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Sustainability - Featured Headline
Denis Hayes Shines Rays of Hope on More-Sustainable Cities and Solar Power's Future
Environmental visionary Denis Hayes, after developing the world’s greenest building, resets his sights on rebooting his 1970s crusade for solar power proliferation.

Photo by Rick Dahms

New Owner of Sustainable Sites Initiative Is Accepting Applications for Certification
The U.S. Green Building Council’s certification arm is managing the SITES program.

Photo Courtesy of Sustainable SITES Initiative

More News
08/05/15 Bullitt Foundation Entrains Energies on Urban Habitats

The 52,000-sq-ft Bullitt Center, considered the greenest building in the world, is a tangible representation of the way Denis Hayes, Bullitt Foundation’s president and CEO since 1992, has altered the course of the environmental group.
08/05/15 Seattle's Living Building Pilot Program Could Spark Energy Retrofits

Seattle’s Living Building Pilot Program, a 2009 city ordinance created to remove regulatory and other impediments to the development of ultra-green buildings, would likely never have seen the light of day if not for Denis Hayes, president and CEO of the nonprofit Bullitt Foundation.
07/30/15 Report Highlights Agencies' Challenges in Building Green

Report finds most agencies are using third-party green building certification systems, but that they are still facing challenges in meeting all federal requirements.
04/27/15 $45B Capital Cairo Project Would Deliver Smart Infrastructure

Estimated to cost $45 billion to develop, the new development would be home to approximately 7 million residents.
04/08/15 Designing a 'Living Building' Was Easier Than Anticipated, Says Bullitt Center Architect

Most challenging aspect of the project was staying within the tight budget while still stretching the green-building envelope
04/01/15 Supersustainable Bullitt Center Certified Under the Most Rigorous Green Building Program

Super-sustainable Bullitt Center certified under the most-rigorous green building program.
03/31/15 India's Ruling Party Moves Forward on '100 Smart Cities' Plan

Urbanization drives movement for new, sustainable cities in India
02/11/15 McDonald’s Weighs ‘Net-Zero Energy’ Fast Food Outlets

Study says there is potential for cutting quick-service restaurants’ energy use by 65% to 75%
11/11/14 Council on Tall Buildings Putting a Bigger Emphasis on Sustainability

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat is focusing on the urban context and green-building issues
10/08/14 Boston Harbor Association Prepares City to Live With Floodwater

Design competition, charrette and reports help flood-vulnerable areas ready themselves for rising tides.
10/08/14 Report Links Green Office Buildings to Worker Health, Productivity

Understanding the link between sustainable office buildings and employee wellness and productivity can improve a company’s bottom line, says a new World Green Building Council report.
09/16/14 Singapore Evolves into Sustainability Superpower of Asia

Singapore takes a multi-pronged approach to achieve its green building goals by providing energy benchmarking, entering into industry partnerships and using incentives to encourage developers.
08/27/14 Industry Groups Team Up to Streamline Green-Building Tools

The industry green-building effort will culminate in one consolidated document.
08/13/14 Bird Stewards Rally Forces Against Killer Facades

Tests beginning to develop bird-friendly glass standard after Minnesota nixes call for fritted glass on stadium under construction in Minneapolis.
08/05/14 Cambridge, Mass., Joins the Ranks of Cities Requiring Building Energy-Use Disclosure

Cambridge, Mass., adopts building energy use disclosure law.
07/02/14 Architecture 2030 Pushes Harder Toward Carbon-Neutral Buildings

Architecture 2030 issued its challenge to building product manufacturers to join the movement to help stem climate change
05/28/14 International Living Future Institute Widens Its Reach Beyond Buildings

Group launches Living Future Challenge, which is a framework for remaking all kinds of systems in the built environment.
05/12/14 California's Title 24 Energy Code Tightens Rules for Building Controls, Commissioning

Title 24 changes, which go into effect in July, are first since 2008
05/01/14 Improving Energy Savings Through Existing Technologies

A new MHC study suggests that high-performance building-systems already on the market can offer substantial savings in energy use over traditional systems.
04/30/14 Waterfront Development Rating System, Called WEDG, Coming Soon

WEDG, a voluntary checklist-based rating system, is intended to encourage waterfront designs that are resilient, accessible to the public, ecologically healthy and economically feasible.
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