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Sustainability - Featured Headline
Boston Harbor Association Prepares City to Live With Floodwater
Design competition, charrette and reports help flood-vulnerable areas ready themselves for rising tides.

Photo Courtesy of Hafencity by Eichental CC BY-ND 2.0

Report Links Green Office Buildings to Worker Health, Productivity
Understanding the link between sustainable office buildings and employee wellness and productivity can improve a company’s bottom line, says a new World Green Building Council report.

Phtoto Courtesy of Lend Lease

More News
11/11/14 Council on Tall Buildings Putting a Bigger Emphasis on Sustainability

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat is focusing on the urban context and green-building issues
09/16/14 Singapore Evolves into Sustainability Superpower of Asia

Singapore takes a multi-pronged approach to achieve its green building goals by providing energy benchmarking, entering into industry partnerships and using incentives to encourage developers.
08/27/14 Industry Groups Team Up to Streamline Green-Building Tools

The industry green-building effort will culminate in one consolidated document.
08/13/14 Bird Stewards Rally Forces Against Killer Facades

Tests beginning to develop bird-friendly glass standard after Minnesota nixes call for fritted glass on stadium under construction in Minneapolis.
08/05/14 Cambridge, Mass., Joins the Ranks of Cities Requiring Building Energy-Use Disclosure

Cambridge, Mass., adopts building energy use disclosure law.
07/02/14 Architecture 2030 Pushes Harder Toward Carbon-Neutral Buildings

Architecture 2030 issued its challenge to building product manufacturers to join the movement to help stem climate change
05/28/14 International Living Future Institute Widens Its Reach Beyond Buildings

Group launches Living Future Challenge, which is a framework for remaking all kinds of systems in the built environment.
05/12/14 California's Title 24 Energy Code Tightens Rules for Building Controls, Commissioning

Title 24 changes, which go into effect in July, are first since 2008
05/01/14 Improving Energy Savings Through Existing Technologies

A new MHC study suggests that high-performance building-systems already on the market can offer substantial savings in energy use over traditional systems.
04/30/14 Waterfront Development Rating System, Called WEDG, Coming Soon

WEDG, a voluntary checklist-based rating system, is intended to encourage waterfront designs that are resilient, accessible to the public, ecologically healthy and economically feasible.
02/25/14 GBI Launches Guide for Federal Agencies

Guide for new construction complements guide for existing buildings.
02/12/14 Super-Sustainable Bullitt Center is ENR Editors' Choice for Best Project in 2013

Seattle office building is on course to become the nation’s first urban mid-rise spec office building certified under the rigorous Living Building Challenge.
02/05/14 Ten Cities Launch Building Efficiency Program

Each city will develop individual energy reduction plan.
01/08/14 Israel Parliament Will Be World's Greenest With Roof Solar Field

Planned 4,650-square-meter array atop the Knesset is among $2 million in new sustainability measures.
12/02/13 LEED Green Building Rating System Shows Strong Growth

The 20-year-old U.S. Green Building Council, which launched its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design green building rating system in 2000, estimates that more than 4.3-million people live and work in LEED-certified buildings.
11/27/13 Ohio Senators Propose Nonbinding Resolution to Ban Use of LEED in Public Construction

The use of the LEED green-building rating system for public projects is under fire in the Ohio Senate.
11/27/13 International Coalition Launched to Promote Greener Schools

Coalition for greener schools will provide resources and replicable programs to 30 nations.
10/16/13 Stricter Building Energy Standard Focuses on Lighting and Envelope Changes

2013 building energy standard is 40% to 50% more stringent than the 2004 version.
09/26/13 Researchers in Norway, Singapore Are Cloning FLEXLAB

The $15.7-million FLEXLAB is still under construction yet researchers in Norway and Singapore are about to start construction on green-building-system performance test beds modeled after the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory facility, which contains the world’s first test-building that rotates to track the sun.
09/26/13 11th-Hour Solution Solves Cable-Protection Headache at FLEXLAB's Rotating Test-Bed Building

Trolley-in-a-tray assembly saves the day at the world’s first rotating test-lab for performance experiments in building energy conservation.
09/26/13 FLEXLAB, for Plug 'n Play Green-Building Studies, Has World's First Revolving Test Bed

The reconfigurable lab buildings in Berkeley, Calif., will allow performance tests of myriad green building systems operating in concert.
09/25/13 Putting a Square Peg in a Round Hole to Construct the World's First Rotating Test Laboratory

Builders of the world's first revolving test building for energy-conservation research had to delve into uncharted waters.
09/25/13 Singapore Unveils Latest Plan for Sustainable Development

Building owners will begin reporting energy consumption next year.
08/27/13 U.S. Government Directs $12 Million To Research Building Energy Conservation

DOE announces about $12 million in research grants for building energy conservation.
08/27/13 Revised Green Firm Certification Program Out for Public Comment

