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Is all the content on free?
No. Any news article posted on is free for one week. After that, subscribers can access all our content with a username and password. Our cost index data, top lists and Sourcebooks are only available to subscribers. All the blogs, slideshows and podcasts are available for free to non-subscribers.

I am a subscriber. How do I get a username and password?
You must register your subscription by typing in your subscription account number. click here to access this page.

I just subscribed today. How soon can I get a username and password?
It normally takes 48 hours after you place your order, call customer care at 1-877-876-8208 (US only) or 515-237-3681 (outside the US) and request your customer account number. Use the following link to register and create your username / password. Please include your current username, password and/or ENR account number with your request.

If you experience technical difficulty, please contact our help desk at 1-800-393-6343 or via email at

I forgot my username or password. How can I find out what they are?
Click here to use our ‘forgot password’ link Or contact our help desk at 1-800-393-6343 or via email at Please include your current username, password and/or ENR account number with your request.

My co-worker is a subscriber, but he/she is not in the office today. Can I get free access to

My username and password for do not seem to be working. When I click on a table or article the website is asking me to pay. I need help.
If you have an active subscription to ENR, you are entitled to access at no charge. For assistance, please contact our help desk at: 1-800-393-6343 or via email at Please include your current username, password and/or ENR account number with your request.

I have moved. How do I notify ENR of my address change?
Call our customer service staff at 877-876-8208 (if you are outside the U.S., call 515-237-3681), or send us your new address by entering it in this page on our website:

Does ENR offer complimentary subscriptions?
Generally, no.

Are ENR subscribers entitled to receive any e-mail newsletters?
Certainly. Any subscriber to ENR who provides us with his or her e-mail address receives the following seven e-mail newsletters.

  1. ENR News Alerts — daily e-mails issued five days each week containing breaking news stories, some written by ENR staff members, and some links to wire service or newspaper stories which our web editors feel are of vital interest to ENR subscribers.
  2. ENR Insider — a weekly e-mail newsletter which contains links to articles in that week’s issue of ENR, plus the latest blog posts.
  3. ENR FutureTech — a biweekly newsletter with news, analysis and commentary about technology trends and products that are changing the construction industry at an ever-faster pace. It includes the exclusive First Read column featuring thought-leadership from industry players who help advance the conversation about best practices with construction and technology adoption.
  4. ENR Risk Review, a biweekly newsletter with news, analysis and commentary about insurance, surety, regulatory compliance, ethics and law.
  5. ENR Tracks & Trends — a biweekly newsletter covering the latest tools of the trade in the construction industry. Targeted primarily to contractors, it includes news, reviews, trends and analysis of heavy equipment, trucks and tools as well as new products that help builders get their work done safely and productively. Some issues also will feature live coverage of industry trade shows worldwide.
  6. ENR Workforce Today — a monthly newsletter that offers news, insight and analysis to assist industry managers and educators in all aspects of talent development and management for the architecture-engineering-construction sector, one of its most challenging arenas.
  7. ENR Energy — a biweekly newsletter that delivers actionable news from ENR and other news sources on the rapidly changing energy industry, including electric power generation, transmission and distribution; oil and gas infrastructure; energy efficiency and storage; and emerging trends in the industry. It is edited by Tom Armistead, who has covered energy news for ENR for more than 12 years.

In addition to our national publication, ENR also publishes eight regional construction magazines. Each of those eight publications issues it’s own separate e-newsletter.

Why are there only 36 print issues in a yearly subscription? It seems to me there should be 52 issues.
ENR creates a package of news, features, data, analysis and commentary that is delivered to subscribers every week, and we update our website every day. Since 2007, selected ENR issues have been delivered in digital form only via our electronic newsletter, which carries links to the stories online. In 2015 we are publishing 36 print issues and 16 digital issues. Every ENR subscriber is entitled to full access to the entire archive of content on our website, to our electronic newsletter, to daily email news alerts, and to all the print issues published. If you are not currently receiving the e-mail newsletter or news alerts, and wish to contact ENR's Customer Care department, please call 1-800-393-6343 or email You can catch up on all our past digital content by browsing the archive on our website. The archive has all the weekly cycles of content back to 2008.



