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Construction Methods - Featured Headline
Tricky 150 N. Riverside Site Inspires Riverside Operations
$500-million development along the Chicago River is hemmed in on all sides, has no lay down or storage area and is slowed by active railroad tracks slicing through it.

Rendering Courtesy of Goettsch Partners

Deep Foundation Records Reflect Groundbreaking Progress
Building some of the worlds most notable deep foundations involved a variety of world records for pile driving and drilled shafts.

Photo by Tudor Van Hampton for ENR

More News
01/28/15 Mix-Design Veteran Calls 432 Park Avenue's White Concrete Recipe His Most Challenging Ever

Making white concrete is like baking a fussy cake.
11/25/14 Twitter Chat on Updated Formwork Manual Hosts 25,000 Users

Formwork for Concrete has new chapters on formed concrete surface quality, bridge formwork and shoring and floor loads in multistory structures.
07/24/14 'Extreme' Attention to Artwork on Harvard Museum Project

As Harvard University’s estimated $350-million renovation and expansion of its art museums nears completion, construction project teams are breathing easy after some complex maneuvers.
07/02/14 Balancing Act Preserves Commonwealth Institute's Thin-Shell Roof

Top-down construction cuts time and tonnage off scheme to preserve 52-year-old roof while the building it covers is transformed into London’s Design Museum.
06/11/14 Crews Install Record-Deep Foundation Piles for San Francisco Tower

Deep piers support a megabrace structural system for the 800-ft-tall 181 Fremont tower.
03/18/14 Builders Lose Massive San Francisco Apartment Complex to Fire

A $227-million, under-construction apartment complex in the Mission Bay district is a total loss after a fire suspected to have been caused by welders.
03/10/14 Dynamic Deeds Build Clemson's Unique Test Facility

Clemson University’s new test facility in North Charleston, S.C., aims to aid equipment manufacturers and utilities by providing enhanced data about power-generation systems.
02/26/14 Wilshire Grand Concrete Mat Placement Sets U.S. Record

Crews cast 21,200 cu yd foundation for 1,100-ft-tall Wilshire Grand Center—the future tallest high-rise west of Chicago
02/26/14 Repairs Under Way at Corvette Museum After Sinkhole Swallows Cars

Engineers and contractor craft recovery and replair plan after Feb. 12 sinkhole swallows eight classic cars at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky.
02/17/14 Office: Savannah's Cay Building Rises Above Existing Structure

Project team erected the Savannah, Ga., building atop an existing underground parking garage.
02/11/14 Prefabrication Embraced by More Trades But Fewer GCs

Many contractors say they are discouraged that the strategy isn’t being embraced faster across the industry.
11/13/13 Dissonance Averted, Hamburg's New Philharmonic Hall on Track for Completion

When it opens in late 2016, Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie project will be some six years late and, at $695-million, more than double the original cost.
09/09/13 Precise Building Strategy Lifts Army Hospital Project

Design-builder pushes contractors, designers to higher levels of BIM-based coordination on a first-of-its-kind Army hospital project.
07/24/13 New York City Sued Over Atlantic Yards Modular Construction Work

Two groups say work on prefabricated building units should be done by licensed trades people.
03/11/13 Rio Workers Split Up To Tackle Olympic Village

Construction workers in Rio are busy building 31 high-rise towers for the 2016 Olympic Games.
02/25/13 Latest British Antarctic Survey Pods Are Stilted Structures

Building the British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) newly commissioned research station in one of the remotest, coldest spots on earth was every bit as tough as it sounds.
02/20/13 Latest British Antarctic Survey Pods Are Stilted Structures

Building the British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) newly commissioned research station in one of the remotest, coldest spots on earth was every bit as tough as it sounds.
01/09/13 Weaker Bolts in Arena's Prefabricated Facade Assembly Pose No Threat to Safety

After a discovery that under-strength bolts were installed in error within the prefabricated latticework assemblies of Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, crews had to replace only 1,768 with the higher-strength bolts originally specified. There are 23,351 bolts in the system.
12/11/12 Substructure-Plus of 10-Story Building Assembled in 48 Hours

Workers break India's speed record for superstructure-plus construction by erecting a 10-story building from prefabricated subassemblies, in 48 hours.
12/05/12 Green Light for Proposed Record-Tall Modular Building at Atlantic Yards

?After nearly a year of negotiations and prototyping, the developer of the $4.9-billion Atlantic Yards sports village has given the green light for what is planned as the world's tallest modular building.
09/12/12 Turner Stops Work Companywide to Talk Lean Construction

On the Tuesday after Labor Day, Turner Construction took a moment to introduce Lean Construction methods to workers across the nation.
09/10/12 Digital Tools Help Maintain Library's Swift Pace

Builders emphasized digital collaboration tools to meet daunting schedule and design challenges on a high-tech library project at North Carolina State University.
08/28/12 Huge Swimming Pool, Possibly World's Largest, Takes Shape in Egypt

A Chilean firm designs the record-holder for an Egyptian owner, using a liner manufactured in the U.S.
05/31/12 Team Completes Big Lifts for Top Hat Linking Three Abu Dhabi Towers

Shams Gate's prime contractor, Arabian Construction, and its steel fabricator-erector, Eversendai, developed a scheme for erecting sections of a two-story penthouse.
03/12/12 Former Regulator Testifies in N.Y. Crane Criminal Trial

A former chief inspector of New York City's buildings department may have incriminated himself twice while testifying in a criminal case against a crane executive—who was also his former boss.
01/09/12 Statue of Liberty's Minor Renovation Poses Major Challenge

Statue of Liberty National Monument's $27.3-million life-safety upgrade is complicated by tight quarters and the mandate that no historic fabric be disturbed.
01/09/12 Marlins' Retractable Roof Braces Itself for Storms

Hurricane-mode openings between retractable panels reduce sail effect, save on steel at nation’s first movable roof designed to resist 146-mph winds
12/20/11 New York State's New Design-Build Law a Sign of the Times?