The draft of the third version of the Sustainable Performance Institute's Green Firm Certification Program is out for public comment through Oct. 11.
08/14/13 HUD Selects Ten Winners of Post-Sandy Rebuild By Design Competition

HUD’s Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force announces 10 finalists to move into the next phase of a design competition aimed at promoting innovative and resilient buildings.
08/07/13 Buildings Specialists Grappling With Rebuilding In a Post-Sandy World Call For a Resiliency Czar

When it comes to adapting buildings to climate change in a post-Sandy world, a champion is needed to coordinate myriad and sometimes conflicting public and private-sector activities.
08/07/13 Amphibious House Crusader Is Bent On Providing Homes That Float In Floods

Elizabeth English is hopeful that the tides are turning for amphibious new houses and retrofits in the U.S., which do not qualify for inexpensive flood insurance.
07/12/13 Skanska Quits U.S. Chamber Over Anti-LEED Lobbying

International construction giant Skanska USA has terminated its membership in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce due to what the firm views as attempts to "halt progress in sustainable building."
07/10/13 LEED v4 Approved by USGBC Members

LEED version 4 has been approved by a vote of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) members, with 86 percent of the voting body voting in the affirmative.
06/05/13 SOM Makes a Case for Tall Mass-TImber Frames, Which Are More Sustainable

A study has shown that using performance-based design, there is no height limit to sustainable mass-timber frames, especially using composite materials.
06/03/13 ASHRAE Expands Building Energy Labeling Program

Developer says new label creates opportunities for efficiency improvements
05/21/13 New York City's Proposed Zoning Changes for Flood Zones Intended To Align With Other Rules

The New York City Dept. of City Planning has issued, for public review, proposed zoning changes to facilitate flood-resilient construction in designated flood zones.
05/20/13 Designers Call for Coordinated Effort To Improve New York City Region's Flood Resistance

AIA NY and seven other groups call for zoning reforms, building code changes and a more concerted effort at local, state and federal levels to make New York City more sustainable in the future.
05/07/13 Sydney's $6.1-Billion Barangaroo South Planned as Grand Model for Carbon-Neutral Development

Lend Lease's team is bent on reducing the embodied carbon of the 7.5-hectare Barangaroo South multi-use development, just getting under way on Sydney's waterfront. The project is part of a 22-hectare redevelopment of a former container wharf that is Sydney's most ambitious project since the 2000 Olympic Games.
04/17/13 National Renewable Energy Lab Begins Its Journey Toward Annual Net-Zero Energy Use

DOE lab in Golden, Colo., completes its 2.5 MW solar array.
04/02/13 Study Finds No Positive Correlation Between Mandatory Building Energy Labeling and Lower Energy Use

Owners group plans to conduct an empirical analysis of the performance of existing mandatory building lableing programs in the U.S.
03/11/13 Report Shows Green Building Is Growing Around the World

A new research study conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction on world green building trends demonstrates that green building is well-established across the globe and is expected to grow even more over the next five years.
02/05/13 ASHRAE and the U.N. Attack Building Emissions on a Global Scale

ASHRAE and the U.N. Environment Programme renew joint global effort to help reduce the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere by building systems.
01/30/13 Contractors See Growth in Green Schools Market

Contractors expect more robust green growth in retrofit and operational improvements at schools.
01/29/13 Green Guarantees Vex Firms With Added Risk

Many contractors and designers are passing up work that includes long-term performance warranties for sustainable building systems.
12/31/12 Benchmarking Programs Identify Energy Savings Potential

Boston startup identifies $137 million in savings
12/18/12 Sustainability, Modular Delivery and Collaboration Dominate the Buildings Scene

Sustainability, modular building and collaborative delivery gained momentum in 2012, but not without challenges and some controversy.
12/10/12 Proposed Green Hospital Standard Is Out for Public Review

ASHRAE and the American Society for Healthcare Engineering have released a proposed standard for design, construction and operation of health care facilities for public review.
12/10/12 Green Search Engine Fills Data Gap

The U.S. Green Building Council launches GBIG, a public search engine for green building data collected under LEED.
12/05/12 Google Gives U.S. Green Building Council $3-Million Grant to Study Eco-Friendly Products

The U.S. Green Building Council plans to build a body of scientific evidence around the content of eco-friendly building products.
11/28/12 Second Crane Strike at Miami Garage Collapse Site Refuted

Two independent sources with knowledge of the investigation into the Oct. 10 collapse of a parking garage at Miami Dade College have refuted a claim reported by ENR that the structure was struck a second time by a crane pick just prior to the fatal incident.
11/21/12 After Superstorm Sandy, New York Mulls Ways to Protect Building Systems

New York City considers changing zoning and codes to make buildings more resilient against floods.
10/10/12 Can Moore’s Law Accelerate Energy Efficient Design?

