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Project Delivery - Featured Headline
VA Averts New Shutdown of Colorado Hospital Project
VA to transfer $43 million to Denver-area project from others in Seattle and Pittsburgh.

Courtesy of Dept. of Veterans Affairs

For $520M Convention Center Redo, Miami Beach Opts for 'Plan B'
After short-listed contractors dropped out of bidding for a design-build RFP, the city of Miami Beach is planning to re-bid the $520-million project as a construction manager-at-risk contract.

Image courtesy City of Miami Beach

More News
03/24/15 The VA's Aurora Hospital Project: How Did Things Get So Bad?

The department is scrambling to provide answers about the $1.73-billion price tag for its replacement hospital in Colorado.
03/11/15 Fight Over Building Heights Puts Los Angeles Construction Projects at Risk

Recent legal judgements against developers have fueled community groups to challenge additional projects.
02/26/15 Owners Take Rap for Big Project Fails

Survey says the onus is on owners to prevent engineering errors that lead to a high failure rate of big industrial projects.
02/19/15 Integrated Building Teams Are Good for Projects, Study Says

Team integration is a better predictor of a building project’s success than any contracting method.
02/19/15 Which Project Delivery System Yields the Best Results?

New industry research shows that no single system offers a magic bullet, but integrated project delivery shows promise.
02/11/15 Apple Repurposes Arizona Plant Left by Failed Supplier

Buildings trades set to go in again and fit out a structure whose previous uses included photovoltaic panel file and specialized glass.
02/11/15 Construction Week: Dodge Momentum Index Up 5.8% for the Year; Rising Costs at Plant Vogtle

Dodge Momentum Index posts year-over-year gain, while delays could add $700 million to Plant Vogtle nuke project.
01/28/15 Construction Week: Dodge Starts End 2014 With a 7% Annual Increase

Construction starts totaled $575.3 billion in 2014, a 7% increase over the previous year, says Dodge Data & Analytics.
01/28/15 VA May Cede Lead Role in Hospital Construction Program

VA opens way to consider shifting major hospital construction to Corps of Engineers.
01/21/15 Arizona State Drops Plan for USA Basketball HQ

The deal fell through after the development team missed a series of closing deadlines.
01/19/15 Questions Remain Over Missing Redesign of VA Hospital

Why was a costly federal project never redesigned to meet its original estimated cost to complete?
01/14/15 Panama Canal Contractor Is Buoyed by Favorable Claims Ruling

But canal owner ACP disagrees with the dispute panel’s assertions and may appeal to Miami-based board by Jan. 27
01/13/15 AECOM-Led Team Is Out as UK Nuke-Site Cleanup Contractor

British government will retake huge site's control, citing technical challenges and slow progress.
12/23/14 Searching for a Better Way to Build Big Veterans' Hospitals

The VA’s foray into collaborative style building backfired, but should Congress strip it of major hospital construction?
12/22/14 Substantial Payouts End Harmon Hotel Legal Battle in Las Vegas

MGM Resorts will pay contractor Tutor Perini $153 million, a projected year-long trial will not happen, and the unfinished structure will be demolished.
12/11/14 Federal Ruling Halts Construction of Massive VA Hospital near Denver

Ruling says veterans' agency design is not buildable for Kiewit-Turner joint venture and contract is breached; shutdown threatens 1,400 jobs.
12/09/14 GAO Study Finds Little State and Federal Environmental Review Clash on Highway Jobs
Only four of 18 states duplicated US rules, says the report.
12/03/14 Massachusetts DOT Agrees to Pay Contractor's Big Dig Claim After 15-Year Battle

End of dispute over added cost for unforeseen site conditions and design changes will result in $88-million payment to Tutor Perini-Kiewit-Cashman joint venture.
12/02/14 Developers Find Fault as CGS Releases L.A. Seismic Maps

The final maps create off-limits zones for new construction, and as an alternative could drive owners to retrofit existing buildings.
12/02/14 Israel Relaxes Quotas on Palestinian Construction Workers

Government also restores freer flow of materials to Gaza Strip to rebuild facilities damaged in summer hostilities.
11/25/14 Big Building Plans Ahead in Nashville

Nashville's downtown is moving to the beat of cranes, drills, concrete mixers and some demolition explosives as offices, hotels and residences go up in what will be a record-breaking year for construction in the city.
11/17/14 Jerusalem Complex Will Be One of Israel's Largest-Ever Commercial Developments

Long gestating multi-billion-dollar project at the city's western edge has won government approval.
10/29/14 New Industry Research Seeks Better Ways to Handle Project Uncertainties