Does Engineering News-Record publish data on construction costs?
Yes. ENR has been collecting and publishing price data on 67 different building materials, in 20 major U.S. cities, plus Montreal and Toronto, on a monthly basis for over 50 years. We publish a table of cement and concrete and aggregate prices in our first weekly issue every month, pipe prices the second week, lumber and drywall prices the third week, and steel prices the fourth week. We use a small amount of this data to create two index numbers each month, the Construction Cost Index and the Building Cost Index. The indexes are widely-used benchmarks for measuring inflation. More information about our cost data can be found by clicking here.



What lists of large construction industry firms does ENR publish?
ENR publishes nine major lists of construction industry firms each year, all of which rank the firms based on sales revenues. We rank general contractors, design firms (architectural and civil engineering firms), specialty contractors, construction management firms, design-build firms, program management firms, environmental engineering firms, international contractors, and international design firms.

Does ENR rank contractors or design firms within specific market sectors, such as school construction, bridge construction, or wastewater treatment plant construction?
Yes. Our Sourcebooks rank both design firms and contractors in 60 different market categories.

Does ENR publish lists of "green" design firms or green contractors?
Yes. We issued our first-ever list of the Top 50 green contractors in September 2007, in our Top 400 Contractors Sourcebook. We published our first-ever list of the top green design firms in our Top 500 Design Firms Sourcebook in June 2008.

Does ENR publish any lists ranking top firms within various states or regions?
Yes. ENR publishes ten regional editions that have extra content for readers in a specific region of the U.S. Eight of the regional editions are published six times a year and two (ENR New England and ENR Northwest) are published twice a year (spring and fall). Each of the regional editions which are published bimonthly rank design firms, contractors and specialty contractors based on the amount of work the firms do in that region. To find those rankings, place your cursor on the "Regions" button on the black tool bar on the home page, choose a specific regional magazine, and then click on the "top lists" button on that regional edition's website.

Does ENR publish lists of owners or developers?
We publish an annual list of the largest U.S. owners -- publicly-traded firms which spent the most money on new or expanded facilities. We do not publish any lists of developers.

Does ENR offer mailing lists or spreadsheets of the top firms?
Yes. We sell spreadsheets (in Excel format) of each of our lists of top firms. We offer eleven different lists, including the Top 400 U.S. General Contractors, Top 500 U.S. Design Firms, Top 100 U.S. Green Contractors, Top 100 U.S. Green Design Firms, Top 600 U.S. Specialty Contractors, Top 200 U.S. Construction Management Firms, Top 100 U.S. Design-Build Firms, Top 200 U.S. Environmental Contractors, Top 200 International Design Firms, Top 225 International Contractors, and Top 425 Owners. The spreadsheets are sold by our list broker, the Edith Roman Group. The sales rep at Edith Roman who handles the ENR lists is Michael Costantino, phone: 402-836-6266. Michael’s e-mail address is: Michael is based in Pearl River, New York. The spreadsheets contain revenue breakdowns for each firm. We no longer sell mailing lists containing contact information. However, contact information for the companies can be found in the directory sections of our three Sourcebooks, which are PDF documents that are posted here:

Does ENR offer lists of e-mail addresses of chief executives of these firms?
No. The executives have told us they don't wish to make their e-mail addresses public.

How can my company be considered for one of the lists of top firms?
Contact Scott Lewis, phone: 212-904-3507. He will determine what type of firm you work for, and if your firm is large enough, and if you fit the criteria he will add your firm to our survey mailing list.

Does ENR publish data on construction market volume?
Yes. We publish annual tables of U.S. market volume in our forecast issue, which is published in November. Much more extensive market data is available from Dodge Data & Analytics. Information about their data can be found by clicking here.



