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Rebuilding Haiti
Slide Shows
The Ravaged City
Months after the devastating January 12 earthquake, much of Port-au-Prince remains in shambles. We present a series of snapshots taken throughout the shattered city.


Mountain Living
Many earthquake refugees are migrating to rural areas. To get a sense of what life is like outside of Port-au-Prince, we traveled into the mountains one day to visit a family.


The Housing Crisis
The January 12 earthquake reportedly destroyed 100,000 homes, with another 200,000 left damaged. Today, more than a million Haitians remain homeless. We take a look at various housing problems and solutions. With hurricane season fast approaching, the need for shelter is becoming more urgent by the day.

Photo © Aric Mei

"La Cabanon" Housing
Architect Andrés Duany explains one of the prefab homes his firm has designed to house Haitians displaced by January's earthquake.

Day in the Life: Architecture for Humanity
In April, AFH invited RECORD to spend a day with its team in Haiti. Here, we speak with designers Eric Cesal and Schendy Kernizan and visit an expansive refugee camp on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince.

Habitat for Humanity Experiments
Architect Robert Busser, a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in Haiti, explains the transitional shelters he designed.

Life at the Epicenter
We visit Lťog‚ne, a coastal city that was at the epicenter of the deadly January 12 earthquake.

Haitian Refugees At Risk
Of the hundreds of refugee camps, the flood risk is most extreme at the Petionville Golf Club camp. ENRís Tom Sawyer reports.

Photo: © Aric Mei

Yves Francois
After decades of practicing architecture in New York, Yves Francois returned to his native Haiti in 2009, determined to improve the countryís building practices. Today, he runs ECOFRA, an architecture and construction firm based in Port-au-Prince. Francois speaks candidly about his experience working in Haiti.

Photo © Aric Mei

Haiti Dispatch Blogs
Recent Posts
In April 2010, ENRís Tom Sawyer and Architectural Recordís Jenna M. McKnight headed to earthquake-ravaged Haiti, where they spent a week reporting on the early stages of the rebuilding effort. Here, we feature their firsthand accounts, along with other news related to the struggling island country.

Photo © Jenna M. McKnight

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04/17/10Haitian Refugees at Risk
04/07/10 Haiti: Donors Commit $5.3 Billion to First Reconstruction Phase
03/31/10 Architect Stirs Debate With Haiti Prefab House Idea
03/31/10 Haiti Seeking $3.9 Billion for First Reconstruction Phase
02/24/10 Reconstruction Resources Organizing for Haitian Mission
02/19/10 Odebrechtís Quick Repairs Help Reopen Haiti Airport to Commercial Flights
02/19/10 Rescue Teams Recover Engineer's Remains in Haiti
02/10/10 Social Networking Yields Rapid Damage Tally in Haiti
02/04/10 Poor, Often-Homemade Concrete Blamed for Much Haiti Damage
02/03/10 U.S. Response in Haiti Shifts Gears
02/03/10 Engineers Fear Substandard Rebuilding Coming in Quake-Torn Haiti
01/28/10 U.S. Embassy in Haiti Stood Up to Quake's Shaking
01/27/10 Haitiís Quake Assessment Is Small Step Toward Recovery
01/27/10 Industry-Driven Disaster Relief Network Aims For Economic Recovery
01/22/10 Logistics Experts Breaking Haiti Relief Logjam
01/20/10 Quake Was Too Much for Recent Disaster-Reduction Efforts
01/20/10 Haiti Quake Recovery Planners Wait in Wings
01/20/10 Haiti Needs an Overhaul, and Americans Can Serve as Guides
01/18/10 Structural Engineers Begin On-Site Damage Assessments in Haiti
01/15/10 Coast Guard Tries to Fix Port-au-Prince's Cargo Port
01/15/10 Shattered Port-au-Prince Served as Haitiís Heart
01/14/10 Earthquake Engineers Head to Haiti for More Research
01/14/10 Relief Mobilizes for Haiti's Stricken and Stranded People
01/13/10 Impoverished Haiti May Be Stuck in Seismic SafetyĻs Past
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