Experts in design and energy efficiency challenge the industry at Architecture Record’s Innovation Conference. Here are some highlights of their remarks.
10/10/12 NYC Building-Energy-Use Report Called a Step Toward Saving Energy

Local Law 84 Benchmarking Report is the largest collection of benchmarking data gathered for a single jurisdiction
09/19/12 FIDIC Report Focuses on Obstacles to Sustainability

To avoid compromised or limited sustainability, the evaluations must be made early and avoid overreliance on ratings that could narrow the goal but defeat the purpose.
09/10/12 Data-Center Green Movement Gains Ground

Data-center owners are trying to control skyrocketing utility costs by reducing water and electricity use in their resource-thirsty facilities.
09/10/12 Net-Zero Energy-Use Data Center is Focus of HP Labs' Research

Data center unit would reduce reliance on the power grid by 90%
09/10/12 Uptime Institute Survey Reveals Trends in Data-Center Energy Conservation

82% of survey respondents say saving energy is about saving cash
08/06/12 Smart-Grid, Building-Power Data Standard Out for Review

A proposed standard that would provide a common basis for electrical energy consumers to describe, manage and communicate about electrical energy consumption and forecasting is open for an advisory public review until Sept. 3.
07/18/12 Tumult Grows Over LEED Rating System Update

Special interest groups form a coalition to “fix” the process for developing credits toward LEED certification.
07/09/12 The 10 Largest Green Roofs

ENR surveys the ten largest green roofs in the world by square footage.
06/27/12 Green Roofs Take Root in India

Technology and climate is playing an important role in their environmental payback.
05/21/12 Work Continues on Updated Commercial Building Energy Survey

Work is under way on latest iteration of commercial buildings energy survey.
05/14/12 GSA Brainchild: Full Fees After Building Hits Energy-Use Targets

For an office project in Seattle, the U.S. General Services Administration is withholding 0.5% of the design-build team’s contract value until the building performs as promised, regarding energy use.
05/07/12 Georgia Tech Builds Carbon-Neutral Lab to Study Carbon Neutrality

Unlike most laboratories, Georgia Tech’s is designed as both an energy miser and a prototype for net-zero energy-use research facilities.
04/30/12 Lots More Green Building Paperwork Coming Soon, Warn Code Watchers

Steel group warns of future, intense material information and documentation requirements to meet green buildings codes and standards, and gives tips on compliance to steel sector members. Lots more paperwork will be necessary to document carbon footprint of all building materials, beginning in two or three years, say the experts.
04/16/12 Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Green Roof Captures Water, Camouflages Building and Complicated Construction

22,000-sq-ft visitor center with a 10,000-sq-ft green roof kicks off Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s stormwater management program
04/16/12 National Renewable Energy Lab Building Meets Annual Energy Use Goals

For its first full year of occupancy, the nation’s biggest energy miser—a 220,000-sq-ft office building in Golden, Colo.—met its modeled annual energy-use targets.
04/09/12 New Green Model Code Released

2012 version of IgCC provides more flexibility to builders and designers2012 version of IgCC provides more flexibility to builders and designers
02/27/12 Big Usage Gaps Exist Between Building Energy Models and Performance

Mechanical engineers burst myths about green buildings and energy conservation.
02/20/12 Tensioning Eases Stress on a 13-Story Sustainability Showcase

Switch to novel concrete system from damped steel moment frame sliced $4 million off the structural cost of the San Francisco building.
02/20/12 U.S. Post-Tensioned Seismic Systems Not Yet Tested by a Quake

Novel structural systems are designed to limit building movement and damage in major earthquakes
12/19/11 Green Building Booms in India

In India, the market for green buildings is exploding.
12/19/11 Green Schoolhouses to Be Built With Donated Materials, Volunteers

With the first of 24 LEED-Platinum schools breaking ground in Phoenix, the all-volunteer Green Schoolhouses Series has launched to provide $200 million in new, 100% donated buildings for disadvantaged public schools across the country.
10/17/11 Green Model Contract Forms Coming Out Early Next Year

The American Institute of Architects previewed green model contract documents at Greenbuild in Toronto. The International Living Future Institute unveiled a net-zero energy use building certification program.
10/05/11 Two Small Buildings are Taking ‘Green’ to Big Extremes

Design for 38,000-sq-ft hospital in Washington state calls for slashing energy use by nearly two thirds compared to a typical hospital. Design for a 52,000-sq-ft office building in Seattle aims for net-zero energy use to offset energy consumption of 16,000 Btu per sq ft per year.
08/24/11 Green Building Code 'Rollback' in N.M. Sparks Debate