How can I submit information about my company or my company's project for possible coverage in ENR?
By speaking with Scott Lewis, phone: 212-904-3507. He will tell you which ENR editor covers the type of projects your firm works on, and give you contact information for that editor.

Does ENR write about completed projects?
No. As a news magazine, our policy is to write about projects while they are under way, from early in the planning and design phases, through construction. So please contact us sooner rather than later.

My company makes construction tools or equipment. Who at ENR do I send information to, for possible publication in the Products section?
Please e-mail your information to: Our products coordinator is Jeff Rubenstone. ENR Equipment Editor Tudor Hampton may be interested in new developments.

I want to send ENR details of a promotion or executive change at our firm. Who do I send information to?
For reasons of space, ENR prefers announcements at the vice president level, or equivalent, or higher. You may include low-resolution images as jpegs or tifs. In the announcement, you must include the name of the person's former employer and job title. E-mail your information to:; The selection of people items and use of photo images is strictly at ENR's discretion.

Does the ENR editorial calendar affect when I can submit a story idea?
No. The ENR editorial calendar is intended to help advertisers. It does not determine which topics we cover, or when we cover them. ENR is first and foremost a news magazine. If a topic, company, or project is newsworthy, we will write about it.

How can I submit a letter to the editor?
E-mail it to: One of our managing editors will read it, and decide whether to publish it. We do not publish anonymous letters. Brevity is appreciated.

How can I submit an opinion essay to ENR's Viewpoint column?
Contact senior editor Richard Korman. His phone is 212-904-6484. His e-mail address is:

Why are there no bylines on ENR editorials?
Because editorials are the opinion of the staff members on ENR’s editorial board. Our editorials are unsigned because they are considered the opinion of the magazine. Various staff members are assigned to write them on different weeks.

I have a strong opinion about an ENR editorial. How can I express my opinion in ENR?
We are always eager to get reader reaction to our opinion pages (editorials, viewpoints and dialogue columns). We hope that the opinion pages of ENR spark debate on industry issues. Send us a letter to the editor. You can e-mail it to: or fax it to 212-904-2820. Our managing editors will read it and decide whether to publish it. We do not publish anonymous letters. Brevity is appreciated.

Does ENR publish project leads about projects in other countries?
Yes. While the Dodge Data & Analytics Network had covered Canada as well as the U.S. for many years, in 2012 it was expanded to cover projects worldwide, many spearheaded by U.S design firms. Beginning in December, 2012 ENR’s monthly global-focus digital issues will each contain a Pulse section of non-U.S. projects. For more information about the Dodge International service, go to:

I am a freelance writer. Who do I contact at ENR to find out if I can get a story assignment?
Call Scott Lewis, phone: 212-904-3507



How can I search to see if ENR has published an article on a specific project or topic?
Use the search box located in the upper right hand corner of our home page.  However, the archive of stories on only goes back four years. If you are looking for older articles or need advice on how to search, call Scott Lewis, phone: 212-904-3507.  He can also advise you on the use of subscription-based databases that contain ENR, such as LexisNexis, Factiva or Ebscohost.

How can I buy a back issue?
If you know the exact date of the issue call 877-876-8208 (outside the U.S. 515-237-3681) or click here.

If you don't know the exact date, contact Scott Lewis, phone: 212-904-3507.

I am interested in getting permission to reprint an article from ENR, or to post an ENR article on my website.  Who at ENR do I ask?
Call ENR's editorial research director, Scott Lewis, phone: 212-904-3507, or e-mail: He is responsible for handling permission requests.

I have seen a photo in ENR that I would like to use. Who do I ask about that?
Call Scott Lewis, phone: 212-904-3507

How can I order a plaque to commemorate my company’s ranking on one of ENR’s top lists?
By contacting our plaque vendor, The YGS Group. Anastasia Stover is the sales rep at YGS who handles the sales of ENR content. Her phone is 717-505-9701 ext. 168. Her e-mail address is:



How can I get a copy of ENR’s media kit and editorial calendar?
The media kit containing the editorial calendar is posted here: It is a 44-page document. The ENR national editorial calendar begins on page 26. The ENR regional magazine editorial calendar starts on page 30. You must register to get access to the media kit, but registration is free.

