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The Banking & Credit Crisis
In Banking & Credit Crisis:
Boom Turns Into Implosion For Developers in Dubai
The skyline is half-finished, but some see opportunity for better planning and infrastructure improvement.

Photo: Michael Goodman/ENR

11/19/08 Market Slowdown in September Expected To Continue Into 2009
11/19/08 Credit Meltdown Has Educators Scrambling For Project Financing
11/19/08 Economic Uncertainty Is Slowing The Flow of All-But-the-Best Projects
11/19/08 Sliding Economy Hammers State Transportation Projects
11/19/08 Ups and Downs in the Airline Industry Are Taking a Toll on New Projects
11/12/08 All Sectors Go Negative Next Year As A Real Recession Rattles Markets
11/12/08 China Launches Massive Economic Stimulus Program
11/12/08 Russian Spire Design Continues Despite Project-Finance Woes
11/05/08 Industry, Government Officials Push Stimulus
11/05/08 2008 Elections: Democrats Face Tough Road Ahead
10/29/08 Industry, Government Officials Push for Public-Works Stimulus
10/28/08 Infrastructure Is Viable Quick Fix, Academics Tell Bush Administration
10/22/08 Mothballing Large Projects Is Really No Small Feat
10/22/08 Lending Freeze Tests Skyscraper Optimism
10/22/08 Louisiana Skips Bond Sale But Construction Coasts On
10/22/08 Virginia Transportation Projects Face Painful Budget Cuts
10/15/08 Utilities Stretch Projects Out In Wake of Credit Crunch
10/01/08 Lawmakers Try to Revive Rescue Plan
10/01/08 Credit Crisis Rattles Nonbuilding And Nonresidential Markets
09/24/08 3Q Cost Report: Crisis Changes Demand Side of Costs
09/24/08 Gasping Bank System Puts Credit in Doubt
09/22/08 Ten Minutes with Lauro Bravar, President of Spain's OHL USA
09/17/08 Ailing Economy Could Signal Future Slowdown in Once-Booming Sector
09/17/08 U.S. Economic Woes Lead to Slumps That Are Serious in Some Sectors
09/17/08 Housing-Market Collapse Touches Firms But Some Find New Sectors
09/10/08 Canada Caught in Price Spiral
10/6/08 A No Cost Rx For Our Economy

Now that the 2008 Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded October 2, in Cambridge, Mass., the Medicine Prize is particularly noteworthy for ENR readers.
10/3/08 Will Bailout Passed Friday Prevent Construction Financing Problems?

Busy reading about the $700 billion bailout plan passed by Congress and the President today?
09/30/08 Of Bankrupt Banks, Consider Yourself Warned, Leverage The Bailout: Do Something For America

Privatize social security anyone? Watching the pathetic $700-billion Wall Street bailout I can only wonder what would have happened if the plutocrats laid their grasping hands on our federal retirement funds.
09/25/08 Kormantary: Blowing Up Wall Street is Suicide Populism

My colleague Bill Angelo's so ticked off about the proposed $700-billion bailout he'd blow up the mothership and all the passengers just to spite the Wall Street gang and the Bush administration.
09/24/08 Main Street v. Wall Street: Should There Be A Bounty On Plutocrats?

"Malefactors of great wealth" - what a wonderful phrase uttered by Teddy Roosevelt against certain Wall Street plutocrats as he pushed his Square Deal reform program at the turn of the last century.
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