New Mexico’s Construction Industries Commission voted to replace a stringent energy conservation code developed by the state’s previous governor, sparking a lawsuit and vigorous industry debate.New Mexico’s Construction Industries Commission voted to replace a stringent energy conservation code developed by the state’s previous governor, sparking a lawsuit and vigorous industry debate.
08/15/11 Report Identifies Barriers, Solutions to Energy-Benchmarking Policies

A new report from the Institute for Market Transformation takes a look at the barriers to implementing effective building energy benchmarking and disclosure laws and how to overcome those barriers.
07/18/11 Super-Green Steps: Colo. Building Hits Net-Zero Energy For 1 Day

Nation’s largest “net-zero” building could top its June 22 milestone of net-zero-energy use for a day, with NZEU for the entire month of July.
07/04/11 Joplin, Mo., Devastated by May 22 Tornado, Learning Lessons From Rubble

Post-twister forensics lay the groundwork for a massive reconstruction effort, with probable revisions in building code.
06/29/11 Kansas Tornado Town Rebuilding With an Eye Toward Sustainability

Greensburg learned lessons about smart rebuilding.
04/27/11 Haiti’s President-Elect Sees Major Tasks Ahead
04/06/11 Closely Watched Building Lives Up to Expectations
04/06/11 Construction Contributions Drive Hospital’s Rise in Haiti
04/06/11 Risky ‘Golden’ Job Proves Itself a ‘Door Opener’
02/23/11 Hundreds of Roofs Buckle After Storms Slam Northeast
02/17/11 Forensics Team Seeks Cause Of Midwest Green Roof Collapse
01/26/11 Third Millennium Rescue for Ailing Pyramid
01/12/11 Structures Group Criticizes Building Rating System Draft
12/22/10 Metrodome Repair Under Way, But Vikings Want New Venue
12/15/10 Weight of Snow Deflates Fabric Roof Of Minneapolis Metrodome
11/24/10 Global Cities Rally To Tackle Sustainability
11/10/10 Tighter Standards, Model Code Aim To Cut Building Energy Use
11/03/10 Rating System Preview at ASCE
10/06/10 Chile’s Quake Likely To Have Minor Impact on U.S. Practice
10/06/10 Prefabricated Unit Prototype Contains Solar Collector
09/29/10 House ‘Quake Belts’ Could Prevent Collapses
09/29/10 Once Again, Rivals Slam PCA’s Proposed Sample Ordinance
09/15/10 Is It a Park, Wastewater Treatment Plant or Both?
09/01/10 Construction Methods of the Ancient Inca Offer Sustainable Lessons
06/30/10 Higher Ed Sets Power Goals
06/10/10 Architects Release Tracking Tool For Sustainable Design
06/09/10 Safety Concerns Close Historic Baltimore Monument
06/09/10 New Process Shows Dollar Value of Building Green
06/09/10 Rating Controversy Heats Up
06/02/10 Green 'SITES' Rating Program Picks 175 Pilot Projects
05/19/10 Contractor Offers Limited Fix For Troubled Seattle Tower
05/06/10 Feds Seek Energy-Efficient Building Projects
05/05/10 Green Design-Build Model Crafted for Buildings To Achieve Net-Zero Energy Use
05/05/10 Report: Green Opportunities
03/17/10 Green-Standard Efforts Merge
02/25/10 Earthquake Engineers Head to Haiti for More Research
02/10/10 Group Clarifies Rating System Confusion
02/10/10 Surviving Hangar Shored Against Storm
02/03/10 NIST Recommends Code Changes for Fabric-Covered Steel Structures
01/20/10 Remote Sensing Catalogs Quake Damage to Buildings in Haiti
01/18/10 Structural Engineers Begin On-Site Damage Assessments in Haiti
01/06/10 India Considers 'Green' National Rating System
12/16/09 Troubled Tower Project Halted by Settlement Ends With a Crash
12/03/09 Masdar City Offers $150,000 Prize for Sustainable Concrete Mix
11/18/09 Sustainability Boosters See Greener Pastures
08/26/09 Winds Blow Roof Section Off Brand-New Indian Terminal
08/26/09 Las Vegas High-Rise Problem Snares California Inspector
07/08/09 Building Rating System Requirement Raises Concerns
07/01/09 Landscape Architecture Rising
07/01/09 Debut Exam for Yet Another 'Sustainable' Credential
07/01/09 Refrigerants More Greenhouse Than 'Green,' Study Says
07/01/09 Landscape Architects Invade Big Cities
06/10/09 Greener Empire State Building Could Be Model for Retrofits
05/15/09 House Passes Spending Bills For Schools and Defense
05/13/09 Green Building Rating System Revamp Gets High Marks
05/06/09 Industry Participants Outline Added Green-Building Risks
03/25/09 Vegas' CityCenter Problems Mount
03/04/09 Nearby Subway Excavation Suspected As Cause of Cologne Building Collapse
01/28/09 Some Surprises at Shake Test
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