 Why Sharing the Float is No Utopia, But Should Be

With the cost of delays and project harmony hanging in the balance, float-sharing is common but so are alternatives. Is float ownership absurd?
12/12/11 Joplin Rebuilding Stymied by Dispute Over Wage Rates

Local contractors say the prevailing-wage rate for public-works projects has in some cases nearly tripled.
11/17/11 Biennial Engineering Prize Established by UK Foundation

The $1.6-million Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering will recognize developments that significantly benefit humanity.
11/14/11 Happy Ending in Honolulu: Once-bankrupt Residential Tower Project Gets to Finish Line

Honolulu tower restarts after a year in bankruptcy.
10/31/11 TVA Removes Bechtel as Construction Manager at Watts Bar

TVA is cutting the workforce at the East Tennessee site by 800 while it reviews the project’s cost and schedule.
10/19/11 Pulse

Project Leads
10/05/11 CH2M Hill Eyes Global Spread With Buy of U.K. Firm Halcrow

The deal, set to close in November, would expand CH2M Hill's global footprint and engineering strength as well as improve cash flow for privately held Halcrow, which is struggling in some markets.
09/26/11 Construction Week: Gang's MacArthur, New Holland Withdraws, TBW Agreement Snagged, AAA Pushback
News briefs for the week ending Sept. 26, 2011
09/26/11 Sustainability Infrastructure Ratings Merge

Two competing approaches now being developed to measure infrastructure sustainability will merge
09/14/11 Sutter's Improved Relational Contract on Its Way

The Sacramento-based non-profit healthcare system, in the midst of a 5.5-billion capital program, is culling lessons learned from its IPD projects to improve the form, making it more user-friendly.
09/14/11 An Unprecedented 11 Partners Propel Integrated Project Delivery at Sutter's New California Hospital

70% complete hospital is on budget and six weeks ahead of schedule thanks in part to Sutter Health’s expanded relational contract
09/14/11 Hospital's Steel Contractor Collaborates without Signing a Relational Contract

Herrick Corp., not a signatory on the Castro Valley hospital but a signatory on two other Sutter hospitals, says sharing risk with others can have advantages and disadvantages.
08/24/11 Massive Gigaprograms Come with Layers of New Risk

Growing economies and fast-changing needs around the world make megaprojects passe. But today's resource development gigaprograms also have new risks.
08/15/11 GAO Upholds Bid Protests for New Orleans Flood Project

The Corps of Engineers procurement for a $675-million New Orleans flood defense job had flaws, says the GAO.
07/13/11 Construction Week: End of an Era for 'Bucyrus'
Construction Week news from ENR for the week of July 18th.
06/29/11 Construction Week
Progress energy will renovate rather than shut down its Crystal River nuclear powerplant.
06/15/11 Afghanistan Reconstruction Contract Administration Needs Overhaul, U.S. Senate Committee Warns

Since 2002, the U.S. has spent $17.3 billion to rebuild Afghanistan. U.S. government reports say contracts are poorly managed and undermined by endemic corruption and security risks.
06/08/11 State Dept. Gets Flack on Iraq