The survey examines expectations and reveals potential misunderstandings about roles among project team members.
10/29/14 New Risks May Arise From Operations and Maintenance Contracts on P3s

O&M contractors should engage in solid life-cycle planning to reduce their potential risks.
10/27/14 Conference: NYC Student Numbers Push Growth in Higher-Ed Sector

Both public and private institutions are boosting their technology and science offerings.
10/02/14 Firms Refine Steps to Bid the Right Job

With more proposal choices in a recovering market, “go-no-go" is more rigorous to weigh costs for the best project fit.
09/09/14 The Promise and Pitfalls of Modular Buildings

Mainstream builders are discovering that off-site construction is no simple proposition
09/09/14 Despite Challenges, Developer of the Stack Thinks Modular Is the Way To Go

The Upper Manhattan modular building would have taken one-third less time to construct had there not been a delay with the renewal of the permit.
09/09/14 Project Frog's Kit-of-Parts Approach Allows Better Design By Avoiding Trucking Limits

Project Frog has a kit-of-parts building system that avoids the limitations of trucking and allows better design.
09/09/14 Mortenson Uses Off-Site Construction to Speed Denver Hospital Delivery

Mortenson compressed a three-year schedule into 29.5 months by preassembling the most repetitive elements of the building.
09/09/14 Construction Week: Dodge Starts in July Up 4% Over a Year Ago; Vt. OKs Natural Gas Pipeline

Bridge-in-a-Backpack sees use in Vt. and Trimble acquires Gehry Technologies.
09/08/14 Batson-Cook 'Leans' Into a Future Building Plan

Batson-Cook Construction is conducting an extended experiment with lean construction
09/03/14 Skanska, Forest City Ratner Sue Each Other Over World's Future Tallest Modular Building

Lawsuits come after Skanska issued an Aug. 27 stop work notice, citing design issues that are having an impact on cost and schedule.
09/01/14 Las Vegas Nixes P3 for Big Downtown Highway Upgrade

Wary of too-high projected financing costs for the $1.5-billion Project NEON, officials adopt a design-build approach.
08/27/14 Construction Week: TVA OKs $975M for 1,000-MW Plant

OSHA probes worker fatal fall.
08/11/14 Jacobs-Led Group To Manage Design of New Chesapeake Bay Tunnel

Planned design-build crossing parallel to existing Virginia tunnel follows an unsuccessful P3 proposal.
08/05/14 Israeli Contractor Teams With New York CM on Brooklyn Warehouse Condo Rehab

The $33-million renovation in the city's Dumbo historic district, would be the first U.S. joint venture for Israel's Danya Cebus Construction; firm is partnered with Manhattan-based Hudson Meridian Construction.
08/04/14 'Purple Line' Bidders Accuse L.A. Metro of Flawed Evaluation Process

Some bidders say price was not properly evaluated in L.A. Metro's best-value contract for the $1.6-billion Westside Purple Line extension project.
07/28/14 Israeli-Palestinian Tension Takes Toll on Regional Infrastructure and Construction Sectors

Israeli shelling knocks out Gaza's only power plant, while an Israeli security firm proposes a 70-km border tunnel with high-tech sensors to detect Hamas infiltration.
07/02/14 All-in-One Systems Slash Planning Time

Technology platforms are evolving quickly in their ability to improve work-packaging capabilities for multidiscipline project teams. Like the rise of web-based software before it, platforms-as-a-service now enable teams to integrate project data from multiple sources as well as collaborate more easily during the planning process.
07/02/14 Teams Drive Detailed Construction Planning Into the Design Phase

Teams using advanced work packaging techniques have realized 25% improvement in productivity, 10% reduction in total installed cost and better safety performance on projects.
06/16/14 Brazilians Say Government Deserves a Good, Swift Kick for Broken World Cup Promises

Big promises, big spending and little to show after the tournament ends.
06/04/14 Task Force Offers Teardown Plan, First Phase in Detroit Rebuilding Effort

Detroit, which filed for municipal bankruptcy in July of 2013, has seen blight spread as more businesses and residents have left the city. The planned program calls for more than 72,000 blighted structures to be razed over next five years.
05/28/14 Owner of Delayed Miami Science Museum Switches CMs

After enduring eight months of stalled construction and recently rejecting Suffolk Construction’s latest claim for cost and schedule adjustments, the owner of a Miami science museum project terminated the construction manager “for convenience” and hired Skanska USA to hasten completion of the $275-million contract.
05/28/14 Global Cast Complicates Panama Canal Expansion Project

As more multinational teams tackle complex infrastructure around the globe, should more attention be paid to possible cultural and language problems?
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