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125 years in ENR history

As ENR markes its 125th anniversary in 1999, we will present pages that look back at construction milestones over those many years. Each week, readers can relive the projects, people and issues that built our industry and changed our world, through words and images taken directly from ENR and other archives. Major projects such as Eads Bridge and Hoosac Tunnel (see below) highlighted ENR's first years. But those early issues also cover less well-known developments, from costs in the "iron trade" to the "novel method" of suspension bridge design, that also changed construction forever. George H. Frost, editor of enr's predecessor publication, closed out his first issue in 1874 with a promise that resonates today: "It is our purpose to present only such information to our readers as can be strictly relied on."

(From 1999 issues of ENR)

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Other Voices: Highly opinionated industry observers offer commentary from around he world.
Project Leads/Pulse

Gives readers a glimpse of who is planning and constructing some of the largest projects throughout the U.S. Much information for pulse is derived from McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge.

For more information on a project in Pulse that has a DR#, or for general information on Dodge products and services, please visit our Website at

Information is provided on construction projects in following stages in each issue of ENR: Planning, Contracts/Bids/Proposals and Bid/Proposal Dates.

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