Members of the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan were sharply critical of the State Dept’s handling of private contractors in Iraq and questioned whether the agency is prepared to take over responsibility for overseeing contracting in Iraq when the military pulls out in October.
05/18/11 Sudden Delay in Japan-Funded Work on Guam Worries Bidders
Firms bidding for $3 billion of Japanese-funded work on the island of Guam were unnerved by a cryptic U.S. Navy announcement released just before the original May 16 proposal deadline saying that it was delaying the procurement “indefinitely.”
05/11/11 IRS Will Delay to 2013 Its Rule On 3% Contractor Withholding
The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has approved a one-year delay—to Jan. 1, 2013—of a requirement that government agencies must withhold 3% of their payments to contractors. Design and construction groups oppose the mandate. The extension was published on May 9 in an IRS final rule and will apply to federal, state and local agencies' payments. The mandate, part of a 2006 statute, originally was to take effect at the start of 2011. The 2009 economic stimulus act extended the deadline until Jan. 1, 2012. The mandate applies to agencies whose total annual spending on goods and services is $100 million or more. Construction and other business groups have criticized the 3% requirement for holding up funds needed to complete projects and for increasing administration costs. Three bills are pending in Congress to repeal the mandate.
04/27/11 India’s Gujarat State Seeks To Manage A Big Burst of Development
04/20/11 Survey Shows Optimization Opportunity for Prefabrication
04/20/11 Contract Award Expected in June for Tampa Reservoir Repair
04/20/11 Waste-to-Energy Job Moves Forward Despite Protest
04/15/11 Parsons-AECOM Said To Win PM Role on $11-Billion Emirates' Railway Network
04/13/11 Parsons-AECOM Venture Said To Win Emirates' Railway Job
04/13/11 U.S. Engineering Firms Land Big Contracts in Qatar
04/12/11 Owners Call for a New Age Of Prefabrication
04/06/11 Weld Problems Delay Project
03/30/11 Work on the Caribbean’s Largest Resort Gets Under Way
03/30/11 Industry Confronts Budget, Contracting Woes In Global Military Construction Arena
03/16/11 Liability Insurers Plan Sharp Rate Increase in 2011
03/16/11 Developer Planning 425-Ft-Tall Ferris Wheel for Orlando Project
03/02/11 Florida Legislators: Governor Cannot Reject ARRA Funds
03/02/11 Engineers’ Union Will Appeal P3 Ruling on Presidio Project
02/23/11 Project Expats Leaving Libya As Political Unrest Spreads
02/09/11 Chicago Calls in Construction Firms to Help Dig Out Citizens
02/09/11 Big U.A.E. Rail Job Dumps Key Firms
01/26/11 Group Updates Model Contract Agreements
01/26/11 Uganda Defies Egyptian Threats Over Nile River Projects
01/20/11 Owner Terminates Big Abu Dhabi Rail Contracts
01/19/11 First Big Face-Lift At Seattle School
01/12/11 Construction of National Cyber Security Center Gets Under Way
01/12/11 Details Emerge on Intel Plant Set for Construction in Oregon
01/05/11 California Pushes Ahead With Public-Private Parkway Job
12/28/10 LA Unified School District Contracting Under Fire Again as Contracts Cancelled
12/15/10 Study Offers New Window Into Contract Board Appeals
12/08/10 Feud Over Feasibility Study Blocks African Waterway Project
11/24/10 Decision To Further Appeal Iowa Prison Contract Pending; Construction Set For Early December
11/10/10 Oklahoma City Defies Recession
10/27/10 Global Design CEOs Air Growth Plans, Risks
10/27/10 Contract Awarded for New U.S. Embassy in Islamabad
10/27/10 Major New Space Launching Complex Planned
10/27/10 Serengeti Road Project Halted for Wildlife Study
10/15/10 U.S. Opens Trade Probe Of China's 'Green' Energy Policies
10/13/10 New California Law Limits Liability for Design Firms
09/29/10 Global Engineers Push To Manage Innovation