My company is interested in taking out a classified ad in ENR. Who do we contact?
To take out an employment ad or an official proposal ad (for an RFP or RFQ), please call Diane Soister at 212-904-2021.

My company is interested in placing a display ad in ENR. Who do I contact?
We have a team of advertising sales representatives who sell display ad space. Contact ENR Publisher Scott Seltz at 779-221-9431. He will determine which ad rep covers the region where your company is located, and will give you contact information for that ad rep.



How can someone be considered for selection as an ENR newsmaker or Award of Excellence candidate?
The person or their project must have been written about during the year in ENR, and must have done something to serve the best interests of the construction industry. The editors select 25 Newsmakers and the Award of Excellence winner each year. If you want to tell us about a person who has made a significant contribution to the industry we certainly want to know. If we have not yet written about them then your call may get us working on a story about them or their project, which will then make them eligible.

How can I get tickets to the ENR Award of Excellence events?
Call our event consultant, Andrea Pinyan, phone: 212-904-6390. We hold two events every year, on the same day, in late March or early April. One is the ENR Newsmaker Awards Luncheon, and one is the ENR Award of Excellence Dinner.

How can I submit photos for ENR's annual photo contest?
By looking for details on ENR's website in September each year. Every September we post a notice on our website announcing the contest, and inviting anyone who is interested to submit photos.  There is only a six week window in which to submit photos.  We accept photos in all formats (digital photos sent via e-mail, prints sent in the mail, disks, slides, whatever).  The deadline is always in early November.  The photos must have been shot during the previous year -- because ENR is a newsmagazine we want the photos to depict current projects and activities.

I have a question that is not addressed here.  Who can I ask?
Call Scott Lewis, ENR's editorial research director, phone: 212-904-3507.  Or e-mail:>

What is ENR's Mission Statement?
ENR's mission/audience statement:
Engineering New-Record provides the news, analysis, commentary and data that construction industry professionals need to do their jobs more effectively. Our 60,400 paid subscribers receive print magazines, electronic newsletters, daily news alerts, and they have full access to all content on our website, The website also offers free content that expands its audience to 160,000 visitors a month. ENR's audience includes contractors, project owners, engineers, architects, government regulators and industry suppliers—many of whom work around the world. ENR connects diverse sectors of the industry with coverage that everyone needs about issues such as business management, design, construction methods, technology, safety, law, legislation, environment and labor.

What is the ENR Top 20 Under 40 competition?
It is an annual competition to discover young professionals working in the design or construction industry who have had an impact, while exhibiting qualities such as leadership, career progress, and community service. The deadline for entries is in June. The entry form for the 2013 contest will be posted on our website in April. The 2012 contest details and rules can be found here.

What is the ENR Best Projects contest?
An annual contest to discover the best U.S. construction projects. Firms can submit entries in 20 different categories, and the winning projects in each of ten regions are selected by panels of independent judges. All winning regional projects automatically compete for the national “Best of the Best” awards. The contest entry form will be posted on our website in April. The contest entry form deadline will be in July. More detailed information about the contest can be found here: Best Projects FAQ, Global Best Projects FAQ

Who owns ENR?
For over 100 years ENR, along with our sister magazine, Architectural Record, and the databases F.W. Dodge and Sweets, were part of a business unit called McGraw Hill Construction, a division of McGraw Hill. In 2013 McGraw Hill, the parent company, split into two separate companies, McGraw Hill Financial and McGraw Hill Education. McGraw Hill Construction was part of McGraw Hill Financial. On November 1, 2014, McGraw Hill Financial sold McGraw Hill Construction to a private equity fund, Symphony Technology Group, and McGraw Hill Construction was renamed Dodge Data & Analytics. On July 1, 2015, Dodge Data & Analytics sold ENR and Architectural Record to BNP Media.


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