New York State will now allow several state agencies to use design-build methods on infrastructure projects.
11/07/11 Another Tower in London

The U.K.'s tallest sculpture—at 114.5 meters—reached structural completion on Oct. 28, when crews placed the top section of steel-tube diagrid. Designed as a permanent observation platform over London's emerging Olympic Park, the tower contains some 2,000 tonnes of steelwork. It was designed by local artist Anish Kapoor, along with structural engineer Cecil Balmond, former chairman of Arup Group Ltd., London. Steelcraft Erection Services Ltd., Dalton, is building the ArcelorMittal Orbit tower with tubular modules fabricated by the company's affiliate Watson Steel Structures Ltd., Bolton. The tower is set to be handed over to the Olympic Park Legacy Co. next May, ahead of the July 2012 start of the summer Olympic Games.
11/07/11 Turkish Quake Highlights Need For Seismic Code Enforcement

An Oct. 23 quake in eastern Turkey draws attention to 8-year plan to seismically harden public buildings in Istanbul by 2014.
10/25/11 Turkish Authorities Describe Extensive Damage from Quake

A country with a long history of quake damage finds that concrete structures once again are a weakness.
10/17/11 Tuscaloosa Grapples With Reconstruction From April Twister's Wreckage

Reconstruction is moving slowly, and most contractors expect major rebuilding to get rolling in 2012. The city issued 4,078 permits through August for work ranging from demolition and new construction to signage and electrical service reconnection.
09/14/11 SOURCEBOOK: Health Megaprojects Provide Steady Work

While many of the general building sectors remain in the doldrums, health-care projects continue to pump a steady stream of revenue for top contracting firms.
08/15/11 At New York's New World Trade Center, Uncommon Cooperation

Nearing the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the redevelopment is loaded with patriotism, indomitable spirit and a collective will to succeed.
08/15/11 One World Trade Center’s Crews Get Royal Treatment

A 'hotel' on high serves food, shields and stabilizes while 'cocoon' keeps workers safer.
08/10/11 A Slide Show History of the World Trade Center

The redevelopment of the World Trade Center site is only the latest chapter in a construction story that began more than half a century ago. This slide show timeline covers the full scope of the World Trade Center's history, from the earliest planning to the current reconstruction efforts.
07/06/11 Israel Embarks on Country's Largest Seismic Retrofit

Upgrade of 24 apartment buildings is cheaper alternative in earthquake zone than new construction
06/29/11 Constructing a Curvy Museum in an Arkansas Ravine

Builders of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Ark., meet the challenges of constructing in a gouged-out streambed.
03/16/11 Stalled Santa Fe Courthouse Work Resumes After Cleanup
02/16/11 Washington State Universities Pour Millions Into Face-Lifts for Campus Football Facilities
09/08/10 Racking Up Big Points For Prefab
05/26/10 ASHRAE Study Finds Energy-Efficiency Guides Help Designers Make 30% Energy Savings
05/19/10 Structural-Design Documents Aiming for Simplification
05/07/10 Alaskan Tower Demolition Starts LORAN System Decommissioning
04/21/10 Contractor Plans To Offer Fix For Troubled Seattle Tower
04/21/10 ‘Link’ Beam With Steel Fibers Needs No Diagonal Rebar
04/14/10 Contractor Disputes Owner’s Decision To Raze Ailing Tower
03/24/10 University Claims Structure Fails To Meet Seismic Code
02/24/10 Minneapolis Ballpark Construction Manager Pulls Off Squeeze Play
02/04/10 Poor, Often-Homemade Concrete Blamed for Much Haiti Damage
01/06/10 Texas Stadium To End in ‘Cheddar Explosion’
11/25/09 Faulty Tower’s Implosion Will Set New Height Record
10/28/09 Supporting University’s Glass Dome Tests Foundation Crew
09/23/09 Concrete Advocate Answers A Long Line of Critics
08/26/09 Porous Concrete Replaces Traditional Drainage Systems
06/17/09 New Rig Allows Contractor To Dig Deep and Slipform Core
05/15/09 Italian Quake Investigators: Reinforce Europe's Old Masonry
03/25/09 Crews Gear Up for Two High-Rise Jobs in Europe
03/11/09 Planned Community Calls for Intertwined Farmland, Homes
02/18/09 New Development Process Greeted with Mixed Feelings
02/18/09 New Green-Concrete Process Combines Seawater, Flue Gas
01/14/09 Innovative Adaptations Prop Up U.K. Viaduct Bearing Job
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