09/29/10 Seattle To Pick Project Manager, Engineers for Central Waterfront Redevelopment Zone
09/27/10 Seattle to Pick Project Manager, Engineers for Waterfront Project
09/22/10 KBR and CH2M Hill Short-Listed For $2-Billion Antarctic Award
09/22/10 Navy Guam Construction Starts With Release of Final Review
09/22/10 Guide To Streamline Review of ‘Replicable’ Building Projects
09/08/10 Global Surge in Mega-Projects Forecast at Contractors Conference
09/01/10 India Games Construction Mired in Problems
08/25/10 Chicago Plans $4B Urban Village
08/11/10 Turner Regains Army Contract After Court Reverses GAO Ruling
08/11/10 Proposed Comity Rule Raises Hackles in Washington State
08/09/10 Court Orders Army to Reinstate Turner Contract
08/06/10 Reaction to Final Review of Big Guam Milcon Buildup
08/04/10 California Launches $3.3-Billion Health-Care Project
08/04/10 Guam Buildup Final Review Sees Impacts
08/04/10 Mosque Project Near Ground Zero Advances
07/21/10 Social Media Moving Quickly From Friendship to Business
07/14/10 Hawaiian Market Recovery Brings Dormant Project to Life
07/07/10 Take a Tour of the World's Megaprojects
07/07/10 Megaprojects: Dubailand
07/07/10 Megaprojects: International Space Station
07/07/10 Megaprojects: Jubail II Industrial Complex
07/07/10 Megaprojects: Great Man-Made River Project
07/07/10 Megaprojects: Saadiyat Island Entertainment and Leisure Destination
07/07/10 Megaprojects: Sellafield Nuclear Site
07/07/10 Megaprojects: Songdo International Business District
07/07/10 Megaprojects: South Valley Development
07/07/10 Megaprojects: South-to-North Water Transfer Project
07/07/10 Megaprojects: Yas lsland Mixed-Use Complex
06/30/10 Interactive Project Delivery Critical to Success of Serpentine Cliff-Hanger
06/23/10 Getting Down To Business
05/26/10 Doyle Drive Replacement Would Use Public-Private Partnership
05/05/10 Integrated-Project-Delivery Boosters Ignore Many Flashing Red Lights
05/05/10 Insurance for Shared-Fault Projects Coming Soon But Costly
03/31/10 New Method Tested To Sharpen Work Measure
03/17/10 Tutor Perini Notifies CityCenter Of Intent To File a Huge Lien
03/17/10 Voters Approve School Bonds
02/10/10 High Price Wins, and a State Transportation Chief Resigns
02/10/10 Small Businesses Want Bigger Slice of New Orleans Work Pie
12/30/09 Controversial Megadevelopment In Brooklyn Picks Up Steam
12/23/09 Building Abroad Has Corps of Engineers Working Hard To Adapt
11/18/09 London Olympic Site Clears Another Hurdle
11/18/09 New Contract Document Gets Big Endorsements
11/04/09 Military Construction Is in High Gear As Big Jobs Hit Their Stride
10/28/09 Chicago’s Block 37 Hits Snag Just Weeks Prior to Opening
09/30/09 Lenders Push To Liquidate Vegas Hotel-Casino Project
09/02/09 Center Promotes Leadership To Make Projects Manageable
09/02/09 Design-Build Saves Time
08/19/09 Canadians Commit To Concessionaire Contracts for Infrastructure and Buildings
08/19/09 Stalled Casino Projects in Macau Reviving
07/29/09 London’s 2012 Olympic Construction Sets Winning Pace
07/22/09 Legal Battles Pose New Hurdle To Finish Vegas Mega-Resort
07/15/09 Seoul Neighborhood Makeover
07/08/09 Corps Expands Use of Innovative Contracting in New Orleans
05/20/09 Corps Design Shift Worries AEC Firms
04/29/09 Contractors Fear Slow Awards Will Jam Louisiana Deadlines
04/15/09 Feds Wrestle With Contracting
04/08/09 Special Inspector General Recommended for Stimulus
04/08/09 Two Design Contracts Target Alaska’s North Slope
04/08/09 Flexible Approach Is Key To Moving Work Out Fast
04/01/09 NCEES Analyzes Engineer Impacts Of Proposed Education Rules
03/25/09 Dept. of Interior and FERC Agree On Roles For Offshore Work
03/09/09 Las Vegas Delays Convention Center Upgrade
01/28/09 National Grid Invests $1.7 Billion To Upgrade Its Network
12/31/09 Parsons-Fluor Team Protests Loss Of $3-Billion Energy Dept. Award
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